What Life Is Like Working On A Psychiatric Ward

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Stacey is going to work in Springfield Hospital, one of the oldest mental health units in the UK, to see what life is really like on the front line of mental health services. More than just observing, she will be working directly with staff, dealing with patients, and taking part in making incredibly tough decisions on what is best for patients.
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Comentários 80
Olivia Vetter
Olivia Vetter Hora atrás
Put “them” into a white box indefinitely and activate sensitive emotion mode to be a creepy entity to someone already dehumanizing everything...maybe just let them run around alone in some wilderness?
pastel de merenge
pastel de merenge 2 dias atrás
mental homes just don't need to exist
Ariella C
Ariella C 3 dias atrás
They are not like this. This is a special staff.
Sebastian Skii
Sebastian Skii 6 dias atrás
Soon you're gonna find me here if this quarantine in Italy won't end. Plus I'm running out of money and my job offer overseas was denied cause they think I'm a positive that's trying to run out of the country.
Jordan Kumar
Jordan Kumar 6 dias atrás
I had nice nurses but there were a few who made me feel pretty bad about myself
Buenas Intenciones
Buenas Intenciones 7 dias atrás
Prison is better, dammit.
Katherine De Jesus
Katherine De Jesus 9 dias atrás
I worked as a mental health provider specializing in trauma and pediatric behavioral health for 6 years. I will NEVER go back to mental health again. This was in the US. The organization was horrible, the supervisors were horrible, I had a caseload of over 150 clients, working 12 hrs a day, no self care or direction of how to do things better.
Renchi Nagi
Renchi Nagi 9 dias atrás
I was in a psych ward that was meant for children and teens, and the staff people weren’t as nice as the people in this video
CielPhantomhiveReacts 9 dias atrás
The mental health care system needs serious reform. Dorothea Dix may have started that reformation, but her efforts have not been successful. The patients are still being abused
CielPhantomhiveReacts 9 dias atrás
Are there differences between ones in the uk and one in the us?
Bethany Tummillo
Bethany Tummillo 9 dias atrás
All of these workers are so young! Amazing !
R. S.
R. S. 10 dias atrás
People automatically judge if you have the label, UK sounds so polite, the average person in NYC subway acts like this.
Yummy Yummy
Yummy Yummy 10 dias atrás
This is me
Pea Linkin
Pea Linkin 11 dias atrás
Hope they all get better, credit to people who work in this sector. But pls ban haloperidol
Clara Richardson
Clara Richardson 12 dias atrás
Is Guan single?? 🤔🤔asking for my friend
Blank 12 dias atrás
I have had a really bad depression and on medications for more than 2 years now, was about to be admitted for suicide attempt but my psychiatrist thankfully didn't do it because he was my professor and knew if this was to happen my carrier as a doctor would absolutely be destroyed because of the stigma from my colleagues even from other doctors and nurses I don't say that was the right call, things could have gone wrong and I may have taken my life but I'm really glad he did this I have a lot of hard times because I have to hide that I'm not fine and keep up with my classes which are SO HARD even for people without mental illness and if anyone finds out by chance, I have to hear all about how I am so weak and how I should be stronger and stop all these medications that "miss my brain up" which is really frustrating.. I really don't know why I'm saying all this but things are tough especially now during my exams and with the corona virus and being alone all the time with my thoughts is just hard I hope one day I can be to other people the person I need right now ..
FoxyMLGBoss 12 dias atrás
Them:we are tryin to help them Me:well yes but actually no
molly vincent
molly vincent 13 dias atrás
Thank you. My brother has schizophrenia and has had to have forced meds a few times. These people have kept him alive. Thank you and be safe in these trying times.
Laura Paterson
Laura Paterson 13 dias atrás
This is a joke. Springfield isn’t like this. A performance for the camera.
Mommy_ Geno
Mommy_ Geno 13 dias atrás
I have bipolar disorder. I've been hospitalized and everyone treated me kindly.
