Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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The TRUTH about AirPods clones... and how they're actually helping usher in a dream wireless future.

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14 Jan 2020



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Comentários 11 874
DESIIIGN Anos atrás
I can’t tell you how many times my headphone Cord saved my phone from falling lol
Hank Schrader
Hank Schrader 17 horas atrás
Wont work with my 70 kilo Iphone 13 pro max
sarabjeet khadka
sarabjeet khadka 7 dias atrás
And my headphone cod is the reason why my phone falls for most of the time
ej padilla
ej padilla 7 dias atrás
nah but fr
Bryant 16 dias atrás
This man living in 2014 😭😂😭😂😂😂
Ayo apokailypse
Ayo apokailypse 19 dias atrás
Mine don’t they just yank out of the phone as it falls
Beating World Records w/ Andrei
Sony: Why can’t somebody remember the name of our earbuds? Also Sony: WF1000XM3
Michelle P
Michelle P 2 dias atrás
SONy is the worse when it come to naming their products
andrewmtgx 14 dias atrás
that name really ain't bad
Rafael Zamot
Rafael Zamot 14 dias atrás
Sony A7SIII (camera)
Nvxd 28 dias atrás
I'm using that rn lol
Octane Demon
Octane Demon Mês atrás
These headphones are as good as their name bad
xavier Anos atrás
Apple makes the problem Apple then sells the solution Now this is what i call Buisness boi
Mr Just Cause Games
Mr Just Cause Games 11 dias atrás
@bv santosh No Apple made touch ID Samsung just made it 10 times better just like how Samsung make some features and an apple makes them better
Gangsta kool aid man
Gangsta kool aid man 13 dias atrás
Hey Xavier
bipi Mês atrás
അണ്ണാ വണക്കം 🙏
bv santosh
bv santosh Mês atrás
Other companies blame Apple, but copy dame feature in next updates. Finger print unlock, Face unlock, Removal of Headphone jack, Airpods. Apple implemented and other copied them.
ARMY💟 Mês atrás
Likes are 999 I don't wanna mess
George Muenz
George Muenz 7 meses atrás
I wear hearing aids, so no wireless headphones for me as my hearing aids are wireless headphones. BTW, I am 65 and really like your content. Less hype, more valuable information. Very well done
A Sapein Loving Science
A Sapein Loving Science 23 horas atrás
In this era where old citizen hate tech because of ego u are different
Jackie Burkhart
Jackie Burkhart 7 dias atrás
are the George Muenz from CareerJoy? nice!
JoshTGH Mês atrás
@Cosmic Brick Films didn't ask
Cosmic Brick Films
Cosmic Brick Films Mês atrás
@JoshTGH funny 😐
JoshTGH Mês atrás
@Cosmic Brick Films didn't ask, I could literally just change my pfp and name to the sun and you wouldn't be able to say that the world doesn't revolve around me anymore
David Burgess
David Burgess Anos atrás
Most impactful product since iPhone. I never thought about it but you’re correct. Every other product (watch, iPad etc...) is just an extension of the iPhone. This is the first truly innovative product that disrupted the market
DeathInTheSnow Anos atrás
Amazingly, despite Sony making some of the best wireless headphones for years and years, their latest Xperia phones (the 1 II & 5 II) both have headphone ports as of 2020. The latter even came out within a few weeks of the iPhone 12! Are they the last to keep it?
Daniel Leal
Daniel Leal 8 meses atrás
Would love to see a review of the new buds coming out from Wyze. I have their over ear ones and they are pretty impressive. Especially for the cost. Great video as always. Thanks for all you do.
HoldenItDownXxx 200
I still like the one with the cord. I don’t like the idea of having to charge my earphones in order to listen to music. Yeah sure those wireless one with looks cool, definitely performs better, but I still can’t let go of my old ones.
Kyle Sullivan
Kyle Sullivan Anos atrás
Ah, back in the early days of 2020 when you hear "It's 2020 and it's impossible to ignore" and the rest of the sentence has nothing to do with Covid
Masahiro Sonobe
Masahiro Sonobe 7 meses atrás
Early 2020 is history.
Franklyn Onyia
Franklyn Onyia 8 meses atrás
Ikr lol
Bedavis 2 anos atrás
The ultimate “be careful who you call ugly in middleschool”
Roopesh Gullapalli
Roopesh Gullapalli Mês atrás
@shabby ksksksksks
SilverEye 5 meses atrás
@Unknown Boy They got rid of it for profits.
