Who are you?

The Gift
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A new short film from the creators of "The Gift"



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Comentários 12 933
Aline Prado
Aline Prado Mês atrás
Youcef Absi
Youcef Absi 16 horas atrás
aline you know that you look so beautiful please if you are single my hope to be with you really you like angel
Severin Klug
Severin Klug 8 dias atrás
look into he box again
Thomson Tom
Thomson Tom 17 dias atrás
@The Gift let's go!!! xD
Shinnyy ZuRa
Shinnyy ZuRa 18 dias atrás
@The Gift letsgoo
El Yay
El Yay 28 dias atrás
@Stoppable Creeper lol where is my comedy award now
The Cosmic Quotist
The Cosmic Quotist 2 horas atrás
Sorry to say but will someone explain me this 👉👈
Vishaakha Sharma
Vishaakha Sharma 10 horas atrás
I loved It ! ♥
Jan Schulze
Jan Schulze 10 horas atrás
My name is Jan
Agent Neatnick
Agent Neatnick 12 horas atrás
WOW!! Start reading again people. A Must read written by Dr. Asher. Land of Meat and Honey and Soul Revolution, both found on amazon. Amazing read!
Para Luman
Para Luman 15 horas atrás
hi ♡
Kiana Hosseini
Kiana Hosseini 15 horas atrás
this was in my recommendation and i only clicked cause i feel lost and don't know who i am and its really funny cause apparently I've watched this video before cause its been liked so it came back to me
Rachana Komroj
Rachana Komroj 21 hora atrás
Oh my god this is so good,melted my heart,I was not sure untill that wt I wanna do and it used to bother me,I'm still not sure but this gave me hope that even if u have nothing u can start anything, at any point, at any time,I saved this to watch later months ago,and watched it today ,it's worth it.
HAMZA 23 horas atrás
Who am I?
Sujata Rawal
Sujata Rawal Dia atrás
Opadoyin MICAH
Opadoyin MICAH Dia atrás
Can I know what video animation software you used in creating this please? I'm a huge fan of this work and you've just gained a subscriber
5h1r0 Dia atrás
"Who are you?" I'm ur mom :flooshed: Sussy baka
Marco Dia atrás
Sometimes life doesnt goes as plan but for some reason it is more like a gift, You dont know what you get.
iqra ali
iqra ali Dia atrás
Just patiently waiting for more
VANs 88
VANs 88 Dia atrás
When we’re lost we have to think outside the box- when our box is empty-- just look outside ❤️
VANs 88
VANs 88 Dia atrás
So nice
崇瑄 袁
崇瑄 袁 Dia atrás
Fern C
Fern C 2 dias atrás
Thank you for this beautiful film, I love everything about it. I hope my lady inspiration comes out of hibernation also decides to come back!
It is what it is
It is what it is 2 dias atrás
Me: Reads title Also me : I am who I am !! So NOPE,not gonna watch this video!!
Hiep Le
Hiep Le 2 dias atrás
right person at the right time. it's a beautiful story
Jesus Peer
Jesus Peer 2 dias atrás
Me encanto !!! Bendiciones--!!
Дмитрий Гришков
Bullshit story
Yong 2 dias atrás
Can I know which software did you use to create this video? It's really amazing 🤩
nawama shlod
nawama shlod 2 dias atrás
Does red color in Animation implies something or is it just to add color
Jack 08
Jack 08 2 dias atrás
What does this Short animated Movie Tell us?😅
Jazzalina 2 dias atrás
The funny thing about this recommended video this morning.. I’d a woke up with the thought of finishing my ebook 📚
Jazzalina 2 dias atrás
That was so beautiful
Novea Rose Romorosa
Novea Rose Romorosa 2 dias atrás
Just appreciate everything
emanon 2 dias atrás
I watched this video when I was a Junior in college, I even send it out to a friend because I know she'll like it. I graduated and somehow I remember this video and searched for "red box" and I'm glad I found this again. It made me cry yet again, but more filled of emotions this time because now I realize my dream, to become a writer. And now I noticed how the universe gave me hints of what is the path for me, I watched bunch of videos, movies, manga and manhwa wherein the character is a writer or dreams to become one. Thank you for being one of those signs :)
Anshu Kumar
Anshu Kumar 3 dias atrás
What is the moral of the story?
