Why China Sucks at Soft Power - China's Reckoning (Part 4) 

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12 Mai 2021



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PolyMatter 2 anos atrás
If the music video clip at the beginning felt a little off, that's because it had to be dramatically altered for fear of getting demonetized by BRvid. In addition to the bonus video, the Nebula version of this video has my original uncut vision of that intro. I never want to be forced to censor my content and don't want you to feel like you're getting a "lesser" version of the video on BRvid, but the truth is that BRvid has forced me. I hope you understand and if you have Nebula, I hope you'll watch the full version there. Thanks and hope you enjoy this end to the series! -Evan
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
I skipped this, but you’re welcome
Cosmos 2 anos atrás
Honestly, as much as Curiosity Stream and Nebula has been advertised to me, this series is the first to make me consider subscribing to it.
mentalanime 2 anos atrás
Same. Being teased about those extra videos every single time has finally convinced me to go for it.
TheRamenDutchman 2 anos atrás
Absolutely, same here!
Heroic Break
Heroic Break 2 anos atrás
josè 2 anos atrás
For me it was the Macau video. It’s unlisted right now, but that was an amazing video.
Martinho 2 anos atrás
For me it's the wendover documentaries, really considering subbing to it
ZhangtheGreat Anos atrás
Let's understand something in context: this generation of Chinese leaders experienced their youth during one of the most chaotic events in modern Chinese history - the Cultural Revolution. As many of us who've grown up know, youth is the time to be learning about how to properly engage with respective audiences (e.g. understanding that talking to our friends is not the same as talking to our bosses). Well, this generation didn't have those lessons drilled into them during those years. Instead, what did they learn at that time? To take pride in their country, Chairman Mao, etc., and to call out or make an example of anyone who says or does anything that can be perceived as going against that grain. Now that they've ascended to positions of power, we're seeing those unlearned lessons play out in much more impactful ways.
Ryan H
Ryan H Anos atrás
Way too verbose to contribute
Martynas Anos atrás
The question then arises - What today's children will learn, and when some of them ascend to power - how will they behave?
Troll McClure
Troll McClure Anos atrás
@spam ham Xi's family got purged during this time, his father got public humiliation, her sister killed herself and himself was forced to work in the countrysides. It was a crazy period when China was the enemy of the 2 superpowers which both threatened to nuke them, the Chinese youth were raised to be prepared for WW3, so it's nothing for them to hurt relations by responding against western aggressions since they have survived the times when both the capitalist bloc and communist bloc wanted their deaths. Actually, countries like Russia, Iran and Serbia are happy about that and see this as an opportunity to get revenge from the USA, they are also acting more confidently.
azmodanpc Anos atrás
Not to mention a generation that learned to condemn teachers elders and authority figures only to be reprimanded and told to go to the country side when Mao got it's wish and eliminated his political enemy.
Alex V
Alex V Anos atrás
@Troll McClure The last month's events and the astonishing drawing together of the West and its allies has definitely come as a shock to them, it seems
Plato Socrates
Plato Socrates 2 anos atrás
11:29 "The reason the smallest dog barks the loudest is not just to compensate for its relative size, but also, to convince itself." -- PolyMatter. Nice.
HS Ooi
HS Ooi 2 anos atrás
I guess that is exactly why Trump was so vocal on China. On Twitter as well.
kakapos_ 2 anos atrás
@HS Ooi at least he is out of the game now, but Xi will stay in this position for long long time...
HS Ooi
HS Ooi 2 anos atrás
@kakapos_ I guess you didn't see how much action is being put out by Biden as well. Nothing changed, its just an illusion of choice.
Peace Bro
Peace Bro 2 anos atrás
@HS Ooi You can just google what the Biden administration did up until now... you may disagree with them but they do in fact work
i need money
i need money 2 anos atrás
Unintentionally explained taiwan's political situation
OrisOsiris Anos atrás
this abandonment of soft power abroad is idiotic. This is actually the perfect time for China to adopt a friendly attitude when US reputation abroad is in tatters. That way China could hold sway to its neighboring countries like the South East and East Asian countries and create a strong bloc to remove US dominance on the Asian continent. and by being the dominant and benevolent power (at least regionally), it is inevitably raise its status both domestically and internationally.
Lou Schwick
Lou Schwick Anos atrás
I'm convinced of the video's hypothesis of china doing this as a front for their insecurity because Russia under Putin is doing the exact same thing and everyone can see thru it Also, remove? Mitigate is more like it, u can't remove US involvement in east Asia when Japan and Korea are its 2 biggest most vital economies
Michael Wang
Michael Wang Anos atrás
You are correct on it but I think Beijing missed the timing due to internal issues. When Beijing Biden took over WH; it truly was the best time to make peace instead of doubling down on expansionist policy while breaking yet more trade agreements with the US~etc. It fact it has gotten even worse... since they saw some opportunity to overcome even the US at that time... with US's uncoordinated withdrawal from Afganastan, Burma's successful military coup (Beijing was supporting supply/coordination and now even giving them submarines...) and democracy countries can't really do much about countries that outright rigged their election by detaining challengers (e.g Belarus, Venezuela Nicaragua etc... sanction can't be the only solution) Needless to say; I felt Washington was only trying to make Xi step down to restore the past relationship w/o fixing many of the rooted problems which didn't work out. The people at large probably won't be satisfied with that. I am somewhat concerned if Russia will end up annexing part of China "Again" like the past during the Chinese Civil War, World War etc... Japan abandoned its military was able to recover well despite being the only country that was nuked during WW. Their pacifism stance is/was the oldest policy that remain unchanged since the WW and Japan greatly benefited from it. 1) Other nation's citizens don't see Japan as a threat anymore (excluding mainland communist-china and Korea)... Japan's greatest soft power was their gaming & animation LOL. Ps. benevolent + Beijing don't mix well. US's reputation had fallen but so had the credibility of China due to Beijing's actions and numerous broken promises. Both sides will have difficulty restoring them so I am actually more interested to see how the other 3-9th global power will react. USA was the undisputed global dominant power which was able to dominate its benevolence towards China... for it was the only country that redirects all war-reparation fees to free education for the Chinese in USA after War and despite its dominance... didn't try to do land grab like the former European power, USSR/Russia/etc. That clearly isn't something China is capable of when it has already unofficially annexed so many lands from other neighboring countries and even provided weapons to Burma's military who started a coup killing thousands of civilians. Beijing is no longer the welcoming China it once was under Den's leadership =/ May he rest in peace and not see the present-day China.
Minh Đặng
Minh Đặng Anos atrás
Well, they now seem to not working on soft power at all, and rather just buy their allies.
slant Anos atrás
This all got reversed when a single dictator took power for life by nixing constitutional term limits. Now it’s all about protecting one man power in the guise of the party and the people.
Coach Renaldo
Coach Renaldo 2 anos atrás
Funny thing about bringing up Wolf Warrior in this video: The franchise got criticized about how the main protagonist can one man army everything and when the director was asked about this, his response to that was something along the line of “well, how come when an American movie does that, it’s fine, but when we do it, it’s not?”
azmodanpc Anos atrás
Guess their movie industry is stuck in the 80s or a poor copy of Arnie blockbusters era Hollywood.
Ryan Healy
Ryan Healy Anos atrás
I don't know if American's would consider those movies to be particularly good for the basis of a diplomatic policy.
nomobobby Anos atrás
@Ryan Healy IDK "One man army changes the world.. somehow" could describe alot of American mishaps aboard... Mostly it just seems to confuse and tick off most other countries so I wouldn't recommend it though.
gstlb Anos atrás
Typical response out of weakness: when questioned, point finger at someone else.
Alex aoeu256
Alex aoeu256 7 meses atrás
@gstlb Well thats not the full quote, he probably said something about fantasy and selling, but the only part you pay attention to is that.
