Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Ariana to a game of random musical impressions, such as Christina Aguilera singing "The Wheels on the Bus."
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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande
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Comentários 80
Husky NY
Husky NY 52 minutos atrás
Still watching this every month n always read comments about her eyes hahahahhahahahhahahah
Tiara Marie
Tiara Marie Hora atrás
Sometimes I come back just to hear wheels on the bus 🥵
sura tamimi
sura tamimi 4 horas atrás
دباعو اريانا شلون متمكنه مو محمود التركي ميعرف يحجي ويه مصطفى الاغا تهي بهي
adrian roldan
adrian roldan 6 horas atrás
Man, this gorgeous little girl has some serious voice skills.
Debbie Holzer
Debbie Holzer 7 horas atrás
You are good Areana Gronda
Karen Ennis
Karen Ennis 8 horas atrás
That guy that the Jimmy Fallon is a gay
Georgia Sunney
Georgia Sunney 10 horas atrás
Man I thought she had her eyes closed till I read y’all comments 😂😂💔
viancy valdez
viancy valdez 12 horas atrás
The first one look like Ariana was handycap
ChorusDropxoff YT
ChorusDropxoff YT 13 horas atrás
BRvid this is 5 years old why is this in my recommendation
CLUB DE LIMBA STRAINA 15 horas atrás
is she blind?
Eva Luna
Eva Luna 20 horas atrás
I never through the wheels on the bus was this deep
aurora pujian
aurora pujian 20 horas atrás
This cant be not staged. Lol
Hannah Finnerty
Hannah Finnerty 20 horas atrás
When the game started I thought Ariana was closing her eyes for some stupid reason 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alina Ashfaq
Alina Ashfaq 21 hora atrás
I wish i got to learn this version of wheels on the bus in kindergarten.
DJ röbivevo
DJ röbivevo 22 horas atrás
Is she high?
MaryAnne Njoya
MaryAnne Njoya Dia atrás
who is watching this in quarantine
MegaGood5 Dia atrás
So she bought matching diamonds for six of her bitches but forgot to buy glasses?
Xavier Johnson
Xavier Johnson Dia atrás
Ariana grande's version of wheels on the bus is the only one I allow my children to listen too
Eva Luna
Eva Luna Dia atrás
Wow@ Ari the wheels on the bus was amazing
Raina S
Raina S Dia atrás
Aaron Neville: ahh eee ooh aah yee looo ahhh (gorilla noises)
Марта Смирнова
Почему Ариана не одела очки или линзы ?
Joce Official
Joce Official Dia atrás
Ariana could have won an award with the wheels on the bus.
um ok
um ok Dia atrás
stop saying she needs glasses cuz literally every comment says that yes we get the idea... have a nice day my fellow arianators
Sofie Mohd
Sofie Mohd Dia atrás
A moment of silence for Ariana's hair...
Zoloo zoko
Zoloo zoko Dia atrás
Jina Chanu
Jina Chanu 2 dias atrás
My legendary girl😉 Ari...
Kim Namit
Kim Namit 2 dias atrás
I judt loved ari ❤
Adhiartha Jaya
Adhiartha Jaya 2 dias atrás
So talented!!
Ellicott Raven
Ellicott Raven 2 dias atrás
So darn gifted!
Alayna's World
Alayna's World 2 dias atrás
🤭o my gud Ariana .
Andy Kelly
Andy Kelly 2 dias atrás
I'm here passing the time while on lockdown.
Davina Ombaye
Davina Ombaye 2 dias atrás
Ariana Grande looked like she had her eyes closed the whole time
Marvin Faihriem
Marvin Faihriem 2 dias atrás
By the way what is contact
Moonpie Spotlight
Moonpie Spotlight 2 dias atrás
Ariana wondering WTF Sting is.
Garage 02 rus
Garage 02 rus 2 dias atrás
Найз 😎
gugiabdel 2 dias atrás
5:27 the magic duet start here
Joanna Markesini
Joanna Markesini 2 dias atrás
Đỗ Gia Bảo Anh
Đỗ Gia Bảo Anh 2 dias atrás
more than 100 million views and 27k dislikes? jimmy DIS IS UR BEST VIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Nhat Ha Pham
Nhat Ha Pham 2 dias atrás
2:44 sounds like i have nothing - whitney houston
diamond black
diamond black 2 dias atrás
Ariana sound exactly like Celine Dion
Nikki nikki
Nikki nikki 3 dias atrás
Ariana is looking at everyone like me looking at the sun
Karyn Henley
Karyn Henley 3 dias atrás
Oh shit. I am rolling. She is so funny.
