What Last Night's Debate Could Mean For Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod discuss their takeaways from Wednesday's debate and what four moderates splitting the moderate vote could mean for the 2020 campaign. Aired on 2/20/2020.
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What Last Night's Debate Could Mean For Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC



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Comentários 80
jewelryby NaLa
jewelryby NaLa Mês atrás
Please everyone, stop looking to MSNBC for news and information.
mynamewhatis Mês atrás
Bernie is the only one I trust to truly and steadfastedly stand morally strong in the face of the corrupting rich behind the scenes! Go Bernie!!
Blazejunkie Mês atrás
I voted against Trump the first time, but if sanders wins the ticket then I will be voting for Trump.
The heart attack was by no means a good thing, and it better not recur, but the way he recovered goes to show how resilient he is both physically and mentally
Mar Bear Make Up
Mar Bear Make Up Mês atrás
Leave it to the media to keep the public in the dark. We are YEARS behind other industrialized nations. We are the laughing stock of the planet. Bernie Sanders will catch us up to the rest of the world. #bernie2020
Linton Grant
Linton Grant Mês atrás
If them try on take it away from him trump will win again because the people them not going to vote
Ah yes, MSNBC, my favorite channel for unbiased coverage of the current presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders
Scott Lindrum
Scott Lindrum Mês atrás
It would be a mistake for Bernie to run against TRUMP IN 2020. His Socialist views will burrie him. Do you honestly think the Democratic party will support him?
pgabrieli Mês atrás
how long will it take for the democratic leadership and its supporting media (MSNBC first) to realise that that the "moderate" democrats they keep talking about are the minority and the vast majority wants REAL change? republicans didn't have any problem embracing the far-right and they won for that
Vraisairs Mês atrás
They're really so open about how much they don't want Sanders to win
Vraisairs Mês atrás
1:31 "I'm sure" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?!?!?
Magnus Ruben
Magnus Ruben Mês atrás
I love MSNBC still pushing the narrative that the Democratic Party needs "saving". Guess what? Bernie is saving it from you ignoramuses who gave the election to Trump last go around...
Tamoghna Bhattacharya
Does 'Mayor Pete' come across as the most entitled and insincere candidate on the stage or is it just me?
GuitarGuy2132 Mês atrás
The amount of idiots on here who actually voted for Bernie is astonishing lmao America will not become a socialist country
Jason Usborne
Jason Usborne Mês atrás
"....unless it gets taken from him at the convention...." Excellent prognostication. #BerningMan2020 #StillBernin
Adriana Escalante
Adriana Escalante Mês atrás
You wish They are pulling it off #bernie2020 #latinosforbernie
richard diaz
richard diaz Mês atrás
Unless it’s taken away from him in the convention
Mikey T
Mikey T Mês atrás
did anyone get the license plate number for Bloomberg after he crashed and got ran over..lmao
DjGhost718 Mês atrás
Michael Bloomberg making the Nevada debate stage is just one of the reasons Sanders is the front runner
Anne in SF
Anne in SF Mês atrás
Are you people so out of touch, so clueless, that you don't realize almost everything you said in this video is pure garbage. Winners: 1) Warren 2) Sanders Biden did NOT have a good night. He got lost in the shuffle and proved, once again, that Trump would chew him up and spit him out at any debate. Bloomberg came off as an entitled oligarch as Warren, in particular, mopped the floor with him. #MSNBC=MSFNeverBernieChannel
cakaziefno yo
cakaziefno yo Mês atrás
The best part of waking up is watching you establishment hacks rage against progress. I hope that wealth tax stings! Now cry more bourgeoisie tears! #Bernie4president
silvana bianchi-echeguren
I love their faces! They look so depressed! Finally someone giving the real news and not just their comment ! Bernie is winning clean and clear ! Sorry panel , it looks it’s not going to go your way! Bernie and only Bernie 2020
Anoob Razak
Anoob Razak Mês atrás
When Bernie has said the same right things over the years and unselfishly fought for marginalized, what exactly can you attack him with?
Hopalong Ramsey
Hopalong Ramsey Mês atrás
Hopalong Ramsey
Hopalong Ramsey Mês atrás
bambi lackner
bambi lackner Mês atrás
what joe is saying is Elizebeth warren attack Bernie, but i have news joe she can't none of them can he has always remained consistent since the '70s and everyone voting for him loves his policy's even some republicans I heard are changing over. you have to remember trump screwed up(I'm not being rude) but he has already kicked over 100,000 people of welfare, and next month or the month after over another 100,000 are going to be kicked off and a lot of Trump voters they said are the ones who will lose it., plus he never brought back those coal mining jobs he promised, he has done nothing for the his people except the very few who were wealthy and enjoyed those tax cuts,.
