When your 30 years old Garchomp still wants a happy meal with toys

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19 Mai 2022



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Lachlan Parker
Lachlan Parker Mês atrás
I love how the trainer ordered one for himself as well, to show that he wasn’t embarrassed by her. That’s and bravery and loyalty. Also, she was both terrifying and cute with that smile…
neon the party cat
neon the party cat 17 dias atrás
Knowing that pokemon...they could've also massacred that entire room within moments...°^° he probably did a smart thing giving them the toys....that and the adorable outcome made it even better
Solaris Nova
Solaris Nova 18 dias atrás
@Pyrus technically it's one toy per happy meal but there is usually a minimum of 5 toys in a set to get from the happy meals
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Mês atrás
I agree with you, I'm telling ya those people who laughed at Garchomp thinking getting a Mcdonald toy is childish when clearly it's not. Those people are the real idiots and don't deserve to become trainers unless they know how pokemon are similar to us.
Luca Mês atrás
@Pyrus They probably meant that each theme set (in this case the ponies) have something like five different toys in the set, not that you'd receive more than one toy per order, unless the employee was doing you a favor or something out of the ordinary like that.
Azod Mês atrás
But I would soon regret it cuz it could cost me 1$ more
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
This is hands down the most wholesome Pokemon animation I’ve ever seen
Just Some Guy with a Dolphin
@クリスタルKrystal yeah and god bidoof
クリスタルKrystal 15 dias atrás
nah, Pokemon Rusty is more lovely and wholesome.
Just Some Guy with a Dolphin
Yes my friend yes.
JayC 27 dias atrás
Until you learn whats a furry.
Rimmert Faber
Rimmert Faber Mês atrás
go away
Levi Powell
Levi Powell Mês atrás
I like how she literally hasn't eaten anything on her tray and the trainer is basically finished, so accurate lol
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez 13 dias atrás
@Levi Powell there's the "you want fries?" "Nah." *Proceeds to steal fries.*
V UNKOWN 15 dias atrás
@Levi Powell why I'm still here...? Just to *suffer*
Levi Powell
Levi Powell 16 dias atrás
@Aaron Gonzalez I'm more referring to girlfriends in general
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez 16 dias atrás
Dang you have a Garchomp that you bring to McDonald's?
Paul O'Hara
Paul O'Hara Mês atrás
I honestly can’t help but think how cute this was. And how he stuck up for her. It was very heart warming.
EB -the-GAMER 27 dias atrás
I like how she has a lower register voice, like a lot of pet dogs have when they make noise. It's very endearing
Luigi's Cartoons
Luigi's Cartoons Mês atrás
*Let's be honest, no matter how old we are, we always want the happy meal with toys. It's a staple in our childhood*
Yeah it is true we all do it
Haiden j J
Haiden j J 2 dias atrás
Yes it is permanent In our childhood!
Andy Bersal
Andy Bersal 29 dias atrás
Nah. Not really. I'm not a big McDonald's fan nor a toys enjoyer.
Ral Quo
Ral Quo Mês atrás
I haven't had a happy meal in a decade....
Zack Zander
Zack Zander Mês atrás
I would rather buy the Toy without the meal. Some would be a skip, while there are some that are collectible worthy.
Tenshi00Teto Mês atrás
That's so adorable, such a shy and cute Garchomp. ^///^ I love how instead of hyper beaming everyone laughing at her she is almost driven to tears, it shows that big scary Pokemon can be timid and sensitive. ❤️
Haiden j J
Haiden j J 2 dias atrás
Ik I feel bad for garchomp
Veemon Mês atrás
....Who in their right mind would laugh at a Garchomp of all things? Everything beyond that was absolutely blessed and wholesome! Loved it! But those folks in the back are something else....
Haus Hagen
Haus Hagen Mês atrás
It brings me... immeasurable joy to hear the happy garchomp sounds and to see their happiness. It warms me heart
Reyflamingo Mês atrás
This is just amazing in every way. The particular vocal quality and mannerisms of the pokemon, the colors, the way you’ve humanized the pokemon while also still managing to retain its unique physiology is masterfully done. This is definitely my favorite thing, and I absolutely look forward to seeing more and hopefully perhaps I’ll get to see your take on Shiny Salazzle some day.
gamer guy
gamer guy Mês atrás
This was so adorable. The hands moving slolwy to be fragile . The movement and expression. It made me melt and go awh at same time
XPHO3N1XX鳳 Mês atrás
Yesh 😩😭
Edzon De La Rosa
Edzon De La Rosa Mês atrás
Indeed my friend.
