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We clearly knew something about sex before getting married but sadly, most of our perspectives were toxic. Worldliness and unhealthy Christian frameworks about sexuality shaped our thinking as it probably has for many of us. So let's talk about it.

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17 Ago 2022



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Honestly, I never struggled with sexual sin until I recently moved off into my own apartment a few months ago. The spiritual covering and accountability that I was under in my parents’ house was no longer over me when I moved, and to be honest, I wasn’t strong enough to fight it alone. The devil knew where to attack me. Depression and low self esteem caused me to do things I never would have done before because I wasn’t in the word/prayer like I should have been and felt helpless and weak. I am promising all of you now that I will repent and turn away for good. Please pray for me or share your journey if you feel led. I’m unwilling to hand over any more of my mind to the enemy.
L Bee
Jackie just answered a question that I didn't realize I held for decades. I wondered if the problems in the marriage bed (heart, mind, physical) wouldn't exist if I was pure. It never occurred to me that is a prosperity type thought. But Jackie is absolutely right. Sure we brought more baggage from not being "pure" before marriage but even "pure" people are sinners. Baggage is part of the human relationship. Wow, just like that, one less twisted thought out my head.
Thelma Louise
I decree and declare that Preston and Jackie Perry will write a book together based off of these series and more. You two are amazing together.
Queen Gkzi
I was abused a lot as a child and lived a homosexual lifestyle for years. Four years into my walk with christ I still fear sex and wonder what that would look like in marriage. The idea of a man still scares me sometimes.. thanks for this conversation x
2601selah 14 dias atrás
They are so funny to me! Got me crying laughing LOL 😂 But in all seriousness this is a much needed conversation and I’m so thankful for their wisdom. We need more healthy, Christian conversations regarding sex.
Mary Price
Such a great episode. As a single lady God is showing me the worldliness of my views on sex! Podcasts like this help so much!
Mary Mac
This is a GREAT conversation!! Salute for your courage and transparency. My husband and I traveled through every bit of the terrain you mentioned here. I was convinced I was incapable of a climax! I had been so abused and robbed of innocence so young…. He thought he knew what to do and I was convinced that because he was “the one” that he would just know me somehow. Pure ignance and insanity at its best! LOL 20 years in and after much work, many tears, very uncomfortable conversations and prayer in an atmosphere of humility and transparency…intimacy is beyond what I ever thought possible!! It was and is work but that fruit though!!!! 🙌🏼🔥🙌🏼🔥🙌🏼🔥🙌🏼🔥 If you struggling don’t give up on eachother. If HE healed ours… He can definitely heal yours. GOD CAN HEAL ANYTHING BROKEN WHEN WE GIVE HIM ACCESS TO IT
Karla 21 dia atrás
Jackie hit it on the nail of what women expected (to be pleased, to be loved, to orgasm.) and the fear of telling their husband this because of the stigma around it. Men think if they’re “good” at having sex they please the lady. Not knowing the road to orgasm for a lady is much deeper than that.
Brittany of the Intimacy Firm would be a great guest. She is a Christian sexologist. Also, it would be interesting to get a glimpse of how abuse of males could show up in marriage as well. A truly needed podcast, thank you!
Christie Elias
When the goal is always "your pleasure is mine" and "mine is yours" leaves so much more room and vulnerability to be open and honest with each other on what's liked and what's not liked.
Kofi Gillis
These conversations are so important like we can’t ignore there’s an entire book dedicated to monogamous sexual passion that was even read on important holidays by everyone lol. The reluctance to talk about sex is such a circular problem- it creates the exact conditions that lead to it in the first place. We have to be willing to open up and be honest.
Cortisha Skinner
I absolutely love when Jackie breaks out into a tongue when Preston says something that hits her spirit! 😀
GenBlue Fun
GenBlue Fun 14 dias atrás
I think when you work hard for something you treasure it more. Sex in marriage is at times hard to meet each other’s expectations but talking and coming into healthy compromise it helps meet each other half way. As a woman in Christ, this conversation is SUPER important to have, gave me and my husband alot of validation I’m out struggles but also gave us a better understanding of how to go about this. God is good y’all, have an amazing day❤
Elijah Perry
I’ve been watching these like I’m not single and have no prospects lol. But whats weird is that God has been throwing a lot of marriage content at me lately so I’m just taking it in hoping that it’s just preparing for the future
Brenda M
I have been married for 51 years and 8 months. We had been married maybe 8 years when my husband said, “you are not the same person I married”. My response was you are correct and why would you want me to be? Marriage and sex are both work!
walkwithaissata 21 dia atrás
I loved when Jackie said “we want to say no without consequences” because yeah ! Really hurtful when they’re consequences to us as women not giving our bodies.
Regina Mapp
Great talk!
Gale Mosgofian
I am proud of you guys taking on this subject. (and trying to keep it PG). You are awesome! I’m a pastoral counselor for over 40 years and you are hitting the important points right on! I agree with all you are saying and am impressed that God has given you so much in your eight years of marriage. Keep going wi5
Samuela NTETE
As someone struggling with lust, I clicked on this so quick
Aquila Ruffin s
No isn't always trauma, sometimes you're just tired and your body shuts down. You have to build to a level of pure unselfish intimacy.
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