David Zhang
David Zhang 2 anos atrás
I think out of all the speculation, we gotta go with Occam’s Razor. China has become so inflammatory in its rhetoric because simply, it’s leader changed and so did their policies. Deng Xiaoping was actively trying to open the country up and of course, had to show that China was now approachable. Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao pursued a policy of non-confrontation and thus, had appeased the West. Xi is a nationalist, thus China has become nationalist with him, enough said. A major issue with looking at China is how many people view the Communist Party Administration as a contiguous entity, when its changes through the last couple of decades might as well make it seperate governments.
Graham Strouse
Graham Strouse Anos atrás
I’ve noticed the same thing.
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
Why does opening up has to mean follow u blindly, why we open up but u don’t open to us
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
If u do a statistics, average Chinese know more about the west and travel more to those countries than a western person know about china. That’s why every western person so nervous and wanna know what China is on this show. So who is more open? Really
nomoreusernamesleft1 2 anos atrás
"the only country to not experience this trend was japan, because it already maxed out" *spits out coffee*
PS HINDI GAMING (Mobile Gamer)
That was funny
Ibnu 2 anos atrás
Haha you think Japan hates China, wait until you see Southeast Asia
khalid farah
khalid farah 2 anos atrás
I don't get it.
Robert Abella
Robert Abella 2 anos atrás
@Ibnu some of SEA hates China because of the sea thing but Korea, Japan and Vietnam hate it even without any conflict
Ibnu 2 anos atrás
@Robert Abella not really. Korea Japan and Vietnam hates China becaus of wars in the past. Few years back the rest of Southeast Asia actually get along pretty well with China for centuries, as historically we're very good trade partners and tributaries with China. But since China suddenly got rich.. yeah it's amazing what money can do to anything.
Chloe Bangco
Chloe Bangco 2 anos atrás
It's very fitting that you upload this video, because just a few weeks ago, a diplomat from my home country told Chinese ambassadors to "get the fuck out" of our disputed islands. On Twitter! Even if the diplomat has since apologized, the sentiment is still felt among our people.
Sagoda 2 anos atrás
Savage, which country are you from
Flow 2 anos atrás
@Sagoda I think the Philippines
Dean Churchman
Dean Churchman 2 anos atrás
@Flow Sounds like something Duterte would do
Unknonymous 2 anos atrás
@Dean Churchman Sadly the PH pres is the reason why the diplomat apologised.
Yes Stephen
Yes Stephen Anos atrás
@Tom Cruz literally the entirety of SEA has some sort of beef with china lol
Fausto Marques
Fausto Marques 2 anos atrás
As a Brazilian, the Chinese diplomat's tweet was quite mild given the situations created by our utterly incompetent government. On the other hand, anti-China rhetoric had been increasing here in Brazil even before this Twitter incident. Mind you that our Mule-in-Chief said that COVID is a biological warfare weapon... so, yeah, maybe it's time to see that this isn't only on China and maybe would happen despite any Chinese action.
Laser-boy Anos atrás
I am Greek. China bought our main port. If anything goes wrong, it is on us. We sold it to them. China might be behind many things. Our collapse is on us though. I wish you the best good people of Brasil.
Franco Zheng
Franco Zheng Anos atrás
As a Chinese, I'm almost shocked that China is not blamed by everyone for everything feels weird, mate
vive la revolution
vive la revolution Anos atrás
@Franco Zheng even harder to believe that those time was just a couple years ago, now people just, cope with it, and find another one
Shonen Bag
Shonen Bag 2 anos atrás
The image of a guy saying "Beijing Welcomes You"in front of a structure designed to keep people out is a pretty good analogy for the way China works as a whole nowadays.
b7076 Anos atrás
It was designed to keep people outside, but now it functions to keep themselves inside.
Σκοτώνω Χαρά
Oh- lol! I didn't notice that!
Shonen Bag
Shonen Bag Anos atrás
​@Yaxiong Zhao Just because the US does it doesn't make it any less right.
kyle vondra
kyle vondra 2 anos atrás
God, this mini series was legitimately super informative and interesting. I wish there was something like this for the United States, Russia, and all major world superpowers.
Max M
Max M Anos atrás
There's a reason why a) every Chinese social network requires users to bind a legal ID so any online speech can be tracked back to the person, and b) foreigners without a state ID is effectively banned from any internet services operated in China because providing a state ID is a legal registration requirement. It's all for internal stability.
Xin Yi
Xin Yi Anos atrás
Max M
Max M Anos atrás
@Xin Yi 手机号必须用身份证实名注册…
Solid Oxygen
Solid Oxygen 2 anos atrás
This is incredible and I've seen it in my own Chinese mainland relatives. Nationalist sentiment has been increasing fervently and now I know why
Mark Liu
Mark Liu 2 anos atrás
To be balanced, it's also because western narratives on China are 98% negative during a period of peace and prosperity, and where the socialist Chinese government vastly outperformed western ones during the pandemic.
TheRedHunter 2 anos atrás
@Mark Liu To be honest with you though, do you know that the Chinese are infamous for not publishing true numbers on anything, also would there be so many negative articles if the population, in general, didn't view china so negatively because of its own actions?
Madwolf 096
Madwolf 096 2 anos atrás
See you guys in 500+ replies
Charles Alkhal
Charles Alkhal 2 anos atrás
​@Mark Liu I would not put all your beliefs in the Chinese reporting of accurate numbers. Time will tell...
Ley 2 anos atrás
@TheRedHunter "Chinese are infamous for not publishing true numbers..." That why China is outperformed. Didn't you see it? You already didn't believe China.
Grandy Candlestick
Grandy Candlestick 2 anos atrás
That part about the number of engineers in top positions explains a lot. Explains nearly everything, in fact.
Casual Player
Casual Player 2 anos atrás
The courruption isn't even hidden all this fake cities being built and the land policies, even the river diversion project instead of just raising the water price easily. These people need to be in n power and have to have connections and legacy left behind doesn't matter if it will ruin future generations of the country. They are so rich they could honestly raise water prices but God knows if that GDP is even true or are the numbers screwed up in there.
Ricky Cardenas
Ricky Cardenas 2 anos atrás
Your 4-Part series is truly amazing. You really outdid yourself here. 👏👏👏
Yuyuan 10 meses atrás
A video full of prejudice. It seems that a defenceless China is friendly in their eyes. No, it is the defenceless China that can be easily controlled by them that is friendly. Don't only see one side of China, China is not only friendly, it is also powerful and can not be bullied. Why is China getting tougher after 2010? Because even if China joined the WTO, even if China is willing to make friends with the world, the European countries and North American countries are not willing to share even a little profit with China, and try to make China succumb to their bullying with very strong means. For example, in photovoltaic, telecommunications, networking and chips, if there is even the slightest chance that Chinese companies will overtake them, they will do their best to suppress them. They just want the Chinese to make cheap socks for them. After ten years of being bullied, China has had enough. The Chinese people have had enough. As a result, China's diplomatic posture has become increasingly assertive in recent years. Because some people don't know what friendly is, they just want to keep China under their control.
LE64SAM IAM 9 meses atrás
If you're not in China, then you ought to be. By the way, it's one word - "cannot".
ummmks Anos atrás
Watched all parts of this series, and can say that watching it after a year published, these videos and analysis were very assertive. Well done!
Kevin Guo
Kevin Guo 2 anos atrás
Wolf warriors diplomacy doesn't just mean acting like a wolf. It comes from a quote from the films director/lead when asked why a single soldier can take down an entire army. He says, "if an American can do it, why can't we?:
Alexander Ludwig Thaddeus Van D'Arc
"Because hitler can do it, why i cant do it?" Hans, famous germans Sorry for my lame jokes haha But seriously the phrase is just like a child sibling fight like " why my brother can do it while i cant?"