Stoic Leci
Stoic Leci 3 dias atrás
I'm a server of the Lord🙋‍♀️
RMPlaysMC YT 3 dias atrás
That's a cool video and it looks inspiring about being who you are..
Mohamed Ahmed Abdla
Mohamed Ahmed Abdla 3 dias atrás
An amazing video
Amya_25 3 dias atrás
Me before the video: Who am I? Me after the video: Who am I…?
呂亞芸 3 dias atrás
Just feel a little annoyed today. But! After I saw the film,I got some energy. Thanks!☺️😇☝🏻
Ace Lui
Ace Lui 3 dias atrás
wish u well
ARJUN FF 3 dias atrás
Mouttou Vignesh
Mouttou Vignesh 3 dias atrás
This inspirational movie! Thanks for posting!
Ngan Giang Mac
Ngan Giang Mac 3 dias atrás
phần tiếp theo
Widya Prasetyanti
Widya Prasetyanti 3 dias atrás
A box of inspiration 😍😍
Muskan 4 dias atrás
I loved it watch ing it again after 1 year ❤️. It very beautiful creation and I also want to create short movies like it I have written stories like it and want to represent it on u tube . Will u help me the creater . Would u tell me how u made the animation . Will u represent my written stories on ur plateform 😀😀.. well🙂
Maryori H.C.
Maryori H.C. 4 dias atrás
Does anyone else feel relieved because the dog lived and sad because he was left with a trauma?
Dharmadam Dharmalingam
Material life ends in the question who am I unanswered.
PolySomething 4 dias atrás
When does a nice conversation end and oversharing begin?
Celscapades 4 dias atrás
Me encanta! Kudos for the makers of this! 👏
fatima ezzahra el menyar
It's great 👌. I love it❤.
kim fatema
kim fatema 4 dias atrás
SPARKY GAMING 4 dias atrás
Nice ❤️
Score of Doom
Score of Doom 4 dias atrás
It's nice! Hello from Russia and thanks for translate for my lamguage
Joven Galliguez
Joven Galliguez 5 dias atrás
I'm just glad to know that the dog is alive
베로니카세션 5 dias atrás
Woke up early in the morning and watched this in the simmering sunshine, with my cat aside, indescribable sense of relief comes in.
ReptileSnails Mom
ReptileSnails Mom 5 dias atrás
Well done Chile 🇨🇱 proud to see South America step up to the world. Chile and Brazil the both stable countries in South America
Mohammad Marziul Haque
It’s fantastic. Love from Bangladesh.
Zain Shah
Zain Shah 5 dias atrás
Zain Shah
Zain Shah 5 dias atrás
Марк Веро
Марк Веро 5 dias atrás
It's great! Просто великолепно! Такой лёгкий и проникновенный мульт! Очень важно, когда находится человек, который поддержит тебя!
Stellasworld 5 dias atrás
yo mama
Rayane Gilbert
Rayane Gilbert 6 dias atrás
Milena holanda
Milena holanda 6 dias atrás
que vontade de ler esse livro, parece ser muito incrível!
Dianne Amador
Dianne Amador 6 dias atrás
i don’t know you. who are you?
Lady pilliwick
Lady pilliwick 6 dias atrás
thumbnail. I'm the dog. I'm happy with a bone
Roxanna López
Roxanna López 6 dias atrás
Good for you.
Akash Sinha
Akash Sinha 6 dias atrás
is the theme of the film is to have a purpose ?
Kay Dia
Kay Dia 6 dias atrás
I came across this when I felt that I needed inspiration, just like him. I’m sure it will come to me soon. Thanks for the gift, Gift!
Jacques legouda
Jacques legouda 6 dias atrás
Actors, actress, politicians, writter all are just Hustler's.
Dark and Handsome
Dark and Handsome 6 dias atrás
I was seated here and just came across this beautiful movie.
Uttam Agrahari
Uttam Agrahari 6 dias atrás
Awesome video .
Jyoti Shrestha
Jyoti Shrestha 7 dias atrás
Found this video in the right time.
