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Rick Beato
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In this episode of "What Makes This Song Great? Ep.80" we explore the music of Kansas.
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28 Dez 2019



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Comentários : 5 mil   
@thesquigglespin 4 anos atrás
I nominate Rick's WMTSG for the BRvid series of the decade!!! Who's with me???
I Agree The Best Series of Music Breakdowns Ever!!!!
@dskywalker3397 Anos atrás
@angrylittlespider4593 11 meses atrás
I have learned far more about music appreciation from these BRvid videos than I did from a semester of Music Appreciation in college. Rick's enthusiasm and genuine love for it is infectious. Admittedly I'm not a musician myself, but now I'm finding I'm hearing things in older (and some newer) songs I hadn't even noticed before. It's like hearing them again for the first time. Highly recommend this channel for EVERYONE! I thank that man from the bottom of my heart.
@gabrielpaiva9070 11 meses atrás
@jasonmaceyko1902 10 meses atrás
No question about it !
@westrokker 2 anos atrás
Steve Walsh was known for his vocals but was sorely underrated as a keyboard player! He was a beast !
@clemclemson9259 Anos atrás
no he wasnt under rated at all sorry
@tragikomik Anos atrás
Yeah I saw em in the nineties and he had so much energy it was CONTAGIOUS!!
@krisscanlon4051 Anos atrás
Like having Wakeman and Tony Banks but they can sing like Robert Plant!
@gearguitarguy Anos atrás
I think Steve Walsh was underrated for his vocals too. Rarely hear his name mentioned when discussions of great rocks vocalists are put forward. But as Rick highlighted, great vocal track, no autotune. Amazing.
@1badsteed Anos atrás
Definitely under-rated, but so is Kerry Livgren!!! Kerry played a mini-moog, as well as multiple electric pianos, synths...
@Redshift313 Anos atrás
It’s not false nostalgia… it’s simply better music and musicianship!!! Rock On Rick
@STSGuitar16 3 anos atrás
Jesus man, I have heard this song a million times now and just take it for granted. When you sit and pick apart all of the stuff that is going on you can totally see how much of a masterpiece this song is. There could be absolutely nothing done to this song that would make it better. Perfection.
@STSGuitar16 2 anos atrás
@@jackhaskins6855 For sure. Studying song composition and music production is always an informative and humbling experience.
@missingsock18 2 anos atrás
You summed it up perfectly. I couldn't find the right words; thank you!
@andreasstam7411 2 anos atrás
"Needs more cowbell"
@deepfryerhouse6885 2 anos atrás
@@andreasstam7411 😂😂😂
@BarryWarne 2 anos atrás
having access to the stems would have made this much easier to learn in my 70s garage band 🌝 but then again it was fantastic ear training to pick out keyboard parts in this or Yes tunes or ELP, Boston songs etc. Fun times, fun bands. Fun era but then current era also fun.
@robertgarrison5478 2 anos atrás
That whole album is a masterpiece
@prism8289 Anos atrás
True. Non-musician here. Does Rick receive special tracks that has the instruments isolated, or is he using software that isolates them?
@rogerpbsmusic 7 meses atrás
Kansas is phenomenal!
@TheLordLeviticus 3 anos atrás
Real instruments, no autotune, real bass, real drums, real harmony....real cool!
@LewisBuckles 2 anos atrás
And real voices without autotune.
@babagandu 2 anos atrás
Just a master piece ... all the separate parts expertly crafted ... astounding
@my42clips 2 anos atrás
Real KANSAS!!!!
@crusheverything4449 10 meses atrás
@@babagandu- Written and recorded within 24 hours!! How's THAT for talent!!!
@user-zl4pi2xs1j 9 meses atrás
I graduated from high school in 1976. Kansas,Boston, Frampton comes alive! Raced in the 125 Elsinore class. 😂 blessed
@toddhamby 4 anos atrás
I love that Rick is one of the most talented humans on the planet and he still has the enthusiasm of a 15 year old first discovering music.
@paddyOdaddyO65 4 anos atrás
I agree with that!! He's my kind of Total Music Geek!!!
@billcompeau4835 4 anos atrás
@scottgray493 4 anos atrás
Right on...the only way to be!!
@texasrox65 4 anos atrás
So much fun watching Rick do this!
@arminhess1512 4 anos atrás
He looks like a child under the christmas tree - so much fun and joy - awesome!
@congaman100 Anos atrás
I'm 63 years old. I play percussion. Mostly Latin. I graduated high-school in '77.Kansas is one of my favorite bands & "Wayward Son" is absolutely one of my all time favorites. The song has a great driving beat but also some sweet breaks and fabulous harmony. It' s just special to me.
@carminone 9 meses atrás
I think the lyrics are wonderful as well
@sueparras6028 8 meses atrás
Carry on my Wayward Son is one of my favorite tunes of all time! But it's gotta be LOUD! ❤❤❤
@rusty9129 2 anos atrás
Saw them in concert in 1976 supporting this new album. The live version is incredibly close to the studio version...Walsh's voice was as perfect on stage as the record!!...oh, and he did it while playing all these intricate keyboard parts and jumping around like an athlete!!! Everybody on stage was ridiculously professional, top notch musicians.