Very eazypz
Very eazypz Mês atrás
Crying Polnareff
Crying Polnareff Mês atrás
VoxIntra 28 dias atrás
This is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. Yes, of course! I would gladly get a happy meal toy for my destructive monster of darkness and death!
CDesigner Mês atrás
You're never too old for "childish things." Let this be a lesson for everybody.
DracoDestructor 19 dias atrás
I love it! Making Garchomp so wholesome like this is beyond an average person's talent. You are going places.
Boyleift Mês atrás
everyone talking about how wholesome it is while I'm just questioning why the trainer ate the paper wrapper of his fries
Samuel Voorhees
Samuel Voorhees Mês atrás
I feel like anyone who has the guts to laugh at a creature that can fly at literal sonic speed doesn't actually realize the danger they'd be in if this garchomp wasn't a timid sweetheart Edit:Love your work Dangoheart!
Person_Guy 28 dias atrás
@Hi Hello timid garchomp tho, kinda suboptimal. I mean you *could* run a special garchomp, but it's not exactly ideal...
Buissness Melon
Buissness Melon 28 dias atrás
Bro I didn't even know it could fly
Samuel Voorhees
Samuel Voorhees Mês atrás
@Tomy Lightning Just like how Charizard isn't technically a dragon pokemon
Tomy Lightning
Tomy Lightning Mês atrás
Garchomp doesn't learn fly is the funny part and doesn't have the ability or hidden ability levitate
Quincy Feeney-Daniels
The moral of this animation: Don't let others judge you for what you like.
Mathias Croqvist
Mathias Croqvist Mês atrás
this is just too adorable i can't stop watching it. The very wholesome and adorable scene is just too much! It's actually inspired me to keep writing something i gave up on awhile ago because i lost inspiration.
theglem4 Mês atrás
After watching this for the fifth time, I decided to try to imagine the video with a normal garchomp instead of an anthro one. It was also pretty great.
Corbin Fitzpatrick
Corbin Fitzpatrick Mês atrás
My heart can't take this much wholesomeness, it's too cute! 💕
Alejandro Rodríguez
You're never to old to enjoy toys from all kinds of ages. Deep inside every man or woman, is a child waiting to come out
Straight_Femboy_Dude~ 14 dias atrás
I still play with toys and that ain't gonna change
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve Mês atrás
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve Mês atrás
Like I said Kids are cruel, jack And I'm in touch with my inner child
Galv Sparks
Galv Sparks Mês atrás
I mean tbf, knowing the way pokemon leveling works, that Garchomp could very well be 5 years old
ShadyOMO Mês atrás
Shhh! You'll get the cops on me
Shiny Glaceon
Shiny Glaceon Mês atrás
*I loved this so much I'm glad to have had the chance to experience this treasure. Truly wonderful the art and the adorable vibe.*
Luca Fleuranza
Luca Fleuranza Mês atrás
God this animation is super wholesome. I have never seen something like this until today, the trainer instead of making fun of them for wanting toys, like most people do irl or other ways, instead just decided to make her feel good, make her happy. That's a true trainer, a real pokemon master, meet the needs of your pokemon to keep their worthy respect
Eadragonixius Mês atrás
Funnily enough my favorite Pokémon is Garchomp, and my first Gible was a female, so this is oddly fitting, as I cherish the living hell out of her I’m not even joking when I say that, like I’ve built her entire move set to be as combatively nightmarish as I can and spec’s all of her stats overboard, and not to mention my first max friendship pokemon that is not a starter
Neko-Chan 26 dias atrás
No matter how old you get getting a happy meal order always brings smiles to everyone.
ewSenpai Mês atrás
Garchomp is so powerful, Dangoheart wanted to change its character and personality to make her wholesome.
Beeestro 12 dias atrás
Btw did anyone see on the menu, to the right, u can see the vaporeon breeding text? 🗿
James Nall
James Nall 13 dias atrás
All Pokemon, and pets in general, are capable of showing love. Often times, that love is very different than what you would expect of a creature that looks menacing. Don't judge a book by its cover.
Sungura Kaiser
Sungura Kaiser 28 dias atrás
Garchomp had the highest base happiness out of the psuedo-legendaries.
bombomos 29 dias atrás
Funny enough this is how Gyarados acts with it's trainer. I imagine most dragon people are big fuzz balls on the inside with people they actually trust
Edzon De La Rosa
Edzon De La Rosa Mês atrás
Indeed my friend.
