Why Don't We & Macklemore - I Don't Belong In This Club [Official Music Video]

Why Don't We
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I Don't Belong In This Club with Macklemore out now:
Directed by: Jason Koenig
Produced by: Honna Kimmerer
Executive Producer: Jenny Koenig
DOP: Ryan Brown
Editor: David Franklin & Jason Koenig
Commissioner: Phil Botti
Label: Atlantic Records
Written by: Jason Koenig, Honna Kimmerer, Jenny Koenig
Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery
Special Guests:
Cliff Avril: Bouncer
Jennie Pegouskie: DJ
Production Designer: John Lavin
Wardrobe & Styling: Therese Lefebvre
WDW Styling: Taylor Brechtel & Therese Lefebvre
Choreography: Anna Matuszewski
Production Manager: Nicola Kirkpatrick
Production Coordinator: Hannah Benson
Associate Producer Jennie Pegouskie
Casting: Tami Wakasugi & Anna Matuszewski
Executive Producers: Jenny & Jason Koenig
Production Company: Studio JKOE
Locations: Honna Kimmerer
Gaffer: Vince Klimek
Key Grip: Collen Newberry
1st AC: Coty James
Specialty Camera op/tech: Justin Brown
DIT: Thatcher Kelley
Assistant to Mr. Koenig: Ethan Scoma
Special thanks to:
Trinity Night Club, Seattle


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20 Mar 2019



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Comentários 80
mary ann ranada
mary ann ranada 8 horas atrás
notice me idol
Alex Christof
Alex Christof 14 horas atrás
1:37 he kissed Charli D'amelio right? 💫😲
Tanaya Nanavati
Tanaya Nanavati 15 horas atrás
We miss you guys😭❤️
Lovely_Luna ;3
Lovely_Luna ;3 18 horas atrás
Zach: Casually coming to the club in a lamborghini Also him: * Throws keys on the ground like nothing * Pftt
Tilly B
Tilly B 19 horas atrás
Am I the only who thought Corbyn and daniels dancing was the cutest thing EVER
banshie :3
banshie :3 22 horas atrás
Lovely_Luna ;3
Lovely_Luna ;3 23 horas atrás
Too bad~ The club was girlz only xD
TheAsmaaAttack !
TheAsmaaAttack ! 23 horas atrás
zach: i don’t belong in this club me: you literally don’t
Zia Haniff
Zia Haniff Dia atrás
Zach got hit my a cork thingy
jack avery's best friend
why did they do a slomo of zachary dean staring at the womeans boobs???
Sheima M
Sheima M Dia atrás
Any limelights in quarantaine?
dar_06 2 dias atrás
me finally googling the lyrics:"dudes wearing shades in the darkness",its shades all this time i thought it was chains wut-
Pamela Shaw
Pamela Shaw 2 dias atrás
Like song everyone
Alexandra Faalavaau
Alexandra Faalavaau 2 dias atrás
this is why i got ears🤩
Aiza Aanz
Aiza Aanz 3 dias atrás
Good song👍
Denver John
Denver John 3 dias atrás
Did anyone see Charlie D'amelio? In the rap part
grumpy cat
grumpy cat 2 dias atrás
that's Tate's sister Scarlet
julija krajnc
julija krajnc 2 dias atrás
That was not charli
Alexah Mayeda
Alexah Mayeda 3 dias atrás
poor jonah
Kassidy Krzemen
Kassidy Krzemen 3 dias atrás
Corbyn is so cute
Bobby Sr Jr
Bobby Sr Jr 3 dias atrás
Comment who ur fav singer is. Mine has gotta be Jack. He is insane bro.
Jazmin Avila
Jazmin Avila 3 dias atrás
hay alguien que hable español
Laila Edukonis
Laila Edukonis 3 dias atrás
1:36 is that charli damelio!?
grumpy cat
grumpy cat 2 dias atrás
that's Tate's sister Scarlet
julija krajnc
julija krajnc 2 dias atrás
No i don't think so
Regan Peterson-Lisitzke
absolutely LOVING Macklemore's fitttt
santi gacha :v JSJSJSJSJS
Jack is biutiful
santi gacha :v JSJSJSJSJS
Jonah is biutifuullll
Denton PILLAY 5 dias atrás
who else is jamming to this during coronavirus pandemic???
