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23 Fev 2021



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Comentários 100
Kaylynn Straughn
Kaylynn Straughn 11 horas atrás
why invite princesses if yall gonna treat her like that like I know that yall siblings and like yall can have a love hate relationship but its shady sis because Bretman is the one hating while princesses is loving like yall can joke around but like all three of yall is on her then on top of that larry is sitting there hating but then cant spell they where both bragging then when Princesses they hate BITCH this doesn't make No sense like ofc this is just a video and we dont know if this is a act if it is a act 1 if this is a act if it is a act : There doing it for views because the "Who knows me better?" video got 10M views because of its scandal so therefore, if it is a act then there doing it for views 2 if it is not a act : I honestly fell like it is not a act because Bretman has done some low down shit to Princesses in his videos To be honest i have a younger sister and we fight but we never put each other down or embarrass each other in front of other people we might joke around with family or close friends but Nika, larry, and miss.kay don't seem like close friends IN MOTHER FUCKING CONCULSION BITCH ! FAMILY OVER FRIENDS PERIODTTT !
Idk Hj
Idk Hj 13 horas atrás
Princess is looking so fucking cute as always
sumaye 14 horas atrás
I ate all my food at 5:02 because of that long promo between
Ry-ann Faye
Ry-ann Faye 17 horas atrás
Aina Daniece
Aina Daniece Dia atrás
Bruh, this Larry guy is giving attitude to Princess. Idk i felt off with the way he looks at her, like he's so irritated or whatevah.
Jairus Dia atrás
maybe this is why princess doesn't want to film vids, she might be forced to film vids because she feels indebted to his brother for her career idk but princess is a queen, pls treasure her.
Shelbie Wilkes
Shelbie Wilkes Dia atrás
Lol bretman why you got your feet blurred
Rubab Baqi
Rubab Baqi Dia atrás
“Know your place”. wtf larry it’s literally a game
Neon realmz
Neon realmz Dia atrás
Larry: "Know your place" Me: gurl. she is bret's mother f'in sister and your his best friend. Actually, should you even be his best friend bcs no best friend would treat their other best friend's sibling like dat. I know its their "relationship" but gurl u taking it too far and dis ain't funny anymore
Kazuya Hamasaki
Kazuya Hamasaki 2 dias atrás
Y'all are too much, they're literally almost together every single day. Princess isn't the kind to get affected by someone she knows for a long time, if she hated it she would've said something.
Cryssie Soto
Cryssie Soto 2 dias atrás
So sad to watch :(
Daisy Vanessa
Daisy Vanessa 2 dias atrás
Everyone attacking the way Princess gets treated is honestly annoying. They are obviously playing around with her. She knows where she stands with HER brother y’all need to chill and just enjoy the video. Smh
Kiara Jay
Kiara Jay 2 dias atrás
Bro princess makes me die lmfaooo
Forever More
Forever More 3 dias atrás
I’m confused 😭 y’all what time in the vid were they being mean to princess
Gre Louise Nicole Eso
Gre Louise Nicole Eso 3 dias atrás
Being a sibling and the Bestfriend's sibling are two different cases. So the way how the two treated Princess like how Bret treated her is a big deal. I mean, if Princess is my sister, I am the only one who can be mean with her because she is my sister. But if my bffs treated her that way, that's a different story.
Vanessa Tuliau
Vanessa Tuliau 3 dias atrás
Princess hi key dumb but I love her
Aubrey Cruz
Aubrey Cruz 3 dias atrás
When I read comments, I stopped watching this vid. It hurts already. Haha. Ok, next.
Stephanie Ramos
Stephanie Ramos 4 dias atrás
If miss k ever needs an assistant! And assistant for the assistant if you will I'd happily go to Hawaii and work for you both! 😆
M. Booker
M. Booker 4 dias atrás
What would you call the jumper that Brets wearing?
