Why Friends Shouldn't Play the Telephone Game

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Why Friends Shouldn't Start Whisper Trains! Things Get confusing fast when friends start a whisper train during a movie. #Studio C #BYUtv
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Cast: All cast members and Sarah Thompson
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Natalie Madsen
Editor: Trent Woolford
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Why Friends Shouldn't Start Whisper Trains!


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14 Jun 2019

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Comentários 852
Studio C
Studio C Mês atrás
Kawaii Kittoneer
Kawaii Kittoneer 6 dias atrás
Sea Rabbit
Sea Rabbit 7 dias atrás
She’s.... my wife! Beth I haven’t seen you since you left me as a single mother to take care of 6 kids and two ball pythons! I honestly like the ball pythons more than you at this point!
SitherBunnyStudios 12 dias atrás
I am Beth(in a soft voice )no I’m not
Sunny Bangtan
Sunny Bangtan 13 dias atrás
Agent of F.B.I
the mighty jimmy
the mighty jimmy 19 dias atrás
She just lives behind the couch dont mind her.
thezombiecreeper 5 horas atrás
Discord groups in a shellnut
Soli Deo Gloria
Soli Deo Gloria 2 dias atrás
Like time i played it was crazy but everyone understood it
Soli Deo Gloria
Soli Deo Gloria 2 dias atrás
joshua daniel
joshua daniel 5 dias atrás
The video is funny but the outro was the best 😂
Matt The fakeDragon
Matt The fakeDragon 6 dias atrás
Why the reverb?
Somerandomwizard 7 dias atrás
Stacy’s a true bro with that save
Two Ton Punch
Two Ton Punch 8 dias atrás
My friend Wendy met Steven in real life!!!!!!
Blake Schmidt
Blake Schmidt 11 dias atrás
In my school we called it “Chinese Whispers”
sweetlittlescamp 12 dias atrás
Loved it!😂😂😂
Bi- Han
Bi- Han 13 dias atrás
I want to possess a doll
We call it "Stille Post"
Cinedragon 20 dias atrás
0:58 I feel the pain Jason portrays, I'm as scatterbrained as he is. Also 1:06 Jason's a Huegah! XD
DragonCake 22 dias atrás
Kellie Vanderwal
Kellie Vanderwal 22 dias atrás
Meowsi 25 dias atrás
At my school, we called it Chinese Whispers
Reanna Hardy
Reanna Hardy 26 dias atrás
Matt wants the popcorn.
Jennifer Gates
Jennifer Gates 26 dias atrás
Great Sketch! 😄👍 Love the after sketch requests. "Come in below". 😆
10,000 subs, no videos challenge
1:30 Mattory yay!
Kevin Jha
Kevin Jha 28 dias atrás
Jasons me all the time XD
Hugo Holgate
Hugo Holgate 29 dias atrás
Hugo Holgate
Hugo Holgate 29 dias atrás
Adam Butts
Adam Butts Mês atrás
Can you do one where a husband and wife’s lover become best of friends and systematically drive her up the wall?
Edie Anderson
Edie Anderson Mês atrás
How long was Beth behind the couch, just waiting to have someone ask who she is?
Ryan Latif
Ryan Latif Mês atrás
Happens to me every time
xxBagle Mês atrás
0:05 An entire room of geniuses!
CuteOrange _FaM
CuteOrange _FaM Mês atrás
Spencer 11
Spencer 11 Mês atrás
best video of the last year
JayNor Mês atrás
0:39 I see you there.... With that purple shirt
who I am makes a difference #lighttheworld
"I thought you were sitting over there." "I was but I want the juicy gossip." XD
Amarinda Baer
Amarinda Baer Mês atrás
Oh my gosh I’m dying 😂😂😂
Alex Keener
Alex Keener Mês atrás
This is the shortest sketch, but probably my favorite.
Jared Racchumi
Jared Racchumi Mês atrás
You guys are soo funny!! I can't skip any video from you guys!! Hahaha Greetings from Peru I am a Lds member
cute crazy
cute crazy Mês atrás
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
I have video idea! Can you have a video about how one of the studio c cast members has weird contact names for the people in their contacts? That would be funny.
Valerie Sheldon
Valerie Sheldon Mês atrás
The 97 dislikes are only there because they were laughing too hard and their mouse slipped. XD
Hawk Man
Hawk Man Mês atrás
Go watch jk studios it’s the best
Kashish Maheshwari
Kashish Maheshwari Mês atrás
Natalie we want more!!!!
Ciera Kizerian
Ciera Kizerian Mês atrás
This is awesome
Soap the Sheep
Soap the Sheep Mês atrás
Mallory is a Janis and Dalton is a Damian
•1000 Subs With no Vids•
1:15 I’m Jeremy in this😂
Mistress Midnight
Mistress Midnight Mês atrás
Bruh I was literally just complaining that I miss the old studio c and now I can't f♡cking stop laughing!!!
Jade Mês atrás
My friends and I play telephone all the time and it can turn bad. Sometimes it sounds like an insult to one of us.
Annies Stőřiēs
Annies Stőřiēs Mês atrás
Emi Knight
Emi Knight Mês atrás
Abel Aguiar
Abel Aguiar Mês atrás
I love this
Chloe Napoles
Chloe Napoles Mês atrás
You should make a video of America’s got talent
AmeliaRakestraw Mês atrás
I thought the original 10 quit to make JK studios. I am so confused.
Strawberry Goodness
AmeliaRakestraw bruh they recorded a lot of sketches before they quit. This is one of them.
Joe Queer
Joe Queer Mês atrás
Uh, who played Jeremy? Is there another actor?! Or is it a pyramid scheme.
Sierra Witte
Sierra Witte Mês atrás
You should do a sketch about ball pits
STER Gaming
STER Gaming Mês atrás
Haven't watched Studio C in a long time, but I'm glad they still have some fresh ideas. This sketch is lit 👌
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