Pineapple 5 dias atrás
Yuri Conde
Yuri Conde 5 dias atrás
Happy one year to idbitc
Unsub Please
Unsub Please 5 dias atrás
Favorite song when I first became a fan. Sunday, April 19, 2020. :) hi, future me, reading this comment. Thanks for playing this song again. This may be the 100th or 1000th time, but DANG GURL U STILL ROCKIN IT. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😁♥️. Reminder to love ur self and everything is beautiful. Agh ur great. Life is awesome. Keep smiling. Hope you've met WDW already 🥺🙂 are so amazing and thank you for everything.
Erin May
Erin May 5 dias atrás
Just admit it... we all learnt the dance.
That_One_M8 6 dias atrás
Nice guys come last 😢
Houn Socheat
Houn Socheat 6 dias atrás
who's here during quarantine?
Red Jet
Red Jet 6 dias atrás
Imagining spilling a drink on jack Avery how could you do that him
Kalyn Skrivseth
Kalyn Skrivseth 6 dias atrás
Daniel probably had to wear sunglasses during zachs part because he couldn't stop blinking 😂
N i c o l e ;-;
N i c o l e ;-; 6 dias atrás
i just love how... Jonah is the oldest but they didn't let him in the club and Zach as the youngest :>... they let him in the club :>>>> iT jUsT mAkEs mE lAuGH XD
Presley Wolf
Presley Wolf 6 dias atrás
that girl getting kissed on the cheek kinda looks like Charli D'Amelio, or am I just crazy. 1:37
Emmalife 6 dias atrás
please tell me i wasnt the only one who saw charli d'amelio. the girl Jonah was talking too and then a guy came up and kissed her on the cheek. Im not the only one right?
Aan’s Vlogs
Aan’s Vlogs 6 dias atrás
it is the best
Hamlet 7 dias atrás
1:02 Zach ik what your looking at.
Doggies are AMAZING!!!
Anyone here know how old they are???
the table that jonah's ass broke
this year they will be 19-22
Cadilyn Quesada
Cadilyn Quesada 7 dias atrás
Nitzana 8 dias atrás
Like i was a limelight before and i am a limelight now, though a bigger ARMY to put it right. But Why Dont We is seriously the ONLY band ever whose each and every song is up to my taste and has actually appealed to me. Even bts couldnt do that. I mean...not ALL their songs are my FAVOURITE exactly but...Why Dont We's each and every song is embedded, hearted and collected into an album on my phone. *Just wanted to rant*
Limelight Nation! #WhyDontWeForever
The last number of your like is your dream WDW guy (did I put Zach with 1-2 Bc I wanted to get him....yes, yes I did. 1-2 Zach 3-4 Corbyn 5-6 Jack 7-8 Daniel 9-10 Jonah
Josie Rogencamp
Josie Rogencamp 8 dias atrás
Their cute little group dance on the dance floor kinda sorta had me tearing up a little :’)
ToxicStorm *
ToxicStorm * 8 dias atrás
Are here some ARMYS? I just love BTS and Why dont we is soo good too, i now stan them
nicolle corrielan
nicolle corrielan 8 dias atrás
2:52 learn to splt
Vanessa Clayton
Vanessa Clayton 8 dias atrás
Who ever is lucky to be Daniel, Corbyn, Zach and Jonah's gf is lucky
#Dd Qcruz
#Dd Qcruz 9 dias atrás
Feels like where jachary, dorbyn and jarbyn ships come true
Addison Sawyer
Addison Sawyer 9 dias atrás
omg look at daniel at 2:43
Dayana Gutierrez
Dayana Gutierrez 10 dias atrás
I miss the tours😭I went in march of 2019❤these songs hit different when you see the boy happy and dancing💓that was a day to always remember
Life of Talise
Life of Talise 10 dias atrás
When this video came out the only one old enough to get in the club was Jonah and he didn’t get in he had to sneak in
Addisyn Konzek
Addisyn Konzek 10 dias atrás
Corbyn and Daniel are actually me when I listen to wdw with friends
Evan Clayton
Evan Clayton 10 dias atrás
i love when macklemore says "Oh fuck"
Sassy Saysay
Sassy Saysay 11 dias atrás
Thumbs up to those LIMELIGHTS like me.❤
Maria Dempsey
Maria Dempsey 11 dias atrás
Me every schooldance 😂😂
Juan Sanchez3899
Juan Sanchez3899 11 dias atrás
I feel like they are twins
Autricia Cupido
Autricia Cupido 11 dias atrás
I personally love Corbyn the most
X Phantom 11
X Phantom 11 11 dias atrás
Macklemore Verse is amazing
Soleil Imperial
Soleil Imperial 11 dias atrás
If they win Bernie Sanders and Ryan Secret and Grammy Awards I know this boys will wont do it at all
young one
young one 11 dias atrás
* i dont belong in this club * but also can't really to be there that legally yet?
