What Is Right To Repair?

Marques Brownlee
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13 Ago 2022



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JerryRigEverything Anos atrás
I too agree that we should be allowed to take things apart.
Sahinur Islam
Sahinur Islam 10 dias atrás
Nurik Kulanbaev
Nurik Kulanbaev 18 dias atrás
@Drew Joe Rogan Experience?
Planet Kep1ian
Planet Kep1ian 22 dias atrás
Zeeshan Yahya
Zeeshan Yahya Mês atrás
@Cyril Kommareddy wait is his name Zach or Jerry I am actually confused
Muktadir Molla
Muktadir Molla Mês atrás
SmoothJK Anos atrás
Apple: We stopped giving you chargers when you spend $1,000 on our phones because...we love the environment. Also Apple: We made it almost impossible to replace a screen on an otherwise fine phone because...we hate the environment?
Bill A
Bill A 16 dias atrás
​@Andrej Cupac - Because with each new generation of phones, the power requirements are changing, usually requiring more amps and different power management. So an old brick may not work optimally with a new phone. When you spend over $1,000 for a phone, I'd expect a new charger in the box, period.
EX_PRIVATE_EYE🇺🇸 26 dias atrás
Also apple.... We use slave labor and child labor to build your non repairable phone.
some random person
some random person 2 meses atrás
@Dinervc i'm not stupid, i know samsung and most other companies followed suit soon after. but thats the problem. they're copying what apple does. first the companies mock apple to help them gain trust and soon after they do the same. but apples the spark but also dont think im completely against apple. heck, if you looked at what i own you'd probably think im an apple fanboy with the amount of apple stuff i have. i guess what im trying to say its that both are guilty and we shouldn't just blame one company. bear in mind i am the absolute worst person to explain stuff so theres a 1% chance you actually understood what im trying to say
d coughla
d coughla Anos atrás
In the UK, a new “right to repair” law is expected to be introduced this summer. Details are sketchy on which appliances are covered. However, it is proposed that manufacturers will be legally obliged to make spare parts for products available to consumers for the first time. A legal right to repairs in order to extend a product’s lifespan to 10 years.
ProjectPhantomEden413 2 meses atrás
That kicks butt! Just like them mandating a universal USBC cable for all phones, it's just better for people and better for the environment tbh, go UK
Verrottesok 8 meses atrás
@Brendan Lawrence then people will just stay with their phone they already had. They earn nothing xD
Everything's Fine
Everything's Fine 9 meses atrás
@90AlmostFamous If you’re talking about samsung s6 yea but samsung s8 and UP are still fast phones , and the SD version never slowsdown
Dishant Seth
Dishant Seth 10 meses atrás
@90AlmostFamous I mean, you're kinda exaggerating, but I agree with the general point you're trying to make.
90AlmostFamous 10 meses atrás
@Dishant Seth yea most Samsung phones starts getting slower itself while older apple phones are underclocked purposely. But despite that I see iPhone 6 users still happy with their phone while the same generation Samsung owners want new phone
Maya Natasha Pirzada
Maya Natasha Pirzada 10 meses atrás
“Imagine you have a job that requires drug testing and you quit the job ……… and they still try to test you for 5 years” my god. How can apple even legally attempt that?
Patthon Sirilim
Patthon Sirilim Mês atrás
Cuz you gotta agree with them on this terms or else no certification for you.
Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford 2 meses atrás
Money talks, doesn’t it?
Petra J
Petra J Anos atrás
Stop with this "It's because of safety" excuse, it's about all money and monopoly-like control. Nice video 👍
Juan Carlos Lopez Valencia
Or because of the environment
Hmmallo _
Hmmallo _ 3 meses atrás
This is true except for electric cars like Tesla idk how it works in the us but if you want to work on an electric car you need to do an extra class. So you don’t kill yourself while working on it
Jermie crn
Jermie crn 4 meses atrás
The minute you lift a car to work on it, you run the risk of dropping it on yourself and die. From that point, any safety concern is just an excuse to stop us repairing OUR stuff. I'm just waiting for ev conversions to get more accessible and then get over dealing with car compagnies once and for all.
KVP 10 meses atrás
yeah, I can understand but just imagine that you use some shitty Chinese battery for your damaged apple battery you may face some severe consequences. But apple should allow the selling of parts to some verified and skilled repair people without any tax or anything. but the cars shouldn't be modified for safety reasons.
Bảo Quốc
Bảo Quốc 10 meses atrás
@Dan Smart I literally damn knew that it's only the Hugh Jeffreys that made some iPhone swapping like that so he can go to a same conclusion
PowerTrain Anos atrás
When Louis, linus started talking about this. I honestly thought you and others won't speak on this because on the dependency getting new products early etc. But getting your voice out on this, has raised my respect for you tremendously. Watching you from 7 years, won't stop ever
It's_Flame 3 meses atrás
Praneet Kumar singh
Praneet Kumar singh 9 meses atrás
@Nikita Kaur Exactly the same feeling. Surprised that the popular opinion is different. He should've called out apple for not providing charger brick and at the same time taking anti-repair stance.
Sudeepta Ghosh
Sudeepta Ghosh 10 meses atrás
There bread and butter is not early access to products their rapport with the channel viewer ...
Youtube Kullanıcısı
Youtube Kullanıcısı 10 meses atrás
@Dxshawn k, I'll keep drinking the "cool aid"
Dxshawn 10 meses atrás
@BRvid Kullanıcısı Oh, and yes, you absolutely are an Apple fanboy. Nothing, not even a single thing you listed is even remotely a good reason to eclipse someone's right to repair. Ridiculous the idea that I shouldn't be able to repair because I might get a different color component which Apple or so painstakingly went out of their way to color because that's really what matters..looks over function....again. yall are hilarious.