Comrade of the Balance
@Alexander Ludwig Thaddeus Van D'Arc Although it is childish, it is not unexplainable nor that unreasonable.
Tao Liu
Tao Liu 2 anos atrás
US diplomats do not go out of their way and slander their host countries. You're basically burning bridges and good luck trying to get anyone to work with you in the future. Even during the Trump era, it was really mainly the president doing it, and it still caused damage. When your entire diplomatic Corps does it, then it is effectively policy and you can't blame the individual anymore.
Alexander Ludwig Thaddeus Van D'Arc
@Comrade of the Balance its irrational and invalid argument about what the artist said, if it just follow other style than its meant to be unoriginal, if theey want to create their own identity they should find something unique to create their own identity. And its not wrong to follow other path, its just unoriginal
CountArtha 2 anos atrás
John Rambo's radio callsign in the second movie was "Lone Wolf"
Youtube User
Youtube User 11 meses atrás
A fantastic series of reports. And this one is especially extraordinary. Thank you for your amazingly informative and precise reports!
qwerasd liop
qwerasd liop 2 anos atrás
This series has been a gold mine of insight
Tim 2 anos atrás
For veiws ofc
Joshua Lucas
Joshua Lucas 2 anos atrás
@Tim ? The least he deserves is views for this incredibly detailed and extremely low in bias series.
p0xus 2 anos atrás
@Joshua Lucas Some people are very victimized by the CCP's propaganda, and refuse to accept any evidence that goes against the CCP. It's sad. I suspect @Subjective doesn't believe what was said in the video, and probably thinks he's taking CIA money or some crazy BS.
E F G 2 anos atrás
@Joshua Lucas extremely low bias? Are you kidding me? It’s extremely biased.
Malcolm Kirkpatrick
Malcolm Kirkpatrick 2 anos atrás
Whenever I contemplate any China issue, I see an internal bureaucratic power struggle. Your assessment of diplomatic posturing as performance art with other bureaucrats as the intended audience sounds spot on. Interesting observation about the dominance of engineers in the top leadership (part 3). Thanks.
Doncarlo Anos atrás
There's a reason STEM people tend to fail in politics and even regular management: they're too tunnel-visioned to listen or care about what actually motivates people.
Jayce 2 anos atrás
Such an insightful series, thanks for your hard work !
Rexplorer Anos atrás
The quality of this video from PolMatter really incentivizes me to checkout nebula just to see the bonus video. Can we get a part 5 to how things have unraveled a lot more with the housing market as you predicted and analysis of other current events in China like the coal shortage.
Josh Hittie
Josh Hittie 2 anos atrás
Please continue this series! You have such good commentary on the issues at hand.
R8 Anos atrás
9:35 i truly appreciate how explicitly you make the difference between facts and speculation. This is one of the reasons why this channel is so good
Raptorsified 2 anos atrás
Not a cheery video but as a Canadian I can say that it's nice to see our boys down south still showing us love
Falling Pictures Productions
The Canadian people, and similarly the Australian people, are the closest thing that Americans have as brothers in terms of culture, demographics, and politics.
PrizmaK 2 anos atrás
I mean we are basically US-lite
The Jag Times
The Jag Times 2 anos atrás
@PrizmaK the less radical, more happy US
Megan H
Megan H 2 anos atrás
@Falling Pictures Productions I am not sure anyone is close to us in politics. What other country has two fucking "parliaments" lol. People complain the American political system doesn't work but don't realize it was built that way.
poke 2 anos atrás
@Megan H Quite a few countries have two Houses of Parliament, Congress, or whatever else they call their national legislatures. It’s called a Bicameral legislature and can be found in places like France and Italy
Bat 42
Bat 42 2 anos atrás
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Morgen Q
Morgen Q 2 anos atrás
That's a classic mistranslation, the original word"虚则实之,实则虚之" have far more meaning than weak or strong, please check your source before quoting anyone's words.
Cake is yummy
Cake is yummy 2 anos atrás
@Morgen Q Then what would the Correct translation be?
Man You
Man You 2 anos atrás
Lols, It is exactly what it is in the art of war, in layman term it's called bluffing, don't let these Chinese fool you, they always make all these "Chinese quotes" have some special meaning the West never understand so they feel they are more "superior" in philosophy when in reality they can't beat the sh*t out of the West. So when you ask more they will say "oh, you will never understand these and that" "oh, Chinese culture is very deep beyond other civilization's understanding" in this case "it cannot be translated", sometimes it is true but most of the time it is what it is. The purpose is to confuse the enemy, and there are different levels of confusion, yet i don't think you can do more in translation for this quote. Edit: Chinese is my first language, so i know when poeple are bullshitting or not
Horseradish Power
Horseradish Power 2 anos atrás
@Morgen Q Play the part of a lion cub, when you are truly lion, and a Wolf Warrior, when you but a wolf cub... There, got the right translation for you.😎
Horseradish Power
Horseradish Power 2 anos atrás
@John Kuang Right... well, I will stick with the above translation, and to heck with any lost meanings. I get what the quote is talking about, so nothing else matters.
Kelly R
Kelly R 2 anos atrás
Fantastic series. Very well presented. I think many Chinese citizens would be shocked when their house of cards collapses.
Fingolfin Anos atrás
Fun fact - Polymatter prediction of Being Olympic boycott came true. As of today US, UK, Canada have boycotted the games, atleast in diplomatic capacity.
Heavenly Eats
Heavenly Eats Anos atrás
prediction? lol - just a plan in action.
Patrick Blanchette
Patrick Blanchette 2 anos atrás
This has been an amazing and informative series! Please do the US next (it's only fair to cover the other side of the Pacific). China's problems with nationalism really strike close to home😔.
tian le Zheng
tian le Zheng 2 meses atrás
lol China has followed the example of the US for the past 40 years and we realize that hard power and soft power depend on strong military power, economic power, technological power and determination to use force, freedom of navigation, global deployment and power projection
Sibi S
Sibi S 2 anos atrás
This will be a great video for people learning international relations and diplomacy! Amazing work guys!!
Yuyuan 10 meses atrás
A video full of prejudice. It seems that a defenceless China is friendly in their eyes. No, it is the defenceless China that can be easily controlled by them that is friendly. Don't only see one side of China, China is not only friendly, it is also powerful and can not be bullied. Why is China getting tougher after 2010? Because even if China joined the WTO, even if China is willing to make friends with the world, the European countries and North American countries are not willing to share even a little profit with China, and try to make China succumb to their bullying with very strong means. For example, in photovoltaic, telecommunications, networking and chips, if there is even the slightest chance that Chinese companies will overtake them, they will do their best to suppress them. They just want the Chinese to make cheap socks for them. After ten years of being bullied, China has had enough. The Chinese people have had enough. As a result, China's diplomatic posture has become increasingly assertive in recent years. Because some people don't know what friendly is, they just want to keep China under their control. Since you said China is now aggressive, let the rest of the world does not like. Then why have so many European and American politicians visited China in recent months? Because they know as long as they come for cooperation, China will always be friendly! Just look at the smile on the face of US President Joe Biden at the recent US-China meeting.
sabata2 2 anos atrás
The level of "high view knowledge" in this series is astounding. I would *love* looks like this for other nations, even my own (US). A bit peeved that a lot of interesting content is blocked behind Nebula, but overall a very good video.
Jeff Benton
Jeff Benton 2 anos atrás
He does have a handful of videos on the US (not counting tons of videos about specific companies he's made). In particular, I'd recommend the one "Self Driving Cars Won't Save Cities, But This Will" and also the one he did about the SAT (but you may as well watch that one together with the one about China's standardized test).
1 1
1 1 2 anos atrás
I wouldn't call it that high level, it is mostly superficial. Tiananmen Square Massacre is more like Beijing Street Riot Quelling.