Asthmatic Kitten
Asthmatic Kitten 13 dias atrás
My heart goes out to all those who are suffering. Mental illness is one of the most cruel things that can happen to anyone. All I wish is they all become well.....
realbudgiesmuggler twohatsbluesattack
Legalise marajawana would solve a lot of stuff like this
Dizzier is Bad
Dizzier is Bad 13 dias atrás
Marta Nika
Marta Nika 14 dias atrás
I bet it never gets dull working in a place like this one that takes on this line of work has to be very sensible when dealing with people in a ward and one has to get down to their level and understand their mindset with what they have gone through in their life .
Alicia Morales
Alicia Morales 14 dias atrás
This really hit me hard. I was in a psych ward after a suicide attempt and the staff were nothing like this and it just breaks my heart. I wish I had a better experience and felt like I had a support group I’m glad these ppl are getting better treatment💙
Kait Jameson
Kait Jameson 14 dias atrás
American psyche wards and prisons love having to physically rescrict people, usually with excessive force, it's their favorite part of the job. the UK wild man wish good hearted people like these ones worked in the U.S. at facilities
Laney Paulk
Laney Paulk 14 dias atrás
Ok, Guan is clearly amazing, but the rainbow lanyard brings it all together.
Blue wall flower
Blue wall flower 14 dias atrás
I work at a mental health hospital in Israel with children, it's amazing how different it is from what we think when we hear about these places... They are kids like everyone else they just got hurt, but instead of in the body it's the soul and mind and it's so easy to love them! Also the staff are crazy as hell, super fun people😂😂
Edele Browne
Edele Browne 14 dias atrás
These guys are fantastic. The work they do goes unseen and unappreciated.
15 dias atrás
He's the Guan.
Khin Thwe
Khin Thwe 15 dias atrás
Guan and the nice red head lady are really good at their job and nice 👉🏽👈🏽🥺💕
Mix_ Girl140
Mix_ Girl140 15 dias atrás
I’ve been in a couple wards myself they aren’t bad like movies make em seem so if u feel like u need help then please do so and don’t hesitate
Moey Mo
Moey Mo 15 dias atrás
Where is the big six foot Indian and the water fountain he has to throw through the window to escape like the film
William Kirton
William Kirton 15 dias atrás
Guan needs to learn to talk without moving his head
DJ DOZY 15 dias atrás
Shout out to Guan for being great
Mikey Panda
Mikey Panda 15 dias atrás
I was in a mental hospital, and after stocking the facebook of the nurses there, I found one of them vape.
Alvina Kawaihae
Alvina Kawaihae 16 dias atrás
I wanted to see psychotic breaks, or delusional psychosis strength. Why is it that they never have a psychiatric chart to explain episodes which lead to diagnosis to patients. "When you feel better...." Yadayada. But not at discharge, you have been held at a hospital for eleven days, and have suffered a mental breakdown on a severity scale of don't have this expressions of the staff then. Why?
Isabella Adams
Isabella Adams 16 dias atrás
Guan please marry me
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal 16 dias atrás
We need more Guans in this world. People who care for others going through difficult times.
??? 16 dias atrás
I've been in a psych ward several times and most people, who work there are really rude to the patients. They often did not understand their problems and sometimes made it worse.
ErrorCode666notfound 16 dias atrás
You stop caring
Ali Hus
Ali Hus 16 dias atrás
Must be really hard working with the insane
TheRandomHamster 007
TheRandomHamster 007 16 dias atrás
Working there must be crazy
//SuperAsh4U// 17 dias atrás
I spent my 17th birthday in one. I'm 19 I'm out. Turns out I had bipolar disorder no one believed me til i kept trying to off myself and being in mania. Well it takes what it takes for people to notice you're in pain.
Pigdoc1 17 dias atrás
Mental health: the public health crisis of the age!
cafold 17 dias atrás
"Poorly" doing better than you in life little ginger lady. His mind is awake at least.
Aly V
Aly V 17 dias atrás
Guan is an amazing guy...
Pretty Cyjah
Pretty Cyjah 17 dias atrás
Guan ❤ really cares.
Slurpwis 17 dias atrás
Such kindhearted people.
Caroline Anand
Caroline Anand 17 dias atrás
Be with them Jesus!
Danny Devitoes
Danny Devitoes 18 dias atrás
The first time I was in a psych ward was when I was very young, the staff was like these workers. They were all very kind, but as I got older and was back in the hospital they were a lot less empathetic. It’s so sad when the workers just give up on some patients or don’t try at all, I feel like for psych ward workers they need to train them more.