@DrChopz 3 anos atrás
My wife and I took our 3 young sons to see Kanas and Yes in concert. They experienced real master musicians playing real instrument. They absolutely went crazy when Kansas performed Wayward Son. That concert opened up their musical vocabulary.
@LewisBuckles 2 anos atrás
Kansas and Yes? Wow, that must've been one of the best concerts ever.
@mikestevens5512 2 anos atrás
Wow what a show. Two of my favorite bands Of all time. How did Kansas sound? I never Saw them in later years only at 1977 Spectrum in Philadelphia. Unbelievable show!
@kindofsimplereally 2 anos atrás
@@LewisBuckles not likely they were the same concert, but it would have been quite a show
@lloydbraden8451 Anos atrás
@@kindofsimplereally Yes and Kansas have intermittently toured together since 2005
@rogerpbsmusic 7 meses atrás
Awesome parents! Props 🤟
@duaneburcham8445 2 anos atrás
Seriously, who the heck are the 208 people who gave this a thumbs down? This episode was flawless!
fake accounts and bots mostly
@antwha5526 Anos atrás
woke cancel culture gave it a a thumbs down... Beato's review of this song is amazing.
@rjonboy7608 Anos atrás
Trolls and other vegetable life forms. Digital phone zombies.
@frommatorav1 Anos atrás
the good old days when you could Thumbs Down. BTW, I gave it thumbs up. I'd give it two thumbs up if I could.
@richboshart1201 Anos atrás
Taylor Swift fans.
@FreeSociety1 3 anos atrás
Kerry Livgren actually played (and composed) the main Acoustic Piano part that defines the versus. Steve Walsh did the Organ work Kerry Livgren also does the amazing Grand Piano work on Cheyenne Anthem too (from the same album). Livgren is a genuis!
@katesjanice Anos atrás
Absolutely! That's why he's known as "The Maestro!"
@user-yv3xr1qc6t 5 meses atrás
Other than maybe EVH or Page. What other guitar “god” had two iconic guitar riffs in the same song. Kerry Livgren!
@shorerocks 4 anos atrás
One of those songs I've heard too often. Then, you see Rick, with all his enthusiasm for the music, and you hear all the parts, and then you get goose bumps all over and think "thats one hell of a song".
@jimeiden2360 4 anos atrás
Sven Horlemann The drum work is epic on this song
@SmashedBottleMan 3 anos atrás
My thoughts exactly. I grew up in the 70s listening to Kansas and this album was obviously huge; but this song was overplayed and grew tiresome. But then Rick does this video and you gain a whole new respect for the song after all these years. Amazing.
@samgquinlan 3 anos atrás
I wasn't born until the late 80s, so I feel kind of lucky that I never got radio burnout with this one. It never got old for me. Don't get me wrong, Rick still brought it to life :D
@alansmith7626 3 anos atrás
when he broke down the parts, I was thinking, hell, that could be a song in itself! ...then he did it again and I was thinking, That could be a song, all on it's own! so cool
@mrz80 3 anos atrás
It's a great one for playing the old game of "Who played that bit, Kerry or Rich?" :D
@ematsjca 2 anos atrás
Tears come to my eyes that humans can compose music like this and appreciate it so thoroughly.
@katesjanice 4 meses atrás
Gotta love Kerry Livgren!
@byronlemay2166 2 anos atrás
Oh yeah...the whole album is fantastic. Phil Ehart (the drummer) said they were done with the album, had actually packed all their equipment when Livgren came in with yet another song. They recorded Carry On with such precision mainly because they'd already honed the playing with all those other songs...everything worked out perfect. Great players! American Prog.
@michaelbarrasso6089 2 anos atrás
An onslaught of awesome parts with guitars, bass, drums, piano and organ before an actual verse. No one does that anymore.
@roberttaylor6571 2 anos atrás
Actually I saw this tour and found one band that can do it of all bands its panic at the disco live at some festival. The also do a great version of BeeGees lonely days at a tribute to them. They're great musicians when doing class
@robertmounsey4682 2 anos atrás
Such great band of musicians. Steve Walsh's voice is truly one of the best male voices in rock
@nikflagstar 3 anos atrás
I air-play every instrument in this song every time! Organs jabs are awesome. The bassist for Kansas lives in my town and has helped some of my bands book some shows over the years and still plays in local bands himself.
@mkii1964 4 anos atrás
I remember Carry On Wayward Son and More Than A Feeling constantly being played on the radio. We are so fortunate to have lived through that era of music!
@muskokamike127 4 anos atrás
When Boston came out it was like every 10 minutes it was on. The debut album was a monster in every sense of the word. ALL played by ONE guy.
@larrystrick1862 4 anos atrás
Kerry Livgren and bandmates were in majestic unison.
@guillermo3564 4 anos atrás
mkii1964 damned straight, skippy!
@marionwiehl3853 4 anos atrás
@JuanPerez-co9nd 22 dias atrás
And are still on the radio, I always listen Mix FM 93.1 in Cancun and they plays both songs all days. The same with BIG 105.9 in Miami!. Good music never dies!
@Sheppard2030 2 anos atrás
Absolutely amazing. “They just don’t make bands like that anymore. “
@bobdobalina838 Anos atrás
Hey you know guys? We should do a series called "What makes Rick Beato great". Episode 1: just his authentic enthusiasm for this great music that we grew up with.
