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27 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi Anos atrás
Thanks for watching! Comment your favorite part
sara zina
sara zina 17 dias atrás
sara zina
sara zina 17 dias atrás
jr and pupets and vlog
Jucie jucie
Kawaii Chibi
Kawaii Chibi Mês atrás
I like 3:37
Hassn Ali
Hassn Ali Mês atrás
You are the best youtuber hands down.
Jhon Jackson
Jhon Jackson Dia atrás
How many girls he got god dam
Jhon Jackson
Jhon Jackson Dia atrás
He really executed all the lies
Stefanie D
Stefanie D 2 dias atrás
Get him to 6mil
Kolkata riders
Kolkata riders 2 dias atrás
Y r u not making videod
Chance McConnal
Chance McConnal 2 dias atrás
Cheating bastard
EdiTz Is Goat On PS4
EdiTz Is Goat On PS4 4 dias atrás
TOXIC Gaming
TOXIC Gaming 4 dias atrás
The special one is red crop top
ARES 4 dias atrás
Just choose the hottest
NOHA V 4 dias atrás
That’s what happens when you use too much Bro code.
Dina Mehmeti
Dina Mehmeti 4 dias atrás
Who's here on 2020 ?
Wôôdś 5 dias atrás
My boy got hoes
Riya's Kitchen World
Riya's Kitchen World 6 dias atrás
*Which One You Like* 😂😂
Milly Gacha Macaroni
Milly Gacha Macaroni 6 dias atrás
Mikaela Cheong
Mikaela Cheong 6 dias atrás
What has he been doing these days
Maryam Malique
Maryam Malique 7 dias atrás
How many people is he dating
Jaylon Mahabir
Jaylon Mahabir 7 dias atrás
Jaylon Mahabir
Jaylon Mahabir 7 dias atrás
I'm worried I don't know where you are plenty girlfriend
Srijal Adhikari
Srijal Adhikari 8 dias atrás
Stop stealing the girls
DINZI BENDIAN 8 dias atrás
when i was a kid i wish to be batman but i now wish to be Anwar
ето Ж
ето Ж 8 dias atrás
Look at the girl wearing black clothes 3:30
Wei Anderson
Wei Anderson 10 dias atrás
Allendra Yudhistira
Allendra Yudhistira 10 dias atrás
Lol ive ever seen video like this
the game hub
the game hub 12 dias atrás
Anwar da playa
Alex Moody
Alex Moody 12 dias atrás
OMG if you cheat you don’t need that many
Alex Moody
Alex Moody 12 dias atrás
Jesus how many does this guy need
RealJelly jelly
RealJelly jelly 12 dias atrás
Anwar Jibawi: 7 girlfriend Me: 9 girlfriend i cannot stand it
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 13 dias atrás
Seriously you choose another girl for Chelsea. Chelsea’s beautiful ah
mahesh bailake
mahesh bailake 15 dias atrás
My best friend gets to meet my girlfriend...😅🤣😅 Genius
eggnogfam 15 dias atrás
idk whats better, having 10 gfs or 0.
illy 16 dias atrás
Bruh no cap 🧢 everywhere he goes someone knows him
Chris Solomon
Chris Solomon 17 dias atrás
Anwar is a baller
Lexi 18 dias atrás
How did he manage to get all these *out of his league* women
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday 18 dias atrás
I'm taking the 2nd girl, damn..