FalconUx 2 meses atrás
You should be very proud of this video, Right to Repair bill has been just passed in New York city and it's on track to become law. This video was very informative, as are all your videos, & clarified what's really at stake. Thank you !
American Nomad News
She's totally right no one should live in fear after buying a product and then modifying that product to no harm to the rest of society to their enjoyment and to improved use of the product.
LuqSkywkr 10 meses atrás
In a colossal win for the Right to Repair movement, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published a statement where it unanimously approved the prioritization of aggressive action against manufacturers who impose unfair repair restrictions on individuals and independent repair shops. We need to push to make this a law of the land!
Luke L
Luke L 8 meses atrás
most recent MKBHD vid: Apple announces right to repair program haha
Seth Feldpausch
Seth Feldpausch 10 meses atrás
It honestly pisses me off when Apple touts it “pro environment” messaging, while wasting so many resources by being anti-consumer. It’s all just a big virtue signal, while they take your money! There’s a lot to like about Apple products, but the business end is undeniably shitty!
Jarrod'sTech Anos atrás
Great to see more coverage of this topic 🙌
ARUN KUMAR Anos atrás
Sir I am your Fan too....
Jerin Gogi
Jerin Gogi Anos atrás
yo big fan
Maxim P
Maxim P Anos atrás
Hi Jarrod, did you too make a video on the right to repair on your channel? Please give me the link, I couldn't find it. Thank you.
bimal gupta
bimal gupta Anos atrás
@jarrod good to see you her, big fan of your work!
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 11 meses atrás
Thank you for covering this movement, it's incredibly important !
Randol Walton
Randol Walton Anos atrás
Awesome work! Continue being an advocate and voice for consumers.
Samba B
Samba B 11 meses atrás
Your ideas get better, this video definitely need more and more support. Right to repair!
FredrickTesla 10 meses atrás
The problem of viewing an increase in quality with an increase in complexity is that the complexity is not from quality, the complexity is from Apple and similar companies realizing that minimalist aesthetic drives profits. There is nothing saying that your Iphone couldn't be 5% larger and use the extra space to make the components much more reparable. And not only that, there are videos out there showing that if you take two identical IPhones and swap the screens and logic boards in them, they gain artificial glitches and malfunctions because Apple has installed serial numbers into the software of the phone that allows it to detect when anything has been swapped, even for identical apple produced parts. All those glitches and malfunctions seem to magically go away when you put the factory parts back in. The increase in complexity is not an accident and it's not from quality. It's done on purpose solely to drive profits.
Tech Aisle
Tech Aisle Anos atrás
This is huge. Influencers using their influence to bring a change, for the better. Massive props to Louis, Linus and Marques!
Mark Anos atrás
1...2...3... apple banned Marques... then he will do about face lol
James Faction
James Faction Anos atrás
@AltsekBUL it's not like all "influencers" are the same any more than all politicians are the same, or all teachers. Or all drivers. Or all actors. I do have issues with the whole "influencer" concept tho
V I I I Λ Anos atrás
Until those influencers are replaced by artificial intelligence.
christipof❗ Anos atrás
@AltsekBUL well I agree with you there but he does have influence based on his brand and following he just doesn't promote fake lifestyles or bad information
Mikołaj Podbielski
@Mike B very important point
ADM 11 meses atrás
Once MKBHD says “let’s talk about that”, I know it’s gonna be a good video
alwaysyouramanda 11 meses atrás
This just reminds me of my childhood expectation to leave school with an intimate knowledge of how how a microwave works and maybe the ability to make one myself.
j g
j g 11 meses atrás
I love how well balanced this take is
RainbowNebula 10 meses atrás
This made me think about some Chinese products I have lol. Like, we had a chinese vacuum cleaner robot break the other day, and repairing it was the easiest thing ever. We bought the spare pieces the needed changing, watched a video on how to do it and just fixed it no problem. Now the robot is as good as new lol. Now when we want to repair other stuff, specially from big companies in the US, it's all a crazy mess. Most of the time you are supposed to call them to take the product and fix it. And when you try to do it yourself, you find out that their products are made in a very unintuitive way on purpose, so you can't fix it. Plus buying spare pieces is a nightmare. It sucks.
Aaditya Raj Bhattarai
Aaditya Raj Bhattarai 4 meses atrás
Chinese products are very modular, maybe they are using their old manufacturing units. But hey that works
Louis Rossmann
Louis Rossmann Anos atrás
18:49 Man that killed it. Thank you so much for covering this. This was beautiful. I completely get that lots of people consider youtube their profession, and their job - and rightfully so, you all do amazing work. and that making a video like this can make it more difficult to get access to products or early looks at products into the future, given almost every company has a very anti-right to repair stance. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you putting your living on the line to talk about this. I hope others appreciate it too. THANK YOU!!!!
Veer Singh
Veer Singh 8 meses atrás
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke 9 meses atrás
Living on the line? Let's not get overdramatic.
Reed1 Hiragar
Reed1 Hiragar 10 meses atrás
we will remember you louis. the sole fighter fighting against the bullshit apple does.
Daily transparency With COVID19
Oh there he is
Carlos Velasquez
Carlos Velasquez Anos atrás
I was literally just thinking about you when I saw that title!! Right to repair 🙏🙏
auntifranny Anos atrás
Really appreciating the content, the sound quality, and editing. Thank you for this!
Maximum Bombastic
Maximum Bombastic Anos atrás
When talking about Right to Repair and Apple it's important to mention that there are numerous cases where apple says that in order to repair your phone they would have to replace so many components that it would be cheaper to buy a new phone. When in reality all they would have to is remove some corrosion on a connector. They are not only making it harder to repair the phone yourself, they are literally lying to you when you ask them to repair it. Additionally, they now pair all the components in a phone with each other so that, even when you get the exact same genuine replacement component, the phone would refuse to accept it and not function properly. It's a really evil corporation but people are like "oh shiny, bling, nice!"