@artvandelay8090 5 meses atrás
You know what makes Rick Beato suck? He never answers questions that people leave in the comments. I'm talking legitimate, insightful questions.
@erich3968 3 meses atrás
@patedwards932 18 dias atrás
@@artvandelay8090 Try reading 5,000 comments my friend! Ease up
@sgramling771 2 anos atrás
They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I think Dave Hope's P bass always sounds great, and maybe he doesn't get enough recognition.
@Jreb1865 2 anos atrás
Dear God... They're not? I guess that just proves you don't need talent to get in, it's all rigged...
@struedel25 Anos atrás
The HOF is a complete and utter joke! Dolly Parton was nominated for crying out loud. Why do people keep saying "so and so belongs there". No they don't! No decent rock artist belongs there.
@sdime9858 Anos atrás
They're not but Run DMC , LL Cool J , Jay Z are , just goes to show you Jann Wenner and the RRHOF don't have a fucking clue
@drifterman319 Anos atrás
They'll never get in. They're too Christian leaning for the Lefty run hall of shame. Depeche Mode? 80s pop gets in. Rap and Hip Hop crap; No George Thorogood either. Kerry Livgren is a staunch Christian. Ex bass player Dave Hope is a preacher in Florida. Again, NO WAY Carry On Wayward Son will see the Hall.
@wayneshirley9536 Anos atrás
Dave Hope was/is a GREAT bass player! All you have to do is listen. He's been a church leader for many years now. I was a big fan after seeing their debut on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert as a teenager. They were immediately and refreshingly different. I wrote a fan letter to them - the only time I ever did that to anyone in my life. I received a handwritten reply written by Dave Hope. I will cherish it forever.
@bonniemoerdyk9809 2 anos atrás
This has been in my top 10 favorite songs in life, thank you for breaking it down. I just found out a few minutes ago that Robbie Steinhardt died Saturday, but only announced this morning. No one ever made a violin sound so cool! RIP Robbie! Thank you Rick Beato! Love your energy and smiling face!
@that70sgeek 3 anos atrás
Steve Walsh. I've said it more than once - most unknown->underrated rock singer of all time. He's got as much talent as any vocalist - Mercury, Perry, etc. But wait - there's more - Walsh also is an awesome pianist/organist.
@Christodoulos-J 3 anos atrás
True dat!
@VIDEOHEREBOB 2 anos atrás
@@BattManion1979 Steve wanted to break away and be a solo artist. He knew all too well how great he was, but was humble about it. (A little birdie told me.)
@VinnyDrysdale 2 anos atrás
He's also a great performer. He would do near handstands on his organ. He would jump up, place his hands on its side, and then push off. His body was about 30 degrees above horizontal. And he didn't miss a note playing or singing.
@aorgypzy 2 anos atrás
Steve really shines in his band "Streets" after his departure from Kansas. If you are a Walsh fan and yet to listen to the 2 albums he put out with Streets you certainly missing out!!
@VinnyDrysdale 2 anos atrás
@@aorgypzy I've heard the first album and love it. The band I was in at the time covered "If Love Should Go". I still love that track.
@gmcjetpilot 3 anos atrás
Rick beato is an adult man who's been around music all his life, and to see him look so happy with child like joy when he hears a certain rhythm and groove is just so cool. Never stop finding joy in life.
@scottydog62 2 anos atrás
Great comment, I love it,I couldn't agree more with you, that's what good music should do to us all!!!
@PowderMill 2 anos atrás
And he’s actually only a mere white male… No Trans necessary to smile in life. 😷🤣
@KeithPage 2 anos atrás
Dude you have the best job like ever... Kansas never got the credit they deserved Imo ...well done sir 🙏
@rustydent777 2 anos atrás
I was lucky enough to see them in concert in the 70s, the most amazing live band ever. I swear to you, Steve Walsh would literally stand on his hands upside down while playing the keyboard! It was beyond words! On top of this incredible music! I was sitting right behind and above him, he did high kicks over his head through the whole show. Unbelievable show, they sounded live exactly like the recordings, and they had much more complicated songs than "Carry on wayward son". I saw many great bands back in that time, but Kansas was the best, hands down.
They were the Best!
@andrewbolt460 Anos atrás
Yep, yep, and yep. Rob, I saw them at Cobo Arena in Detroit in '80 maybe? Same seats as you, from above and behind Steve and saw him like a maniac athlete doing (probably coke-fueled) jump-up hand stands on his organ all night. Also marimbas and congas and perfect rock vocals over all. His vocals are WAY underrated and were what inspired my teenage self to want to be a rock & roll vocal frontman.
@tlniec 2 anos atrás
1. The piano + acoustic guitar part really does have a medieval feel to it - wouldn't sound at all out of place at a Renaissance faire. 2. I never realized how long the final vocal note/phrase carried on - for some reason, my brain always clipped it off when the instruments come back in, but it just keeps going!
@TomG315 2 anos atrás
And it's great that all these bands from those years didn't play to a click track, no autotune, as you have pointed out. They let the tempo breathe and they used the studio to masterful effect. THEN they mounted massive live tours to support these albums and NAILED IT LIVE. Night after night. Not many bands have that ability now. They are out there if you look. Thank you Rick!
