What Should I Prioritize At Level 80? - A New Player Quick-Start Guide (Up To Date)

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In this video I'll guide you through the general best objectives right after level 80 to get the most out of Guild Wars 2 in good speed. That includes a section on getting your first gear and having fun with build craft, as well as what expansions to tackle and when. Not a free to play guide on this one, sorry! If you want more content like this check out the playlist.

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17 Jul 2021



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V. Gregg
Amazing explanation that's gonna give the players such a boost to their experience.
I can also recommend to anyone with a decent gear that hits 80 lvl to go and do beginning of the Path of Fire expansion to unlock the first mount. For me, having a mount made the overall experience of the game far far better than before. I cannot imagine me trying to run on foot through chak filled tunells in the Heart of thornes.
My god, thank you for just
The Shoulders of the Ebon Vanguard Choice Chest is a nice stat-selectable shoulder piece. It's quite cheap on the Trading Post much like the Ice Golem's Maw Box.
New player warning about buying ascended trinkets from the laurel vendors (From the GW2 Wiki)...
I left GW2 for like 3 years and now that I'm doing the story again i saw this name "WoodenPotatoes" and was like "oh hell ya I remember him". Glad to see your still around. You kept me playing GW2 far longer than I would have initially.
I've been confused by other mmos at level cap but this game was on another level. If I had anything to critique about GW2 is they really need a better flow to end game. You can literally play 100s of hours and miss lots of basic stuff
As a player who has been playing this game casually since launch, there are tid-bits in here that even I found useful. Thanks for all your hard work wp!
Honestly the mounts are amazing coming from other MMOs. The animations are fluid and gratifying and the movement
A small tip about that Dire armor that I wish I knew: toughness is how raiding determines tanking. So if you want to check out raiding, make sure you don’t bring that gear to dps or you will start to tank on accident 😛
Naoya Yami
I think you forgot to mention that it's not necessary to go full set with one prefix. For example if Marauder is too hard to obtain, it's okay to mix Berserker and Valkyrie to achieve similar result. I know it sounds logical to most of us, but sometimes even the best minds overlook the simplest things.
John Zantey
That’s what I love about the game. I can go MIA for ages, and still be viable when I log in again. Aside story… I like the advice for gear mentioned and agree with paying attention to build and gear sets. If you’ve played the game and got a bit of gold, it’s easy to get exotics from the TP
As a long time veteran, I actually found a lot of very helpful tips in this video for when I'm teaching new players. Considering all of my characters are at minimum in full ascended, I didn't realize that I didn't know the "ins and outs" of getting exotic armor. I had still been recommending the best way to get berserker's being in Or for Karma.
Dave Conway
Thank you for pointing out very explicitly that Ascended gear shouldn't be an immediate short-term goal. I've had a few friends now get the idea in their heads that they must IMMEDIATELY begin working towards Ascended gear despite my urging otherwise, and they've burnt themselves out really quickly doing it, which is a shame, because there's so much of the game they missed.
Talking about Berserker's, Cleric's etc. I think it would be really interesting to have a video that will go through all (or at least major) stat combinations and give you some ideas what builds it would be used with. I think this would be immensely useful for new players, but even older players that don't think about buildcrafting too much will find it very interesting (e.g. me :D )
Returning veteran player here, and long time fan of WP. I appreciate the tone on this explanation, and found some useful information. As a veteran player, I can only remember some of what it was like when I started playing in 2012. It was a drastically different game than today, so none of what I experienced would be useful to new players today. I'm glad someone has taken the time to put out a fresh guide for new players. If "knowledge is power" then /wiki is the greatest source of power creep ever!! Cheers
Honestly, for any MMO out there, there will always be a lot of stuff to do, sometimes even after you hit max level. The point is to focus on one thing at a time. Focus on your trinkets and maybe on the side better armor and weapons. After that, focus on completing PS and LW series, as they will give you a lot more in the long run. And ofc on the side just do some crafting every now and then. Leveling up your crafting can be tedious at first if you don't have the right materials, so it's hard to do it if you don't have any money. But honestly, just have fun with it, and find stuff in the game that truly interests you and delve into it :))
I like this video and thinking of reasonable gear acquisition methods . Yes you may want to save laurels for other things later as theyre kind of a rare currency, but the items you exchange for will get you playing content that showers you in more gear. Also ascended can be used on your other characters.
Watching this as a vet with 4k hours it's really helpful because I can commit and repeat the things in this video to the newbies I frequently recruit. I never thought about getting my friend who wanted to play a healer the gear from AC, I took them to VB and we got bladed gear for Harrier! Ha... The free monk runes are icing on the cake.
James Pitcher
Love this video series. As a subject suggestion : achievements, collections (I know you touched on these here a bit) and side stories. Loads of content in these but lots people have no idea it's there.
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