DaOne5 4 meses atrás
Very evil like when eve bit the apple in the garden of eden (hmm maybe that's why they have the apple logo bitten off) stay woke
Eeshan Shukla
Eeshan Shukla Anos atrás
I have been your follower for years, and now I am really proud of it. Louis is correct, it take a lot of guts to speak against which might harm you. Hats off
karategal1210 9 meses atrás
Good discussion. Thanks for laying out both sides. Companies shouldn't make it harder for consumer repair and customization to keep control of the specialization of their parts. There has to be a middle ground.
Trickord Anos atrás
this video isn't company friendly. it's consumer friendly. respect for sticking up for the people.
Skaterhaube Anos atrás
@Sam Miller Okay that doesn't prove anything like I said Elon is pretty casual. When deciding who to interview people choose the most welcoming and least disrespectful
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Anos atrás
@Skaterhaube Sandy Munro's time is limited from running his engineering firm but he still got an interview with Elon even if Sandy's channel doesn't have the view numbers of a Linus Tech Tips.
Skaterhaube Anos atrás
@Sam Miller Only to a lesser extent and Elon Musk only joined Joe Rogans postcast because he's not that business oriented in the first place but Marquez is easily able to have interviews with CEOs even if their time is limited you don't get that with most youtubers
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Anos atrás
@Skaterhaube Elon reached out to Sandy Munro and Joe Rogan just to mention a few.
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Anos atrás
@Skaterhaube They don't only reach out to him. There are other Tech BRvidrs and plenty non-YT tech press.
Krynik Anos atrás
Literally, my Fiancee and I have been talking about getting new phones this year, and we may finally end up buying an iPhone because our friends who switched have said they are pretty good. Biggest thing holding me back from wanting to buy the iPhone is that I don't wanna support Apple and their shit stance on Right to Repair.
DashN 6 meses atrás
@Andrei Tache i have experience with an iphone 7(parent uses it) and i can vouch for you but apple is not the gold standard. i also have an ipad that randomly started slowing after a system update and is basically unusable now
ice la honk
ice la honk 9 meses atrás
@Andrei Tache my s8 works just fine. Not as quick as my note 10+ but still. My iPhones are all junk now
ice la honk
ice la honk 9 meses atrás
Dropped iphone years ago. Would never go back. The freedom is incredible. Pixel, s20, note 10 - awesome phones.
cazaventa 9 meses atrás
@RainbowNebula As someone who has used both androids and ios phones, I’d say, they both slowed badly. Iphone 4 and samsung S4, from my family’s experience were not the best and were unoptimised for later software However, samsung at least did not slow down the phones without consumer’s knowledge (to my knowledge) and that is where Apple shadily did that to consumers. Now though? I can ROM hack a samsung S8 from 2017 to android 11 and it would run ok (thought dubious security since roms are usually unauthorised) and I have updated an iphone 5S to ios 12 and it still runs ok. So I think you are just not updated with the progression of tech and software, or you just knowingly stated something that is false.
cazaventa 9 meses atrás
@Andrei Tache I share your stance I guess. Apple products are ok, for the most part. In 2021, I finally consider the iphones they make on par with Android phones. But apple’s anti-right to repair stance (I’m sure you’d agree) is the main reason that this iPhone 11 might be the last Apple product I get for a while. it’s slightly dated, yes, it’s somewhat overpriced, yea, but it is an ok phone for a middle class user imho. I don’t know what phone company I’d check out next, but most likely it would be Xiaomi or going back to Samsung. I would not trust that my iphone wouldnt get bricked from a 3rd party repair, and my only other option is to go to Apple and get my phone fixed for the price of a liver…
Rapid Rabbit
Rapid Rabbit Anos atrás
OK, so this is one of the best presentations on right to repair I have seen. You also called in probably the foremost expert in this arena for this video. However, I think you did a disservice by painting right to repair as the only way to save the environment, and calling out Apple and others for not being green by rejecting it. What Apple has done, and I know you know this, is made their devices incredibly recyclable. They have also implemented trade in programs. They want the device to be part of the lifecycle and have new life in a future device by being able to return the devices to the materials from which they came. Now, people just throwing their old device in the garbage that doesn't work anymore, is a purely human problem - that isn't directly caused by Apple. I am not using this to defend them. I am a huge believer in right to repair, but it just feels one sided to highlight that problem in that specific way only. Apple has a different vision for a device lifecycle and they are not encouraging people to just toss their device every year in some modern bout of consumerism. Could they do more? Absolutely. I do see them at least trying to offset their impact though. This is the same company that defends taking charging cables away not to promote eWaste.
Lg Hammer
Lg Hammer 8 meses atrás
This was a really awesome video 😃 The iPhone 12 (Red) that's used for making this vid is totally just like mine, my 1st iPhone (&favourite new phone experience) this makes me appreciate it even more now. Seeing the tensor chip, battery and even screen removal process was seriously neat, so thank you 🙏🏽 I think a screen should definitely be sold, by Apple for making quick repairs yourself. I believe that'd be an environmentally friendly alternative, even if they sold it for 150$ or something, that'd be really cool! Apple makes incredible screens, + with the dBrand screen protector and one of Apple's MagSafe cases it's pretty tough. My goal is to make it to iPhone 16-18 release before thinking of buying a new phone And side note: With my vehicle, which I rarely drive (I bike and walk pretty much everywhere)it has a recall notice. So I called today, and ask if I can get it in this Friday.. bruuuh, I'm scheduled for February (3 months from now) and it's for a SOFTWARE UPDATE, LOL! How much is this process gonna cost the company.. they should have at least thought to design it with the ability for users to update the software, either manually or automatically. & The rear-view camera needs a fix, they wanna charge top shelf $.. and I'm like, "Can you at least put a camera in that's like this year's tech, c'mon" or what about "Sell me the camera (preferably newer tech than ~10years old) and I install it"
Daniel Blas
Daniel Blas Anos atrás
Great video and take! Right to repair! Love the honesty and information given.
