WHOA! 5-5-5 Glaive Dominus Is INSANE! Bloons TD 6 UPDATE HERE

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Update 27.0 is here! Bloons TD 6 huge new update includes paragon monkeys 5-5-5 towers. The Most powerful tower ever created

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25 Jul 2021



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Comentários 1 329
Mir Teiwaz
Mir Teiwaz 5 dias atrás
If the paragon boomerang monkey was placed a little more to the right, that would have helped cut down on the dead zone near the end and may have let you get past round 151.
5 dias atrás
You have to have a decent popping count on the sacrifice monkeys
Miguel Salazar
Miguel Salazar 8 dias atrás
The 5-5-5 Super Monkey
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales 10 dias atrás
There's some videos on BRvid that I just don't understand who is disliking them 😂 like how does this video have dislikes
The pokeGo Player
The pokeGo Player 15 dias atrás
ryan 16 dias atrás
your intro.LMAO
Nick Maurepas
Nick Maurepas 16 dias atrás
The monkeys you are going to sacrifice needs to have pops as well as you spending the money
Variedepic 19 dias atrás
each monkey needs to do a lot of pops to actually contribute a lot in the power
Emerson Moulton
Emerson Moulton 19 dias atrás
the pops of the sacraficews matters, and aparrently you can get to paragon power 100 but i can only get 78
DemonlordMicah !
DemonlordMicah ! 21 dia atrás
super monkey ..welll that's going to take hella lot of money
Renni 22 dias atrás
Sorry bro, but math is not your strong suit
Alexander Lattreuter
Alexander Lattreuter 22 dias atrás
Why was that video so late?
Foxy’s World
Foxy’s World 23 dias atrás
I hope they make a sniper paragon since I have around 800,000 Xp for it
ThatMate 26 dias atrás
Hey, I know it's a little late for now but could you please put a spoiler warning on future videos of new Paragons and other Boss bloons? At least don't put them in the title or thumbnail please.
Luke Mês atrás
Wizard monkey 5-5-5 is gonna be insane
Nathaniël Does gaming
Wait so how do you get them
DeviYuma Mês atrás
It costs 500k ep but its worth it dont have the game
69SUGOI69 Mês atrás
WOW ninja kiwi on a madness, they do a massive update to btd6 including the bloonarius and then just over half a month later not even a month later they announce btdb 2
69SUGOI69 Mês atrás
chris: but for some of these other towers i actually don't have that much experience m8 they're all over 3 million
Jobreau Mês atrás
I got to go with my favorite tower the tac tower
Truly Ryan
Truly Ryan Mês atrás
Icantspell1 Mês atrás
5-5-5 super monkey….
Axl Bass
Axl Bass Mês atrás
The power is dependent on pops not really on amount of towers so like if you sacrifice something with 2 pops vs 200000 pops the one that sacrificed the 200000 pop one would be better
Boaz Burger
Boaz Burger Mês atrás
The monkey ace paragon Will be OP
Phantom Hawk
Phantom Hawk Mês atrás
I did the exact and I couldn’t get it
Mason Mês atrás
Imagine 5-5-5 super monkey wow
DeadWarrior ID
DeadWarrior ID Mês atrás
5-5-5 vengeful go br(imqgine if it will be a thing)
Mihajlo Mês atrás
Fun fact: Its not 5-5-5 its actually 6-0-0/0-6-0/0-0-6 depends on wich tier 5 monkey you upgrade to a paragon :D
Roaring Anthem
Roaring Anthem Mês atrás
Problem: you said the dart monkey was the winner but it was a fortified, not normal bad
Mackenzie Barnes
Mackenzie Barnes Mês atrás
DATME: !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
sigurd varmdal
sigurd varmdal Mês atrás
I just cant wait for the mortar paragon, just imagine it, high dps, the fire wall and the big popping power
TheRealFlameYT 16 dias atrás
super monkey paragon:
Is that  Baked BEANS
I can’t wait for the super monkey paragon the first tower to be 1 billion cash
Michael J
Michael J Mês atrás
Super monkey paragon gonna cost 1 million
SkeleToonz X
SkeleToonz X Mês atrás
Recently I was playing co-op with my friends, but due to technical difficulties one of them disconnected and the other left. After selling all the towers on the screen, I had enough money to fill the entire screen with 4th level dart monkeys. Even after all that, I only got a level 39 paragon…
master iguana
master iguana Mês atrás
imagine 5-5-5 supermonkey
Jazmin Page
Jazmin Page Mês atrás
5-5-5 super monkeys? we alr have it
Soul Dragon
Soul Dragon Mês atrás
5-5-5? Naah. It should be called 6th tier Dart Monkey.