Unknown Boy
Unknown Boy 5 meses atrás
@SilverEye DUDE ITS EVOLUTION. Do you still want headphone jack lives until 2030? That's why Apple get rid of it, and it's a evolution moves so that everything is easier, faster, and efficient.
Ye S
Ye S 5 meses atrás
@shabby yeah Android mfs weird asf
Destitute and Decadent
Destitute and Decadent 5 meses atrás
@Brawndo yes, because the iPhone is so special and no other phone has made use of the notch in any way.
Andrew Penman
Andrew Penman Anos atrás
Great video, unfortunately I really do love the “head phone Jack” because I’ve use my external rode microphone shotgun that goes into the headphone Jack power that independently from the lightning Bolt cable to charge the phone on my iPhone 6s ....brilliant concept and setup especially for streaming live you never run out of power and you got a independent microphone going into the Jack. With these new phones there’s no way of independently bringing a microphone to the party and powering the phone at the same time !! without the feedback buzzing through that same adapter, crazy hey sometimes innovation isn’t always better, keep up the great work Marques cheers Andrew⚔️
deep danzl
deep danzl 3 meses atrás
Love your content bro, really informative and you bring up great points.
MultimediaLucario Anos atrás
Honestly, I had my fair share of replicas and the AirPods Pro replicas are by far the best I’ve ever tried.
Slim Tony
Slim Tony 10 meses atrás
I wish more companies made something like Fiio with their wireless adapter that you can just plug your good IEMs into
RAZ! Anos atrás
Apple in 2030: so we removed the phone........
joe 4 dias atrás
not even funny
Saibtw 13 dias atrás
Apple in 2035: so we now have the apple car with the Z1 chip
Bill I
Bill I 8 meses atrás
Don’t worry we will sell you a device for 599 to fix that
Ibby on crack!
Ibby on crack! 8 meses atrás
Mahmoud Tamer
Mahmoud Tamer 8 meses atrás
They now removed the charging Brick now in October 2020.
MAXIMUS Anos atrás
I've been telling my people this for a long time. Apple is a trend-setting company. As soon as I saw that the headphone jack was going to be eliminated from Apple devices, I already knew it was going to be the way of the future of smartphone designs..
SAIDU T.H KAMARA 3 meses atrás
It's Awesome how you explain about these stuffs like you work there.❤️
Yeah Nah
Yeah Nah 9 meses atrás
I purchased some random brand called MPow, I purchased the model MPow Flame Lite for $50AUD, probably around $30 or so USD. I can't believe how good they are for that price. Full water proof, I shower with them on (and wear my Apple Watch) everyday. 2 year warranty as well. I'm glad I didn't have to spend as much as I did on the Airpods.
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Anos atrás
"But what they had also actually just conveniently rediscovered was that selling people the solution to a problem that you just created a half an hour earlier was a brilliant way to make a ton of money on top of already making a ton of money"
Ahsan Mansoor
Ahsan Mansoor 2 meses atrás
No way bro
Garage Haruo
Garage Haruo Anos atrás
Disappointed Samsung didn't name their assistant Sammy.
Acolyte 2 meses atrás
That would be amazing
Shah Affiq
Shah Affiq 3 meses atrás
Sammy boy don't you know who you are
Jennifer N
Jennifer N 5 meses atrás
Didn’t even think of that you’re right
Garage Haruo
Garage Haruo 5 meses atrás
@Drazed possibly 🤫
Drazed 5 meses atrás
THEY FR DID IT LOLLL. Are you some time traveler? 😳
Keira Melody
Keira Melody Anos atrás
although apple is always behind in a lot of things android does, it still leads the competition in many ways
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Anos atrás
I feel like they took a step back with AirPods Pro. I got some last week and I want to return them. They fall out of the ear so easily and taking away the ability to tap to control Siri and play/pause is super annoying.
Damien Beckham
Damien Beckham 16 dias atrás
Credit is never given to Samsung for making the first true wireless earbuds from a major company, the gear icon x were really special they had tons of bass and you could store hundreds of songs onto the buds themselves. Apple definitely took it a step further by removing the headphone jack but the gear iconx get absolutely no mention or credit.
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Mês atrás
i used to love the wired bose sports headphones. they were discontinued 2 years ago so i was forced into the wireless world. i must say that i actually like wired BT head phones, and i wish i had given them a shot a long time ago. but i wouldn't dare pay $250 for ear pods. i'd lose those things in 10 minutes flat
waxman 2 anos atrás
beats competing with AirPods: wait a minute, isn’t this our own company?