MR MR Anos atrás
Louis Rossman getting the recognition he deserves. That guy is fighting for all our rights
Chris Carmona
Chris Carmona Anos atrás
@Tonald Drump But still one of the biggest tech youtubers out there. Him lending a voice will reach those who only dabble in tech.
Peter Freeman
Peter Freeman Anos atrás
Just not fighting against faulty Microsoft software which makes just about every non-Apple computer faulty from new to trash years later
Bruno dos Reis
Bruno dos Reis Anos atrás
@Chris Carmona he’s doing it because nobody else cares to put in the work, but he thinks the same way about himself and even said it in a video😂
Chris Carmona
Chris Carmona Anos atrás
@Apenkoppen Unlisted Loved it that they're giving legitimacy to Louis' movement. Maybe Lew from Unbox Therapy could do a video next.
Chris Carmona
Chris Carmona Anos atrás
@linkinlinkinlinkin For a New Yorker, then I guess? But let's just say that being confrontational is not how we win more people over. Think Biden and Bernie. I think Bernie would have been a more progressive president, but Biden calms people down. Like I said, I like Louis. But I also think he will not convince most people to consider R2R without people like MKBHD or Zack (Jerryrig) backing this. Louis is the backbone, they can be the face. Or maybe Ryan Reynolds, but I digress. 😂
Paul Winther
Paul Winther Anos atrás
Safety has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! She is right it's purely about control!
Josue166 Anos atrás
*Probably one of the best videos this channel as EVER put out.* Thank you!!
Luiz Fernando R Oliveira
Luiz Fernando R Oliveira 11 meses atrás
Great video and great arguments! I had a faulty battery on my Galaxy phone and the authorized service told me I had to change the battery and the motherboard for a insane cost! I couldn't find a way of buying a battery or changing it anywhere other than the Samsung's authorized service.
Anox TheFighter
Anox TheFighter Anos atrás
I appreciate this, good luck to us all, and if apple or any other tech company is reading this you literally have an entirely new opportunity here presenting itself on a silver platter FIGURE IT OUT!
Cat and Andrew
Cat and Andrew Anos atrás
I too agree that we need to have Right to Repair, because first at all we still Buy the products and not Rent the products. Repairing your stuff isn't something bad, we will have less waste around. But the problem with repair is that many companies are pushing high prices for the parts, I have seen a lot of waste because for many people is easier and cheaper to Buy a new thing instead to Repair it. I think the stuff around us should me more accessible and easier to maintain, right of repair is a right of someone's personal choice. Also right of repair should be a more moral question, If we repair something is that going to be safe and good for the others around, for the people, nature, etc. I'm very very glad because many started to talk about this 😀 I and I love how Marques and Louis talk open about this questions 👍👍👍
Rex Sceleratorum
Rex Sceleratorum Anos atrás
@Dishant Seth Louis Rossman has an example where a simple charging chip has been replaced by something similar in function but proprietary that does exactly the same thing, and no longer possible to buy because Apple doesn't permit the manufacturer to do so. So now he has to get them off otherwise dead donor boards. The next step in total control is to have the computer communicate with the chip for a unique passcode. This has also been implemented in some cases so that swapping out from a dead board wouldn't work either.
Rex Sceleratorum
Rex Sceleratorum Anos atrás
@Dishant Seth "They don't make parts expensive and difficult by themselves"/// Well, aren't you in for a surprise.
Maxim P
Maxim P Anos atrás
Have you talked about it on your channel?
Szilárd Hompoth
Szilárd Hompoth Anos atrás
Actually, I bet that if we'd only rent these products at a fixed fee, these companies would be super unwilling to just replace something if they can repair it at a cheaper cost. It's whatever makes their bottom line thicker.
Dishant Seth
Dishant Seth Anos atrás
@Selva Kumaran Krishnakumar Oh ok, I think I get your point now. I misinterpreted how you used 'make', which is where our confusion lies.
Wolfgang1224 Anos atrás
I remember Apple from when they got started. They have always been a greedy company that wanted total control.
A P Anos atrás
One of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Thank you MKBHD.
BlueCloverLeaf 10 meses atrás
Unless defined by law, they are just safety guidelines. You own the item! The rest should be up to owner. What many companies do are unacceptable.
AJ’s Green Thumb, LLC
This was a great discussion. Thanks for promoting the conversation!
Levi & Leah
Levi & Leah Anos atrás
Dude it’s so awesome to see a massive creator talking about this! Thanks for another great video my man!
TheNightwalker247 Anos atrás
@levi cool to see you on here. Did you check out the teracube 2e? It's taking some important steps in the right direction with repairable phones.
Peter Phillips
Peter Phillips Anos atrás
We love you Levi! Glad to see you on here. Anyone interested in sustainability check out this dude!
kelvinvalencio Anos atrás
Been following louis rossman and other right to repair type of videos for a while, and mkbhd finally talking about it is just unreal
Rayan Yahyaoui
Rayan Yahyaoui Anos atrás
@YRS Dior i
Balan Anos atrás
He's putting "so, I've been using this for the last 2 weeks...." on the line with this one. Respect.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 10 meses atrás
Good to find a good tech video that explains stuff in a way that people might actually understand
Jürgen Rosmarion
Jürgen Rosmarion 9 meses atrás
I love the idea to have an explicit right to repair what I have bought. I don't have a Fairphone 3 yet but next time I buy a new smartphone I will consider it because I like the idea of having a sustainable phone that's easy to upgrade and repair.