@jamesdellaneve9005 3 anos atrás
There was some really sophisticated music in those days. I was in Junior High School. There was ELP, Yes, Kansas, Rush, and the Queen emerged. It’s no wonder people are still listening to this music. They have stood the test of time. It’ll be interesting to see if people are listening 100 years from now.
@bj.bruner 8 meses atrás
The artists you mentioned and more will be the Beethovens, Mozarts, Bachs, and Handels of their time. They'll be played and replayed for centuries to come
@jamesdellaneve9005 8 meses atrás
@@bj.bruner Those classical heroes have already stood the test of time. They’ll continue.
@dberdes 4 anos atrás
"And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know." One of the best verses in any song ever.
@paulnye6025 4 anos atrás
David Berdes Socrates is the wisest man in Athens for he knows that he knows nothing
@barryshea1657 4 anos atrás
"The more I learn, the less I know". (George Harrison)
@Lengsel7 4 anos atrás
@@barryshea1657 Barry Shea the boom operator?
@barryshea1657 4 anos atrás
@@Lengsel7 Yes! Have our paths crossed?
@Lengsel7 4 anos atrás
@@barryshea1657 Dana K and The 3rd Nail, and maybe some other things. Hey bro! Good to see you!
Watch your channel often. Was a huge Kansas fan before. Even more so now. Local radio station was giving away this album prerelease. Ten or so over a few days. The last day, 3 am. finally made it into the station. Got the question right and scored the album. That's how much I wanted this album. It was totally worth it. Your breakdown of this song gives me even more of an appreciation for their talent.
@davidrogers3825 2 anos atrás
Kerry played the piano parts when I saw them numerous times in concert. Steve played organ.
@lluewhyn Anos atrás
I had to post that when I heard this comment. Although Steve is often credited with playing piano on their early albums, it's usually a much smaller amount compared to him playing organ and synthesizers. Kerry usually did most of the piano work for whatever reason, even though you'd think piano would align better with the singer. My guess is that Steve wanted to be able to detach from the keyboards and be a front-man a good portion of the time while singing and mostly stuck to the keyboards for the instrumental parts, which makes more sense for the instruments chosen over piano. Either that, or Kerry was bringing in the songs with himself already covering the piano so Steve picked other instruments.
@chrishatton2642 3 anos atrás
Love how he breaks down and explains all the individual parts. The songwriting and arranging by Kerry Livgren is a masterpiece. Their harmonies are awesome and the band overall is just tight AF. Look up the excellent rockumentary Kansas, Miracles Out of Nowhere, definitely worth watching.
@doreenjodhan9160 Anos atrás
You help me understand these songs that I have loved, at a deeper level and you just gotta have renewed admiration and appreciation for these bands. Love this song. One of my dad's favourite songs was Dust in the Wind. He always told me to sing it for his funeral but that was asking too much- I couldn't but I played it.
@timothyarnold9350 4 anos atrás
I ran into Steve Walsh's mother one day as she lived close by. I told her how much I enjoyed Kansas and she said yeah those seven years of piano lessons paid off. Yes ma'am! 😊
@clemclemson9259 Anos atrás
did his mom think he was "under rated"? lmao
@j.reveille6815 Anos atrás
@@clemclemson9259 not sure but you definitely are not……
@michaelcooper1079 Anos atrás
So cool to see someone who understands how all the various parts come together to create this masterpiece, explaining the intricacies of this song.
@larboozle 2 anos atrás
Even if you've heard this song hundreds of times, you really haven't heard everything it has to offer unless you've listened to it through a good set of headphones (not earbuds). The sound engineers on the 70's hard rock and prog. rock albums had a lot of fun doing things like shifting a guitar part (or theremin as in Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love) from one channel to another and then back and forth, splitting the vocals from centered to each channel with a miniscule delay added (Rush, Hemispheres), etc. These sorts of techniques added more depth to songs that were already masterpieces before the sound engineering and final mixing began.
@LUckybones25 2 anos atrás
I never liked this song much, but seeing your analysis of it makes me appreciate how much of a masterpiece it really is. Great job Rick!
@3top5 Anos atrás
❤❤❤ Those dudes could sing! And, they could play. Such talent. Thank you Rick.
@megadethmofo2001 3 anos atrás
Hearing the pieces separated is my favorite aspect of this series.
@book3100 4 anos atrás
Yea, this song just never quits in any part.
@creedolala6918 4 anos atrás
It's nuts, they coulda put half the work into the song and it'd still be a massive memorable hit, but they kept polishing and adding all these extra touches.
@blahdeblah6207 4 anos atrás
to say nothing of the lyrics... and the great memories.
@benskurbe 4 anos atrás
So true literally every part of this song is immaculate and memorable
@brianparkman8183 4 anos atrás
@@creedolala6918 The details and intricacies especially in the guitar parts are almost unbelievable. Great musical minds.
@RCAvhstape 4 anos atrás
Lots of memories attached to this song, involving cassette tapes, hair spray, and a Chevy Camaro.
