When Young NBA Stars Tried TRASH TALKING Steph Curry 

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Trash talking the Golden State Warrior' superstar Steph Curry is NEVER a good idea...
Tune in to see why.
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When Young NBA Stars Tried TRASH TALKING Steph Curry: • When Young NBA Stars T...
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24 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 722   
@HoopReports Anos atrás
What's Steph Curry gonna average in 2023? (PPG, REB, AST)
@nathanadams7595 Anos atrás
29, 5 and 7
@jadenh5857 Anos atrás
@mvp3594 Anos atrás
27 ppg 5 rebs 6 assist
@zeroxyzzz Anos atrás
MVP season. Averaging 29 pts
@MikeJay-on5tt Anos atrás
28-5-8 for Steph Curry
@weirdheriawan Anos atrás
When the warriors is on bad situation, but steph is smiling, you know something gonna happen...
Nah man. I am a crazy Curry fan. I got his "love never fails" tattoo on the same place on my right hand but even though I love to hear people saying this about Curry. I dont think this is worth hyping.
@inidbil7277 Anos atrás
I agree, especially when he starts nodding like he knows something we don't know. He knows exactly what he needs to do to win the game
@anikaru547 Anos atrás
deranged smiling + nodding + clapping = death
@weirdheriawan Anos atrás
@@inidbil7277 yeah... Everybody talks about the "night2 selebration" After finals win... Forgot about his psycho smile at the bench during last minutes of losing game 3... Warriors goes 3-0 after that... 😈
@RDGikTv Anos atrás
@@anikaru547 That ain't even his final form
@page1_cs Anos atrás
I love Seth talks back to Steph. For me that's just tough love. 😂
@frzferdinand72 Anos atrás
Sibling antics don't change as you grow older 😂
@zionthedon7745 Anos atrás
Lmao facts, Seth usually plays well against him too
Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be d
@dauph-one Anos atrás
Meeeen the Ja facial expression was à Snapchat filter 😂
I honestly thought he was gonna say "i'm just playing" or something. How does he not know😂
@kentroklus Anos atrás
@wrbk19 Anos atrás
@@larronmatheson4521 I'm pretty sure he knows, but that's prob how Ja and the Griz truly felt, so technically it is real.
@joshuaface808 Anos atrás
@@wrbk19 nope, you're wrong 🍆🍽
@FNCSZAK Anos atrás
he knows :)
@dcyb5966 Anos atrás
Curry not knowing who to back up in the last clip is funny asf 😂
Well, he might say "aight, I'm out" avoiding any conflict between his younger bro Seth and his Dub bro Dray. But then, they are all good🙂👍💙💛🌉
@xXDjDoomXx Anos atrás
KPJ is a prime example of how successful people should be. Confident that you are the best, but willing and eager to learn when you get beaten. Man tried to intimidate Steph, and got 40 dropped on em. He could have been a hater, instead chose to ask man for advice. How people should react. Be confident and willing to learn when you get beaten by someone better.
true sportsmanship perfectly summarised have a nice day brother
@Brickwilliams Anos atrás
No I wouldn’t say staring someone down is confidence its more disrespect. Especially when they’re a goat and you’re a rookie. Based on what his coaches have said about him kpj has one of the worst attitudes in the league I think he’s an awful example of character
@iak86 10 meses atrás
Oh yeah it’s a humbling experience for him and mad respect to him for asking for tips. Shit still funny tho 😹😹
@DitkoBit-in3lh 6 meses atrás
“He tried to intimidate Steph”. “He could have been a hater.” Huh.
@ManSeekingMeaning 14 horas atrás
No, successful people should already be humble and self aware from the jump. Not posture like a egotistic baby and then get humbled and manage to take it in stride.
@MikeJay-on5tt Anos atrás
The Jaylen Brown trash talk towards Steph is a classic one for sure.
@alanacevedo4928 Anos atrás
Sadly they lost that game :(
@killagenshinabyss Anos atrás
They still lose tho😅
@@killagenshinabyss don't matter don't talk trash to Steph he lost..he also humble brown ass too..but it's cool..he school him in the finals for that 💍😅
@master_baiter1873 Anos atrás
​@@terrenceburnette187 u cant say someone owns another player. Especially when they averaged the same. It all came down to the bench and role players. Warriors bench stepped up. Celtics didnt. My Suns were fucking trashed. Luka, dinwiddie, and brunson did amazing. The warriors bench just did better.
@Code0866 Anos atrás
@@master_baiter1873 it doesn’t matter steph owned him. don’t make excuses
@muurasaki Anos atrás
Curry’s the type of player that if you piss him off or try to get under his skin its not gonna make him start playing bad, its going to make him player better. Hes just like Kobe and MJ in that regard that they’re type of players that take the hate and trash talking and turn it into fuel to do better.