Rochelle Villafuerte
weather bound
weather bound Mês atrás
The question that I have now is will the super monkey absorb a paragon?
WavyMoh Mês atrás
Cant wait for paragon wizard and tack or super monkey
WavyMoh Mês atrás
dart monkey paragon way better than boomerang
Krasen Asenov
Krasen Asenov Mês atrás
Hint: pops of monkeys anf amount spend on monkeys matter!
Glitch Lukas
Glitch Lukas Mês atrás
How paragons work: They are obtained from buying the paragon ability for 500k exp and 350k in game currency. When having all the requirements, it becomes a level 1 paragon. This is strong, but can still struggle with a Moab, however, for it to scale, you need to put in Money and Pops. The more towers around it that have a lot of money poured into it are sacrificed, then it gets stronger, the cap is 250k worth of gold. For pops, well there’s no real cap for pops. The more the pops he towers around the paragon has during the sacrifice, the higher level it is. Max is 100, but can only gotten in a co-op map. On solo you can only go up to around 70-80
Nejx Mês atrás
I genuinely don’t know which Paragon I’m most hyped for, maybe the spike factory would be the most interesting to see, a carpet of permanent super mines? Or the engineer, how would the XXXL trap change with the Paragon?
Derek Mês atrás
If you activate the abilities before purchase, would it be higher?
random things
random things Mês atrás
(Banana farm path) Is it better to do more valuable bananas or better production when going merchant route (2-0-5 or 0-2-5) what is the best path overall, marketplace+ with and without merchant, bank, or factory
chiken numget
chiken numget Mês atrás
sniper, tack, sub, and heli paragons are gonna be broken
The_Legend64 Mês atrás
The way that you get higher level paragons is not only by how much money you spend or how many you have it’s also about how many pops they have. So to get the best paragon you need to have lots of dart/boomerang monkeys have all of them fully upgraded and have them have lots of pops.
Brrr_Ice Mês atrás
Waiting for Hero and 5-5-5 Tower customizable skill tree
Jose A
Jose A Mês atrás
bruh pop off
Jordan Hays
Jordan Hays Mês atrás
ok so i added the archer one to my 255 round save with my vengeful monkey temple and about 3 maxed dart monkeys and got a power lv of 40 idk how
Jack Hawkins
Jack Hawkins Mês atrás
i love when he scrolls through and says he doesnt have much experience, and then theyre all over 2 mil
CREEpyGAMER -_- Mês atrás
I got the 5.5.5 monkey to lvl 45 by, having over 5 000 000 pops on every other dart monkey and I only used 3 monkeys
CREEpyGAMER -_- Mês atrás
So it workes like that, the more pops on the monkes you have the stronger the plasma monke Will get
Fantastic 4 Kids
Fantastic 4 Kids Mês atrás
The max paragon degree level is 100. Oh and btw pop count also matters for paragon degree level
desaad Mês atrás
While this update come to the mobile
Emerald Mês atrás
i have a map with vengeful sun god and both paragon towers
Stuwe X
Stuwe X Mês atrás
You got 38 probably because you didn’t get second crossbow master
Gav51 Mês atrás
I can’t wait for the 5-5-5 banana farm
Lucas Colegrove
Lucas Colegrove Mês atrás
Superjombombo: “its onlyyyy gonna cost me 297,500 to get this guy!”
Bone Man
Bone Man Mês atrás
Cant wait for that super Monkey paragon that just deletes every Bloon on the map
noam Mês atrás
dude i cant wait for the druid cus imagine bottem path and top path that will be OP btw love ur vids
Some Random Animator
its not 5-5-5, its 6-0-0. If a paragon is you monkey star it says the upgrades is 6-0-0
I just want a 5-5-5 sniper
list9 Mês atrás
The paragons levek up from the pops the other towers have and the money spent
Horace Thehippo
Horace Thehippo Mês atrás
I had my paragon at level 61 on the first lol
Weston Flame
Weston Flame Mês atrás
I need my 5-5-5 glue boy.
coolgamer 09
coolgamer 09 Mês atrás
It's kinda like "there can only be one"
Charlie Eshbach
Charlie Eshbach Mês atrás
He knows he can just create a challenge and do whatever right?