Kapitan Hank
Kapitan Hank 10 meses atrás
Remember they are both bs
My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot, but
@Sewan & Sawen Creations What the fuck are you rambling on about bud?
My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot, but
@Mahlatse MonyelaYou literally just defined "The illusion of choice"
Kaylise Sky
Kaylise Sky Anos atrás
Ev Bros I have both the beats solo 3 and the AirPods 2 and I love them both too
the mysterious
the mysterious Anos atrás
Don't you realise everyone does it Like car companies owning other ones
Alexander Mikhailov
Alexander Mikhailov 8 meses atrás
I've been a hi-end hi-fi enthusiast for 30 years and it is very difficult to please me with sound quality. I used all kinds of earbuds with my iPhone for conversation recently, but their musical performance was mediocre. I did not expect much from Airpods pro either but boy was I surprised! They sound amazing to the point of unbelievable provided their size. So now I can really enjoy my music not only on my hi-end setup at home but on the go too! And while their noise canceling is good, the transparency mode is just perfect.
My only issue with wireless earbud is as a Smule user, i still prefer the sound and voice quality from the wired headphones.. and i like to be able to hear my voice simultaneously on the headphone while singing.. i hope in the future they manage to fix this..
Stuart Cole
Stuart Cole 7 meses atrás
The biggest problem with the possibility of Apple getting rid of the lightening connector has nothing to do with the hassle of people needing to get Bluetooth headphones, it has to do with the millions of cars out there that rely on wired Apple Car Play. That would be pretty much unforgivable for me.
Citizens of Civilization
Except that air pods where not the first ones, I had my tranya headphones back then and enjoy their new versions. They made so much because they fit in the apple life, and they charge so much.
Joshua Adefarakan
Joshua Adefarakan 2 anos atrás
I love how well he articulates his ideas across, so clear and intelligent.
T Greg
T Greg Anos atrás
Joshua Adefarakan man he’s a great illustrator😂
Joshua Adefarakan
Joshua Adefarakan Anos atrás
@A V Not because he's black or nappy headed. It's not surprising at all, cuz unlike your racist ass we know that intelligence is what's in the brain and not what that person looks like.
Nick W
Nick W Anos atrás
Nickelodeon Stuff Okay boomer
Galaxy Anos atrás
Joe Lee
Joe Lee Anos atrás
@Ali Yeah. They did made shit tons of money. Isn't that why we are doing things? And in order to make shit tons of money, you have to be innovative. You go and try making shit ton of money without innovation or try to be super innovative but not getting a single dime. Dude.
Haily Doe
Haily Doe Anos atrás
Now that everyone makes earpods we'll have tons and tons of batteries in landfills, I wish the world would setup a recycling system for these.
Farkas Ambrus
Farkas Ambrus 2 meses atrás
I think it was Sony who actually introduced their wireless earbuds. Years before the airpods. I believe they were also the first one to the smart watch business. We don't give enough credit to them.
Sean T
Sean T 5 dias atrás
I actually have a pair of Raycons and I love them. I usually use them when I’m at the gym or I’m at home playing Minecraft. The sound quality is just as amazing as all the other top name brands and they’re half the price. The ones I’m using are the everyday E25’s. They’re the best ones yet. 6 hours of playtime, seamless Bluetooth pairing, more bass, available in multiple colors, and their compact design helps get rid of background noise. I also like the fact that you can click either earbud with your finger to pause your music. Makes it super convenient if you need to stop for any reason.
Mariann Fourny
Mariann Fourny Anos atrás
I used Bluetooth headphones before EarPods. But they didn’t work great. There is just so many times you can handle the cord get stuck to a door handle. Love the EarPods pro.
D 3 meses atrás
Thanks! I was really confused why there were so many more pods from many companies
Kelsey M.
Kelsey M. Anos atrás
Everyone really was clowning Apple when they removed the headphone jack and looking back it just seems foolish. So many people have wireless earbuds now, whether it's a name brand or ones off of Amazon, and I don't even miss it on my phone. Computers still have headphone jacks and that's enough now.
Mobile Legends MEMES
Mobile Legends MEMES 4 meses atrás
Lol I remember buying the Airpods, couple of months after it got released. One of my co-workers thought it was pretty silly and made fun of me when I wear it while working. Months later he also bought one for himself 🤣. I didnt bother asking him why.