King Sebby
King Sebby 18 dias atrás
I was waiting for like James Charles to be like “get outta here bitches”
Potato MAn
Potato MAn 18 dias atrás
He got ho3ss
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott 19 dias atrás
Man he got game
Tonton Tholung
Tonton Tholung 20 dias atrás
Imagine you have 5 brother like him 😂
Lusiana Torovi
Lusiana Torovi 20 dias atrás
Best video you ever done in your channel 👍👍👍👍
Tiburcia Guzman
Tiburcia Guzman 20 dias atrás
Wtf how many more
Abhi Roshan
Abhi Roshan 22 dias atrás
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Syed Mohammad
Syed Mohammad 22 dias atrás
Special one=doctor
kawsarmahmud Hridoy
kawsarmahmud Hridoy 23 dias atrás
Too many girlfriend
FYC: FUCK THE SHIT 23 dias atrás
This much popularity i want in girls 😂
Snofix _92
Snofix _92 24 dias atrás
Things would've been different if Adam was with him
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez 24 dias atrás
sub 2 me and ill sub right back
I acctually cant breathe im dead 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Oved Bernadine Official Music
Bhanumati Miri
Bhanumati Miri 25 dias atrás
Where is Johny sins,🤨😂😂
Rhyheem Porter
Rhyheem Porter 25 dias atrás
Even the doctor 😂😂😂
mu3ad dz
mu3ad dz 11 dias atrás
Gianluigi Buffon #1
Gianluigi Buffon #1 25 dias atrás
Javan Powell
Javan Powell 26 dias atrás
What if we're all in one big dream 🤣🤣😅
moh gh
moh gh 26 dias atrás
I impressed how his heart beat rate is still the same in this situation
S4nityyy FN
S4nityyy FN 26 dias atrás
Anwar is a damn player
- Simply Sunflower -
- Simply Sunflower - 28 dias atrás
This is how many girlfriends anwar has 👇🏻
Jonathan Matul
Jonathan Matul 27 dias atrás
one...? make it two :( ill like
Mercedes Hurtada
Mercedes Hurtada 29 dias atrás
1:09 *the bad cook comes in* Me:oh here comes the bad cook
no results
no results Mês atrás
Haha lol 😂😂😂
Luke Wilkins
Luke Wilkins Mês atrás
Anwar's body count be higher than my credit score🤣
Shiryl Smith
Shiryl Smith Mês atrás
Kadia Phillips
Kadia Phillips Mês atrás
He got all the girls
Just me
Just me Mês atrás
How did you find so many names?😂
Faze King
Faze King Mês atrás
What a player
SAGE Mês atrás
This how I wana b
ardnehsan Mês atrás
He's got 6 women fighting over him and I can't even get one to return a message.
Horn Kimlong
Horn Kimlong 21 dia atrás
sad hahahaha
Khalid hamad
Khalid hamad Mês atrás
Anwar you are a goner!
Pescado M99v
Pescado M99v Mês atrás
I wish i had atleast one girlfriend
blue lion
blue lion Mês atrás
Dr was so cute + sexy
Tiffany Lawson
Tiffany Lawson Mês atrás
Press Add subtitles then read the subtitles. XD do it.
Kim Cruz
Kim Cruz Mês atrás
Are you dating the hole girl in the town!?!
l need 10k subs plz help me subscribe here
damn u know alot of girl
Layaan Abdulla Shareef
Bruhh how u get those girls in a vid too 😂😂😂
Lee Pearl
Lee Pearl Mês atrás
What a player
Royalstopdawg 12
Royalstopdawg 12 Mês atrás
Rumor has it he is still encountering many more
Tarek Bradley
Tarek Bradley Mês atrás
Everybody loses hide and seek at least once
Roro Mohammad
Roro Mohammad Mês atrás
Akash Srivastava
Akash Srivastava Mês atrás
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX Mês atrás
Ik this vid🤣
Tomioka Giyuu
Tomioka Giyuu Mês atrás
This dude is a god
BreadGod Mês atrás
Anwar, you mind lending one of your gf to me?
Julian KurekAttwell
Youssri Mayache
Youssri Mayache Mês atrás
R.N.C Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate that Anwar had that much sauce
jr and pupets and vlog
Bianca Guzman
Bianca Guzman Mês atrás
AbdallahSZN Mês atrás
Can we please acknowledge his 5 second intros
Rifatbr o
Rifatbr o Mês atrás
Spartus 300
Spartus 300 Mês atrás
Grace was cuteee
Fumihiro Mês atrás
سلمان العتيبي
Tiana Moana
Tiana Moana Mês atrás
players could never😂
Scatch24 Scatchell
Scatch24 Scatchell Mês atrás
Abdullah Ali
Abdullah Ali Mês atrás
when you know you're fucked up
Renee Hickey
Renee Hickey Mês atrás
Fggbdthsfjvztjebhdker gegwkg is a good is the only way I have to mugdulcg this week and have the same problem with my life in the next year so I’m going through my Twitter next time with you I know that I am a good friend I know you know I know
nabil kattani
nabil kattani Mês atrás
hahahahhahahah trapped so badly
Kenneth McKean
Kenneth McKean Mês atrás
The frost
Victoria Campbell
Victoria Campbell Mês atrás
Really anwar why do you have SO MANY GIRLFRIENDS!! Rally you are a plate!!
alexandra askar
alexandra askar Mês atrás
Anwar you are hilarious
sophie kayaga
sophie kayaga Mês atrás
Lex looks sooooooo cute I wish she was my mum cause I want two mum so mush please reply please love u guys hite the like button on the comet please love u guys comet if it pretty and lex as ur mum
Hyper_clan 24
Hyper_clan 24 Mês atrás
He probably dating my gf
Steve Eni
Steve Eni Mês atrás
Legend has it that the 6.6k dislikes were from his other girl friends😶
HasherGameZ Mês atrás
Can I borrow one of ur GFs plz I really need one :(
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