The Better Terra Blade
Paragon Engineer and Cannon... I'll just leave you with those thoughts
Thomas O'Shea
Thomas O'Shea Mês atrás
555 farm
Insurgence -_-
Insurgence -_- Mês atrás
I really want the Sniper Paragon bruh-
Super Charged
Super Charged Mês atrás
Its kinda wack u can't boost them in any way, cuz u can still Ultraboost the Dark Sun God, and use Homeland Defence as well
epicfield epicbuckle
imagine how op a pentagon bomb shooter would be
CTK01 Meh
CTK01 Meh Mês atrás
The paragon is effected by pops
I'm a Cup
I'm a Cup Mês atrás
My Ideas: Tack Paragon would shoot a meteor, shoot blades extremely fast, shoot tacks really fast, and RING OF FIRE 🔥🔥🔥. Bomb Paragon: Shoots a recursive moab eliminator that turns into a moab assassin that turns into moab mauler, and then turns into missiles. And when a life is lost, Bomb Blitz destroys everything below a ZOMG and can stun anything and everything.
Ice Spectre
Ice Spectre Mês atrás
Wait....Feed a paragon into the Sun Temple? It shouldnt work...right?
Eagan _
Eagan _ Mês atrás
Lets be honest the super monkey paragon is gonna have a secret where it eats all the other paragons : /
Eagan _
Eagan _ Mês atrás
*gets both paragons*
Jacob Carlyle
Jacob Carlyle Mês atrás
Wait is this vanilla or is it a mod
A cool duck in a banana
It’s the newest update
Potatoe Mês atrás
DUDE just imagine 5-5-5 tack shooter or 5-5-5 spike factory LOL Edit: I just realized how op the super monkey would be 😳😳
mason sudul
mason sudul Mês atrás
They buffed spirit of the forest woooooooooooooo
mason sudul
mason sudul Mês atrás
Im so stoked for the druid paragon and the spike factory paragon
Jarred Waso
Jarred Waso Mês atrás
with the sacrificing thing you will need to use 250'000 money into buying sacrifices of that same tower the best for dart monkey is super monkey fan club so that will give the max sacrificing level to the paragon monkey of 30 levels and then the best way of adding levels is with the amount of pops the tier 5 monkeys have. I forgot how much levels that adds but get the pops to at least 15 million-20 million pops. (I'm not sure if it is in total of how much pops the 3 tier 5 monkeys have or if all the tier 5 monkeys need to have that amount of pops but do the second one to be safe.) I don't remember how much levels pops on its own gives. and then do both of those things together and if you did it right then the paragon monkey will be at the max level of 79 and a mental medal foe understanding my sentences because I am a small bit dyslexic. hope this helps :)
Isaac Strid
Isaac Strid Mês atrás
Superjombombo : is that a 170 million Me : pauses the screen and counts 7 digits, sounds about right jim
Dylan Pham
Dylan Pham Mês atrás
I think I know how to get more levels I think the more pops they get the more levels
Cubles Mês atrás
SJB! It’s not just money spent that contributes to paragons being upgraded, pop count matters too! Make sure that the sacrificial monkeys also have pops on them so that they can contribute more to upgrading the paragon. P.s. There’s a visual change at the higher levels that looks really cool.
Crazy Crocodiles
Crazy Crocodiles Mês atrás
Underrated BRvid alert
Crazy Crocodiles
Crazy Crocodiles Mês atrás
Mês atrás
i believe their power is based on how many pops all the monkeys it consumes have as well as the amount of money invested into the monkeys consumes
Pee Pee
Pee Pee Mês atrás
Snipe paragon
Harry Brownlow
Harry Brownlow Mês atrás
To get more power you need the towers to get pops
fox foxy
fox foxy Mês atrás
you know pops also count?
David Stählin
David Stählin Mês atrás
Hey it is 6-0-0
Skyler Duckworth
Skyler Duckworth Mês atrás
Glaive dominus is for moabs while dart is for power best to use both so thst you have bad poping power
Rheycy Camas
Rheycy Camas Mês atrás
Maybe it depends on how many balloons the monkeys popped
MaxGamer Mês atrás
Actually it’s called a 6 0 0 Monkey
grantzu Mês atrás
i can only imagine how much the super monkey will cost lol
K. Stark
K. Stark Mês atrás
5-5-5 spike factory😳
EthanK Mês atrás
Is this out on mobile
Jikikatota domika
Jikikatota domika Mês atrás
Will it be forever?
fat gay pikachu
fat gay pikachu Mês atrás
Imedietly looked at his among us shirt and and said amog us Note i dont like among us
lukas Hobbie
lukas Hobbie Mês atrás
I hope they will also make an update for other towers
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