FowFow Mês atrás
If The DNC voters want Bernie but the DNC somehow yet again oust him out, is there any reason to not vote Republican given with other candidates there won't be any difference that actually matters, and it would serve as a middle finger to the DNC party
Brian Sutter
Brian Sutter Mês atrás
Her opinion means nothing she is the same person who believes Hillary and Biden cant lose candidate's because of high electability numbers,,, she was wrong in 2016 and even more wrong now. The insiders need to swallow their pride and get behind the people.
tzim Mês atrás
Bahahahaha, Bernie is the next president, MSDNC!!!
Etothe2iPi Mês atrás
Maybe America could heal with president Sanders (and a perfect VP).
James Horton
James Horton Mês atrás
Bernie is far from far left. To me he is a moderate but on the left side. Warren is probably the most moderate and the others are various degrees of centre right with Bloomberg on the most extreme right.
Aishwariya Sweety
Aishwariya Sweety Mês atrás
It means he's going to win! Take that billionaires, elite!
xamarmm Mês atrás
Kinda strange to see them talk about Bernie being the only one not attacked when the statistics they showed on screen showed that while Bloomberg got the most attacks, Bernie came in second in that list. Yes, he came out unscathed because although he was attacked, he could respond properly and the attacks on Bernie was non-sense. It wasn't that he wasn't attacked at all which they tried to make it appear to be.
MrArcanjoGabriel Mês atrás
We need bernie
Jes Kalina
Jes Kalina Mês atrás
Bernie is the heart and soul of what it means to have a backbone as an American.
Roger didit
Roger didit Mês atrás
Here's a very important article that will explain 1) why Bernie will never be president and 2) why he would get nothing done if he would...
Steven Greenwalt
Steven Greenwalt Mês atrás
elle azul
elle azul Mês atrás
its honestly hilarious how biased the media is against Bernie. FEEL THE BERN MSNBC
Roger didit
Roger didit Mês atrás
Yeah, he's such a joke everyone is laughing.
Fx Y
Fx Y Mês atrás
Whoa, what a shocker. A Wall Street billionaire Republican with a racist and misogynistic history didn't do well in a DEMOCRATIC! debate. Who woulda thunk.
Steve Larry
Steve Larry Mês atrás
against George Bush, I mean against Donald TRUMP
Christopher Riley
Christopher Riley Mês atrás
They will admit Bernie is the front runner, but they will never say why... He has a clean track record and is Honest. Something that has been needed in office since FDR
Roger didit
Roger didit Mês atrás
Honest? Barahahaha he's the biggest fraud in political history.
OttawaAnon1001 Mês atrás
Blomberg a knight in shining armor..... did this women get struck in the head before coming on TV.
Queen Nefertiti
Queen Nefertiti Mês atrás
Bernie 2020 send the rest home .Bernie 2020
Laneisha Francis
Laneisha Francis Mês atrás
Are you absolutely certain there is no one else to run this race? If I’m racing I’d rather run behind a good race.
Laneisha Francis
Laneisha Francis Mês atrás
I’m only voting cause I’m out of options and all the options are the only options I get.
bossman 679
bossman 679 Mês atrás
Has MSNBC ever considered that maybe the democratic voters dont want a moderate, and that's why Bernie is winning?
Ghazal E.
Ghazal E. Mês atrás
Bernie2020 💗 for the people #wenotme
zoran popovic
zoran popovic Mês atrás
MSNBC where do you find this guests? They are Sold and bought by big money, u need New guests that are Representatives of the people, Of real working people.
Yuuko Tombo
Yuuko Tombo Mês atrás
In the last debate Elizabeth Warren went after Bernie Sanders, and there was the candid camera moment between them post debate. The reaction to this was pretty harsh against her, but I think rightly so. It came off as a dumb stunt and I'm glad that didn't repeat its self. There isn't much reason for Bernie and Warren to combat each other.
edsamjr Mês atrás
Blomberg is an infiltrate Republican, as simple as that.
Todd Schrock
Todd Schrock Mês atrás
Drax the Warlock Titan
There will be no debate in Milwaukee. We will surround the convention with a million man march and demand they nominate the candidate with the most votes. Don’t make me bring a guillotine...