Empress Macaron
Empress Macaron 5 meses atrás
I recently bought some airpod knock offs...the sound quality is nice. My wireless earbuds look kinda similar to the original airpods. Got them for $25!
Shubhro Anos atrás
Apple: This year we'll sell the adapter separately... Others: Write that down,Write that down Edit: This really did come true.
Shubhro 10 meses atrás
@Debo yeah they did
Shubhro 10 meses atrás
@Suhar Daily yeah... LMAO
Shubhro 10 meses atrás
@Adam I'm glad..
Blikies Anos atrás
Wow you can look into the future
Debo Anos atrás
I think they actually announced that the new IPhone will not come with a charger
Temitayo Erogbogbo
Temitayo Erogbogbo 10 meses atrás
Hi. Have you tried the Shure 846 with the new(ish) wireless noise-cancelling Shure True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter? I feel folks focus a lot on the wireless feature but not on sound quality. What do you think is the best sound quality wireless airphone? PS love your work. Thanks to you and the team for all you do, not just reviews but giving inspiration to many folks.
Jay Donahue
Jay Donahue Anos atrás
i never had airpods, but love the aukey wireless earbuds i have. really great sound and noise cancellation. the iphone even shows the battery percentage. i don't feel like i'm missing out
Conner Wine
Conner Wine 4 meses atrás
Yeah you are missing out
@vinnitec Anos atrás
Perfect ending. Thank you for the excellent content. You're making BRvidrs copy you too, I'm proud.
Sandy Rivera
Sandy Rivera Anos atrás
Now that everyone makes earpods we'll have tons and tons of batteries in landfills, I wish the world would setup a recycling system for these.
shweta babanagare
shweta babanagare Anos atrás
I love and feel more confident with wireless ones but with that wire that goes behind the neck. My bose one has a clip too. Feels so secure.
SG 4 meses atrás
I would prefer a calling/finding features on all Wireless Headphones bcoz of how often I and everyone I know loses them. That would be a great marketable point for selling new wireless headphones. (Not talking about AirPods, it already has it)
Jason L
Jason L 3 meses atrás
You only understand how good they are once you’ve tried wireless earbuds . Not being attached to the phone is great 👍
zumabbar Mês atrás
@The TGT yeah, it only works great if you're not an audiophile plus an apple devices user
The TGT 2 meses atrás
But in my opinion, the AirPods (not the pro ones) are absolutely garbage because I can hear literally everything around me and the soundquality and the dynamic range isn’t as well as in ears with those silicon thingies.
MichaelW1980 2 meses atrás
When the AirPods got released, I went and got them. Back then, I had my iPhone 6S Plus, which - mind you - had a headphone jack. And I got my first iPhone without headphones jack two years later, while buying a second Gen pair of AirPods. And something that’s good enough to make me (and millions of other people) come back for more of course gets copied.
prn rbn
prn rbn Anos atrás
*Apple Strategy:* *Step 1:create a problem* *Step 2:SELL the solution*
Abigail Yang
Abigail Yang Anos atrás
that's not Apple strategy. That's marketing strategy. If you sell stocks, you have to create a need for a potential buyer to 'realise' that they have that 'need' to purchase a few shares, which is the feeling of 'want'. If anyone ever watched and understood 'The Wolf of Wall Street', they'd understand what I'm talking about.
Electro ⚡
Electro ⚡ Anos atrás
@I hate the internet, it's awesome. Imagine calling random people an apple fanboy
Gan Airforce General
@I hate humans why not just bring back the headphone Jack instead, lmao. They arent putting a gun to you're head to buy stuff, but they are taking away features that are important for everybody
Gan Airforce General
@Petey Trades bro, the shift from iOS to android is hard, try to understand from another person's point of view.
Stinkytoot200 Anos atrás
Dan C I feel like Android makes unpolished, incomplete, and insecure phones. After all the iPhone 11 costs 699$, that’s not much of a difference at all from newer android phones.
E P 6 meses atrás
I love the jack for editing, but went wireless for dancing. Which one would you say has actual good audio quality and grip for dancers?
Bekah Jones
Bekah Jones 4 meses atrás
Jaybirds are good for staying in, I know one of the models has customizable audio through an app
Arvis Auziņš
Arvis Auziņš Anos atrás
I still use headphone jack for microphone quality. Idk if earbuds will improve this soon, but for now i see them using low sample rate so mic quality suffers a lot.
