Why Dark Video Is A Terrible Blocky Mess

Tom Scott
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Dark scenes in television, BRvid, and streaming platforms all look pixelated and blocky. Here's why.
Animation by William Marler:
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30 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 2 meses atrás
I can promise there are no jump-scares in here. And yes, I finally got an animator to do in a couple of days what would have taken me a couple of weeks...!
Elijah 24 dias atrás
fantastic animation!
Gaia Carney
Gaia Carney Mês atrás
Tom Scott - great job! I especially enjoyed that bit of reverb added when you were ‘in’ the empty theatre 🎭 cool cool cool 😎
jiffy pop
jiffy pop Mês atrás
great video, but most industry standard movie cameras use 12bit colour or higher
giant woman
giant woman Mês atrás
this was so well written
Kringey Noty
Kringey Noty Mês atrás
Even your comment isn't make sense(1 month ago) while this video (3 weeks ago)?
Youcant Stopme!
Youcant Stopme! 13 horas atrás
Color banding and the fade of a shade of color sound like the same thing.
Efe Barlas
Efe Barlas 18 horas atrás
This is a very good twist on the pigeonhole principle
Nico M
Nico M Dia atrás
Bloody brillant
Project Acc
Project Acc Dia atrás
Oh my God thank you I've been trying to explain this for YEARS. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE THAT??
shadowsmirk Dia atrás
Thank you for this! I bought a high-end, OLED monitor, and was so angry with the banding. I've very relieved to now know why.
Windows 10
Windows 10 Dia atrás
You should do a green screen and turn it into a black screen and you can have a dark scene without this issue
MikeyB Dia atrás
“256 Shades of Green”. The Matrix - "Hold my beer"
Hold my beef stew
Hold my beef stew 2 dias atrás
Literally thought this video was gonna talk about dark web stuff
Efensie music
Efensie music 2 dias atrás
i think that auto noise reduction thing you put in the video is too high the audio sounds strange
Linux Streamer
Linux Streamer 2 dias atrás
this block thing i always see it on the skyrim loading screens
El Mojo
El Mojo 2 dias atrás
He's talking about the Battle of Winterfell, right?
Tim Ramich
Tim Ramich 4 dias atrás
8 bit RGB color is plenty. Video doesn't have 256 values per color for 8 bit YUV spaces. It's limited to 16 to 235. Video compression is the secondary problem. 10 bit video solves it, and newer color spaces also add to the help.
Lord Grompulus
Lord Grompulus 5 dias atrás
3:22 but it is clearly visibile isnt it?
Swirly Rick
Swirly Rick 5 dias atrás
amazing editing
Kimmstin Y.
Kimmstin Y. 5 dias atrás
I am watching this in 144p and it is even blockier
Jordan Ferrazza
Jordan Ferrazza 5 dias atrás
Sometimes, particularly during the pandemic, the background falls asleep then gets noticeably compressed.
eden gourley
eden gourley 6 dias atrás
The Ruler
The Ruler 6 dias atrás
The Royal game of ur
Darkphenix Channel
Darkphenix Channel 7 dias atrás
You have no idea how much I hate this dark effect when I tried to make an Alien Roller Coaster. Super dark, too much for BRvid
Jared Franklin
Jared Franklin 7 dias atrás
My monitor has so much colour banding does anyone know if there’s anything to do about it
H,o DEFNDERR 7 dias atrás
I got scared
PhonicBoom/ CosmicLatte
The editing in this in incredible 🤯
Petr K
Petr K 8 dias atrás
Your second reason is not really valid thanks to something called "gamma" (not sure, but I think you already had a video about that and in that case I don't know why you brought up the second point). Brightness levels are not linear so with increase from 200 to 201 you get way higher brightness increase than from 1 to 2. Btw - dithering is not an option even in bright areas - it is basically random noise (should be, not alway really is) and that is incompressible.
Pluuton 8 dias atrás
What a hell to edit, but great vid
jekkt 9 dias atrás
i think this is a great artistic tool. it has a certain aesthetic to it.
Gabriel Dirie
Gabriel Dirie 9 dias atrás
This happend a lot in GoT's "the long night", question is, taking in account that there are 4k screens nowadays, is it possible to increase the number of colours?
Uncharted Gaming
Uncharted Gaming 9 dias atrás
This guy makes my brain hurt
Rev. James C
Rev. James C 9 dias atrás
Good that you got an animator, because this would be a headache to put together. I have a headache after watching it. Off to bed to recover.
MrSBGames 9 dias atrás
Tom must have not experienced 4k hdr....
JDiel 9 dias atrás
I just watch this video in 144p and didnt notice because i thought it is the whole point of the video
eboyeezy 24
eboyeezy 24 10 dias atrás
I just cant beleive this guy is good at everyting....ormaybe he's the last descendant of Albert Eistien
Kerbal Krusher
Kerbal Krusher 10 dias atrás
is it just me or is the color banding at 3:19 very noticable
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 10 dias atrás
SloMo Guys broke the BRvid compression with glitter 😂
GenXUnderground 11 dias atrás
You should've seen how bad Game of Thrones looked on HBO Nordic.