Family TayPers
Family TayPers 11 dias atrás
so good
Nandini Pawar
Nandini Pawar 12 dias atrás
I love that part when Corbyn and Daniel look at eachother for a few moments and start dancing all goofed up❤️😂
Robyn Hill
Robyn Hill 12 dias atrás
who else here in 2020 cause they miss the boys. also this is their best music video by far.
Gacha Girls
Gacha Girls 12 dias atrás
I love you
Maeve Med 2.0
Maeve Med 2.0 12 dias atrás
Them “I was waiting in line for an hour” Me “ that’s what It’s like every time I go shopping now days”
Deiree Morton
Deiree Morton 12 dias atrás
i am there for you boys no matter what i wish you guys would sees this commentif you need a shoulder to cry on i am there
Jayna Esentia
Jayna Esentia 12 dias atrás
1:37 thought that was charli
treat people the way you want to be treated
this song is my daily mood :D
Whammy Flyer
Whammy Flyer 13 dias atrás
My extravert friends: Wanna go out tonight? Me:
ChampPlayz 13 dias atrás
2:55 That's the favorite band member #CorbynWhyDontWe
x Loser’s Gaming x
x Loser’s Gaming x 13 dias atrás
Daniel and Corbyn are being weird Jack gets drink spilled on him Jonah gets a girl stolen from him Zach gets hit with something Macklemore gets rejected
Jendaya Anne
Jendaya Anne 14 dias atrás
wdw song officially has a f word. im shook XD
Brandon Misajon
Brandon Misajon 14 dias atrás
not a big fan of why don't we but dammm this song changed my whole perspective of them btw at 1:37 charli??
Asthetic Videos
Asthetic Videos 14 dias atrás
did anyone realize that it's Charlie d'melio that was kissed on the cheek by macklemore
the table that jonah's ass broke
1) that's actually Tate's younger sister 2) that wasn't Macklemore
Giovana Campos
Giovana Campos 14 dias atrás
1:37 it's Charli D'amelio?
Giovana Campos
Giovana Campos 14 dias atrás
@the table that jonah's ass broke oooh okay tysm
the table that jonah's ass broke
that's Tate's younger sister
c. c
c. c 15 dias atrás
when that guy pushed in front of Daniel he looked so proud of him self🤣
Lysette Wanatee
Lysette Wanatee 15 dias atrás
The oldest Jonah one can’t get in but the 2 youngest jack and Zach of the band get in with fake mustaches 😂😂😂
• ParisEditz •
• ParisEditz • 15 dias atrás
Nat Dos santos
Nat Dos santos 16 dias atrás
I might have to say it bro, this is their best song 👌🏻😎
Jjaka Kokon
Jjaka Kokon 16 dias atrás
Mitana Adelemoni
Mitana Adelemoni 16 dias atrás
The Dj ain't playing the cuts what do I do with my hands roll with punches take a toast to nights I properly won't remember much Grab my stuff bout to cut the Dj yells Mackmelore in the house tonight Awww F*** This is what happens at every party I go too. I end up saying Awww F***
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