@Dave-wm9do 2 anos atrás
Every musician needs Rick's Music Appreciation 101. He dives deep into the music and breaks it down into easy to understand parts ... you really don't have to be a musician to appreciate his work at all in conveying the sum of a song's parts. His high energy enthusiasm will keep you captivated throughout the lesson... Making you crave more of his insight to music. Thank you Mr Beato, you are a music professor for sure!
@celticbastardson2599 2 anos atrás
I love watching Rick play the parts. He's like a forensic detective meets young kid, building a first model car.
@garyjackson7926 3 anos atrás
Wow! Now I know why I loved this song way back when it first came out on vinyl. Kerry Livgren is one of my favorite guitarists. Thanks Rick for breaking this classic down for all of us. So many incredible layers here. Thanks Kansas for giving us real music.
@dustinflock1972 Anos atrás
I come back and watch this occasionally just to remind myself how good of a complete arrangement this song is. Everything is just perfect
@redstang5150 3 anos atrás
One of the most genius things the TV show 'Supernatural' did was to keep coming back to this song.
@mickpalmer9922 2 anos atrás
I believe the main actors are from Kansas.
@indigowhisper 2 anos atrás
The actors are from Texas. The characters hometown is Lebanon, Kansas - the geographical centre of the US
@ericfournier6154 4 anos atrás
Am I the only one here who catches themselves having this huge grin on their face while watching Rick breaking one of these down for us?
@shaundriscoll1906 4 anos atrás
No, no you are not :)
@Unibabble 4 anos atrás
I make the same faces he does!
@simon758ful 4 anos atrás
I’m constantly grinning when watching Rick - his enthusiasm is so catching!!
@shibolinemress8913 4 anos atrás
Definitely not! I'm grinning and doing the air guitar right along! 😁🎶
@leopoldojavier5125 4 anos atrás
It's a grimace of ecstasy of pleasure... I think...
I’ve literally watched this episode at least three times. How can anyone actually DISLIKE it?? They don’t like the song?? Then why listen in the first place. They don’t like Rick’s analysis?? Why? Anyone do it better? Does it lack sufficient enthusiasm ( 😂 )? So many people bothering to click the Dislike Button is just another symptom of our diseased society.
@extrullorgd4444 5 meses atrás
I think they just misclicked the button, it has happened to me couple of times
@@extrullorgd4444 You, Sir, have taken the high road! Cynical as I may be, I appreciate your spirit of generosity 🙂
@gordonmcinnes8328 2 anos atrás
I always felt the music was onomatopoeic to the lyrics - chaotic start ("Once I rose above the noise and confusion, Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion") then the music soars in a dream like way ("I was soaring ever higher, But I flew too high"), there's a sense of journey to the chorus ("Carry on, my wayward son, There'll be peace when you are done") and so on throughout the song with a repeat of the themes both musically and lyrically, via the anarchy of the bridge. Complete congruence, brilliant writing.
@brianoconnor7796 2 anos atrás
@hamadah4 Anos atrás
Great observations
@Christodoulos-J 2 anos atrás
Kansas was the first band I ever saw live (in 1983) and I didn’t appreciate them back then. Thank you Rick for showing what a collection of master musicians is capable of. And truly Steve Walsh is one of the most underrated vocalists ever in classic rock. The old saying is true - they don’t make em like they used to. Today’s music sucks and classic rock lives on because of great bands like Kansas.
@andreasgeorgilidakis 2 anos atrás
I've been rehearsing this piece for a drum cover that I want to make and I never get tired to play it each time! Usually, when you play something 2-3-4 times in a row, you want to take a break from it (at least I do!). Not this one! I could literally play it all day and when I'm not playing it, I imagine I am! After Rick's video I loved it even more, if that's even possible!
@7775Kevin 2 anos atrás
I have never realized how much they put into this song. I would spend hours in the late seventies struggling to learn Kansas and Boston. Thanks for a great analysis Rick. Love it.
@Hipnosis65 4 anos atrás
1. They don’t write music like this anymore. 2. Watching Rick get a thrill out of this music is such a big part of this video.
@jerrywendel5981 4 anos atrás
good music is still being written; it's just harder to find. do a BRvid search on The Lone Bellow, I'm With Her, Lukas Nelson and/or Corin Ashley. I think you'll find some good song writing and recording with any of these artists.
@FreeSociety1 3 anos atrás
Kansas should be in the Rock-N-Roll Hall-of-Fame. They blew away just about any Band that ever lived with their musicianship, energy, and their brilliant and complex Compositions.
@FreeSociety1 2 anos atrás
@Angelspawn The R&R HOF is a massive hypocritical and contradictory "political" entity, that has become meaningless by its own shallowness and incompetence. There is no clear cut music criteria, or influence metrics, or talent measurements, or even music genre impact applied that is involved with them. It is just simply all about "trendiness", and a kind of "peer pressure"-based, superficial popularity. In the beginning it was easier to bring attention to the original Rock founders (Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Holly, Richard, Gene Vincent, etc.), but since there are so many thousands and thousands of bands since then, and so many styles of music within the space of "Rock", it has become an impossible task to really create a true Hall-of-Fame. It inevitably just degenerates into a lowest common denominator thing .. where no talent bands that did nothing 'special' or unique at all but somehow were "trendy" with largely unknown self-appointed selectors - are chosen to be rewarded, while amazing music talents that stretched the boundaries of popular music and blew peoples minds away (like Kansas) are ignored. And it is not about "breaking the mold" or being controversial either - as you have very "play it safe", uncontroversial, purely commercial -pop-rock Bands like Tom Petty in there (due to "popularity"), while Bands that were unique and stretched Rock music in new directions (Jethro Tull, Kansas) are not even considered. And why are Rap and Hip-Hop people in a Rock Music Hall anyway? (when that is not even close to "Rock music" to be begin with). It is all politics, and like a lot of other cultural things that we see today - defies basic logic and common sense -- in order to superimpose some sort of political agenda. .