Aristides Tranquillini Neto
Ok, I usually don't comment on BRvid videos, but this is an awesome topic. Regarding the safety argument, I honestly think it could be used in the company's disadvantage (considering Brazilian law, and I believe laws from many other countries, from what I studied). I can honestly see a court ruling that if a company goes that far to protect the product from the owner, if the owner succesfully makes a change to the product and there is an accident or something similar, the company should also be held liable, since they took it as their responsibility to "babysit" the owner. A simple analogy would be a website where you can leave comments. If the company evaluates the comments before they are published, if any comment generates a problem (such as being racist), the company could also be held liable, since it analyzed the comment and decided it was okay. That is one of the reasons companies try to not intervene that much in some aspects, even if technically the could, since this would help avoid liability.
Alan Zhu
Alan Zhu Anos atrás
You made perfect sense for this. We don't feel like we are customers anymore, more feel like we rent their products.
hanzo Anos atrás
@Eli Santiago atleast give consumers choices lmao. Like luis said in the vid. They can control but people want to buy official part and assemble themselves. The thing is, the dont sell the official part unless they repair themselves when the repair is actually easy af
hanzo Anos atrás
@Eli Santiago luios rossman can repair macbooks and doesnt break after that for just a few bucks
purpley Anos atrás
@Glitter Fart ok zoomer
Glitter Fart
Glitter Fart Anos atrás
@purpley ok boomer
purpley Anos atrás
@Glitter Fart i dont think u understand the meme fake woke
Aaliyah Wilson
Aaliyah Wilson Anos atrás
My computer screen broke and I can confirm that this is true, especially with Apple!! Great video, very informative
American Nomad News
There will be a point where the repairability will reach an intractable peak and drive a trend to begin increasing the repairability while increasing the sophistication of the technology. Only one last thing over complicating things it's not always improving them.
LateNite Anos atrás
Dude you are the FIRST reviewer brave enough to do this kind video. Thank you so much. I'm subscribed.
Fox Mind
Fox Mind Anos atrás
I just discovered this channel and I am IN LOVE with the format. Really interesting, in-depth, and articulate. Wish I found you sooner!
Powdah Anos atrás
Such an informative video and something I’d never considered. Love it!
Reginald Dyson
Reginald Dyson Anos atrás
I know this took you alot of consideration man. Two of your favorite companies right here. Just know, people are gonna use this to push legislation. I hope you're ready. Haha!
Rashotcake Anos atrás
Love Louis Thompson, guy makes a lot of sharp observations
Weiwei Cheng
Weiwei Cheng 10 meses atrás
Thanks for the video! While it asks for a regulation for the "right to repair", after watching this video it is still unclear to me what you are actually asking for. No one can stop us repairing our iPhone, right? If we can open it up and do whatever we want with it, isn't it already a "right to repair"?
Ms. Chanandler Bong
Ms. Chanandler Bong 6 meses atrás
You can "try" to repair your iphone, but Apple has gone out of their way to stop you. Say you broke your screen and wanted to change it, and you have a friend who's willing to give you their original iphone to take the screen from, since they got a new one. You do the repair correctly, but you find that touch ID/true tone stop working for you now. Even though you used original parts and did the repair correctly. ONLY because apple chose to disable these features so that if the software doesn't detect the exact part number it was shipped with, it soft locks these features. Are you free to repair in this case? You did everything right and still end up with a worse device, which would make you want to upgrade more.
Lou Lelea
Lou Lelea 10 meses atrás
It a failed term. The right to repair is more about having access to schematics and documents that assist with a repair to anyone who is willing to troubleshoot their product and fix it with parts that are unavailable to purchase or are locked down when you get a used part and still won’t work because you can’t pair it with the software. It should be called the landfill act
Ben Canon
Ben Canon 8 meses atrás
"Just keep using a thing as long as it works." And now I'm subscribed. Really nice to hear that sentiment.
George Saavedra
George Saavedra Anos atrás
This guy literally made a video that can potential hurt him from getting early access on new products. Instead of thinking of himself and his channel, he chose to talk about a topic that has to do with the people. Massive amount of respect.
just some guy without a mustache
Apple doesn't pay people to say good things about their products but samesung does this is why he doesn't mention samesung
Just Plain MƎEN
Just Plain MƎEN Anos atrás
@talkpls Companies get plenty of BRvid press. You be a fool to rely on a single person. Also some products sell themselves. MKBHD can say the iPhone causes a flesh eating virus and it would still sell millions, and he'll probably will still get one
Iisakki Kaaretkoski
The more channels start making videos like this the better! It will also have the effect that the companies cant stop giving these awesome people thr products they need because it would give loads of bad press to them.
santosh kumar
santosh kumar Anos atrás
Same by indian legend tech youtuber Geeky Ranjit
R H Anos atrás
This guy might be more powerful than the manufacturer companies. Who do you trust?
James Shields
James Shields Anos atrás
What a great mention of Louis Rossman!! Great work MKB. This is going to be a huge problem down the line.
Sebastian Reitz
Sebastian Reitz Anos atrás
I like that you work together with others to inform us and help us to make the world a better place. And I really like that you invited Louis :-)
Sam has a YouTube channel
Went to repair an Apple device, the employee told me that it would be just as expensive to repair it as to buy a new one because they use custom tools
Sam has a YouTube channel
@b1tb0mber oh really? That’s interesting
b1tb0mber Anos atrás
@Sam has a BRvid channel i imagine the "custom tools" they're referring to are things like pentalobe/triwing screw drivers for undoing screws on phones or like the logic board removal tool for macbooks. im arrogant enough to think that is precisely what they are talking about and theres nothing special about them other than they're marginally more difficult to find
Sam has a YouTube channel
@Julio Francisco Guillen Oliveira well it was a separate non Apple store, the guy obviously was just as annoyed as we were and understood our frustrations. The way he said it, Apple gives them custom tools and only allows them to repair with those
Julio Francisco Guillen Oliveira
They don't even put effort in the excuses 😂
the.abhiram.r Anos atrás
one time i went to my apple store to replace my iphone and the genius bar employee literally had the back of his iphone shattered and said "you know, it's too expensive to repair it so i might as well just wait for the next one". he didn't even have apple care because it's so expensive. and he repairs iphones for a living.
