What's In This Coke? (TASTE GAME)

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Can we taste the different items that were left in Coke? Find out in today's game, What's In This Coke? GMM #1669
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17 Jan 2020



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Comentários 1 568
Kaleb Bryan
Kaleb Bryan 15 horas atrás
Not a pickle... but a cig.
Benjamin Deer
Benjamin Deer Dia atrás
I heard emily
Cade Alf
Cade Alf Dia atrás
Cade Alf
Cade Alf Dia atrás
Cade Alf
Cade Alf Dia atrás
Cade Alf
Cade Alf Dia atrás
Cade Alf
Cade Alf Dia atrás
Cade Alf
Cade Alf Dia atrás
A Birjas
A Birjas Dia atrás
Roses in food is normal, we eat rose water in our rice everyday... its good... ☺️
Jordan Lew
Jordan Lew 2 dias atrás
6:30 Shakira during the halftime show be like
DEPUTY 0311 2 dias atrás
😂😂😂 The Sardines 😂😂😂
Lydia Weaver
Lydia Weaver 2 dias atrás
Like for trent
Jeremy Dunford
Jeremy Dunford 2 dias atrás
Someone: So what languages do you speak? Rhett: I speak Minecraft enchantment table 6:31
Wicked Deetz
Wicked Deetz 3 dias atrás
"you are a subpar human"
Cesar Cisneros
Cesar Cisneros 3 dias atrás
The play-doh flavor should be engraved in your mind by 1st grader under
Mark Peel
Mark Peel 3 dias atrás
2:50 There are two types of people in this world...
Trinidi Edwards
Trinidi Edwards 3 dias atrás
James Bautista
James Bautista 3 dias atrás
Link to Rhett eating Bleu Cheese: "You are a subpar human being." Also Link: Proceeds to eat Playdoh in the next round 😂
jungshook 4 dias atrás
6:30 the captions LOL "Oh no, no, I'm gonna get all over your ***"
Ayroon Yeager
Ayroon Yeager 4 dias atrás
Rhett sounded like he really didn't want to talk about that.
Zapoga 5 dias atrás
I love that play-doh’s slogan is basically “this isn’t edible” and link to the biggest bite with no hesitation 😂
mikeysrose 6 dias atrás
At the very beginning of the episode I thought, "I hope they do Play-Doh."
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 6 dias atrás
Just two guys eating roses and talking about hickeys
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 6 dias atrás
What's in the booox?
xwenzl 6 dias atrás
Are we just not gonna talk about how link bit a huge chunk of Coca-Cola soaked play doh?
Jack T
Jack T 7 dias atrás
I had no idea Play-Doh was edible. Now I kinda wanna eat it...
Jacob Marsteller
Jacob Marsteller 7 dias atrás
Bleu cheese is so freaking good. Would literally drink it.
Kelsi Hart
Kelsi Hart 7 dias atrás
i think its so funny that the hat on that machine is lowered on links side hahaha
Anna Reed
Anna Reed 7 dias atrás
"every January 17th we give you a great show" - Rhett (spicy candy showdown January 17th 2018) this statement still stands true.
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai 9 dias atrás
Emily's laugh from offstage makes me warm inside. Or maybe that's the heating pad I'm lying on. Or a stray cosmic ray mutated my thyroid DNA blueprint. Either way, I like it.
Christian Fisher
Christian Fisher 9 dias atrás
Will it string cheese
V xoxo
V xoxo 9 dias atrás
Omg when they just bit into the roses I 😯
Silvershineee 9 dias atrás
When Rhett said acidity at 01:09 Siri turned on randomly and searched for Sydney, wtf.
Adam Thomson
Adam Thomson 10 dias atrás
Link: ' i have this monthly' Also Link: 'Cayote pee?'
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 12 dias atrás
This hat has gotten a very deserved upgrade!!!!
BingeFest1 12 dias atrás
Play-Doh: “fun to play with *NOT TO EAT* “ Link: 😋
Max Konidaris
Max Konidaris 12 dias atrás
No one mentioning the “bleu” cheese
Ninjanado 13 dias atrás
"Bleu Cheese"
Jacob Carson
Jacob Carson 13 dias atrás
I gagged when Link bit that piece of play-doh.
Jodi A
Jodi A 10 dias atrás
Good for you
Janey Wilson
Janey Wilson 13 dias atrás
What's in the stuff? Apple cider addition
citystars1117 13 dias atrás
Link is such a dweeb lol
Kagara Fey
Kagara Fey 14 dias atrás
There's a pickle in the middle of my soda and it's covered in bubbles.
Ryan Garfinkle
Ryan Garfinkle 14 dias atrás
11:22 looks like the face in meet the robinsons when the family is captured under the influence by the hats
Sophia Leah
Sophia Leah 15 dias atrás
Rhett's reaction to the sardines hahahah!!! So cute 😂
starcrafter13terran 15 dias atrás
#3 i literally squinted my eyes shut and went "OMG"
Lowell Prescott
Lowell Prescott 15 dias atrás
dual hat adjustment 11:26
Pohtaitoh 16 dias atrás
I don't get why they gave 2 points to Rhett for the roses. He didn't get the question right and it wasn't even close.
movie master
movie master 16 dias atrás
Bleu ?
mo halimi
mo halimi 16 dias atrás
No one saying anything about Rhett looking like inspector gadget 🕵️‍♂️
Áron Tápai
Áron Tápai 16 dias atrás
Bleu cheese really lol
ylm _
ylm _ 16 dias atrás
You and your licorice and your roses 😖 😂😂😂 link
KILLEDBYLUV 143XO 16 dias atrás
Bill cosby loves this game!
FG_ Cascade
FG_ Cascade 17 dias atrás
Bring back the old intro like if you agree
The FrozenFlame
The FrozenFlame 18 dias atrás
Is no one gonna talk about HOW LINK ATE THE HOTDOG WHAT A SAVAGE
Lisa Castrogiovanni
Lisa Castrogiovanni 19 dias atrás
“A nasty family?... *like the Manson family?”*
TomboyVale 19 dias atrás
Retth is a vacuum cleener he likes everything 😂😂😂
Mike Ely
Mike Ely 19 dias atrás
Never cross the streams!
SDR Picasso
SDR Picasso 20 dias atrás
Who else thought about Dean Winchester when Rhett mentioned se7en?
Ndjdjdj !
Ndjdjdj ! 20 dias atrás
I love the height difference shhdbd
HSaulter80 20 dias atrás
link hates so many things but will grab play doh and just eat it...
Thurminator Fishing
Thurminator Fishing 20 dias atrás
Would have been great if they messed with them and put a big terd on the platter.
xxluchianxx 21 dia atrás
Link turns his nose up to bleu cheese but has NO hesitation with biting into a chunk of play dough.....🤔
AnonymousMusic 2625
AnonymousMusic 2625 21 dia atrás
I had no idea you cant just straight eat a rose.
Josiah Ruble
Josiah Ruble 21 dia atrás
“Drinks” Link throws up Rett has a nom flashback
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 8 dias atrás
Kiera Todd no, Kiera. Nom. As in, a flashback to fighting in the nom nom wars of the early 2000s.
Kiera Todd
Kiera Todd 18 dias atrás
... *Nam. As in, a flashback to fighting in the vietnam war.
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