ONI employee #343
ONI employee #343 Mês atrás
Look at how much your animation has improved over a year! Good work, dude.
3RD ŽĘŅÏŤH 27 dias atrás
The tiny cooing roars that she releases when she gets them is cuter than most puppies
乁dragon違 Mês atrás
legit brought a tear to my eye. father's day is coming up. make sure to show your trainer appreciation for all the moments like these.
Aww, I Love How Wholesome The Trainer Is To His Pokemon. Most People See Garchomp As A Rough & Tough Fighter But This One Is Just Very Cute, Also The Trainer Has Thick Skin To Not Lash Out At The People Making Fun Of Her.
Fizzy K
Fizzy K Mês atrás
No wonder Cynthia loves her Garchomp, they can be powerful and also be cute too. ❤️
CatomosCosmy Mês atrás
@Shotgun Brothers well if it's related to food it's fine to me
OnceAgainZ Mês atrás
Oh cool its fiz. Love for ytpmvs friend.
Joyful Traitor
Joyful Traitor Mês atrás
@john manapol But mostly feared
Wizard Ambrose 👑🎗 • 63 years ago
@Rami Ztudio Some random music or islamic bullshit
Edzon De La Rosa
Edzon De La Rosa Mês atrás
Indeed my friend.
This is cute, also it reminds me of my garchomp. She can get territorial to others, but she protects me. And I love her no matter what.
Jeremiah Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor 4 dias atrás
I cannot deny how wholesome this video is and this is coming from a person who . . . . let's just say watch these types of videos frequently and not for the wholesomeness
This is so wholesome, that's a good friend right there.
Ethan Eggert
Ethan Eggert 28 dias atrás
The Garchomp evolutionary line was always my favorite pokemon line, and I'm happy that Garchomp is being animated and given a personality
whoopee 13 dias atrás
Animation can change anything, even that something we thought it was never a dream 👌✨
Kana gaming
Kana gaming 3 dias atrás
I have mixed feeling about this, but it was undeniably the most wholesome thing I've seen in the past week
Beedibee Mês atrás
I was having a bad day and this made me cry. So wholesome, I love it.
DarkEnigma95 *
DarkEnigma95 * Mês atrás
Just another reason for me to lobe Garchomp. 🙂 This is just too sweet and heart touching ♥ I love it
Damian 1989
Damian 1989 Mês atrás
I like how Garchomp is so cute and wholesome while *still* making "dangerous creature" noises
dragon master 2018
dragon master 2018 Mês atrás
@reapordeath yo my dog has that name too
reapordeath Mês atrás
Honestly I thought of a modified dog noise. My dog Xena would whine like that but her whining was deeper pitched to be honest
Memecious Mês atrás Finally it's here,.
Tim Woods
Tim Woods Mês atrás
C Gillis
C Gillis 29 dias atrás
Very wholesome and sweet. Though Im taken aback by the sounds coming out of her mouth lol
Jarie 水栓(Suisen)
Jarie 水栓(Suisen) 9 dias atrás
This was adorable! Also, I just watched the third Hisuian Snow episode yesterday... anyone laughing at a Garchomp in any situation (barring maybe a top-tier Fairy-type defending them) is just suicidal.
drakke125 12 dias atrás
It was pretty mind boggling to see how tame and kind a Garchomp can be, just watch the first ep of Pokemon XY season.
I_am_ENSanity Mês atrás
Reminds me of my friend's Tibetan Mastiff. She may be able to absolutely maul a grown man to death but she's more likely to suffocate you under her mountain of fuzz when she wants cuddles. Still remember when I got too drunk one night and ended up feeling rather sick. I eventually was able to pass out and she grabbed my by hoodie, dragged me over to her bed, and curled up around me while I slept (I was 6'3", 185lbs at the time).
crim somreaf5555
crim somreaf5555 Dia atrás
Dude you living the good life, you are loved by the dogs, other hand my dog doesn't give a crap about me and people care about me even less than he does.
I_am_ENSanity 3 dias atrás
@Super Rupee Oh I bet they will.....I also fear that day that I get mobbed by her and her 5 pups when they're fully grown. I'll just disappear in a tidal wave of fuzz! Especially since she's basically trained to realize that I am to be tackled on site.
Super Rupee
Super Rupee 3 dias atrás
And she has pups too! I hope they'll grow up big and strong just like their mother, with fluff to boot
I_am_ENSanity 3 dias atrás
@Super Rupee Yup ^-^ Though to this day whenever I come over I get "mauled" by Jess and now by her pups as well. I may be 6'3, 180lbs but that doesn't mean anything against the horde of fuzz!