@punknugget561 2 anos atrás
Rick, I've been watching you for the last 2 months (almost daily), and you've helped me understand how amazing music really was back in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and how it's trailed off terribly since then. It's amazing how much we take for granted all the things we grew up with, thinking that things in life would only get better. Glad there are people like you to help us understand how much more we need to appreciate what we had and what we still can be musically. Thank you!
@philpaule472 Mês atrás
Blasting this in the high school parking, in the late 1970's, at lunch break. is still a high light of my life.
@Hedwallfxtd 2 anos atrás
Still one of my favorite songs to play drums to... but I can’t compete with Rick’s air drumming and air guitar, which are ON POINT in all of his “What Makes This Song Great?” videos...
@Cynsham Anos atrás
Loved this song my whole life, and just like most of the other "What Makes this Song Great" episodes I just keep finding myself falling in love with so many of the songs all over again, as well as drawing attention to those underlying aspects that even avid listeners could have very well missed if they weren't listening with such an analytical music brain like yours. It's such a great service what you do for not just musicians and aspiring musicians, but just people and music enjoyers in general. Whether that be introducing a song or an artist that a younger generation may not have heard or explored otherwise, or by breaking down a classic song that just makes fans of the song appreciate the artistry involved in them even more. Thank you, Rick.
@sammyvh11 2 anos atrás
More talent in this song than all of anything made today.
@gcflower99 3 anos atrás
10:30 "You don't get to have interludes, 'cause people are so in a hurry, they never let the songs develop and have these natural parts to them." Spoken by a true Master Musician.
@sseltrek1a2b 3 anos atrás
no truer words here- today is more, "rushed music for a rushed culture..."...absorbing an album used to be an "event"...
@ProgRockNerd 3 anos atrás
@@sseltrek1a2b OTOH, people were complaining about "a rushed culture" back when this song was made. I think it's an adulthood thing. But now, with punk in everything, musicians are caught up in it, too. "Don't bore us, get to the chorus." Funny how it all ties together...
@mistercrankypants 2 anos atrás
Blame RUSH. Ba-dum. Sorry- and seriously.. young musicians.. take note of this.
@JimzAuto 2 anos atrás
@Mario Castillo can you provide an example of an interlude that’s been popular in the last 7 years?
@antwha5526 Anos atrás
I remember when this first came out in 1976. But now I have an even greater appreciation for what made this song sooo good.
@bickleyjonas6145 2 anos atrás
The organ fill in the main riff is really what makes it flow so seamlessly. It fills in the beats wherever the guitar has to pause. Like they were made for each other.
@erom1970 3 anos atrás
Rick is the best. His knowledge and enthusiasm is matched only by his love of great music. I love this guy!
@garrett2064 Anos atrás
I forgot how insane this song is. Super underrated. Up there with some of the most epic rock songs of all time.
@Cormac2023 3 anos atrás
Rick, you're the best music appreciation teacher I've ever seen.
@chrisabel1833 3 anos atrás
i never realized how "orchestrated" a rock song could be... until Rick broke it down for me. Wow. Just. Wow.
@TheOlesarge 3 anos atrás
They are recording ARTISTS, you know. It really is a craft.
@talastra 3 anos atrás
It isn't just that it's orchestrated. Technically, orchestration is deciding what instruments will play a bit. The most interesting part of Kansas compositionally is how "contrapuntal" their music is; that is, everyone is playing different little bits and pieces. It's not like Yes, where everyone seems to be soloing simultaneously (not exactly a fair statement), but all the parts of the song aren't just "vertically" set up, where the bass and drums "hold down the fort" while an instrument solos or plays a melody with the singer. When Rick says "it's actually a double lead" that's a nice case in point. Both guitarists are playing the same line, but one of them is harmonized. It's sort of like as the band is playing, they don't even know (individually) how it will sound coming out, but we in the audience get to hear all the parts coming together. queen also built up a wall of orchestration, but they almost never had the degree fo compositional "counterpoint" that Knasas has. This is why you can often listen to an entire song and just pay attention to a single instrument and not get bored. Meanwhile, the bassist (Dave Hope) and teh drummer (Phil Ehart) are two of the most consistently entertaining sections of the band. Both are playing some really scrumptious stuff, even without being showy too often.
@daviddew1945 3 anos atrás
Chris, I hope this opened your eyes to Kansas. As cool as this song is, it's the commercial stuff. Treat yourself to the deep cuts of Kansas! They have ALBUMS of mind blowing music magic! ...