Karloz Diaz
Karloz Diaz Anos atrás
Apple was copying the gear icon x, the 2016 version. The gear icon x came out in July 15 of 2016, and AirPods came out in 2016 of December. So in my opinion, Apple was copying the gear icon x and they made it better in every way, and it's great too.
TechTings Anos atrás
I never ridiculed them over the headphone jack, I'm old enough to remember apple doing similar things. Here's to the crazy ones, they change things.
madridista sejati
madridista sejati 2 anos atrás
Everyone when 1st time airpods introduced: "Hahaha, what are those? Ridiculous" Everyone now:
Young Car Wiz
Young Car Wiz 8 meses atrás
@gustavrsh you’re wrong?
Electro ⚡
Electro ⚡ Anos atrás
@jaypob they aren't putting a gun towards your head to buy airpods. They just created a situation in wich people that are complaining are mindlessly buying them. And u called apple users isheep ? What about people like you who called them sheep ? U people are also a sheep to do that.
XXXTentaclez Anos atrás
RoyisDaBEST well the pros go hard you be looking stoopid tryna clown pros
Jaelin Anos atrás
blastoise96 Which country? I live in Japan right now, and I see them everywhere.
Doug Johnson Productions
AirPods are still ridiculous. Nothing has changed.
The Bengal Bayou
The Bengal Bayou Anos atrás
Technically you don’t have to use the lightning port if you use wireless charging. (With phones that support it)
noomy 663
noomy 663 10 meses atrás
It seems a possibility of losing either bud keeps rising while issues on connection stability have shown significant improvements.
Stalin Anos atrás
The same thing is happening again. Apple removes the charger, samsung immediately jumps in on making fun of them, now they're removing it too. Not even a year later.
Ihsahn Åkerfeldt
Ihsahn Åkerfeldt 11 meses atrás
Apple is absolutely brilliant at marketing and taking risks as well.
Master Procrastinator
Master Procrastinator 2 anos atrás
Next up: *We removed the charging port.*
Life Without Borders
Life Without Borders 8 meses atrás
They are about to in phone 13
serge lefleur
serge lefleur Anos atrás
@Master Procrastinator Bro I don't give a shit, I will pay whatever just to get these wired shits out of my house. They could charge whatever. Some inventions are absolutely necessary and this one is. This isn't just about apple products, it's about opening the door to powering every single appliance in my household wirelessly. The sight of a bunch of clustered wires bugs the fuck out of me.
Master Procrastinator
@serge lefleur , then you must also look forward to when they charge you an extra 200 to 300 dollars for what they call "the most modern, state of the art charger" which can do exactly what the wired ones can do but more expensive and a tad bit faster charging, right? This future is inevitable because come on, it's Apple. What do you expect?
serge lefleur
serge lefleur Anos atrás
I’m looking forward to this actually. They should’ve worked on that before air pods. I’m tired of having wires all over the place, and i meant that in relation to every single appliance in my house.
Chef Cortez
Chef Cortez Anos atrás
That’s the plan.
s h
s h 11 meses atrás
this is proof of apple's greatness. It's everyone against apple, just like always. Apple rules, android apple's AirPods sales
Mr.Fedora Stickman
Mr.Fedora Stickman Anos atrás
Also with apple removing the headphone jack they are actually making more money because every company that makes a gadget that has the lightning port they have to give apple a percentage of the sales because apple made the lightning port that's a reason why they removed it
TechKid 9 meses atrás
I just love this man's channel since its so simple
Mcdonald Justus
Mcdonald Justus Anos atrás
Hi Marques, I have noticed the AirPods pro that are marked “Apple Distribution International, Hollyhill Industry Estate, Cork, Ireland” are sold a bit cheap than usual and they one or two faults with them. And they are shipped with all the standard accessories and documentation with them. so i was wondering are these ear pieces original and from one of apples plant or they are clones?
CoRSON CHEUNG 2 anos atrás
1:13 “And also what they had just conveniently rediscovered is that selling a solution to a problem that you just created half an hour earlier is a brilliant way to make a ton of money on top of already making a ton of money” already favorite quote of 2020 so far
Rimu N
Rimu N Anos atrás
@Michael Xz To be fair, I was using wireless buds before the AirPods and I don’t own the AirPods now but I still wasn’t using wired head phones. I started buying wireless mainly when I was running. I expect that a lot of people who are active did so too. It’s very annoying to work out with wires accidentally disconnecting, etc.