@longebane Anos atrás
Tacklin' fuel
@trollgodtre Anos atrás
@illwill6752 Anos atrás
That Trae Young one is hilarious 🤣🤣 “A Year” 💀💀
@godson8817 Anos atrás
@kevinstull8552 Anos atrás
I guess he wasn't specific enough on which year it is 😂.
@zergusmack4408 Anos atrás
i like that jaylen brown apologized when his opponent didn't wanna trash talk, you could tell he was doin it for the fun of the game
@michaelf6205 Anos atrás
Nah I’m sure JJ was fine with trash talk just not being called a bitch
LOL nicest and weirdest trash talk
@michaelwhite1012 Anos atrás
Ja Morant just love to try to get Steph curry but he just enjoys the back and forth with him and ja said that is his favorite match up overall.😁🏀
@SirJorge. Anos atrás
Yeah bc ja is the one point guard he can’t beat 💀 he can’t talk back and forth with a guy like Luka bc he just gets bullied and raped.
@Kyleaholic Anos atrás
I was there when he did it to KPJ its crazy my first curry warriors game. My last warriors game was 2006 very happy to see curry before he retires
@benndarayta9156 Anos atrás
Now I know why Steph celebrates the way he does🤣
@iraqvince8308 Anos atrás
When curry missed that free throw I went to my front door looking for big foot
@kamelody7285 Anos atrás
How can you not say he's a top 10 ever .? Dude is a video game. Amazing
@reedbell365 Anos atrás
They are upset because they can’t do what Stephen Curry can.
@cyxw1234 Anos atrás
True Facts 💯
@teto85 Anos atrás
You don't want to get Steph Curry angry, you would not like him when he's angry.
@DajiTIAN Anos atrás
Especially for Draymond in G4 with Celtics
@arafathmaari8594 Anos atrás
I'm still laughing for what Trae said . LoL 🤣 dope edit brother
Deadass slipped in “whoop that trick” 🤟🏻🤣🤣🤣
You can’t make this video without mentioning Dame’s trash talk, saying Steph can’t carry a like Westbrook and Harden. They then played a game 3 days later and Steph drops 60 and get the W
@rfarias565 Anos atrás
HAHAHAHAHA that facial expression was a Snapchat filter! 😭😭😂. LMAGO
@Eli-yz3jd Anos atrás
Hoop Reports, you’re my favorite BRvidr when it comes to the Warriors and the NBA. I appreciate you for what you do
@yosefshemesh8358 Anos atrás
@ethandaniel8123 Anos atrás
Young nba stars. Twinkle twinkle little star. How I wonder what the fuck you be and what you is.
@Eli-yz3jd Anos atrás
@@ethandaniel8123 so funny 😐
@ethandaniel8123 Anos atrás
@@Eli-yz3jd Ikr preciate it bro.
@viresproductions Anos atrás
Him and Jxmy
@zig533 Anos atrás
I was laughing when Steph Curry got hit in the head with ball after that block when it happened live.
@ambitiouswomen83 Anos atrás
Me too I was cracking up I felt a little bad because that’s the homie but it was funny 😂
The Anthony Edwards was a poor example. His 'trash talking' to Steph didn't bring on any retaliation from Steph to 'take it personal' like the first Porter Jr.
@dii1314 Anos atrás
Neither did Markannen's story. Both were a reach
@anthonydrake4244 Anos atrás
When you can't back up your talk... your talent ceases to be the story.
@ajluna9236 Anos atrás
Jaylen saying I’m sorry to jj is actually funny
@Bulligity Anos atrás
Best NBA channel on BRvid, bar none! Keep it up, Hoop!
@DavidTpitCabrera Anos atrás
hahahaha that Morant face 🤣
That filter
@Uptoptez Anos atrás
I don’t really follow sports as much as I use to. Now I’m playing cod. But let me say my peace. Your journalism is what got me to continue watching. Very informative and articulate. The ending was 🔥
@Hi-ed1yr Anos atrás
Lol, does he know that Ja facial expression is just a trending filter 😂 love the vids tho man.
@dvdv8197 Anos atrás
7:16 This guy was really impressive for Finland in the FIBA Euro! Finland was beaten by Spain in the quarter finals, however.
@tangecholima Anos atrás
Man your the best,your videos are awesome,i had a lot of laugh on this,thank you
@tpsgamerRS Anos atrás
Delli the Curry stopper?? 😂 good one guys
@khyron2010 Anos atrás
Aye at least he was humble at the end with the first one
@masondevlin1533 Anos atrás
4:49 got me laughing for an hour😂😂😂
@brookeelo Anos atrás
it’s fake anyways .