Marcus Lindgren
Marcus Lindgren 2 anos atrás
Like anyone else, he needs to give people reasons to support him. And this is way better than any other common promotion. Nebula is amazing, it gives creators a platform to do what they want without having to worry about BRvids idiotic rules and algorithm. It's a thing that's been needed for years and many people, including me, happily pay for that. It almost feels bad to get such a cheap way to do it though IMO.
Abrar Arif
Abrar Arif 2 anos atrás
Out of all the paid subscription/membership services various BRvidrs offer, Nebula is FAR more reasonable. The quality of content is far superior and the price is extremely reasonable. In fact, I honestly think the current subscription price is underselling the quality of the content. I'm seriously thinking of getting a subscription given PolyMatter's great content.
mrdarklight 2 anos atrás
This was a great series. Very educational.
Elektrotehnik 2 anos atrás
This man has only 177 Patreons. Can we get him some more, for this amazing series that he produced?
Christy Li
Christy Li 6 meses atrás
Fun fact:China is actually doing this not because they actually want to be because they actually have to
Zakavarkov 2 anos atrás
Hi, I've really loved all these videos! All of them in this series have been amazing and well researched. I was, however, hoping that you would discuss ethnic and social tension existing in China. Basically, how the country loads of internal ethnic tension that is rarely discussed. For example the insane wealth disparity, the Uighurs, Tibet, Hong Kong. Are you planning to do something like this in the future?
Ellen Garbarino
Ellen Garbarino 6 meses atrás
Any amazing series. I moved to Australia 15 years ago and it is amazing to see how much people here have turned against China. when we came people here were very positive about China and talked a lot about Australia's potential role as communicator between east and west, who had a foot in each side. Now China is seen as a danger, a tiger whose tail we are stuck clinging to. Interestingly, all my Japanese and Korean colleagues, say "we never trusted them and we were right". interestingly, China could probably get back in good grace by going back to at least pretending they were working to join the global cultural, since the west really wants them to play in the sandbox with everyone else due to their market potential, China seems intent on kick sand on everyone for the foreseeable future.
ShadowHunterFi 2 anos atrás
This series was very interesting. I'd love to see more similar stuff in the future. Maybe you could do shorter, one video long "serieses" where you go over different countries in a similar way, such as France, the UK, Russia, India, Finland, Germany etc. It would be very interesting.
Chetan Krishna
Chetan Krishna 2 anos atrás
Isn't it kinda hard to cramp up all these points to one video???
Me Neither
Me Neither 2 anos atrás
Not every countries has those kinds of vital threats though.
Steven Oviedo
Steven Oviedo 2 anos atrás
@Me Neither yes they do. They are just different
Me Neither
Me Neither 2 anos atrás
@Steven Oviedo cite me a major threat to Switzerland's existence.
Dorgesh 2 anos atrás
​@Me Neither Landslides and avalanches will get worse with climate change as they already have in other mountainous countries like Bhutan. Plus the French peaking Jura region has a separatist movement.
StradTrumpeter 2 anos atrás
This is the video that got me to subscribe to the premium service. I really like your videos. While I wouldn't call you apolitical, I like they you take the time to analyze what motivated a country to behave the way it does rather than towing a particular party / nationalistic line.
dampsvinet 2 anos atrás
Incredibly insightful series. Thanks PolyMatter
joah pineapple
joah pineapple Anos atrás
You're clear and relatively concise research in this matter is truly impressive and have earned another subscriber for current affairs
T-moose 2 anos atrás
I generally enjoy PolyMatter videos a lot, but this 4-video series on China is some of the best content I've ever seen on BRvid. Hell, it might be some of the most informative learning material I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you for making such quality content, it's truly impressive.
tian le Zheng
tian le Zheng 2 meses atrás
lol China has followed the example of the US for the past 40 years and we realize that hard power and soft power depend on strong military power, economic power, technological power and determination to use force, freedom of navigation, global deployment and power projection
arimpact Anos atrás
as a naturalized Chinese American, I have to say your contents are very well researched. Really drives both the problems of China, its reasonings, and causes (internal and external). Well done. The last few years have been quite disappointing for me as a person who loves both nations and can only watch them hate each other more with each passing year.
arimpact Anos atrás
@Louis Wu and there lies the problem with talking to either people here in America who's never lived in China, or people like yourself who has never lived in America. America needs an enemy to unite themselves through their problems, happens to be either Russia, or China depending on the day. I completely agree (China's doing the same thing, whether you like to admit it or not and this has been the way many years before Trump. where we are now is not a Trump started problem). BUT both sides like yourself make the problem sound so simple: "x reason, that's all". This is why I appreciate that video, and clearly, you didn't learn a thing from it, because you are unwilling to believe it. You don't have to remind me of the west propaganda. I can tell a true propaganda vs not. I see it everyday. Also for your information, the propaganda goes both ways, for example Chinese media make Covid sound way worse here in America than it actually is. I don't expect you to believe it, which really means there's nothing more for us to talk about until you acknowledge that both sides does the same thing, especially when you just go around calling other people "idiots". Grow up child. Or don't grow up, stay in your small world of "only inside China" forever. I really don't care.
Prasanth Anos atrás
@Louis Wu Your words would have made sense if china only verbally abused US. But that's not the case. It's showings hostility to US allies, india and even some asean nations
Enzo Gialdi
Enzo Gialdi 2 anos atrás
Poly, this is simply THE BEST geopolitical series in the internet Thanks for all this years of amazing content! real admiration man Cheers from Brazil! (Unfortunately one of the countries that most depend on China)
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 2 anos atrás
A lot of places depend on China but China also depend on a lot of places as well. It makes sense why they do what they do but it’s still kinda stupid. You need to engage in trade with everyone but you also go around pissing everyone off.
Matti 2 anos atrás
I really recommend Caspian Report. It's a bit dyer but it is world class.
Breathtaker 2 anos atrás
I would also recommend whatifalthist for geopolitics and philosophy
Jeff Benton
Jeff Benton 2 anos atrás
@Breathtaker What about AlternateHistoryHub?
Jason yu
Jason yu 2 anos atrás
Please, please, please engage the politicians in your country, and stop them from doing so.
Philip Woodgate
Philip Woodgate 2 anos atrás
we always associate finding an enemy to solidify support for political purposes with the US or Russia, this is very much alive and well now in China. I did like that you said that the CCP is being so agressive to convince itself that it is a major power to be taken seriously. The comparison between China and WW2 era Japan is very accurate.
Dude Trust Me
Dude Trust Me 2 anos atrás
It's also a coping mechanism for the West, to tell itself that China apparently isn't a major power to be taken seriously? Or? Either China is or isn't. Are they? Lol. Any convincing needed?
carso1500 2 anos atrás
@Dude Trust Me china is a rising power, but thats about it, it will definetly stand in the higher schelons alongside the united states, Japan, south Korea and Germany, etc, but i very much doubt they will be able to become the premiere global super power like the united states did, much less with their militant attitude burning soo many bridges with potential allies I mean they literaly forced both the united states and the european unión to reindustrialize, india was ln the fence but now it's buddiss with the US as it's the vast mayority of SEA, quad is a show of what happens when you anger the rest of the world and put them against you
Philip Woodgate
Philip Woodgate Anos atrás
randomguy8196 CCP is far from a united party, even suggestions of assassination plots, but yes it is not as bad as Japan politically right now. But the trade war and the hostile diplomacy. Talking about the influence of the west and rejection of Western culture. Especially the friction in the league of nations, not quite there but it is shaping up that way.
Kalzium Anos atrás
The job of a diplomat is to make friends not enemies, to prevent being isolated and to isolate others.
Michel L.