TV 4 dias atrás
TV 4 dias atrás
Joselly Rodriguez-Minaya
I miss bretman the science bleeppppp
LAURA FLORES 4 dias atrás
He gave him $20 😂
Glyden Joy Lomocso
Glyden Joy Lomocso 4 dias atrás
Mayyang... The way Princess says it, its very Ilocano accent and I'm loving it.
Paola Caba
Paola Caba 5 dias atrás
S 5 dias atrás
let's just say I don't think I would have enough willpower to be friends with Bretman or Larry. Bless Princess's soul she seems really sweet.
•0livix •
•0livix • 5 dias atrás
“I’m just encouraging you 🙄”
A 5 dias atrás
dazaha 5 dias atrás
14:40 How did everbody else get to go but he just ignored his own SISTER?
dazaha 5 dias atrás
It makes me wanna cut out my liver when I see how bad Bretman treats princess.
franticsshow 6 dias atrás
only person who can argue with princess like that is bretman the rest can’t and shouldn’t coz its weird.
Danica_ woah
Danica_ woah 6 dias atrás
y’all act like you don’t bully your sibling especially if their younger then you💀
Rhoda Carmela
Rhoda Carmela 6 dias atrás
9:35 can i slap larry? huhu sorry but i feel bad for princess
Rhoda Carmela
Rhoda Carmela 6 dias atrás
i feel sad for princess, is that how u guys treat princess? :3
Khai-Jern Chia
Khai-Jern Chia 7 dias atrás
Larry gonna be making an apology video soon 😂😂
Jezelle Antonio-Flores
duda 7 dias atrás
I love that bret blurred his toes
megantwice 7 dias atrás
Ion like how Larry is with Princess, it makes me highly uncomfortable. He should know his place with your sister, it’s your relationship with her and that’s how y’all act but he isn’t apart of the family and shouldn’t be acting that way towards her.
Juan Antonio Buschbeck
I love princees
Nereida Resendez
Nereida Resendez 8 dias atrás
princess deserves better if I’m being honest. Everyone is so mean to her and like yeah it’s funny but the fact they make fun of her EVERY VIDEO is honestly getting old and really mean:( princess wants to be respected and they just can’t see that!
gaokia xiong
gaokia xiong 8 dias atrás
Agnes Velasquez
Agnes Velasquez 8 dias atrás
Treat Princess BETTER!!!!!!!!!
Aly B
Aly B 8 dias atrás
Couldn't even finish the video because I'm tired of how Princess is treated. I like humor and I love Bret, been a fan for a long time, but the way Princess is constantly being mistreated is starting to take the joy out of the videos. I want to support Bret, but man please stop people from bullying your little sister.
m1jita 8 dias atrás
Idgaffff if y’all siblings that’s not an excuse to keep being toxic we grown! If you’re bothered by me saying it’s not normal then rethink your siblings relationship LOL I have a younger sis but I don’t disrespect her. We argue but it’s always mended
Crystal Nungaray
Crystal Nungaray 8 dias atrás
I feel horrible for princess
Rand Saad
Rand Saad 8 dias atrás
bretman is such a Leo omfg
Bianca Ann Sablay
Bianca Ann Sablay 8 dias atrás
Bretman ignoring princess, no wonder he’s ok with all these bullying.
Lala Santiago
Lala Santiago 9 dias atrás
Not going to lie after watching the mtv show I feel so bad for princess, baby you deserve better 🥺
Lu Fabian
Lu Fabian 9 dias atrás
Ms.Kay is sooo cute i cant
Lawrence Karl S. Fille
Lawrence Karl S. Fille 10 dias atrás
i feel bad for princess😢☹ That is ur sister why did you treat him like that?
jett 10 dias atrás
Damn brentman and his friends are rude to princess it’s disgusting
Larry is so insecure of Princess and the way he looks at her and treats her, shows.
that Larry is so annoying and keeps on copying Bret like why tf is he looking like that on Princess?!! ew. who even are you? seriously??