The way he looked back at Luka😭😭😭
@cyxw1234 Anos atrás
Haaaaa Haaaa Funnyyyyyyy Luka looking like ohhhh Noooo I shouldn't have said that.🙄😂😂
@renostubbs8504 Anos atrás
As a competitive basketball player,you have to talk trash to anyone the come across your radar,that's the fun of the game to be honest...if you get destroyed,then that's another story
The Luka one wasn't really trash talk 😂
@swibmabang7889 Anos atrás
Sometimes trash talking in a basketball game is effective to let the opponent destroys his playing mood and can lost his concentration to play. . But most of the time, it shows to be intentionally disrespectful and unprofessional. NBA are professionals.
@meccuno Anos atrás
"There's Luka by the way" 😂😂😂😂😂
@RenAshbell10 11 meses atrás
as a young player in any professional sport in this context basketball, you have to respect your seniors whoever it is
@trayglo8101 Anos atrás
I love that hustle and flow reference with the grizzlies part
@uptimusprime7643 Anos atrás
😂🤣😭😭😭😭that meme with j morant priceless
@welder9163 Anos atrás
Ja is about to get even more humbled this season, big Weenie.
@dirtybyrdy3827 Anos atrás
Look at curry man inspirational I thought flight only said that
@uptimusprime7643 Anos atrás
I like when two brothers are professionals like that on the court 😂🤣was like mn ill see u at dinner time
@kyreejones4941 Anos atrás
Look at curry man, so inspirational 😂🙋‍♂️
@dalton7726 Anos atrás
no one: Hoop reports: sheesh guys
@yerik6034 Anos atrás
I honestly hate it
I love it
@mammam2796 Anos atrás
Hey I love this video that you made great job Steph let his action speak louder than his words as the words Morant said about the Warriors and Steph whoop that trick guess who got whoop ok 👌😉 is❤🌷
@mammam2796 Anos atrás
@babyknight Anos atrás
Love when you make warriors videos like this one of my favorite nba Channel on BRvid your videos ares so entertaining to watch and you voice is so soothing I could listen to talk for hours 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭
@shalevkramer2984 Anos atrás
It's a sad face filter in the clip with Ja 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
@KalzEdits Anos atrás
0:09 this is the first time ive seen Lauri Markkanen be used on a basketball related video even. Thanks for adding Finlands first and only NBA player
i live in utah so i’m a jazz fan and we LOVE lauri markkanen here!!! ❤
@fuzzypeachez5495 Anos atrás
dawg ja’s facial expression was just a filter 🤣
@lai-timhow5440 Anos atrás
27.6 PPG, 6.2 REB, 7.2 AST
@MonteezyEmAll Anos atrás
I think that curry could pull off a major debate about politics on the time of war we never knew about the old bean cattle guard on and orange shirt pie.
@manmythlegend4785 Anos atrás
Bro really used a Snapchat filter for ja’s face… he never cried bro 😂
History can't repeat itself 🏀
@reginawhite9036 Anos atrás
Yeh the line 💯it 🙌🏼
@kite8680 Anos atrás
4:32 that's a filter...
@bawking726 2 meses atrás
Look at curry man😊 so inspirational
@Alexis_Gz 11 meses atrás
2:59 best part of the vid😭😂
@AAMM101 Anos atrás
I respect KPJ for that. At least he got pointers. This is how you get better champ!
@samariaspencer1481 9 meses atrás
Wish Curry and Seth can play same team . That would be awesome
Not whoop that trick 🤣😂 I’m too tickled
@soniology Anos atrás
Dude, facts are more important than sounding cool in a video
@Stretch-xr6iu Anos atrás
It's funny how ja murant was all happy n smiling when they was in the lead but soon as stephen curry got hot n rest of the warriors team it meant game over and thats exactly what they did
@h1murashi 9 meses atrás
Look at the shake, look at the moves! Steph! What was that?!
@tombalando3841 Anos atrás
Very good insight, nice reminder to those pretenders to don't pissed the GOAT if you want to win the game or series 😂😂😂
@keniepie0811 Anos atrás
5:39 wait is that jon jones😂
@reginawhite9036 Anos atrás
Those Moves 🎶💫
@mopar_keys Anos atrás
Whoop dat trick 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@Bonycs 6 meses atrás
1:46 thats actually not even bad trash talk apart of the game once its done beef all gone, its quite humble of him to ask for advice
@PicassoTraps Anos atrás
I’m telling you you can’t trash talk curry he’s going own you every time 😅 that’s the petty king , baby face assassin, chief Curry
@jondunson6269 Anos atrás
Porter jr the ref looked like boy are you crazy. Oh this gone be good
Steph be like when Edward was trash talking: ah shit here we go again
@snitz2132 7 meses atrás
3:13 i don't know luka that bad 😂
@carljulian3423 Anos atrás
if jordan is still playing and in his' 97 or' 98 form i wonder what would have become of these trashtalkers today.....
