Why 2 Teens Are Unsung Heroes of High School Shooting

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Video of the Santa, Clarita California high school shooter from a year ago shows 16-year-old Nathanial Berhow crossing the finish line in a cross-country race. This week, police say he opened fire at Saugus High School, killing two students and injuring others. Two sisters are now emerging as the unsung heroes of the school shooting. Maci and Cambria Lawrence are raising money to place gunshot wound treatment kits in every classroom at the school.

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15 Nov 2019



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Comentários 1 441
Mats Zdon
Mats Zdon 5 dias atrás
This is more than pathetic to be given attention for, anti bullying and making everyone part of the greater good should be a thing this is pitiful
Heather Billy42
Heather Billy42 5 dias atrás
This is depressing that such a thing is even thought about for a school. And that many schools have active shooter drills. This should be one of the biggest things the President should put serious focus on. “Make America great again.”
Dat Dot
Dat Dot 6 dias atrás
Just go to London ez
CensoredMercy 7 dias atrás
I am in Canada, and I can say with certainty that boy would I love seeing a gunshot wound kit in every class, would make me feel so safe!
Thanos Becomes Darkseid
if i were you, i think either i would've changed my name to Bruce wayne or Thomas wayne Jr
Gorilla Goop
Gorilla Goop 8 dias atrás
I think the two girls were in on it
Cigars_420 Ig
Cigars_420 Ig 9 dias atrás
This is so stupid they should already be a first aid kit with everything in there this just comes to show you how our government has failed our school system
Jessen Fernando &Playing Games
Lets Hope that Item put on every school
Ryan Boote
Ryan Boote 10 dias atrás
Don' idiots
ariana 10 dias atrás
I think this is the school where a Korean idol (?) I think goes too.... Well at least he broke the stereotype of shooters, he wasn't a quiet lonely kid.
SIN THE BIN 10 dias atrás
There was a shooting?
C C 10 dias atrás
It’s kind of crazy to think that some people‘s opinions if you put more guns into peoples hands that will make it safer.........if the kid didn’t have access to a gun in the first place there wouldn’t of been a shooting. Period. Shootings like these shouldn’t even be a thing in school and the fact that these kids even have that much access to bring a gun to school with no one knowing it’s kind of crazy in and of itself. I’ve been to war and trust me more weapons in the battlefield makes it even worse.
6 Thirtys
6 Thirtys 10 dias atrás
Why didn’t the school reach out more to the student when his father died, maybe he felt alone because no one wanted to help him
S.k. K
S.k. K 11 dias atrás
Or teachers can be licensed and taught to handle a gun. Could save thousands
Krazy Gone wild
Krazy Gone wild 11 dias atrás
Most people here saying u dint have to take it out on someone else ones something like that happened to y’all u will get it anger takes over u can say u won’t but when it happens u can’t control yourself
Krazy Gone wild
Krazy Gone wild 11 dias atrás
Most people here saying u dint have to take it out on someone else ones something like that happened to y’all u will get it anger takes over u can say u won’t but when it happens u can’t control yourself
Krazy Gone wild
Krazy Gone wild 11 dias atrás
Enemy uav incoming
Chezarey Mendoza
Chezarey Mendoza 11 dias atrás
This hurts a lot I’m apart of the SCV community and go to school in the same district as the school
Jenna M
Jenna M 11 dias atrás
00:12 I thought he was gonna say he wasn’t white lmaooo
JM heirloom
JM heirloom 11 dias atrás
It should be kids coming up with these ideas to keep kids safe in their own school trump what has he done he probably won’t do anything unless his own son was involved and he would finally understand that this stuff if real and happening
Loveduhmusic 11 dias atrás
Yeah well who is actually trained to use the kits? Me being in the U.S Army you only have a certain amount of time to stop the bleeding even at that most lives will be lost. Every 68W knows this is true
Sean Durant
Sean Durant 11 dias atrás
All I want is to start a business and all these people piping up
Jadden 11 dias atrás
It‘s when you least expect it, don’t let your guard down.
AkselGaming 11 dias atrás
“School Shooting” **Laughs in European**
DHh Mdmsm
DHh Mdmsm 11 dias atrás
I was there I go to school there and I was sick so I didn’t go and my friend told me that there was a shooting I was so shocked
hortonhearscrying 11 dias atrás
Wow a first aid kit who would’ve thought..!?
Doors067 11 dias atrás
Girl in the white should be a model, shes gorgeous (-: some woman have all the luck
Harrison Nguyen
Harrison Nguyen 12 dias atrás
Wait they forgot to lower the flag
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant 12 dias atrás
I remember when I was in school we had a first aid kit if someone slip and fell😂
MaximilianMus 2.O
MaximilianMus 2.O 12 dias atrás
Nathaniel sister was very attractive, forget about Macy and Lauren, all attention to Nathaniel sister ya heard me
Ja’Crispy 12 dias atrás
Just imagine if every teacher had a gun, would anyone really try to shoot up somewhere where 100 will be shooting back?
Cristian Bacanu
Cristian Bacanu 12 dias atrás
I'd put a weapon
Angela Hill
Angela Hill 12 dias atrás
Bunchess 12 dias atrás
It’s not the guns, it’s the people. I don’t understand how people don’t get that. Mental Health Illness, NOT GUNS. Don’t blame Trump for something that he didn’t cause. People kill people, not guns.
CJGaming Boy
CJGaming Boy 12 dias atrás
First comment?
sn1412 Mak
sn1412 Mak 12 dias atrás
America should have highly strict regulations on what guns citizens should be able to own, and they should be required by law to have a gun safe period
Green Mango
Green Mango 12 dias atrás
It's sad to hear about his father's death and how he didn't get support, but he choose to take his anger out on innocent kids so my remorse for him after that is gone.
Dank Freshman
Dank Freshman 12 dias atrás
RingoComedyNews 12 dias atrás
Wait there was another school shooting?.. why doesn’t America ban guns like the uk 🇬🇧 does
Itz Aprem
Itz Aprem 12 dias atrás
Yeah if he goes back for 2nds good luck I don’t know 1 life ain’t gangsta
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