Anonimal 7 dias atrás
Who am I? Maybe that manipulative person who delivered an empty box to get what they want... imagine the creep is not a young actress
Eyeglazz 7 dias atrás
"think out of the box"
anjali singh
anjali singh 8 dias atrás
loved it.
Pratyush Dash
Pratyush Dash 8 dias atrás
Man imma Roll a joint for ya chill just stfu
Seven Sete
Seven Sete 8 dias atrás
Life has no meaning and we are in this world only to spend a nice time with our Dogs- that’s all!
Jultip 8 dias atrás
Génial.....! Elle a donné la plus cher chose ..c est de l énergie positive et de la motivation.....
Fatima Khaldoun
Fatima Khaldoun 8 dias atrás
One of my simple wishes is to have a random meaningful conversation with a stranger while having a cup of coffee
Tina Lee
Tina Lee 19 horas atrás
I did that when I travel alone… just sitting at a cafe, people watching and letting time pass till someone next to my table looks approachable to chat. Sometimes they initiate conversation with me, but most time I do not regret having beautiful convos with them… some of them put things in perspective for me!
Perangkul Tukang
Perangkul Tukang Dia atrás
Be careful with stranger. Well, I hope you will found it one day. Have a nice day.
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
WHO ARE YOU...??? The biggest part of me you’ll never see is none physical,what you see here is nothing but the manifestation of my higher being... That is WHO I AM. THANK YOU for such a beautiful message and reminder of WHO I AM. Much Love and Respect to everyone around the world,please stay safe✌🏿👍🏿😉 from Johannesburg,South Africa 🇿🇦
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Kuber Star
Kuber Star 8 dias atrás
Who are you - An empty box or a filled one ? The choice is yours :)
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Beast gamer
Beast gamer 9 dias atrás
My life best 13 min I have ever used 😊
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
AquaDrehz 9 dias atrás
Best story so far since the COVID-19 crisis
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
lazy_gamer 9 dias atrás
i am the globlogabgala
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Băng Tâm Trần Ngọc
If a door is closed a window opens
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Diva Amelia
Diva Amelia 10 dias atrás
i need a ten hours of this😣💛
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Tamara Sykes
Tamara Sykes 10 dias atrás
Me: NOW KISS! Also me after if fakes me out: goddamnit 🥲
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Celsa Prado
Celsa Prado 10 dias atrás
Thank you.
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Hans K
Hans K 10 dias atrás
There is no luck, only chance
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Putting out news.
Putting out news. 10 dias atrás
It has come at a very crucial time. I will work harder.
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Shasta Kitty
Shasta Kitty 10 dias atrás
I love how you're reacting with gifs to everyone XD Haha, great work, watched every second of it :D
Shasta Kitty
Shasta Kitty 8 dias atrás
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
kev' 10 dias atrás
bir anda karşıma çıktı. yt algoritması iyi işler başardı
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 10 dias atrás
this is weird but that dude who wrote that book in the story is so good looking
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Josef Mengele
Josef Mengele 11 dias atrás
I'm hikikomori
Roy Maitland
Roy Maitland 11 dias atrás
Why show a smoker? 5/10
Claudia Venegas
Claudia Venegas 11 dias atrás
Genial, que buena producción me encanto!!
Samhoow Gao
Samhoow Gao 11 dias atrás
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
solia 11 dias atrás
sandhya suddhala
sandhya suddhala 11 dias atrás
Good video 👏👏👏👏
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
anchal kapoor
anchal kapoor 11 dias atrás
Really who am I? 👌👌👍🏼
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Dreamy Heart
Dreamy Heart 11 dias atrás
john Le
john Le 11 dias atrás
hey creator. This is the best thing I have seen in a long time
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Musharaf Shaikh
Musharaf Shaikh 11 dias atrás
In you life there is nothing in your hands. Til now i would think that we can control our lives. But now I knew that even a small 🤏 things are not by me. Totally stuck. I could not explain my self. In short I'm in situation like. I'm stuck unable to talk...... I don't know what happened..... 😞
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
Keep strong dude! 💪💪💪💪💪
Te Bates
Te Bates 12 dias atrás
I don’t understand this short story
The Gift
The Gift 8 dias atrás
me neither
The Gift
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