Hugh Jeffreys
Hugh Jeffreys Anos atrás
I feel like it would of been good to have mentioned the software locks on Apples iPhone, especially since they disable certain functions even when using genuine parts. Overall the video was entertaining and the right to repair issues where well covered.
Glen Nash
Glen Nash Anos atrás
@Koldobika Iñaki Even replacing perfect apple screens with perfect apple screens results in TrueTone being disabled. Ruining your screen quality despite the part being exact.
Defence Bangladesh
Defence Bangladesh Anos atrás
yes saw your swap screen video.
Ziverch Anos atrás
@Koldobika Iñaki hugh Jeffrey made a video on it It’ll be better to watch it It’s called iPhone 12 repair or smth like that
Manish Singh
Manish Singh Anos atrás
@LDTech the point is that there should be repair choices. if anyone want more security they can go to genuine service centre. the person who does not want security choose his preference.
Maxim P
Maxim P Anos atrás
Very true, I share this sentiment.
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper 10 meses atrás
Heard of this guy. First video I've watched. This is the best side or you you tube. I learned a lot and I ain't tech savvy. Good quality content. ☺️
Bound4Earth 8 meses atrás
Forgot to mention, Sony is also a company known to remove features on a device you already own and bought. Add them to the list of trash you should avoid like John Deere, Apple, and Tesla. Or at least be aware of it.
Dubois2.0 Anos atrás
The fundamental issue here as with a lot of stuff nowadays: Tyrants are stripping freedom in the name of safety. Freedom is inherently dangerous and unpredictable. This type of stuff is why I love old cars. I love to fix my own stuff.
Tiago J
Tiago J Anos atrás
BigCorp CEO - "we need to fight right to repair, what do we do?" "It's simple... Make things intentionally unrepairable!"
Cupcakke Freak
Cupcakke Freak Anos atrás
I hope the EU will do something about it and force manufacturers to provide documentation or produce spare parts.
Hunter M
Hunter M 11 meses atrás
I’m glad this has come to light, As a customer since iPhone 3G I am upset to hear about to repair process.
Marco Aurélio Nascimento
Thank you for speaking out about this issue! Super important
Geekdom Entertainment
Geekdom Entertainment 10 meses atrás
Personal experience, I love apple before because of friendly easy to use interface, but the time that I had a problem with my apple phone and pencil and it needs repair, I went to an apple accredited repair shop and they decline to fix my phone and apple pencil, they told me just to buy a new one because they can’t repair it and it’s unrepairable. What?!
Kaido Anos atrás
As an Apple Repair Tech, this is incredibly accurate
Kaido Anos atrás
@Lee Hobbs ya man, it’s not so black and white as you think. I work in the field, we are all good over here 💜
Lee Hobbs
Lee Hobbs Anos atrás
@Kaido the buyer will have 2 options. 1. Get their product repaired by someone who knows what their doing and charges a fair rate. 2. Take it to apple and be told its unrepairable and will have to purchase a new device. ...easy choice. You job is in danger unless apple start offering a real repair service
Matthew Way
Matthew Way Anos atrás
The job would only be in danger if Apple was able to dig into the YT account and had a way to legally fire Alan without making it obvious. We as a society are generally not that far down the road.
Kaido Anos atrás
Ya guys, my job is not in danger yuh degenerates 🤣
Christopher Peery
Christopher Peery Anos atrás
ok liar
aakash datta
aakash datta 10 meses atrás
You can always repair any smartphone or any appliances or product yourself once the manufacturer warranty is over and if you have not paid them for any extended warranty or any care plan, so then since the product is out of warranty any user or consumer can decide whether to repair the product themselves or via third party companies who give you a warranty with the replaced product or replace the product at the company certified service center. All of this totally depends on how much you want to spend on the replacement or repair ( your budget) and the amount risk involved in any of those three methods. As far as Right to repair goes, you just have to wait for the manufacturer warranty to finish, then you can do whatever you want to do with the product, because once the manufacturer warranty is over they legally cannot force you to get the product repaired at their service center. It is then totally the consumer or users choice on how he wants to get his product repaired or replaced.
Drawesometoons Anos atrás
So as I've always experienced it, you can repair your stuff, though the warranty will be done for if you do. Normally its hard to get the proper parts for a repair but if you're handy you can make it work most of the times. Improvisation is the key. I think it is wrong being more of less forced to buy new instead of repair and companies repair services should be more accessible.
Top Tier Tech
Top Tier Tech 10 meses atrás
See but “improvisation” doesn’t work when you’re talking about things like CPUs and charger ports. If you legally can’t get those items then you can’t repair it. The iPhone 13 will disable faceid if you replace the screen. Even if you just swap 2 iPhone 13 screens. They’re serialized to prevent you from doing it yourself
Guardian Gamer
Guardian Gamer Anos atrás
I am glad this topic was brought up. Although a lot more challenges before we settle on a fine balance. But at least we (consumers) got the discussion started 🙂
As they are the most privacy-forward, secure mobile platform, I think Apple being like this is not just to lock out third parties, I think it is to ensure security. You never know what a third party repair person might do. Most may be good, most may just do a good job, but some, might install things that should not be there for any number of nefarious reasons. So, I think it is not about screwing third party repair shops, I think it is more to keep security for the end user & single-party accountability.
oyenic Anos atrás
Worked at the Genius Bar and had to turn down customers over the simplest repairs bc I wasn’t allowed to do it and instead was told to push selling a new phone or I’d get in trouble. I’m so glad you are talking about this.
Scarlet Anos atrás
@StreetJesus Nordic countries have a capitalist system.
Scarlet Anos atrás
@StreetJesus every class in the capitalist country are better off than in the socialist country.
Scarlet Anos atrás
@ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ yet they don't go back. Wonder why...