@bigal7505 3 anos atrás
Kerry stated in his bio that some of his first music exposures was to classical music and that this played a big role in his music style development. Agree with David (below) that yes, you must check out some of the "deep cuts" of Kansas...other songs on this album (Leftoverture) and Point of Know Return.
@badbotchdown9845 3 anos atrás
You would say they are real musicians not those of todays
@carlodave9 Anos atrás
This song is a relentless hook machine. One after another after another after another. It really is a masterpiece.
@sgt.grinch3299 Anos atrás
Kansas was an incredible group of musicians. I have seen them 8 times. Their music is very emotional and diverse. Great video.
@SteveKercherMusic 3 anos atrás
This and The Wall are absolutely amazing! Both written in days. I always get emotional at the end of The Wall knowing Kerry's spiritual journey. I had the pleasure of meeting him after an AD show. Such a humble man.
@Jeff-rd6hb 2 anos atrás
I've been a huge fan of Kansas since I was a kid. They were the first concert I ever went to. That was 1978, and I was 13. Seriously, you could do a "What Makes This Song Great?" about any number of songs from their first 4-5 albums.
@overcomer4226 3 anos atrás
The worst thing about this video was that it ended.
@jasonmaceyko1902 2 anos atrás
No doubt !!
@b34r21 2 anos atrás
@MrRhoadsRules25 4 anos atrás
I love how this episode is just Rick going "I mean just listen to it!"
@teenixon 4 anos atrás
I used to sit in my bedroom and just listen for hours ! Sometimes air drumming or singing along, my sisters used to bust me all the time, I didn't care. So much great music in the mid 70s, Alice Cooper, Kansas, ELO, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, the music that made me become a musician, such a great period for rock music
@davidchambliss5909 4 anos atrás
Yea, I'm with Rick ;)
@sunlion8866 4 anos atrás
He knows a great song when he hears one. Carry a killer song and never gets changed on the radio dial when it comes on! Just one of those songs that always gets listened to all the way through. If I'm in my car..will wait until song finishes. Always no exceptions lol! F'in weird like that ;)
Contextual analysis = "Wooohhh!"
@challism 4 anos atrás
Methinks Rick is a Kansas fan. :)
The break down of this song with the individual tracks has fully convinced me of what I have long suspected: This song was actually composed by God.
@johna6767 Anos atrás
Rick does a great job here of explaining how this is really a pretty complex song. Lots of people don't tend to think of Kansas as a Prog Rock band, but they really are.
@ralphbain6840 Anos atrás
Well the song does end with “now your life’s no longer empty surely heaven waits for you!”
@GoPokes227049 Anos atrás
Well, it is based on Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son, after all.
@rachelpatten8889 Anos atrás
I am a musical novice and have just loved these songs for the memories they evoke and they are just good! It is amazing to me how much more is involved in each measure than I ever imagined. I have never heard/seen anyone dissect a piece. It is fascinating.
@THEC.O.VISIT. 3 anos atrás
This song was a masterpiece, absolute rock masterpiece.
First concert Hampton Coliseum,,(Va) Kansas, 1978 when I was 16. Blew my mind and this song was an encore that made the night! Discovered Rick about a week ago and just wow. I love to sing but don't play an instrument. Watching Rick's videos makes me want to go out an learn to play guitar. Cool stuff!
@petjobedet4650 2 anos atrás
Pure genius from an anointed 70’s band. This song comes from another dimension. Steve is phenomenal! That’s Kerry Livgren on piano. Composer. Guitar. Rich Williams on acoustic, Dave Hope on bass, Phil Ehart percussion, Robbie Steinhardt vocals? After all these years, Rick Beato breaks it down masterfully. Bravo!
@theodoreritola9758 2 anos atrás
THE 70s The best 10 years EVER for rock music
@Geezer-yf8hv 2 anos atrás
The era I grew up with rock!! What happened? New incredible music nearly every MONTH, for YEARS! People actually preferred punk over this?
@Geezer-yf8hv 2 anos atrás
This song is a masterpiece, then the 1st verse begins!!!
@bobbyg5154 2 anos atrás
Yes, Robbie on back up vocals that are spot on. He sadly passed away recently
Rich Plays the Solo Right after Steve Walsh's Organ Solo with the "Pinch Harmonics"
@alastairtilley3585 4 anos atrás
My new favorite sound is Rick saying "Whooo!"
He should add a "Whooo!" counter in the corner of his videos.
@DriveBetter 4 anos atrás
Whoo! Drum face! Kick drum sounds huge! Without a grid! We need a Rick song really.
@TokyoBlue587 4 anos atrás
As he does air drumming
@sabben-jd5wx 4 anos atrás
"Hey everyone im Rick Beato" is the best part
@eltieum 4 anos atrás
Man!!! Gimme a break! No Quantizition! No autotune!
@Mr.Robert1 Anos atrás
Just like one of the other posts I just read . Although I've heard this song thousands of times. After he picks it apart and points out what a masterpiece it really is, it's definitely amazing. There was a video that I watched just before this that show them live in Canada. With him running around in yellow boxer shorts sweating his ass off running from the Bongos to the keyboards and singing really an amazing performance! Now I really appreciate the song.