Pez-Dispensers Mês atrás
I like how every other humanised character in these series have anime "Ara Ara" voices but Garchomp still sounds like a wild beast. I dunno that's funny to me.
CringeGaming Mês atrás
It’s wholesome but creepy in a weirdly endearing way. She IS still a dragon, afterall. Always found humanoid garchomp pretty terrifying tbh.
David A Christman
David A Christman Mês atrás
Sounds more like a weird dog noise
Salamurder : Raiden of brutality
@Enayat Choudhury my head cannon is that garchomp has a throat injury and cant talk . So she growls
Salamurder : Raiden of brutality
It’s not funny it’s cute
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Mês atrás
I've just only got 1 thing to say, this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen 🥺
Phishkisses Mês atrás
Reminds me of a soccer team I was on decades ago. We were all 12-13 years old, and we stopped at a mcdonalds on the way to an out of town tournament. everyone got big macs but the coaches son got a happy meal. I was real worried everyone would clown on him the rest of the day ( he was a little on the dorky side), but noone did. Was real proud of my team that day.
Wanna_be_Pumpkin 4 dias atrás
Whatever your feeling, the Happy-Meal really lives up to its name because of the toy it has 😊
3RD ŽĘŅÏŤH 27 dias atrás
My soul's inner most wholesome part escaped in the form of a pained yell before I had to stomp it back down again. Thank you
NeonWilder Mês atrás
I always find it so bizarre yet so fitting how adorable the designs are, yet they keep their original noises, or get replaced by cute noises. But when they do keep their original noises like in Minecraft, it just feels so funny how this cute anime girl makes this deep moaning and groaning sounds, and how a Piglin Anime Girl snorts and shrieks like a pig XD That being said, always adorable and incredible!
Baku Baku
Baku Baku Mês atrás
Eyyy I didnt expect to see you here HAHA
Jesus Reeves
Jesus Reeves Mês atrás
@El Macho L + compensate for being maidenless
Karmatic Poison.
Karmatic Poison. Mês atrás
Dang this El Macho dude took the fattest Ratio + L i've seen in a bit
John Baynard
John Baynard Mês atrás
@El Macho bruh says "maidenless" yet calls himself "El Macho" compensating for lack of father figure? ...or compensating for something else perhaps?
Ivan Merenciano Valeroso
I love how the blades on her forearms (I don't know the right term) at 0:38 isn't drawn, but when she hugs her beloved trainer, it appears then vanishes again 😃
Keener Mês atrás
When your Garchomp has a Timid nature. Love it
Emmanuel Stanton
Emmanuel Stanton Mês atrás
This is the most cutest and wholesome thing I ever seen in my whole entire 14 years of living
christine lancaster
This was so cute and adorable, It brought tears to my eyes
THE TKY_Clan Mês atrás
Aww, I Love How Wholesome The Trainer Is To His Pokemon. Most People See Garchomp As A *Rough* & Tough Fighter But This One Is Just Very Cute, Also The Trainer Has Thick *Skin* To Not Lash Out At The People Making Fun Of Her.
THE TKY_Clan 16 dias atrás
And Who Doesn't Like A Cutie Like Garchomp *ROUGH* Around The Edges, Eh @Pedro Lopez?
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez 16 dias atrás
And the garchomps ability is rough skin (don’t make fun of me if that wasn’t the joke)
Ethan Boucher
Ethan Boucher 20 dias atrás
Trainer used Beat Up
Qorok 26 dias atrás
Named My Garchop, Mommy Lover
Tale 28 dias atrás
I almost had a stroke trying to read this
Wing Zero
Wing Zero 26 dias atrás
This is just...too damn cute!! Give her a hug!!
Scorpio Dante
Scorpio Dante Mês atrás
Being that the Garchomp is specifically 30 years old has me wondering if it's RELATIVELY or LITERALLY, since the trainer himself appears to be a young teen.
NIKKI ZERO COOL 24 dias atrás
I would give her all the pets, so wholesome
Leo SoftPaws
Leo SoftPaws 18 dias atrás
I love this it makes her wholesome and down right adorable
TheCharvvy Mês atrás
I like how the Trainer sometimes treats the pokemon like they're his daughter and just gives her all the happines she deserves
Videoms Mês atrás
@Gary Oakham yes, the coolest new toys.
Leonardo Couto
Leonardo Couto Mês atrás
@Gary Oakham love, affection and the champion title?