Dinu Noroc
Dinu Noroc Anos atrás
@ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ old people living in Soviet age are nostalguc of that time because they were young. I am from a ex soviet country, an movet to live in an ex comunist country, and I have relatives and know a lot of people that were young during the comunist years. Majority of them are at least a little nostalgic, but whn asked why, they say that it was better times, but when asket to elaborate, the only better thing is that they were young...
sguttag Anos atrás
Very good video. I would fall on the side of wanting legislation that precludes manufacturers from OEMing parts to the point of exclusion for a vibrant repair market place. I would further want the legislation that guaranties that consumables be changeable (batteries) and that high-probability repairs (cracked screens) to have a design requirement that ensure a fast repair. As for Tesla's claims about user-safety...they are pure BS. People have been modding cars (not just bodies but engine components, on out) since cars have been around. And, people have indeed hurt/killed themselves on their work. So be it. That isn't the manufacturer's responsibility (I wouldn't hold Tesla or any other car company responsible for a user modification. Your example of a speed limit isn't valid because it isn't a restriction of the use of your car. It is a restriction of the use of a PUBLIC road. If you have a private road or can wind your car up as fast as you want. As for printers and counterfeit money, that has its own set of laws and one does not have the right to print money.
Lepi Doptera
Lepi Doptera Anos atrás
A federal judge would invalidate such a law in a day. It doesn't gel with the usual reading of the US Constitution. Tesla's argument is not that you can't modify a Tesla. They are simply telling you that they won't repair your car once you do. That is their right because if they do repair the car after you messed it up, then they become legally responsible for its safety, again. As soon as you touch it, they are off the hook completely. Nor should you want to mess with a car that gets regular software upgrades over the air. The software makes certain assumptions about the car's hardware. If your mod does not fall within the limits of those assumptions, bad things can happen that neither you nor Tesla can predict. This was, of course, never a problem before OTA technology came into play. Whoever changed a non-OTA car the last time could rely on it staying the same that it was at the time of the mod. That's not the case any longer.
RhizaTV 10 meses atrás
I agree with a lot of what you said. Here are my thoughts on the matter. Regarding the hazards of taking things apart; Yes it is "dangerous" to take electrical things apart, especially if it contains large capacitors that can store a lot of current. This is especially important when working on a power supply. The quick fix is having some basic information about electronics and the right tools. A person new to repairing could then read about how to safely discharge large capacitors and then it's perfectly safe to work with (when not plugged in a wall outlet). But here is the beauty of right to repair. If more people were more used to repairing their own equipment, they would share it freely on social media or other online platforms. Books are also a good source when it comes to repairing electrical devices. Tools are very cheap now and a lot of devices use SMD components that are soldered with hot air. It's do-able but takes practice to it yourself. I wish I could repair my own devices easier because I think I already create too much e-waste as things are now. It's so expensive to get parts that it's easier to just buy a new phone and it's sad. My dad's old computer was 25 years old when he retired it, and it was still working at that time. Now you can barely have any electrical device last more than 5 years. It can't be good for the environment. I think it's also up to us to settle with having an older phone model and not the latest tech all the time. The device is still serving a purpose. I dabbled with repairing my own things and sometimes I manage to fix it. I fixed my 10 year old television that was still going strong. I managed to fix it with the help of russian BRvid videos that was translated on the fly and I had enough information to repair my TV to a working state. I eventually replaced it but just repairing it added at least 2 years of it's life span. I took to a communal garbage disposal facility so it's taken apart and exposed of properly in a safely manner. Try to repair things before throwing them away is not only fun, but good for the environment. You are learning a new skill! What's not to love c'mon?!
kamalesh goggi
kamalesh goggi 8 meses atrás
this is so cool! you should make a part 2!
Holphana Scott
Holphana Scott 9 meses atrás
You own things that break down/consumed over time. The creation of software created the need to protect things that don’t explicitly require maintenance. So instead of teaming up the human race and creating a permanent infrastructure of programs we can all share and use to make the world a better place we decided to protect our personal individual interests to sell a product. Good job.
vankyre Anos atrás
Right to Repair protects consumers, discourages monopoly power, helps reduce environmental tech waste, and pretty much gives all of us the chance to fix our properties without getting fleeced by "big tech". I've been following Louis Rossman for years and admire his activism on this issue, and MKBHD did a hell of a job getting the point across. Thank you both for your awesome work!
Luna's Comments
Luna's Comments 10 meses atrás
@Yama Nosu its like saying "in country china we have dictatorship, why not move country then?"
Robert A
Robert A 10 meses atrás
The iPhone 13 series will disable Face ID if you replace the screen at a third party repair specialist.
Markovicsable 10 meses atrás
And yet Apple made iphone 13 impossible to repair by a 3rd party... if you change the display with a swapped display from literally another brand new iphone 13... face id stops working. Face id has literally nothing to do with the display... but our friend Apple, just wrote the face id info to the display, giving a huge middle finger to 3rd party reapir shops. This has nothing to do with tech getting harder to repair, this is a deliberate attempt from Apple to make you have no other choice than to make them the only option to repair your devices... for an unreasonable amount of money... A display costs Applr 60 usd to produce, yet they ask 300 for a repair, idk the repair price for the i13, but you get the idea.
Daniel Hoffarth
Daniel Hoffarth 10 meses atrás
@Bri honestly can't wait until my 2016 MacBook (that I got for free when a customer of mine upgraded) dies. I'm super interested in the framework laptop. Every laptop I see off the shelf just doesn't have the right I/O and the customizability of the framework laptop is so awe inspiring
Fidel Diaz
Fidel Diaz Anos atrás
oh yes thanks marquees someone finally talks about the mess tech is making with the pile of chips trash. I always tried to repair everything first before taking to some technician, just to learn and as a challenge. At first I destroyed everything, then I studied and work repairing computers and printers and you start to see other things like sticker to avoid repairs and get consumer scared to do it or take to a not official repair shop. I think I fixed my last 3 or 4 phones, broken screens, batteries, charger port, audio, etc. Just searching and with youtube videos. We can ask for modular designing too, but al least rights to repair. I think this is a time where things are getting that small that space allow to make things a lot better. Take Imac or Ipads for example with the m1 chip also there is enough space to get things to be upgradable. But they don't want and we need put the word out to become this an important thing to be aware. Thanks for your time you have a great channel and great content. have a great day!