CoRSON CHEUNG 2 anos atrás
@1cityandcolour1 yeah I used to sneer at wireless cuz of the supposed lower quality and everything. but now I mainly use my earbuds to listen to audiobooks anyway and the convenience is just hard to give up. tho I still think I won't get these completely wireless buds, having a wire to wear my earbuds around my neck has been truly awesome.
1cityandcolour1 2 anos atrás
Tbf my phone still has a headphone jack but I'm still thinking about buying wireless ones for gym etc
Michael Xz
Michael Xz 2 anos atrás
can't believe he says it was "courageous" of apple to not include a headphone jack... apple customers are going to buy apple products, a few abandon the "ecosystem" but most don't. Most of those that did abandon it was because it was video editing work-related, they were either fed up with final cut x or they needed more power for video editing.
Kinshuk Joshii
Kinshuk Joshii 2 anos atrás
All out agree to this.. Indeed one of the best quote for the year 2020.. 🙏🏻
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Anos atrás
They copy because if it works you can't help but try the market. Loving my buds live. As much as I don't like apple. I do respect the engineering on alot of their products.
Youtube Pizzer
Youtube Pizzer 8 meses atrás
Apple definitely should’ve bundled a dongle with both a lightning and aux port
toniodotcom Anos atrás
Sooo 2007 Apple courageously introduced the headphones jack in their phone breaking the proprietary jack model. 2016 Apple courageously got rid of the headphones jack 😅 I didn't care much about losing the headphones jack as I've been using Bluetooth headphones since 2005. I never understood how people could deal with wires going from their head to their phone 😅
ToyotaCelicaDude1 Anos atrás
I mean, it is usual for most major tech to experience copycat devices eventually, as the tech becomes more accessible. But like they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" For now, they are some of the BEST BUDS. But over the months/years, the competitors will get better and we will hardly be able to tell a difference between the two! Similar to how lots of Android phones used to mimick iOS all the way down to the home button, now it sorta looks like iOS tried to follow Android's notch trend. Tech always evolves, no matter what companies you back! 💯
IMPc Anos atrás
Apple: Does something Other Companies: That’s stupid and ugly Also Other Companies: Copy whatever apple does
DEAMON DRUMM3R 11 meses atrás
Apple is trash !
prazuprazu 11 meses atrás
@herefobeer 20% market share and 80% of the industry profits. Who cares about market share? Check industry profits. Poor shitty brands dream and slobber in their mouths looking at Apple s fan base and profits
prazuprazu 11 meses atrás
@Aryaman Manhas never argue with idiots. What do they know about Apple?
prazuprazu 11 meses atrás
@Epic bruh Moment Android is the biggest robbery. Android was made using stolen ideas by Andy Rubin an ex Apple engineer. The finger tip sized icons and an app market were Steve Job’s ideas.
prazuprazu 11 meses atrás
@Joni Halenius talking about something and making it a reality is totally different. Microsoft couldn’t get anything right in mobile industry
Arlicia Singleton
Arlicia Singleton Anos atrás
Apple always makes AirPods while others try to imitate; what happened to the earbuds and headphones???? I always been a fan of them for so long!!!!
TheOnlyPerson56 Anos atrás
I think its crazy how so many companies have created wireless headphones but none had the courage to make wireless headphone until apple did.
Kimxhii 8 meses atrás
@you CANNOT speak to me anyhow ! so many people have swapped from apple to android and agree that it's better. So I would not be surprised if the cheaper earbuds are better too
you CANNOT speak to me anyhow !
@Kimxhii poetry, this is😌
Kimxhii 8 meses atrás
A lot of brands did have wireless earphones and headphones way before apple even started making airpods. You could even use NFC (Idr what its called). You can literally get some on amazon for waaaaaay less than what apple is selling to people. Apple is decent but its robbing its supporters and eventually they're going to crash
you CANNOT speak to me anyhow !
Do you mean earphones?
Dirk Cz
Dirk Cz Anos atrás
Video quality must be one of the best you can find on BRvid, big companies included
Benedict Quagraine
Benedict Quagraine Anos atrás
Thank you! Wireless audio quality is JUST NOT THERE YET! I'll join the bandwagon when it does. Mean time, I'll hold out as long as I can 😊
Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan Shah
@Ihsahn Åkerfeldt Just good KZ and get their earphones You won't regret it
Ihsahn Åkerfeldt
Ihsahn Åkerfeldt 11 meses atrás
I'm so sick of wires and the inevitability of wired headphones being broken because of constant tug
Kikikoko Nlno
Kikikoko Nlno Anos atrás
The Mechanilator
The Mechanilator 2 anos atrás
Now : why is everyone removing the headphone jack 2040 : the headphone jack is so retro
Fredrick.Johansen 2 anos atrás
@Jack Michael nope, ports are not the same as formats. The 3.5mm is still widely used, just check the dongle sales. People still use Ethernet ports even though we have wifi, because wireless is prone to interference.
