Why Don't Birds Lay Square Eggs?

It's Okay To Be Smart
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What is ”egg-shaped” even? I used to think it was the shape of a chicken egg. Then one day I saw a collection of eggs from lots of different bird species, and I realized just how many different kind of egg shapes there really are! I had to know why. And it turns out a couple teams of scientists had wondered the same thing. Here’s what science says about why eggs are egg-shaped, if that's even a thing, which I’ve learned it might not be. Evolution of bird eggs, go!
#egg #biophysics #eggvolution
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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 806
Amelia Flowers
Amelia Flowers 19 horas atrás
Is this true
austin powerzxx
austin powerzxx Dia atrás
vsauce anyone?
Christian memes
Christian memes Dia atrás
Next video why aren't kidney stones the size of bricks
Avada Kedavra
Avada Kedavra 2 dias atrás
Because its not minecraft
Titanic 2 dias atrás
Caio Henrique
Caio Henrique 2 dias atrás
GrizScrumptious 2 dias atrás
Yeah u found a Minecraft egg. It's easy to mix it up.
Caelen Tigris
Caelen Tigris 2 dias atrás
the background music around 6:50 has this really annoying beeping in the background...
Michael Exman
Michael Exman 2 dias atrás
ever seen a square sphincter!!!
Ronnie Hopper
Ronnie Hopper 2 dias atrás
With PBS starts making the monetization jokes
Ronnie Hopper
Ronnie Hopper 2 dias atrás
All right I propose a new law for every pun they have to be tortured for three hours I think this is a fair trade
Ian Layman
Ian Layman 2 dias atrás
*Sees title Me: ... why... why would they be cube in the first place?
Vex Saito
Vex Saito 3 dias atrás
1 egg pun = 1 bullet I wish I had in my head.
pniiice 3 dias atrás
they're shaped for "buttholeability"
Tubby Scrubb
Tubby Scrubb 3 dias atrás
I mean I can think of many reasons eggs aren’t square
Al69BfR 3 dias atrás
Birbs? Didn‘t knew that they are laying eggs.
Dit Kind
Dit Kind 3 dias atrás
Everyone thinks it’s just painfull. 😂
AlyssaIsAwkward 3 dias atrás
6:53 next time I'm asked "what shape is this?" While looking at a rhombus imma say "THATS EGG SHAPED"
Eric Williamson
Eric Williamson 3 dias atrás
YOU CAN'T SAY MOIST?!??!?!?!?!
CoolnationUSA 3 dias atrás
poppet pala
poppet pala 3 dias atrás
Raymond Gilbert
Raymond Gilbert 3 dias atrás
My guess is that they are harder to be turned, as well as the corners act as greater weakpoints
Shiny furret
Shiny furret 3 dias atrás
Welcome to another day of.... You guessed it why the heck did youtube recomend me this were we have.... This
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 3 dias atrás
Never mind the egg thing, you got visibly older dude! Years have gone by!
TheProGamer Andrej
TheProGamer Andrej 4 dias atrás
What have you been smoking give me some.
RAFI MIKI 4 dias atrás
My chinease chickens ( smaller than normal chickens ) lay round mini foot ball like eggs
Loli Oratoria
Loli Oratoria 4 dias atrás
Wait what why does moist get you demonetized?
Muhammad Akbar
Muhammad Akbar 4 dias atrás
Clickbait Title, great job pbs
AngeloSucks 4 dias atrás
Beacause they dont!!!!
Bernard the 2nd
Bernard the 2nd 4 dias atrás
Take a shot for every egg related pun Good luck
Apoapsis Periapsis
Apoapsis Periapsis 4 dias atrás
Wwhat about my ball sacks
Gyabu Games
Gyabu Games 4 dias atrás
Cuz a square is a 2 dimensional object
Mira55X - Planet Nalzena
this was indeed an eggscellent video :D
Bed Potato
Bed Potato 4 dias atrás
why he say hey smart people when i’m the dumbest on the planet
Sus Soy
Sus Soy 4 dias atrás
*_sorry, this isn't minecraft_*
Just Because
Just Because 4 dias atrás
Bruh easy it hurts their bum
Thanos' Chin
Thanos' Chin 4 dias atrás
Next video ideas: 1) why don't we have square heads? 2) why isn't the earth square? 3) why is this channel still called "it's okay to be smart"?
Sonja Morrison
Sonja Morrison 4 dias atrás
Squares are more difficult to extrude. Curved passages with soft sides favour the safe delivery of life forms enclosed in rounded shells. It's a girl thing, you m#ro#
That One Guy With The Face
Eggvolution isn't the most eggxact science. However at times can be eggciting eggspecially when they hatch! It's pretty eggxcellent if I do say so myself
Runden Park Estacionamento
Cuz They dont have a square anus
Joe Liew
Joe Liew 5 dias atrás
Take a shot every time he makes a pun
Quilesca 5 dias atrás
Why isn’t your head square? Why didn’t ur mum give birth to a cube?
Kenneth Jimenez
Kenneth Jimenez 5 dias atrás
even our balls is egg shape. :^ )
Super Syed
Super Syed 5 dias atrás
What's wrong with moist? It's your second video after a long time in which you censored this word
Rouverius 5 dias atrás
Look, even Minecraft chickens don't lay square eggs.
Rajat Prakash
Rajat Prakash 5 dias atrás
*moist* There, I said it!
steve cannon
steve cannon 5 dias atrás
Try damp for moist. Eggs shells are strong. I went out to gather the cackle berries from my hens yesterday, then came in to take a nap, forgetting I had an egg in my pocket (where I put them when I gather them to keep my hands free). I took a nap and discovered an UNbroken egg. It's not the first time I've forgotten I've had eggs in my pocket and discovered them hours later without them being broken. Strong thangs eggs. Your yolks ain't very punny. haha
Kripht 5 dias atrás
Saying moist will get you demonitized? Wtf kind of society is this
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 6 dias atrás
Is no one else gonna bring up how PBS has now joined the crowd calling out BRvid on demonitization? No? Okay
L ovecraft
L ovecraft 9 horas atrás
Tovarishch The Gopnik Engine
"The non-clucking end of a chicken" I shouldn't have laughed that much, but i did.
Mandoon 6 dias atrás
This is the dumbest video ever.
James B
James B 6 dias atrás
My question is why wombats poop square sh!t.
therealdragonboy2923 tube
Eggcellent video
Dinamus 6 dias atrás
Because: It'd be pretty hard to get that out of a chloaca
360 MLGxXx
360 MLGxXx 6 dias atrás
*Why do bird cant lay square egg?* Because why not?
Dinamus 6 dias atrás
Petru Raciula
Petru Raciula 6 dias atrás
... do they have a squared cloaca?
Adem Sofilić
Adem Sofilić 6 dias atrás
I'm one step to unsubscribing after this stupid video.
Adem Sofilić
Adem Sofilić 6 dias atrás
Because it would be hard?!
Rezail Uhhh
Rezail Uhhh 6 dias atrás
I'll do it for you. "Moist" Language is freed once more.
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure
I just figured it would be because laying a cube, even a small one, with nice round edges, sounds pretty damn uncomfortable.
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