When A Death Star Destroys The Solar System

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Why destroy 1 planet when hollowing out the sun will destroy all of them?

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Itro - Panda [NCS Release]

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11 Ago 2022



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Comentários 2 627
Jaxen Osborne
The beard gets progressively more glorious every day
Pwadify 21 dia atrás
i havent watch captain sauce in 4 years... hes still as great as he used to be
Quinton Shepherd
Quinton Shepherd Dia atrás
We're missing you, Cap
S0lar 14 dias atrás
i forget that he takes monthly breaks here and there,hope to see him before 2022 ends lmao
So glad to see cap recovering and posting videos more often, hes a true legend!
I love how when Cap says "Hey Sun!", he sounds like he's talking to it as if it was his son.
Wild Life Explorers
Another cool part about this update is that if you slow down time and shoot a meteorite at a planet you can see the shock wave go around the planet. Some else that you can see if you slow down time is the planet flake away.
Daniel Knapp
That is called the sun crusher. From the same secluded empire laboratory surrounded by black holes that brought you two death stars; the sun crusher! This small ship has several sun destroying torpedoes. Each one can wipe out everything in a solar system.
Glad to see you posting. Miss you mam, you're a great content creator and I feel like I'm missing something without your content haH. With that said, I don't know what's going on, but yourself is the most important thing so I hope your doing good and smashing off life before you think about us :)
You never realize quite how long Cap’s hair is until he goes full blown hippie on ya
Thanks Cap. You've always helped me when I'm having tough times, and will always continue to make my day better, little by little. Keep going, man!
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 4 horas atrás
I miss the days where he would upload every single day or 2 without fail
Wolfboy 2000
"I think with just a little bit of my help we are going to be able to fix everything"
Ghost Helwig
That “well actually” clip was hilarious. 😂 Also, with how many explosions were in this episode alone, I’m shocked you didn’t get another achievement. Lol
Crab Lord
"I'm no space biologist"
Exon 16 horas atrás
Hey Cap looking forward to when you return, your videos are always a nice comfort.
What would happen if you hit a planet with the planet destroyer (the one that blows up the core) followed quickly by one of the Regeneration missiles?
MacAttack 14 dias atrás
Hope more videos come and hope u r ok sauce we all worry about u
Lars Thoreson
CaptainSauce is slowly turning into CaptainViking with that beard
Space cat
If you use the healing rockets on boreas they un-freeze the planet. It’s a pretty fun secret.
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