@rbk7876 Anos atrás
Ah yes October 1976 My 16th birthday that month, had my Stewart 5 pc drum set Jamming to this in the garage, definitely clear heads on those toms, 62 yrs old today and still jamming, Its called classic rock for a reason ! 🥁👍, great video.
@VIDEOHEREBOB 2 anos atrás
Been studying Steve Walsh's vocals for years..His "oo" vowel cuts like a laser!
@starr99 Anos atrás
Love this track so much. Rick's read brings it even more alive. Am I the only one who thinks the song sounds like they meant for it to be slower but when they recorded it they had to rush to keep up with it?
@joeditta2321 Anos atrás
One of my favorite classic rocks songs of all time. Never gets old.
@matheusgoulart1618 4 anos atrás
One of the greatest intros of all time.
Thank you for showing everyone that the beauty of a song is the sum of it's parts. Everyone in the band shed blood, sweat, and tears to make it great, and they ALL delivered. Such a great post! Thank you for educating us, sir.!
@portcullis5622 Anos atrás
Intelligent lyrics, two great singers, a catchy melody and fine musicianship with several instruments.
@vmpgsc 2 anos atrás
This song has a jaw-dropping level of musical sophistication, and the performances... OMG. The era of "pay attention" music played on great hifi equipment, sadly, has been killed by streaming services that reduce everything to a compressed background groove for working out, studying, or zoning.
@brianoconnor7796 2 anos atrás
@danquinnell3502 Anos atrás
If you’re preaching I’ll join the choir.
@Qwalnuts Anos atrás
These breakdowns are so incredibly helpful for those of us who are enthusiasts but not professionals. These add SO much to the simple act of listening to a great song. Thank you!!!
@ivarsarapu6549 3 anos atrás
Every portion of the song plays a major part and the whole sound makes a statement. Thanks Rick.
@JacQuie1776 4 anos atrás
Half the fun of the “WMTSG” series is watching Rick play air instruments 🎙🎹🥁🎸🎤
@pr9383 4 anos atrás
@Stevenirons 4 anos atrás
Becuase it reminds us all of what we do when we listen to it alone 🤘
@missshutova 4 anos atrás
Definitely! KICK DRUM!
@fernandoangelico6443 4 anos atrás
I love When Rick enjoys a tune. He goes in hard! XD
@Vinnybrain 4 anos atrás
Hes definetly into what he does!!!.... it spreads the enthusiasm!... if I would have had a music teacher as Badass and Cool as Rick Beato in school----- I would've taken more lessons!... he makes everything interesting. ,:)
@ZenyattaFan1 2 anos atrás
It's one of my all-time favorite songs, a true masterpiece!
@Peter_Schiavo 2 anos atrás
Back in the '80s Kansas was a second tier band on FM radio. Listening to them now, I have a greater appreciation not only how good they were/are, but how good just about everything was that rock stations played back then.
@Cormac2023 3 anos atrás
This song has always been one of my top 10 favorites. It's a timeless classic and a work of art of the highest quality.
@flintmcmanly 2 anos atrás
Also Phil Ehart - super underrated drummer. If you've ever tried to play along to most Kansas songs, you understand.
@babconstruction 3 anos atrás
The superb musicianship 45 years ago was and still is incredible. Thanks Rick for making this timeless classic even more amazing!
@micheleparker8123 4 anos atrás
This song has always had a special place in my heart, as it reminds me of my son who suffers from Bipolar disorder with paranoid tendencies. "Carry on my wayward son, there be peace when you are done, Lay your weary head to rest, Don't cha cry no more.
@jmagda41 4 anos atrás
You're like me; I took lyrics to actually mean something back then. Not just "Oh, that word rhymes with this one, so let's use it."
@algothus 4 anos atrás
I use to think about it too... God Bless U
@crusheverything4449 4 anos atrás
Michele Parker - That’s the cherry on top of great music like Kansas made: it has the power to comfort and heal. I wish you and your son the best. Take care.
@micheleparker8123 4 anos atrás
@@crusheverything4449 Thanks, much love to you and Happy New Year!!!😍😍
@crusheverything4449 4 anos atrás
Michele Parker - Happy new year!! ❤️
@jonnyholmberg Mês atrás
Rick… what a BOSS you are! Your effortless understanding, your ability to hear everything and even play it yourself. A true musician. Love your channel so much!
@gregoryvlchek269 2 anos atrás
As a lifelong drummer, I've always loved this song; it's a blast to play. Moreover, because of this episode, I've gained a whole new level of respect for the incredible members' individual playing on this track; so CLEAN and PRECISE. Your ability to play back the isolated tracks really reveals the outstanding musicianship! Thanks, Rick!
@brianoconnor7796 2 anos atrás
Well said
@gregoryvlchek269 2 anos atrás
Thank you!
@camc5483 Anos atrás
Saw these guys WAY after their peak career success...they were phenomenal. Steve Walsh is otherworldly good.
@Chef_Jeff69 2 anos atrás
This band wouldn’t have a chance to be heard today. So sad. They are not pretty enough. This was on their 4th album too. (“Dust In The Wind”was on their 5th album). They really played as well! no auto tune etc.. so good. Rick is my favorite Uncle. 🤘🏽
@theodoreritola9758 2 anos atrás
Auto tune SUUUUCKS ,,, Shows you how great the 70s were ,,
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