senzafinee 10 dias atrás
Miss Kay looks so good. Keep it up mama!! Such a lewk
Stephanie xx
Stephanie xx 10 dias atrás
the more i watched this video the more it felt off. i mean its not the first time but it was more hard to watch this video it was not even funny at this point. it really made my blood boil the way bret's friends treated princess plus how bretman did nothing. i get that idk their relationship much since we only see on camera but this was way outaline i even wanna cry now. if my friends treated one of my siblings like that i would'nt hesitate to tell them off and cut them off, its disgusting. its different when i do it with my sibling since their MY sibling and siblings relationships are like that.
zuri ramirez
zuri ramirez 10 dias atrás
Princess: “Blood is stronger than water “ Me: bitch whet?
Aurora 10 dias atrás
but Bret had a cat named eheh-cia Keys or sumn i dont know how to spell it lmao 😂
Lauren Oliver
Lauren Oliver 10 dias atrás
Bretman y u blurring yah toes sis. Show them toes.
Mayra Garcia
Mayra Garcia 11 dias atrás
Oh my. 🤮 This behavior is sickening
Marie Pollet
Marie Pollet 11 dias atrás
Aww 14:41 poor princess
Shakira Johnson
Shakira Johnson 11 dias atrás
The only cat I knew was Shakira because she has my name🌚
I_Am_Asian_But_It_Doesnt_Mean_Im_Better_Than_You !
I honestly feel so bad for princess. Literally, it doesn't matter if y'all family. My brothers would pick on me too, and I would just laugh but deep inside I just wanted to legit cry. The "It's a filipino thing, everybody insults everyone close to them" shit is bullshit. As a filipino, that's the thing I hate about filipinos. They just insult and insult. There are alot who are fine with insults, but not everybody. If I'm comfortable with you, it doesn't give you the permission to call me fat in public or with friends. Like shit, I had to go to a private school with very few students. Everybody has boundaries, they may not show it or say it, it does exist. Like I can't even tell my brothers to stop bulling me because it would ruin their "fun" which is very toxic. And Larry??? Wtf is larry doing??? Fake asf.
Clarissa Kelly
Clarissa Kelly 12 dias atrás
I love how bretman and princess have a great family relationship 🥰🥰🥰
Karaleen Rodriguez
Karaleen Rodriguez 12 dias atrás
Y'all are overreacting in these comments about princess, calm the fuck down fr😭
Every&Any •
Every&Any • 12 dias atrás
I mean can we really blame Nikita dragon when he even treats her like this and lets his friends treat her like this? Nikita must’ve thought treating princess badly was ok because Bretman allowed her. He needs to stop allowing his friends to disrespect her it’s embarrassing and sad.
mark jimenez
mark jimenez 13 dias atrás
Litzy Sanchez
Litzy Sanchez 13 dias atrás
Does “cause without turtles we wouldn’t have any turtles” count as an intro? 🥺🐢
Han Hannah
Han Hannah 13 dias atrás
Please respect each other ☹️❤️
Syafiqah Othman
Syafiqah Othman 14 dias atrás
Ew larry.....
Arone Junio
Arone Junio 15 dias atrás
Larry is so annoying
Clarissa Diaz
Clarissa Diaz 15 dias atrás
Umma down vote this video, I’m not trying to be no pussy ass but like even for gags this was uncomfortable to watch. Damn the money better be good for someone to be taking slander (fake or not ) like that.
Mailean Valadez
Mailean Valadez 15 dias atrás
Lmao the fact that he left everyones feet exposed and covered his own 🤣🤣🤣💕 i love his personality ❤️🙏 God bless you guys 😘
Christina Dieni
Christina Dieni 15 dias atrás
Bret how are you allow to miss kay bully your sister like that? I thought you loved her. Check the video again and pay attention to miss k.