Michel L. 2 anos atrás
This series taught me more in 1,5hr than anything I read in the mainstream news in the last years.
Yuyuan 10 meses atrás
A video full of prejudice. It seems that a defenceless China is friendly in their eyes. No, it is the defenceless China that can be easily controlled by them that is friendly. Don't only see one side of China, China is not only friendly, it is also powerful and can not be bullied. Why is China getting tougher after 2010? Because even if China joined the WTO, even if China is willing to make friends with the world, the European countries and North American countries are not willing to share even a little profit with China, and try to make China succumb to their bullying with very strong means. For example, in photovoltaic, telecommunications, networking and chips, if there is even the slightest chance that Chinese companies will overtake them, they will do their best to suppress them. They just want the Chinese to make cheap socks for them. After ten years of being bullied, China has had enough. The Chinese people have had enough. As a result, China's diplomatic posture has become increasingly assertive in recent years. Because some people don't know what friendly is, they just want to keep China under their control.
Zinedine Zethro
Zinedine Zethro 2 anos atrás
Now that china is done, would love to see this with Russia, US, Japan, UK, and other global players!
Bids Von
Bids Von Anos atrás
Some of the anecdotes mentioned here are eye opening. Narration skill is really awesome and off the charts. Kudos🎉🎉 Can't believe I am not the subscriber yet.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 2 anos atrás
I think it would be a cool idea to make a similar series about the US. What are the long term, structural problems with its superpower status?
Fahim Rind
Fahim Rind 2 anos atrás
i think he literally answered why he made one on China specifically, i don't think he'll be making a series like this again.
Nick 2 anos atrás
@Fahim Rind It would be nice to see an objective & deep analysis like this one though
Alden O
Alden O 2 anos atrás
Issues with infrastructure, decentralized political system making it difficult to pass, two party system, (these factors makes it hard to do anything long term), military industrial complex. Just to name a few of the many problems that needs to be addressed.
A Patriot
A Patriot 2 anos atrás
@trajan politics is not about choosing best, but choosing least worse, which currently is ruling, there are chances of improvements , but now they to started appeasement 😓
angeluscorpius 2 anos atrás
I think a series on China (like this one) is more needed because China is not open, and their politics is very opaque, and their structure and organisation are inscrutable (meaning, "cannot be screwed with", right?). Whereas the US system is open and reported, and while there are some secrets, all the pundits would have sussed out the secrets and put it all out there.
munki037 2 anos atrás
subscribed to curiositystream and nebula because of you... I always get you and wendover mixed up. but it was because of the china series. very quality work. look forward to more content from you. thank you and keep it up.
Raptorsified Anos atrás
As a Japanese-Canadian I welcome everyone to the winning team.
jacob gagnon
jacob gagnon Anos atrás
@gorogo banab hi wumao
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gorogo banab Anos atrás
@jacob gagnon hello Russian bot
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jacob gagnon Anos atrás
@gorogo banab yall gotta get better tactics. You all regurgitate the same thing :) im canadian mr wumao
gorogo banab
gorogo banab Anos atrás
@jacob gagnon I'm sorry for your nationality then :'(
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad Anos atrás
Nice insights. It would appear the CCP's real concern is not whether they are in good terms with the outside world but rather whether they have the support of the masses for them to remain in power. Nationalism may be a double edged sword, or an attack dog, as one puts it. It nonetheless helps to divert the attention of the masses from domestic problems to a perceived, or otherwise, external enemy. And don't all nations use this tactic, the US included.
Jose Maria E.B.
Jose Maria E.B. 2 anos atrás
This video series has been so amazinly insightful. Thank you so much
Tobias Broad
Tobias Broad 2 anos atrás
I am a foreign citizen living in the country in question and this video is a breath of fresh air, someone that really understands. China doesn’t just suck at soft power, it seems completely unable to understand the concept of it. So much so you see symbols of American soft power directly under their noses everywhere.
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
Yes USA has soft power that’s correct but USA doesn’t allow other people to have hard power. That’s why USA praises Korea and Japan’s for their soft power but never allows them to have hard power
Tobias Broad
Tobias Broad 2 meses atrás
@Eric b I have no idea what’s that’s got to do with what I commented…
ShuBen 2 anos atrás
After working for over 2 decades with and living 1.5 decades in China from my perspective these are absolutely well made videos digging deep into facts. Additionally I don't see poor propaganda in it. Well done.
Fallen Down
Fallen Down Anos atrás
Yeah i agree, this is a video that i would recommend to anyone with an interest to near history and Chinese political situation
ssdfrs ohuiu
ssdfrs ohuiu Anos atrás
I åm chinêsê ånd I wånt tó têll yóů : Yóů cån't find åny rêdêmptión ór hópê in Chinå, it's å cóůntry withóůt thóůghts. å dêgênêråtê pópůlåtión, å sóůllêss pópůlåtión. This cóůntry hås pródůcêd nó nåtůrål sciêncê, nó sóciål sciêncê, nó hůmånistic thróůgh its históry. Chinêsê pêóplê håvê nêvêr thóůght ónê thing tó clêår in thêir thóůsånds yêårs históry. Thê êlitês in chinå's históry årê åll êgóists ånd nårcissists, thê cůltůrê thêy crêåtê is růbbish. Thê Chinêsê hås thê cåpåbility tó livê with thê big liês hånging åbóvê thêir hêåds, CCP dêcêivês ånd ênslåvês thêm, thêy årê willing tó dó êvil fór CCP, fór bênêfit. Thêy årê idióts dåncing ůndêr thê cóntról óf CCP. Thêy årê mórålly dêpråvêd ånd dårê tó dó ånything. I têll yóů hónêstly, this cóůntry drivês mê cråzy.
Mr. Alfredo
Mr. Alfredo Anos atrás
@ssdfrs ohuiu Don’t blame the people for the government’s actions
Elitial Anos atrás
@ssdfrs ohuiu very funny lies, keep it on
prw56 2 anos atrás
Man I would love to see ADVChina give commentary on this series, would lend even more credence to it because they lived in china during the nicer (2008 olympics) time up until just a couple years ago.
George in Japan
George in Japan 2 anos atrás
This quote shows a more prevalent attitude about many who had been learning Mandarin: "The last 12 months events have significantly discouraged me to seek any form of long-term occupation in China, whether it's work or study, and I'd discourage any foreigner to do so as well. I think most foreigners feel the same these days. People who once considered studying or working there, have lost all interest. Not unless the country goes through a much-needed reform (different leadership)..."
MWhaleK Anos atrás
Thanks for these videos, they are very interesting and very informative.
Edelbrandfreund 2 anos atrás
I guessed that part 4 was about the food situation in China, given that it not only has to rely on imports but also aggressively hunts for food commodities abroad. Wether it's the looting of international ocean zones or buying huge swaths of land in Africa. But jingoistic nationalism is also a big problem in China
Maria Valéria Giacaglia
This series is just GREAT!! Congratulations!!
tlxyxl 2 anos atrás
"Nationalism creates immense pressure for the government to act tough, increasing the cost of restraint. The one thing it cannot afford to do is be perceived as weak or indecisive." That is exactly on the point! All of the 3 major problems (mentioned in previous videos) contribute to the national wide insecurity and seems to be sustained by it, which almost felt like a vicious cycle (aka. positive feedback loop). I really enjoy this series, and hopefully you can make more video about this.
vipasyn 2 anos atrás
and taking that into account means someday china gonna declare war on atleast taiwan and maybe even the US
David Liu
David Liu 2 anos atrás
Every country in the world play nationalism
Supergamer Grill
Supergamer Grill 2 anos atrás
@David Liu No. every country has nationalist but not every country does irrational, dangerous things just to feed the ego of its own people. You don’t see Germany going Germany first and wanting to leave from the EU
David Liu
David Liu 2 anos atrás
@Supergamer Grill Germany gain the a lot of benefits from EU such as labors from eastern europe and a large market for german products. USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, India are all being more nationalist in their actions, so why is it wrong for China to have some extent of nationalism in forign action. The younger generation of China has been more nationalistic than the chinese government. We have friendly relation eith Pakistan and a lot of African countries. We are willing to make trade deal with EU which benefited both sides. We are playing more Multilateralism approach. China is just fighting back because USA and his fellow aillies (except Europe) don't want to be friend with China since the Trump administration.