Kay’shots 2 anos atrás
BNG Productions 2019 then
twosetviola 2 anos atrás
@Kay’shots ipad 2020 isnt even a thing
twosetviola 2 anos atrás
@Rishabh Ranjan Lmaooooo
twosetviola 2 anos atrás
it already is tho
Asad Raj
Asad Raj Anos atrás
Obviously, I have to face much trouble when I edit audio in my vlogs, by wireless buds, much latency. Then I have to use wire handsfree for doing this.
Young Car Wiz
Young Car Wiz 8 meses atrás
AirPods don’t have latency compared to others
Hagen P
Hagen P 4 meses atrás
No need for a cable when listening to music or a podcast is liberating, especially when travelling. What a shame our favourite pair of wireless earphones will only last for about three years before we need to replace them. And it does not matter how expensive or cheap they were. The tiny non-replaceable rechargeable batteries in them will lose most of their capacity over that time, if you use them or not(!). From four hours per charge down to, say, half an hour. Devices with non-replaceable batteries are generally bad for the environment. This is not new. We just get more and more wireless devices, and with them comes the need for many more batteries. Hopefully we will get better battery technology in the future (there is research on graphene-based batteries that looks promising). Or maybe some devices can 'harvest' energy from the environment (e.g., from the temperature difference between your ear and the air around you). But for now, sadly, the 'built-in obsolescence timer' is ticking in each device that has a built-in non-replaceable battery...
Ash Weber-Campbell
Ash Weber-Campbell Anos atrás
I'm listening to this on the airpods clone you talk about, and the ones I got where 30$ with all the features of the real ones and they are almost identical to the real ones, which I have tried
Stanbury Anos atrás
Are you kidding me?? Apple ‘created’ a problem?? iPhones to this day are still being shipped with wired headphones!! There is no problem!! Apple just released a high quality product like they usually do. No sheep, just great products!
Saiyan King
Saiyan King Anos atrás
Man I forgot AirPods released the same date as the iPhone 7
123MRFRIENDZONED 11 meses atrás
That was along time ago
Saiyan King
Saiyan King Anos atrás
Damm thanks for the likes my dudes
ant yt
ant yt Anos atrás
I didn’t know AirPods existed until it started getting popular lol
TheMaan2008 Anos atrás
Same year, yes
shiny Anos atrás
@ViperOmen the gen 2 airpods come with either wireless charging case (light on the front) or charging case (light inside)
Aggressive Passive
Aggressive Passive Anos atrás
As an android user Say what you want about apple but they are always pushing the boundaries of technology in ways we mock at first but that doesn't excuse their business model of selling their products stupid expensive (especially when their OS is clearly lacking behind the android). All in all IMO this tic tacs dont fit in my ears and they fall off (my friend let me borrow his) compare to other wireless buds. and they hurt after a long period of time around 25 minutes of usage.
Dylan Fulmer
Dylan Fulmer 2 meses atrás
Apple removes the headphone jack Other companies: “You were supposed to destroy the sith, not join them!” Also other companies: “This is where the fun begins.”
MangoCM7 9 meses atrás
If normal AirPods could stick in your ears then that would be good. I always see my friend working out with earbuds from the iPhone box instead of his airpods
GR 11 meses atrás
Imagine Apple trying to sue every single company copying their Airpods lol
Dennis Pacquiao
Dennis Pacquiao 2 anos atrás
"And who wouldn't want to copy that?" I always like your ending phrases Marques. Keep doing these kind of videos. Thumbs up!!
SomeRandomGuy 2 anos atrás
Yes, his ending phrases always make me fell of my chair.
Roman Dodia
Roman Dodia Anos atrás
I like AirPods, better than the wired headphones. Because it is so convenient to use, and latency is getting down as well. I am a voiceover user in iPhone, and they’re updating quite frequently. I have to say the wireless future is the best.