MiraBella1972 18 dias atrás
I you can't stand Stacey Dooley!! Sick of her face!!
Morgiana 123
Morgiana 123 18 dias atrás
Guan is an angel
Yani Eaton
Yani Eaton 18 dias atrás
This young generation is picking up where the old generation failed. I see with my own autistic kid, his BT are all college kids. They are doing a superb job. A year ago we couldn’t sit and have lunch at a restaurant with him, now we can.
Manish Kumar Singh
Manish Kumar Singh 18 dias atrás
Just euthanize them Euthanize me if i am in that position
Sangye Dorje
Sangye Dorje 18 dias atrás
Abhilasha Gahlaut
Abhilasha Gahlaut 18 dias atrás
Evelyn Marx
Evelyn Marx 19 dias atrás
This is soo sad ! True no one understand what these people are going thru. Mental illness is real!
babysnoops14 19 dias atrás
Everyone say being in there isnt nice. I said I want to go in there becuase I dont trust myself.
Matthew Read
Matthew Read 19 dias atrás
Probably simular to working for the BBC
Astraea JJ
Astraea JJ 19 dias atrás
Not many people can stay in this environment💖
Howler 20 dias atrás
id like to help these people, i wish i could the mental health area of work requires genuine and selfless people like quan,,, hopefully ill become a psychologist and help people that are stuck, and they want a shimmer of hope
my struggles of have autism
Psych wards shouldnt exist Ive been there over 4 times i didnt get better being there and it would feel like ya in prison even tho Did nothing wrong.. Ive been traumatised i get anxiety attacks of being chased by police transport psych ward I get threats by nurses & doctor comments To send me mental hospital How exactly would that help me.. I cant change i feel The urge to scream a lot..
my struggles of have autism
A lot of things traumatised me there
Alex Arrieta
Alex Arrieta 20 dias atrás
The redhead 😍😍 her accent too😍
Tacoman Gaming
Tacoman Gaming 20 dias atrás
The ginger lady is still doing this stuff? A few weeks ago I watched a vid in class about Kenya full video but it was recorded in 2011
BlackSchecter 20 dias atrás
Guys. I’ve been in a psychiatric ward because I tried to commit suicide, and it did NOT help. I was locked up and I was constantly being woke up in the middle of the night or really early mornings just so they could ask me questions and measure my heart rate. It was the most lonely and traumatic experience. It was TORTURE, I felt like I was in jail. This was the slowest pain I ever went through in my entire life.
miyage_ 20 dias atrás
Is this the women that did a interview with the isis leader ?
wardah khan
wardah khan 20 dias atrás
They're heroes
Malaya Reid
Malaya Reid 21 dia atrás
Full documentary please
im replying to this comment
Brave men
Banana Taffy
Banana Taffy 21 dia atrás
why even get into the profession if you dont understand or arent patient enough for the job? oh my god it blows my mind
PG 89
PG 89 21 dia atrás
So an entire video about psychiatric admission to a hospital and not a single interview of an actual psychiatrist??
zynbw 21 dia atrás
When the cameras are off it's a different story let's be real
Tanvie K
Tanvie K 20 dias atrás
zynbw ikr
Sim Tard
Sim Tard 21 dia atrás
the people who work in these places are usually pretty fucked. rude, controlling and crazy themselves. I wouldn't want to live in one of these places thats for sure
Alixzander Lopez
Alixzander Lopez 21 dia atrás
I went to the ER a couple days ago (it was my 21st) and i slot my wrists open because I couldn't deal with all the stress anymore. (Yes I'm aware there are better ways to manage stress.) And the nurses were VERY empathetic. However, I'm always compliment with personel because i know they're just doing there jobs.
Octopus Slayer
Octopus Slayer 22 dias atrás
It takes one to diagnose one.
Andreano Gajdos
Andreano Gajdos 22 dias atrás
Why this asian moves his head like a puppet
Simone Oliver
Simone Oliver 22 dias atrás
Guarn guan
Zach Gach
Zach Gach 22 dias atrás
Asian Jacob Collier??
Macy 22 dias atrás
I want a Guan
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