J. Chiari
J. Chiari 2 anos atrás
The hole series is both brilliant and fundamental to understand China. This last episode is the pièce de résistance
Dean Churchman
Dean Churchman 2 anos atrás
I told a Chinese friend of mine "China's biggest liability is 面子/face, because it stops the country from being humble, learning from mistakes and improving". He completely agreed.
Soonly Taing
Soonly Taing 2 anos atrás
As someone with chinese roots, I completely agree. Most east asian culture would rather build a tough shell instead of admitting and improving. My dad taught me to try and make mistakes if and when I could so that I would learn instead of hiding from it. To this day, I'm grateful that he taught me that
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
You have to make a clear difference between “small dog barks loudest” and “pushover standing up against bullies”. U should make the distinction. Since bully can morally abduct the oppressed that don’t every fight back, if you fight back, you are the small dog that barks the loudest. 😂funny huh.
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
But the American don’t have face at all, that’s why they can have a president that cares nothing on the American stage and jokes all day😂
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
@Soonly TaingI disagree with u and I’m Chinese as well, it’s cultural difference, Japanese and Korean both care about face much
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
@Soonly Taingapanese care face more to the extent of suiciding
2x2is22 Anos atrás
On occasion I run into someone who is deeply interested in China, I always share this series with them
Yuyuan 10 meses atrás
A video full of prejudice. It seems that a defenceless China is friendly in their eyes. No, it is the defenceless China that can be easily controlled by them that is friendly. Don't only see one side of China, China is not only friendly, it is also powerful and can not be bullied. Why is China getting tougher after 2010? Because even if China joined the WTO, even if China is willing to make friends with the world, the European countries and North American countries are not willing to share even a little profit with China, and try to make China succumb to their bullying with very strong means. For example, in photovoltaic, telecommunications, networking and chips, if there is even the slightest chance that Chinese companies will overtake them, they will do their best to suppress them. They just want the Chinese to make cheap socks for them. After ten years of being bullied, China has had enough. The Chinese people have had enough. As a result, China's diplomatic posture has become increasingly assertive in recent years. Because some people don't know what friendly is, they just want to keep China under their control.
D Nahil
D Nahil 2 anos atrás
Very significant insightful series. Thank you.
Victor Code
Victor Code 2 anos atrás
Absolutely fantastic video series.
Engineeringwizard11 2 anos atrás
>Chinese diplomat watching: "Oh, no! We're unpopular in Spain?! Surely we've gone too far!" But in all seriousness, thank you for this series, it's been most informative and complete!
Shivansh NA
Shivansh NA 2 anos atrás
Wait until tonga gets angry .
Bill Bopperton
Bill Bopperton 2 anos atrás
It's a problem when most countries people view your country negatively. China has zero cultural exports, and it's too aggressive in such a short span. Its reputation is going downhill. Fast
IDEA Edward
IDEA Edward 2 anos atrás
@Shivansh NA Well, Anger does not make any country stronger. Anger or goodwill cannot make bullets or bread free. History clearly tells us a lot.
Shivansh NA
Shivansh NA 2 anos atrás
@IDEA Edward it's meme of Tonga time
IDEA Edward
IDEA Edward 2 anos atrás
@Bill Bopperton Let me tell you something that this video doesn't tell you. After the 2008 financial crisis, Obama immediately decided to contain China. The United States continued to encourage neighboring countries to offend China and only showed China’s reactions in the news, without showing the reasons for China’s reactions.
无节操の某白银 2 anos atrás
tbh this is a very educational vid even for me, a Chinese guy, I came to the US in 2009, right after the "Beijing welcomes you" era, so I hold very little of those kind of aggressive patriotism, after living in the US for 12 years, even less, just want to make it clear that I stand on a....well rather neutral stand point. I do agree it is ourself that started this hatred aggressive feed back loop. After like more than 200 years of being looked down upon, exploited and invaded (from the opium war to the end of WW2), people want the government to act strong and aggressive, and the government of course will provide, first it gains them supports from the people, second it directs conflict elsewhere so when the govenment fvcks things up they don't get that much hate and heat especially after Xi took the chiar, but that just feeds the people to become more patriotic and aggressive so on and so forth; but I gotta say besides our own feed back loop that makes things worse and worse, the western media and government didn't help either but rather made things even worse, just like the Chinese government, they also wants to direct confilts elsewhere in case they fvked up, spreading hatred towards China fits the bill perfectly, and when the rest of the world hates China more and more because of said media and govs, guess how Chinese people gonna react, yep, they become more defensive and urge the government to act more aggressive. So in conclusion, the origin of the problem is historical, although there are Chinese guys like me that don't really gives a fvck, what's past is past, your great great grandpa killed mine or vice versa affects nothing on me making friends with you; the majority of Chinese people still cling onto the past and unwilling to let go because what they were taught. As for the problem we face today which is birthed by this historical problem, everyone is making it worse, us Chinese people ourself, the CCP, the western govenments and media, Everyone is making the matter worse. Truly hope people from the rest of the world can help China instead of hating us, cause there are Chinese like me that don't hate you and would like to make friends no matter of nationalities. Once again, truly great educational video, thumbs up and subed.
Satria 2 anos atrás
Pretty enlightened you are! As an Indonesian i don't see why Indonesia have to join in the South China Sea, also the government's corrupt and is essentially a theocracy
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 2 anos atrás
Beautifully said. I think it’s always good to make a distinction between a government that you may disagree with and the population that government controls. Well done 👏🏽
Joshua the unkown universe.
It still feels ambiguous on your comments as the Chinese govt has declared a policy of credit system, I barely believe in your comments and neither the source is believable couse of Chinese bots financed by ccp. So I go for not believing you but I do respect you if the respect is mutual. 👏👏
b7076 Anos atrás
I'm Chinese Malaysian, and my great-grandparents came to British Malaya in 1930, so I hold even less of those kind of aggressive patriotism. We are very bo chap when it comes to national issues. Government ka kee can handle it one lah, mai gan cheong one!
WinstonA 2 anos atrás
In 2008 there were lots of things, winter storm damage at the beginning, then earthquake in Sichuan. But I was really convinced China would hug the world, hug the democracy. Beijing welcomes you shall be just a start for China to join the world. But at that time I would never imagine what happened just one decade later. We fucked up with EU, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Almost all of our neigboring countries except for Pakistan and DPRK are either hostile or unfriendly towards us. Just in 10 years, we turn us from 2008 to 1968. Very sad
C brtdgh
C brtdgh 2 anos atrás
what do Chinese see as the cause? Is it Xi Jinping?
WinstonA 2 anos atrás
@C brtdgh Well it is complicated. The 2008 4-trillion-investement plan has given a hit to the economy structure. The plan are most infrastrcture projects, which are fullfilled by stated-owned or party-senior-owned/affiliated companies. So most of profits drown from the plan went back to China or the rich. To get more GDP growth, local government had made much much more debt than they should have. In some county(县), the interest of debt or loans are even higher than the annual financial income. So the central government need to try everything to get in under control.