- fsendventd
- fsendventd 11 dias atrás
"up to 60 times a second" *cries in 240Hz gaming monitor*
- fsendventd
- fsendventd 2 dias atrás
@Flashlight i mean i don't actually have a 240hz monitor but they exist
Flashlight 3 dias atrás
at least your refresh rate is a multiple of 60 mine is 75hz
Fredrick reloaded
Fredrick reloaded 12 dias atrás
thanks I hate myself now
VCuber X
VCuber X 12 dias atrás
im able to see color banding on a standard 8-bit color screen, am i going to be ok
Leaf Axe
Leaf Axe 12 dias atrás
A bit harder to notice with AMOLED.
Who Stole My Toast
Who Stole My Toast 13 dias atrás
This video destroyed my eyesight
Atronicks [GD]
Atronicks [GD] 13 dias atrás
Is it weird that I can see the banding on the bright blue background.
Omar Smith
Omar Smith 15 dias atrás
Very well explained on a level everyone can understand
Matrix Teknologies [Joseph Clarke]
this why i hate dark movies, they suck on modern tv when you add theses issues
AlexBale 16 dias atrás
Your videos are amazing. I've binge-watched them since the beginning of the lockdown 😅
Mitchell BURGESS
Mitchell BURGESS 16 dias atrás
If you want to see the difference for yourself and you have an iPhone , take a screenshot at 3:24 save edit photo turn the contrast all the way up and then turn the brightness all the way up on the photos it’s cool
skuqre 16 dias atrás
tom i feel dirty
Paul Cutcliffe
Paul Cutcliffe 17 dias atrás
Brilliant, video, as usual. Keep up the good work, Tom! 😊
ᛋ ᛋ Rxin
ᛋ ᛋ Rxin 17 dias atrás
1:18 *just add some 💯 & 😂 emojis and you’ll be a deep fried Tom*
HerbertElayda 18 dias atrás
I pretend that I understand this video.
james dean
james dean 18 dias atrás
That game of thrones episode" the long night" made me realize why a dark war scene needs very high resolution to just even barely make out the details.
Night Bleeding
Night Bleeding 19 dias atrás
There is one big thing that i might not known why youtube is recommending me all shetty stufs that i never searched for .
nonsequiturm 19 dias atrás
I notice this all the time. It's one of the reasons I still buy movies on physical mediums.
Feakre 19 dias atrás
This is why analogue signals are better than digital signals, I've been saying this for years. A good strong analogue TV signal will knock spots off an analogue signal for quality but according to the government who switched off analogue, digital is better.
elliott mariess
elliott mariess 19 dias atrás
i’ve always noticed that there’s a lot of extra compression in the red channel on videos. often scenes in films that use mostly red look awful compared to the rest of the film. anybody have any insight why red is always the worst colour for compression?
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended 19 dias atrás
Watched this video in 144p
Lucas Gatrell
Lucas Gatrell 20 dias atrás
Brb, going to watch 256 shades of grey before continuing
Maximilian Schäffler
Maximilian Schäffler 20 dias atrás
3:25 I can see those color banding things and there are everywhere!! Even when its bright games movies apps... I just ist the worst
Mustafa Mazin
Mustafa Mazin 20 dias atrás
I still see color banding even on height brightness
Abedalrahman Shehabi
Abedalrahman Shehabi 20 dias atrás
Correction: There are 24 bits per pixel. The red, green, and blue lights in a pixel each have 8 bits.
Space_Ninja 21 dia atrás
I hate the dark I get hella scared which means if I hear something I raise my fist and get ready to fight
ZeroTheHero 21 dia atrás
I actually knew all this but I enjoyed watching anyway!
Onion Pie
Onion Pie 21 dia atrás
Up to 60 times a second? 240 hz monitors be laughing rn
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 22 dias atrás
Every frame of this video is a masterpiece, love the effort Tom
The menacingly eerie thumbnail can become a dank meme real fast...
AnasMations 23 dias atrás
FINALLY, Oil fried Tom Scott! 1:17
Nessolfte 24 dias atrás
At 3:28 when Tom is describing why you can't see the bands, and after he's already showed you what it could look like, I see lots of semicircular banding. It's distracting. Is this because of a possible technical error when they created the video? Is Tom showing what should be invisible banding but accidentally set the colors wrong? I wonder if anyone else has the same problem. To be fair, I always notice the black banding, too.
Ayden Szymczak
Ayden Szymczak 24 dias atrás
"is my monitor a waste of money"
Pervah 24 dias atrás
This video hurts to watch
Ajax 24 dias atrás
All comes down to money...
Ant On
Ant On 24 dias atrás
256 shades of grey.
Grimlinz 25 dias atrás
Can anyone else see the colorbanding on bright backgrounds without even having to zoom in?
jasonwhat 25 dias atrás
anyone else see color banding at 3:22 even without the zoom in?
Smith Gaming
Smith Gaming 25 dias atrás
My phone is at 1%
DetectiveLevi 25 dias atrás
Bruh im on 144p
Sam TGF 25 dias atrás
Damm that jumpscare at 6:10 really got me lmao
Xeom 26 dias atrás
I'm colorblind 😬
Well Silver
Well Silver 26 dias atrás
A expensive HDR monitor isnt going to fix that crappy youtube video Samsung: I MADE TECH THAT DOES THAT ARE YOU MOCKING ME?
Satya Adt
Satya Adt 26 dias atrás
Absolutely brilliant and without frills. You just won a subscriber.
Infinite Sheldon
Infinite Sheldon 26 dias atrás
OMG thank you this was driving me nuts
Lost Evesy
Lost Evesy 26 dias atrás
They can update more than 60 times a second
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