SmokeyOwOs Mês atrás
@Gary Oakham happy meal toys
VD Mês atrás
@Gary Oakham Cease. Do not taint the wholesome.
Gary Oakham
Gary Oakham Mês atrás
And like a daughter he’ll give them something else
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer Mês atrás
Aww.. That's adorable! So wholesome. That Trainer got some Patience. I would've Lashed out on everybody laughing, buy the Happy meals and Eat at a Park or something. That'd be better.
Charllak Mês atrás
I am genuinely impressed at how you made Garchomp adorable
Sienna Contiello
Sienna Contiello 2 dias atrás
I'd not only throw a sack of heavy rotten tomatoes at all the twits who laughed at her, but I would throw money at the staff so she got the ones she wanted! That was wholesome!
Gaming Otaku24
Gaming Otaku24 Mês atrás
No matter how old you are, if a happy meal made you happy in the end, it fulfilled it's duty.
Siroko Gajou
Siroko Gajou Mês atrás
I never thought that i, a man with Autism, get tears about an animation with a Thicc Garchomp, cause it's so goddamn adorable and wholesome🥺
The Ultra Nerd
The Ultra Nerd Mês atrás
I love the idea of one of these super humanoid “waifu-fied” monster things actually just sounding like Godzilla instead of having one of two generic anime girl voices
Fireon672 Mês atrás
I think my heart has stopped from the cuteness you give us each month
Joppeh-Edits Mês atrás
the most wholesome "Pokemon" animation ive seen. and my childhood is ruined now 😭
Spartan Crusader
Spartan Crusader Mês atrás
The dex entries of Gabite do say they like to collect things, I’m glad she still has interest in her childhood hobbies
Memecious Mês atrás Finally it's here,.
Basil Mês atrás
@Tim Woods gamefreak really went all out on these lore ain't it xd
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella Mês atrás
@Tim Woods this is the best example of a symbiotic relationship and I hope it's canon
Tim Woods
Tim Woods Mês atrás
Specifically Carbink. Which is honestly a mutual arrangement. As the Carbink you gain protection from predators (like Sableye) and are close to your fellow kind, and as the Gabite you get a hoard to admire that doesn't use its super effective moves to kill you.
Mohamad Mifzal Mohamad Rizal
Really love the contents you've been uploading. It makes my day watching the videos you upload. Keep up the good work 🙌
Sucker for a Good Voice
They laughed at it, he owned it. A true example on how to live
project Mês atrás
Jokes aside, This is the most wholesome content i have ever seen today
OverseerNick 16 dias atrás
so wholesome, i'm dying of wholesomeness
Waberoid Mês atrás
There is nothing wrong with wanting a happy meal. Sometimes we all want to go back to feeling like a child. So I think this is super wholesome and I enjoyed it.
I Raf
I Raf Mês atrás
But now the happy meal toys are rarely good
Mohamed Abdul Rasheed
@👾GameTendo64👾 when you work around people who act like five year old brats you start feeling tired real quick. So this was a ray of sunshine in all. To come back to a place where you can be a kid again
YouNeedHealing Mês atrás
go back? naw that's for cowards scared of commitment real chads never left
I just want the sick ass toys lol i just wish i could have gotten the kirby toys when they came out......
Fai 1699
Fai 1699 Mês atrás
@Tim Woods Sometimes they do like Takara Tomi toy cars. Like those but sold out really quick
Shadic The Hedgehog
Very wholesome, i wonder if she would accept a chao and just go around playing games with them
MrDuffikus Mês atrás
So wholesome. Especially the information about Vaporeon on the board.
Tekamer 17 dias atrás
I appreciate the poke trainer’s eating animation being so smooth
Doofindork 29 dias atrás
Never make fun of something that makes someone happy. ♥ Their happiness is just as valid as yours.
OwO Mês atrás
Yeah, how does it feel not getting a free toy after you stopped laughing? Must sting, doesn't it.
Empty Pasta
Empty Pasta Mês atrás
@SurelyNotReni here have a virtual teddy bear 🧸
Angel5s Mês atrás
How do you appear everywhere?!
SurelyNotReni Mês atrás
@the guy no one remembers “Gonna cry?” Bully Maguire
Nightshade Mês atrás
Long time no see, OwO!
Pink Soul
Pink Soul Mês atrás
My heart can’t take how adorable this is!!!!