WinstonA 2 anos atrás
@C brtdgh There were very little political reform since 1989, but during Hu's time, they still mention democracy, Judicial independence, seperating government from party, trying to join civilised democratic world. But since Xi came into power, everything has changed. The Supreme Court claimed to "say no to judicial independence", Xi claimed that all party media must followed the party instructions and everything shall be led by the party. No agents or media organisations are allowed to compose news unless they achieved some kind of certificate which has only be accquired by party media. Anyway since he came into power, to surpress those lieberals, he tried everything. One of the most used and efficient way is to create hate, hate against most democractic countries, even by composing completely fake news. Yeah, that's 1984 in practice.
WinstonA 2 anos atrás
@C brtdgh Anyway it is complicated, the previous inappropriate policy has set a Xi a great bomb. The growth of economy is slowing and people are demanding more basic rights, either they give the rights back to people like S.Korea or Taiwan, or they need to figure something out. Clearly Xi thinks wolf-warrior diplomacy and Nazi-Style Nationalism is the way to keep party and him in power.
Katamed 2 anos atrás
I know what I have to say doesn’t help change the current situation in China. But this is why multiple political parties are needed in a democracy. Yes you lose harmony and the ability to take quick decisive action and policy changes due to the need for various debates and bureaucratic processes. But if the one party in charge makes a mistake, there is nobody else to take over and change course. It seems like the country is headed for ever more extreme actions and decisions that only become more unsustainable. Until it either falls apart or breaks out into (civil)war. Best case scenario the CCP has an internal power struggle where cooler heads come out on top and work on mending foreign relations and focusing on internal affairs fixing the problems mentioned in this series. But that’s wishful thinking. To the Chinese people I wish you the best of luck. Because I fear for what your future might look like.
Belisarius Plebicus
I genuinely wonder how long the water scarcity problem will last before everything goes up in smoke, especially in the aftermath of the housing and real estate collapse.
B R 2 anos atrás
It could also be acting so authoritarian, to crack down on its own corruption, because nobody fears a leader who's nice, but everyone who thinks their leader is gangster is likely to spill the information and be cut down themselves, thus solving a problem.
Happy Enterprise
Happy Enterprise Anos atrás
So,for new people who might not study in depth on what this guy discussed. The housing bubble has started popping with evergrande going bankrupt,like he predicted. The Olympics has been boycotted,like he suggested. The water issue has grown very pronounced,like he discussed,with 80% of water in the country now polluted and the government pumping toxic water into the soil to fill up missing veins of clean water so that sinkholes can be prevented. Basically,he has been entirely correct on almost everything so far.
Bob Anos atrás
Nice summary.
Eric b
Eric b 2 meses atrás
Yes they all got boycotted but we still stay strong😂and the rest of world still buy goods from us. I think it takes a while for Vietnam Thailand Mexico India to catch up the manufacturing advantage tho😂
Daniel Astillero
Daniel Astillero 2 anos atrás
Seriously this is the only channel that is making me consider Nebula.
Sohil Ellabban
Sohil Ellabban 2 anos atrás
Belive me nebula is worth it
Sohil Ellabban
Sohil Ellabban 2 anos atrás
Basically around 1 dollar a month
pepelkors 2 anos atrás
I've found that it is slow and buggy :/ Kind of unfortunate, as I wanted it to be good
Jerry Explores History
The Human 2cs
The Human 2cs 2 anos atrás
What did Big Joel ever do to you
Yuyang L.
Yuyang L. Anos atrás
This is true. Most people are scammed and pushed to believe that the country is going to be better and better. The unified nation has strength but never gonna be highly effectively autonomous. Good to know about facts and concerns at least, the best way is to choose for your own life, which is nearly impossible if u only simply trust something
alieex hall
alieex hall 2 anos atrás
one of the greatest series in youtube ive seen, amazing
Yun Leung
Yun Leung Anos atrás
living in Shanghai right now, really feeling how terrible the political system here is now
Phone thiha
Phone thiha 2 anos atrás
This series is a masterpiece!
yonathan rakau
yonathan rakau Anos atrás
You know, these crisis can be solved by soft power, if they are more friendly and accepting many here in SEA want to work overseas helping their demographic issues as we have done in japan but no, you choose this way.
Crish Hari
Crish Hari 2 anos atrás
To know why China spends so much on internal security, you just need to know Chinese history.
freddy46 2 anos atrás
Yup, and the answer is... exactly what the video implied. The CCP can't keep those GDP numbers growing forever, and when the inevitable recession happens, it'll be the people questioning why the government spends so much on this and that.
Green Hat
Green Hat 2 anos atrás
@Crish Hari lol as if it didn’t suffer when they have a strong central government, if you do know Chinese history you would know that in both Ming and Qing an over centralised government contributed to their downfall. And you can’t take these historical situations and put it in today’s world and use it as a reason for an authoritarian government. Every country has once had an authoritarian government/king/court or whatever you wanna call it. But culture have developed to recognise the universal rights and freedoms of individuals. You cannot violate these rights just to maintain stability and your own power.
TsLeng 2 anos atrás
@Green Hat are you serious? That's the number 1 method to maintain power for government irregardless. Whether democracy or dictatorship, they will violate human rights to keep power. Or at the very least (best case) forgo the wishes of some of the population. The question is to what extent. When you think about it, it is actually quite fascinating. In a democracy , as long as you please 51% (less in many first past the post system) of the population, the rest can go screw themselves. In a dictatorship, upset 50% of the population and you'll likely get civil war or a coup. My view is that in democracies, roughly half the population is being gently ignored, just enough to not cause major unrest. Good luck if you are on the wrong side. In a place like China, the government will try really hard to please as many people as possible. Flipside is they will deal very harshly with the minority that threatens the government. And it works because most people just want a comfortable life.
Crish Hari
Crish Hari 2 anos atrás
@Green Hat Lol, as if they didn't have non-stop civil wars when the center was weak. China most development happened when there was strong central government. All of China golden era is when central government was strong and none when central government was weak. Even in present time, I think China has done quite good for themselves under a strong central government. They are just behind US.
Junk Science
Junk Science 2 anos atrás
​@Crish Hari China, under "strong" unified central government CCP control, has suffered THE WORST deprivations and catastrophes of its entire history, bar none. The "Great Leap?" The "Cultural Revolution"? No "civil war" even comes close to the body count under Mao and Crew. Strong government doesn't necessarily mean "security", just as decentralized government doesn't necessarily mean "lack of security". Learning new things is fun, isn't it?
NoTraceOfSense 2 anos atrás
“One of the few counties not to experience this trend was Japan, but only because it had already maxed out.” さすが日本, always ahead of the times, aren’t ya?
Wandering 2 anos atrás
But their reasoning for hating China is different. A lot of different countries start hating China nowadays for its government, but Japan always had bad sentiment with China no matter what, politically or in history. They’re not wrong this time but you can’t trust them to have a fair view
Happy Face
Happy Face 2 anos atrás
@Wandering Right on the money. Actually, Japan's government is wrong, it is in no position to say anything, consider it NEVER has FORMALLY apologized to China, still attempting to suppress comfort women monuments around the world, shady human right violations under the table (e.g. 99% prosecution rate of its citizens). Even North Korea has more right to criticize China's government than Japan. Japan hates China is due to its hatred and jealousy, it failed to invade China, so hey why not start hating them before they hate us. But other than this, you are correct.
Wenyi Chen
Wenyi Chen Anos atrás
I'm surprised to see you so having f**king much insight in these matters. They just match what most liberal Chinese see here perfectly. Good job!
patrick chan
patrick chan Anos atrás
I wonder how the Soviet Union was perceived back in the Cold War. Wolf Warrior policy might have contributed to the unfavourable views among the West and China's neighbours, but geopolitical conflicts of interest, which I believe is quite inevitable, might be a bigger reason.
Gerard Kelvin Pascua
I'm disappointed the video never mentioned how it antagonized its neighbors especially the Asean countries. Never mentioned how China did bad things against Vietnam and the Philippines.