Unique cod
Unique cod 2 meses atrás
Apple before:no headphone jack Apple now:no wire headphones Apple in the future: no audio
Anirudh Vattem
Anirudh Vattem Anos atrás
I’m honestly glad they got rid of headphone jack because it caused wireless technology to exponentially improve in a short time
darren Anos atrás
i remember buying my first pair of apple earpods. they were fake. i bought it of a platform like amazon, belonging to a trustable name, and i was so disappointed. of course i spotted the fake, who could have hyped up the earpods when they sound so baad. and apple had a guide to spotting a fake. so i got them returned (which took weeks) and cried in my bed, not having earpods (jk). then i bought them from apple directly
Fred Judy II
Fred Judy II 2 anos atrás
LG: "did someone say they need a headphone jack"
namelessUser Anos atrás
@wifebeater69 Sucks that their Quad-DAC is buggy as shit and can't drive anything more heavy than an Etymotic. Take it from me personally, sometimes they cause more hassle than they're worth. The damn thing nearly made me go deaf.
Pandu Biasramadhan
Pandu Biasramadhan Anos atrás
This brand literally dead in my country , no more LG smartphones on retail stores. They had best audio though.
90 seconds
90 seconds Anos atrás
@Reid Richter haha, its because you're fucking deaf audio normie. Seriously even >5$ wired headphone (legendary sony mh755) sounds fucking better than airpod.
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs
@Videos With Cay This is a good change, I gave up on Apple audio after the old earbuds. The sound quality was about as flat as fossilised dodo. I am not into buds anyway, never have been but now that I am riding a lot more, I need them. As my on ears won't do, perhaps I'll give em a look.
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs
@wifebeater69 Yes but FLAC files are taxing. I am just surprised you can't fit a decent sized DAC into a USB C adapter and until then I won't use USB C.
SWAAP 8 meses atrás
For me, wired and wireless earphones are two different things. Niether can replace the other.
Kenneth Simbapuppyeyes
Kenneth Simbapuppyeyes 10 meses atrás
i have s8+ (modified so it has the latest android) and wanted one plus so i got the older on with headphone jack. some of us think this should be kept on phones as it allows audio to be connected to just about anything
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham Anos atrás
Few years later: This phone can't be charged with a cable, It's a only wireless one!!
Shayan Aryan
Shayan Aryan 3 meses atrás
I wonder if in the near future we will have the problem of Bluetooth signals interfering each other
Abbreviated Reviews
Abbreviated Reviews 2 anos atrás
This video summarized: Everyone wanted the tons of money AirPods made for Apple, so they did the same thing.
Kay’shots 2 anos atrás
K rude trashkid
K 2 anos atrás
Uncultured swine shut the fuck up
Uncultured swine
Uncultured swine 2 anos atrás
Abbreviated Reviews 69 likes Nice
skatonio Anos atrás
Very interesting video! Personally I'll always go with wired headphones because no one should want a Bluetooth wireless signal pulsing directly into your head. The radiation exposure isn't healthy. Purchase an EMF/RF meter and check for yourself. You might be surprised by what you discover.
Christian Gehle
Christian Gehle 19 dias atrás
Tbh AirPods Pro are the best earphones I have ever used, they also beat most over the ear, earphones to in my opinion, just my opinion but still.
Andrew Fernandez
Andrew Fernandez Anos atrás
I love how samsung still includes the free earbuds
I find it funny that this video is basically the other side of "Apple copies everything" I also find it funny that the latter part of the video can kinda nod towards "Apple was right" Is it inaccurate to say that Apple saying "courage" was correct? Apple removed the headphone jack and provided a true wireless set of earbuds and started a wave that now has everyone competing to make true wireless audio better. It would've happened eventually, but is Apple's "courage" statement wrong?
17813 Anos atrás
In short: the companies creates a problem on purpose and solves it afterwards
Dell12 16
Dell12 16 3 meses atrás
capitalism TM
Jay Maverick
Jay Maverick 7 meses atrás
Kinda like Jesus!
Dexter Mulele
Dexter Mulele 8 meses atrás
It's called making money 💰 😂
Havran 8 meses atrás
@17813 k
17813 8 meses atrás
@Havran no, it was meant to mean something. But I forgot what it was supposed to mean
Nanda Kishore
Nanda Kishore 2 meses atrás
When apple introduces something new. Other companies: 😂😂😂 also other companies: 👍🏻🙂
AJ Anos atrás
0:50 I question that if Apple do truly want to get to a "wireless future", why have they kept the lightning port on iPhone12 now that Qi and Magsafe charging is available.
Gureak Sahota
Gureak Sahota Mês atrás
Not everyone is ready wireless charging ruins the battery so they are trying to make a battery that wont degrade fast
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