NoltyRolty Mês atrás
Finally an animation that's cute and wholesome
Fierce Deity Link
Fierce Deity Link 18 dias atrás
This just brings my heart so much joy every time I watch it! X3
ChaosController316 10 dias atrás
She just wanted to feel like a kid again. Good on him for understanding his dear partner.
Krail Carden
Krail Carden Mês atrás
This reminds me of my Mother. She was 51 years old and would still demand that I get her a Happy Meal every time I ordered food, and she would play with that toy sure as she was 10. I lost her back in February on Valentines day. I think Ill order myself a Happy Meal tonight and see what toy I get.
Evil Chan
Evil Chan Mês atrás
What a sweet relationship. I don't really even know what else to say. I hope you have people to talk to
Issmail Fahmy
Issmail Fahmy Mês atrás
My condolences, sending much love to you and your mother. I hope you enjoyed that happy meal!❤️
Natalie Toshino
Natalie Toshino Mês atrás
I'm so sorry for your loss.:( You buy that Happy Meal.
Quicknova Mês atrás
It's great that you have such a fond memory of her, I do too and remind myself every so often to see how I'm progressing through my life. How proud she'd be... stay strong bro.
Firebug69 Mês atrás
@Krail Carden except some strange stuff but I’m sorry for your loss
Godzilla2000orbit 4 dias atrás
love comes in many forms: a hug, a kiss, or buying a happy meal for your humanoid Poké-buddy
Nyurzo Mês atrás
Everybody talk how wholesome this video is, but can we appreciate wholesomeness of burgers' description?
Jordan Washington
Jordan Washington Mês atrás
oh my god no lol
Ruudo Burei
Ruudo Burei Mês atrás
Now I'm curious about how long she's been a Garchomp. Did she evolve early or much later? It doesn't really change much if anything at all, but I'm just curious. XD
DrenobiumOrchid 13 dias atrás
Let it be said, you're never too old to have fun. Even if its for things others view as childish.
Kento Mês atrás
For a pokemon that can literally one shot entire teams, she's cute as hell
Akatuski2000 Mês atrás
Cynthia was strong but I have PTSD from Red in Crystal
Kento Mês atrás
@Calvin McNeil **PTSD intensifies**
Calvin McNeil
Calvin McNeil Mês atrás
That's why you give them the happy meal, unless you want the restaurant to get destroyed by a twister, earthquake or a meteor
Luis Alejandro Rojas Hernandez
The power of humanization i guess
JQuincy Mês atrás
This wholesomeness made my day 😊
Ozarazil Mês atrás
I actually could believe that an IRL garchomp would sound like this if they were to exist, pretty good choice
zelatoth Mês atrás
I would still get a happy meal today at the age of 34 if they had enough food to actual feed me. who doesn't like toys?
Darkness Dragoon
Darkness Dragoon Mês atrás
That is so adorable and wholesome! Maybe i need to get out more but that was super sweet and made me tear up a bit
JetBlack Jay
JetBlack Jay Mês atrás
Hello police arrest this man for being to wholesome
Anoos Lord
Anoos Lord Mês atrás
they cant because their to infatuated with how wholesome it is
Epapuel Valve
Epapuel Valve Mês atrás
because that makes you jealous
E The Pretzel
E The Pretzel Mês atrás
@Mᴇᴅɪᴄᴀʟ its a bot, report it for spam
Chirugenira Alone
Chirugenira Alone Mês atrás
@Mᴇᴅɪᴄᴀʟ I was wondering that as well
Mᴇᴅɪᴄᴀʟ Mês atrás
@Venti 🅥 and why is hoyoverse here
thunder lord
thunder lord Mês atrás
Now that's just adorable and wholesome
max maokhamphiou
max maokhamphiou 29 dias atrás
Garchomp has been so strong and tired of "fainting" opponents that she or he wants peace and moving to what she couldn't do in her or his childhood
VG2 Mês atrás
This is so sweet and wholesome.
maxler 5795
maxler 5795 Mês atrás
0:15 I dont see the issue with being a baby man. You have no worries and can be happy 24/7.
Firestar4041 Mês atrás
As a famous dog once barked; "It doesn't matter how big and strong you are, sometimes you just need your teddy bear." Or ponies in this case
Lux_remastered Mês atrás
Wise Dog
Game Seeker
Game Seeker Mês atrás
TheTrueKingOfSpace Mês atrás
Shit. That hit me right in the feels.
rancorlover Mês atrás
The Northern Wolf
The Northern Wolf Mês atrás
I love the emphasis that the Garchomp is 30 years old. Instead of the barrage of late teens - early twenties characters.
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