Karyn Henley
Karyn Henley 3 dias atrás
Ariana and Christina need to do a Duo together.
maizie W.
maizie W. 3 dias atrás
**music starting** **Ari still trying to read the board**
evelyn coromoto gonzalez tellez
The girl power
Savni Lad
Savni Lad 3 dias atrás
Boy can the girl sing! A really talented singer who for sure does not need auto tune!
muri ella
muri ella 3 dias atrás
Honestly blown away at how good she was at this, I thought it would be impossible to do this well!
marika 3 dias atrás
who else watching this during quarantine??
Karyn Henley
Karyn Henley 3 dias atrás
Oh my God. You killed it. You do the best impersonations of anyone. Good job.❣
rafiqul islam
rafiqul islam 3 dias atrás
Ooooooo ARIANA GRANDE!!!♡♡☆☆
Christian Christ
Christian Christ 3 dias atrás
Omg i Love she
Bang Bang Ash Su
Bang Bang Ash Su 3 dias atrás
MR RLR 3 dias atrás
And someone said that nobody could do a Christina Aguilera impression
MR RLR 2 dias atrás
@Umai Vidz :D - I was on another one of these kinds of videos where someone did say that. Christina Aguilera was doing artist impersonations, and someone said that maybe Christina Aguilera can do impersonations of artists, but no one else could do an impersonation of her
Umai Vidz :D
Umai Vidz :D 2 dias atrás
Nobody said that doe..
Rosemary Ann
Rosemary Ann 3 dias atrás
Roses are red, violets are blue, I didn’t search for this and neither did you.
Charlotte Russon
Charlotte Russon 3 dias atrás
Ariana Grande is Really good
Rachael Ward
Rachael Ward 4 dias atrás
2:12 - Hell yes!!! Although this is YEARS old, Girl can still pick me up and touch my heart with that voice!
MIN MIN 4 dias atrás
Tímea Rucska
Tímea Rucska 4 dias atrás
0:49 she said: Köszönöm!!!! Many love from Hungary 😍🥰💖💖💖🇭🇺
Uwera Naomi
Uwera Naomi 4 dias atrás
My name is Mary
Sophie 4 dias atrás
This quarantine is getting to us so much we’re watching videos from 5 years ago
lorilegal 6 horas atrás
Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio 4 dias atrás
I love these two doing impressions, amazed every time I watch it!
Adriano Castañeda
Adriano Castañeda 4 dias atrás
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali 4 dias atrás
Well I'm here bc i was bored in quarantine session
TWD_fan2020 4 dias atrás
What if it was Ariana Grande for Jimmy 😂
Kevin A
Kevin A 4 dias atrás
Wow she can sing really good 😊👍🏼
DonT [Touch]
DonT [Touch] 4 dias atrás
че у неё зрение плохое что ли ?
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton 4 dias atrás
Who else is on a Tonight Show binge during quarantine?
Joann Me
Joann Me 4 dias atrás
Mac would be so proud🥺
Joann Me
Joann Me 3 dias atrás
Andrea M. Im sorry..I was in coma the last few months..don’t be mad😞
Andrea M.
Andrea M. 3 dias atrás
u trippin lol he was alive when this aired
Elbert Mangadlao
Elbert Mangadlao 4 dias atrás
Shes blurred Hi corona virus😋👌
Zack C
Zack C 4 dias atrás
She is sum ting
Yuni :3
Yuni :3 4 dias atrás
Okay why does jimmy kinda sound good when he’s doing Sting, Can’t feel my face...?
Ahmed Mosa
Ahmed Mosa 5 dias atrás
If this due is real it's going to be on 🔥♥️😍 (sting+Celine Dion) can't feel my face 5:28 perfect harmony ♥️
Jasmine Snow
Jasmine Snow 5 dias atrás
Ariana sounds amazing on everyone
Massimiliano Carraro
Massimiliano Carraro 5 dias atrás
She's so good that it's a pity she only makes shitty pop songs
Joseph Breslin
Joseph Breslin 5 dias atrás
Ariana is DEFINITELY one of the best singers of all time! The vocal range required to pull that off so flawlessly is amazing! I never expected that.
Jaqueline Lemus
Jaqueline Lemus 5 dias atrás
like si estas aqui por la cuarentena JAJAJ
Romek man
Romek man 5 dias atrás
Imas lep glas ko i ja
Romek man
Romek man 5 dias atrás
Ja sam tvoja obozavadlevka
lick lick lick lick
lick lick lick lick 5 dias atrás
Arianas celine impression sounds like sia
Karolayne Gomes
Karolayne Gomes 5 dias atrás
A MELHOR! 🇧🇷💙💚💛
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