@King27-8 Anos atrás
Ay bro where are those Western Conference predictions at? I'm excited for yours to come out, but in the meantime, here's mine: 1. Clippers 2. Warriors (it all depends on if the Warriors rest up like they usually do before the playoffs. They could be 3 or 2, but I doubt 1.) 3. Suns 4. Nuggets 5. Grizzlies 6. Mavericks 7. Pelicans (could go either way but I gotta give Luka Magic the edge for now.) 8. T-Wolves 9. Lakers 10. Trail Blazers (could be a very unexpectedly tough team and possibly a Play-in winner.) 11. Jazz 12. Kings 13. Thunder 14. Rockets 15. Spurs The Warriors are coming out of the west and will take on the Nets in the finals. Or as a backup plan in case of injuries or bad chemistry, Bucks vs. Suns for a rematch (sorry Clippers). In an alternate universe where things are as the should be, the Lakers will take on the Nets in a long awaited Finals match.
@ferchango6359 Anos atrás
Vro, come on man. Why are the Clippers so high?
@josh_hen_har3377 Anos atrás
@@ferchango6359 have you seen their lineup?
@johnaajohni2129 Anos atrás
The first thing this guy does is doubting gsw again . Didnt you see what happened last year
@@johnaajohni2129 it's cool..we going right back to the finals..steve Kerr said steph klay and draymond or most the starting 5 won't play big minutes in the regular they can be healthy and prep for my guess we might go 3 to 4 seed range get the younger guys going in the season..some experience..get them ready for playoffs..he been smart about the situation..he playing chess again🌉
everyone sayyy cliperss or etc, n then end day u just cant do s1ht boy like celtic lmao curry gonna win championship again wheather you like it or not just watch
@standleyjl503 Anos atrás
That guy really say cruise control 💀😂
Going around the league? That’s quote being going around social media coming straight out of flight’s mouth
@wwesley9923 5 meses atrás
@zxzcd3093 Anos atrás
They should use him to learn from instead of hating on him. You become the best from playing with the best.
@LaaubrieeTV Anos atrás
Shoutout to flight for that quote so inspirational
@ironlol5288 Anos atrás
Im a curry and warriors fan but how many more times are you gonna make a video about people trash talking the warriors and curry
@shansenpai1332 Anos atrás
We all know how to defeat Steph: give him praise so he won't activate his god mode 🤣🤣🤣
@duafatima1787 Anos atrás
They gotta be mad for tryna poke a bear. Lmao.💀💀
The voices in stephs head:me personally I wouldn’t let that slide
@TheAlan11223 Anos atrás
Lmao Steph made Ja eat his own words and sent him home.
@cyxw1234 Anos atrás
Haaaaa Haaaa Funnyyyyyyy 🤣
@thatsslugga2964 Anos atrás
He did not just say whoop that trick! 😂 hahahaha
@amgedhassan2661 Anos atrás
Flight reacts started the curry inspirational shit and the look at curry man he needs his props
@izzy2saucyy364 Anos atrás
4:43 thats a filter bro🤣
@fobbyP Anos atrás
im so damn glad stephan curry has that mamba mentality once players start talking trash
@lz4737 Anos atrás
Without Morant, the Grizzlies played better against the GSW in the 2021-2022 playoff matches
I just told someone that..they said if ja didnt get injury Memphis would have won..i guess he didn't see what golden state was doing to Memphis before ja went out..getting blown out by over 25+ points..warriors ended that in 5 or 6 games regardless..cant wait for next year...hope we meet them again in the playoffs🌉
4:36 This bum thought that Snapchat filter was real 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@lil_ghost5802 Anos atrás
May I just point out that every time draymond green makes a 3 on the warriors they always win for some reason. Interesting right 🤔
@ebwork3729 Anos atrás
If draymond hits 2 3’s a game warriors run through the title lmao
@lil_ghost5802 Anos atrás
@@ebwork3729 bro thats factual
@cashcali5214 7 dias atrás
Don’t do it to ur self fellas…the chef is in the building
@Utterly_Hoax Anos atrás
The Ja face was a filter 🤣
@moxypirate Anos atrás
Jah cry face is epic
@kriskiellandLTS Anos atrás
the dude talking in the vid doesnt know that 4:39 was a filter lmao
@SheffieldAbella Anos atrás
Why not try some reverse psychology? "You're a great ball player and I've admired you since I was a young child. It's a privilege to watch you play up close. Thank you for this."
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He was too COCKY 🤣
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