Hannah R
Hannah R Anos atrás
7:00 the fact only 92% of people polled love Canada and a whooping 6% dislike Canada baffles me. Canadians are so sweet #LoveYallCanada
CS 2 anos atrás
This mini series is seriously some of your best work.
Shawn Li
Shawn Li 2 anos atrás
Romanke 2 anos atrás
if this is best work, then i don't wanna watch his worst videos
Loturzel Restaurant
Loturzel Restaurant 2 anos atrás
Polymatter is a weird channel-name - why not change it aka improve it?
EMS 76
EMS 76 Anos atrás
Yes, jingoism is almost always aimed at your citizens to motivate them to support your nationalistic cause. It isn't really about who China is speaking rudely to outside China. It matters only that the Han Chinese public joins in on the aggressive attitude.
Joe 💈
Joe 💈 2 anos atrás
This finally contextualized and explained it better for me. Thank you!!! It’s been really bewildering why China has almost completely sullied it’s comparatively benign image I remember it having under Hu Jintao. I remember it presented itself as a stable, professional, kindly emerging power (China’s Peaceful Rise they called it) who’d be reasonable compared to the U.S., instead it’s become this mercurial, bizarre, immature, unpredictable, cruel, thuggish, embarrassing and almost rogue state on the international scene. I thought it was b/c they’d finally become powerful and it was their moment but this makes more sense, much like their constant apprehension about and control over their own people. It comes from a place of weakness not strength.
bob jones
bob jones 2 anos atrás
It's Xi and his faction's fault. Hu and his predecessors were Dengists. Xi is basically somewhere between a Dengist and a Maoist, though leaning way too close to Maoism for comfort.
ZhangtheGreat Anos atrás
Let's also understand it in a broader context: the current generation of leaders spent their youth during the Cultural Revolution, so instead of learning about how to properly interact with certain audiences, they were learning how to take pride in their nation and humiliate anyone perceived to not be doing so. Now that they've ascended to positions of leadership, we're seeing the effects of those unlearned lessons on a broader scale, and it's damaging the country's reputation immensely.
Raghunandan Reddy C
Chinese diplomat's comments on India are by far the funniest and frustrating at the same time. Some times you have to wonder how can a real country be this childish.
Prasanth Anos atrás
Exactly. Mari intala Chinese diplomats digajarataru ani nenu anukoledu. Malli Chinese emo memu india ni asalu pattinchukomu ani antu untaru. SMH
Dark Star
Dark Star Anos atrás
Remember that time we used to run on foot the flame of the Olympics all around the country hosting for it to finally reach the fire pit at Beijing. That way every one was able to see it with their own eyes and celebrate not just the games. I saw the one for Australia 2000. What a fortune we got it on the turn of the millennium.
Aggressive Tourist
Aggressive Tourist 2 anos atrás
These series are nice analysis. Can anyone suggest me books regarding the similar topics? I found (and own ) lots of books in American version (the collapse of US). Rarely found the chinese
Dimrain13 2 anos atrás
I have loved this series. I would love to see this breakdown for the USA, Canada, and some European countries.
Deno Moto
Deno Moto 2 anos atrás
They literally chose to criticize China while the US capitol is being overrun and their are race rioters across the US with building burning down. Do you really think they would give a balanced critique of the US. The priority they give their coverage is very telling, logically anyway.
David Liu
David Liu 2 anos atrás
The same problem Europe and USA also have, they said China being more agressive while ignore the fact USA being more agressive at China when Trump came up
Deno Moto
Deno Moto 2 anos atrás
FINN ROLSTAD I do live in the US and I have traveled Asia and know many Chinese students from my college years. The capitol was attacked by citizens and 100s of millions of dollars worth of buildings have been burned down. More riots started this week. I saw some with my own eyes but all you have to do is look them up. I hope someone is paying you to lie Nothing else will come from your efforts, because you aren't fooling anyone.
David Liu
David Liu 2 anos atrás
FINN ROLSTAD capitol riots conducted by trump supporters are true, It happened just before Biden came to power lol. You can't say all media is faking the attack on capitol hill
Jacob Edwards
Jacob Edwards 2 anos atrás
@David Liu Found a wumao! Yes that happened and we didn't try to hide it like you guys would do. There are uprisings all the time in China, the Chinese press just chooses not to report on them to save face and "preserve harmony", all the riots we've had in America have no effect on the overwhelming majority of the country.
James Dewane
James Dewane 2 anos atrás
The coolest thing was that aircraft carrier taking a corner like it was dodging something awful. About 8 min.
Mercy Messi
Mercy Messi 2 anos atrás
I think they're testing the carrier, can see no plane on board
b1121 2 anos atrás
It’s the new US Ford class carrier. It’s currently in it’s testing phase.
Read 譯Jordan 文達
15:17 this seems speculative until you volunteer for charity in asia. In my personal experience, it doesnt matter who the majority is or who runs the charitable efforts. (As in it doesnt matter if its led and basically run by citizens of the host country) the pride of government and messy bureaucracy both go hand in hand to prevent people from getting aid. Specifically, i was not even a volunteer but volunteered to help the volunteers because im a part of their community and because i had tag along with my roommate all day. Many vietnamese people need access to wheelchairs and similar products or accessible buildings. But the government states they cannot allow too much help or at least not without a lot of red tape, because socialism must be seen as successful and accepting outside aid above a certain point is seen as failure of the system.
Steel String
Steel String Anos atrás
Wow. I don't think I've ever heard anyone overstate the popularity of Twitter quite that much.
ゆきぐに. Mês atrás
It's not about the soft power, it's all about competition and economic.
Jinxin Liu
Jinxin Liu Anos atrás
Truly remarkable masterpiece! The analysis of nationalism is very insightful. Nationalism is a very handy tool in the short term, but in the long term, it always backfires-that’s how we had the boxing rebellion, and I’m worried that similar tragedy might happen again. Btw, your witty comments are very funny 🤣🤣
pranav ingale
pranav ingale 6 meses atrás
Crane 2 anos atrás
This really reminds of the way XianXia and Wuxia novels have protagonists that are always overpowered and on power trips and kill people who slight them.
Anand Pandey
Anand Pandey 2 anos atrás
Wuxia puppy warrior diplomacy.
Amagys 2 anos atrás
Noticed this too how their media has such predominant themes. Things like class, lineage, wealth, a lot of very materialistic and power based themes are ubiquitous. It does create for an underdog story but at the same time you can see behind the themes the running culture in the mainland.
Ev Lee
Ev Lee 2 anos atrás
Yeah, sometimes I consume Chinese media (novels/manhuas/dramas) and wonder if the working condition/day-to-day living in China is so shitty that they're always looking for this catharsis
Casual Player
Casual Player 2 anos atrás
Never thought someone would talk about this here, I honestly feel bad for authors there. Some good authors I have found write some great things but in just one second it's ruined by some China great or Han Chinese superior and MC racist like a Nazi to others. There was a fun sign in novel I was reading, it had cliche shit I didn't like but put up with but then out of nowhere the author put Japanese representatives in the chapter where he paints them as being disgusting without the people having done anything at all. The MC automatically judges them just by looking at them. I know what Japan did in the past was worst but Christ this was a mythological setting and should have no relation with real world history but somehow author brings it up. Any sympathy China had built crashes away bit by bit with shit like this.
石Rocky 2 anos atrás
We all agree the soft power is obvious in US entainment industry. I think China soft power is more quiet but not silent. If you love traveling, in east asia, they are in people's daily life, even the no China-friendly country- Japan or Vietnam. And when you notice the topic of this video and click in, when you know the characteristics of the classical eastern palace, ink painting or red lantern. Then Chinese soft power is quiet but long living as water.
Aubrey Robbins
Aubrey Robbins 2 anos atrás
Thank you for the high quality content!
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