Kyocus Mês atrás
No one cares who's moderate. They care about who has integrity, that's Bernie Sanders.
Kyocus Mês atrás
Everyone keeps throwing around the word "moderate", and they have this chick come out and vomit Bloomberg support. The front runner is who the people want, and that's Bernie Sanders. I hate this suggestive propaganda that Bernie doesn't deserve his position, it's all bs.
Brian Craig
Brian Craig Mês atrás
MSNBC is Garbage and Bernie’s gonna turn it into a dumpster fire. They’re feelin the Bern now after Nevada😂😂😂 Bernie 2020!
JaiUneGuruDeja Mês atrás
The burning question is which heads will roll at MSNBC after Bernie becomes president. These shills are being paid to manufacture consent for ANYbody else.
Red Meridian
Red Meridian Mês atrás
Hey fake news: it’s the ballot box or the bullet. Choose wisely.
Red Meridian
Red Meridian Mês atrás
It’s means he is going to win. And you, fake news, will help to steal it from him. Get ready. You’re going down. We’ll put you in prison at the very least.
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred Mês atrás
Chuck todd the clown
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred Mês atrás
Ya'll can't hidden the bernie's wave now mass media
slick willie
slick willie Mês atrás
BERNIE the communist Jew wants to tell you what to do
Missouri Mule
Missouri Mule Mês atrás
Has anyone checked on Chris Matthews?
Matthew Bernobich
Matthew Bernobich Mês atrás
how is this woman paid money for political analysis?? she's delusional
ettekamba6969 Mês atrás
In South Carolina Bernie will get 69% of all of the votes.bcos we all shall vote him to send a stronger message to the Oppressors criminals gangster scammers.MSM and other's.
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine Mês atrás
" Mike Bloomberg our knight in shining armor " ? What is that stupid reporter smoking ?
Rafael Ramirez
Rafael Ramirez Mês atrás
Oh yeah Bernie!!!
Aundrae Blackwell
Aundrae Blackwell Mês atrás
Democratic party is toast if Sanders is robbed of nomination.
Aundrae Blackwell
Aundrae Blackwell Mês atrás
Many Democrats where looking for Bloomberg to be knight in shining armour. Lol
stazorm1 Mês atrás
Maybe Joy Reid's body language experts can tell us how she's feeling right now
Turbo Cichlids
Turbo Cichlids Mês atrás
Trump 2020.
Chinese American
Chinese American Mês atrás
Bernie, don’t do the same stupidity talk like Liz. Evilizing the millionaires or billionaires doesn’t make you look better or smart. Billionaires or millionaires are same with poor people all have bad guys and good guys. Stop use that as your weapon to praise your quality. You have been doing that for a long time. It’s seems like you are cheap.
AJ O Mês atrás
Bernie the homie
Liam Taggart
Liam Taggart Mês atrás
The media is thrashing around like a fish out of the water not knowing how to take down the great next president of the USA SANDERS
Brittania Mês atrás
Democrat "communist" Clowns - there is no difference between Bloomberg the globalist and Sanders, the white Mao Zedong. Ofcourse Bloomberg will be so well versed on Climate change, his swamp creatures are the ones proposing all the taxation associated with western economies being disabled whilst turning a blind eye to communists in China who they support. Democrats are a joke!
Teresa Amanfu
Teresa Amanfu Mês atrás
The Wizard of Oz😃😆😄
Dunn123 Mês atrás
20 Moderates and 2 Progressives walk into a Primary 1 Progressive walks out the Nominee 1 Progressive walks out the Running-mate
eekcarlos Mês atrás
that reporter loves Bloomberg...
Ian Hruday
Ian Hruday Mês atrás
Well yes, obviously it's his response to the NDA question that was the problem. Clearly, it's his debating skills that are at issue and you know, not the nda's themselves. O m s n b c, what won't you spin?
Sweet Willy
Sweet Willy Mês atrás
Russia for Breadline Bernie!!!
Johan Haal
Johan Haal Mês atrás
Feel the burn
Aidan Campbell
Aidan Campbell Mês atrás
Stop saying "moderate" when referring to the conservative wing of the Democratic Party. "Moderate" would indicate someone near the centre of the party (which is admittedly still a centre-right position). People like Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg represent the conservative wing of the Democratic Party that is further to the right than Reagan era republicans.
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