Kayleigh 16 dias atrás
okay so I don't watch them normally but this is just fucking wrong, princess is obviously being mistreated her multiple times she's gets yelled at and made fun of and that has nothing to do with siblings/race this is just straight up attacking
matthew :
matthew : 16 dias atrás
i was excited to watch this video but after reading the comments about all of them disrespecting princess im no longer interested :/
Clarissa Diaz
Clarissa Diaz 15 dias atrás
It was painful to watch , fake or not :/ idk why they would of even thought it was entertaining
Ali Cheema
Ali Cheema 16 dias atrás
Omg funny af
Chrissy Herrerasmith
Chrissy Herrerasmith 17 dias atrás
Omg please be nice to princess she take rhell shit for alyuh omg
Kenya 17 dias atrás
Princess is getting bullied by all these ppl so sad
alliyahrose1D felipe
alliyahrose1D felipe 17 dias atrás
Breeetman i just knew you had 2 girlfriends. Bretman I'm free lol 😂
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez 18 dias atrás
I sound like a teacher lmao
Playcookieplay.26.211 18 dias atrás
2:37 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kim Sanchez
Kim Sanchez 19 dias atrás
*please make more videos with them I love this group* 😩😂😂
E R 19 dias atrás
Miss Kay be looking extra snatched in this video. 🔥
Charnalynn Mokiao-Fragoso
Wow! I didn’t realize how much they all really bully Princess and treat her like she’s non existent. It’s not even funny, it’s really degrading to treat anyone like that. She looks miserable and you can tell they all do that to her all the time.
Bretman Rock.
Bretman Rock. 19 dias atrás
Hello! Thanks for your like and comments on my official page and for being a fan! Much love💜
yolanda Betancourt
yolanda Betancourt 19 dias atrás
Omg princess laugh when it was the teacher round.. Oouuhhhaahahah
MCO Boredom
MCO Boredom 19 dias atrás
Larry: 'Know your place' 😂
Ocean McKillop
Ocean McKillop 20 dias atrás
angel g
angel g 20 dias atrás
Larry is whack. he really only ever looked at Miss K and paid zero attention to princess. Stop bullying princess!!! IT AINT CUTE
Antonae 20 dias atrás
Ok I know it’s how y’all interact but just be a tiny bit nicer to princess. Y’all together are so funny but honestly u can tell it’s effecting her and she like laughs through it.
emma 20 dias atrás
ik it’s y’all relationship but you guys can be a nicer to princess.
emma 20 dias atrás
okay but larry’s so mean to princess like if i were her i would’ve slapped tf out of him.
Joana Moreno
Joana Moreno 20 dias atrás
Princess is MEEEEEE!!!
J G 20 dias atrás
Comment section dumb and irritating af They've already addressed this issue years ago. And they blew up coz of how they treat each other.
Bee Queen
Bee Queen 20 dias atrás
Larry tries so hard 🤮
Al Christine Pedrajas
Al Christine Pedrajas 20 dias atrás
i dont want to see larry again here...
ihaierart 20 dias atrás
Bretman princess put ROYAL BLUE, she needed 2 points.
The Life Of Jackie
The Life Of Jackie 21 dia atrás
I love how they don’t wear they’re shoes and don’t gaf 😂
alysa tran
alysa tran 18 dias atrás
they’re literally indoors
Bretman Rock.
Bretman Rock. 19 dias atrás
Hello! Thanks for your like and comments on my official page and for being a fan! Much love💜
Just V .
Just V . 21 dia atrás
Are yall new are sum shit? Bretman,Keffier,and Larry has been mean to Princess ever since the start😭 so yall must be new 🤣
alysa tran
alysa tran 18 dias atrás
right lol
Cat Kkuno
Cat Kkuno 21 dia atrás
"ThAts hOw sIbLinGs AcT " ok but this shit ain't funny anymore and is emotionally abusive + we dont even know what Princess really feel, im a fan but this is so painful tf😒
Tzeni Papa
Tzeni Papa 21 dia atrás
Why does they only blur Bretman's feet 😅?
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