Chinmay Bapat
Chinmay Bapat Anos atrás
Finally a good video! Control = Apple. You won me just with that. Next time don't hype and praise them for every poor and gimmicky thing they do. They don;t do any good for the tech world. Nothing! The charger fiasco being the latest great big harm from Apple to the world!
Monaleenian 5 meses atrás
You already have the right to repair the things that you own. What it sounds like you want is to impose an obligation on others to provide you with products/parts that you want.
Hopelessdecoy 4 meses atrás
I can't wait for R2R tech companies to gain more traction, looking at you FrameWork and Fairphone!!!! So excited, take the market share and my money
The Tez Man
The Tez Man Anos atrás
Got to love how MKBHD is a fan of Apple and Tesla... But, won’t hesitate to call them out on their bull. 👌👌
ryan costello
ryan costello Anos atrás
@Glitching I’ve been jumping back and forth between iOS and Android for years until 2017. I’ve had flagship LG, Samsung, and Xiaomi phones. I dropped them for the XS max when it released. A lot of people talk about apples poor battery life and cheap build, yet fail to note that even the a13 chip made 2 years ago is faster and better with battery consumption than most androids on the market today. And the a14 isn’t even touched in any aspect. And with Apple having stainless steel frames, they’re far more durable than they used to be. Sure ui could be more customizable but at this point, that’s all there is to argue. Samsung sells 1k+ dollar devices and they still don’t tell you if you get a SD888 chipset or an exynos chipset which performs leagues under the SD model. That’s pretty shady in my book.
Aceu Anos atrás
@Imran A.Saeed Yeah
Johnny C.
Johnny C. Anos atrás
Anyone can be a fan of anything when they get paid enough to sponsor it.
Glitching Anos atrás
@B Junk I always buy flagships, and yet always iPhones last longer....but of course if you take good care of your devices, they can live a long time, doesn't matter if it is an ios or an android device
Big Pun
Big Pun 11 meses atrás
Man, I love the intelligence of this without the emotionalism and sensationalism that is all too common these days
Abdous Jh’s
Abdous Jh’s 10 meses atrás
Right to repair is getting harder and harder. You remember when smartphone companies stop making removable batteries.
Top Classic TV
Top Classic TV 9 meses atrás
Thank you MKHD! Now Apple punished you already , you didn’t receive 2021 MacBook Pro before others but you gained more trust and respect that will be productive very soon. Keep beating those greedy corporations
Jaa Maar001
Jaa Maar001 Anos atrás
This is a very good video, they want to have total control on us. When I buy a house, the bank is not involved when I modify it. The thing is I bought it, so I own it!
Philip Hansen
Philip Hansen Anos atrás
This is important work. Big props for Louis and to the tech community for supporting him. We only get one planet.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Anos atrás
@Moritz Klug It was irony. Green as in green dollar bills
Moritz Klug
Moritz Klug Anos atrás
@Axea Tech companies are Green? Wtf?
Axea Anos atrás
First we need the right to repair. Companies are ALREADY very “green”
Classy Days
Classy Days Anos atrás
Another thing that crossed my mind is reverse-engineering. Tesla gets away with making a machine that is unique in its class, and the tech in there is unique to that company. If you can repair it, then you can build a replica, and the ability to do that could be a reason why companies are so restrictive when it comes to repairing stuff. If you think about Apple with their touch displays, that technology would have been unique to them for a long time before others caught up which would have given them a monopoly on those things and they would have always been ahead, but their first iPhone was repairable such that a company like Samsung could replicate the technology and make their own version. I'm pretty sure they were in a court dispute for years over this. So someone like Louis Rossman might want to repair things from a business perspective, but someone more nefarious might use the right to repair to steal a company's hard work and sell it as their own. We see this a lot in China with knockoff versions of everything. I do believe we should have the right to repair things, but it's something worth thinking about.
Sport Bikes Adventures
Sport Bikes Adventures 9 meses atrás
Marques thanks for bringing this subject to your massive audience. This definitively bring more light tot he subject.
Flavor88 Anos atrás
Great topic, well executed! Thnx for brining this to our attention. One more thought on your last point, companies invest so much on great engineers because they want to make everything more integrated, not just for the product to work better, but also to be more complicated to be repaired. I don't see any problem with a phone battery being removable, and can be easily done by the companies, but they give no proper explanation why that can't be done except maybe "waterproofing".
Ms. Chanandler Bong
Ms. Chanandler Bong 6 meses atrás
Except samsung and sony have made waterproof phones before with removable back covers.
Healthy Andrew
Healthy Andrew 5 meses atrás
We own everything including the air we breathe. But the right to repair and other basic human rights needs to be fought for until the enemy never tries again.
TheBankruptSoul Anos atrás
I miss the good old days when you can just replace a phones battery within 20 seconds on your own and it never costed you a bomb.
Shotblur Anos atrás
@Ohne Mehrwert Sonim XP8. Guess what? You can have both.
Kaden Anos atrás
@Ohne Mehrwert you can replace the seal
Someoneelse Anos atrás
@Ohne Mehrwert there was plenty of IP certified phones with replacable batterys, just like professional radio gear, and military equipment, that is NOT an issue at all
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Anos atrás
@Elliot Casciotti are you from the government?
Cin Anos atrás
@Ohne Mehrwert Yeah your phone can be water and dust resistant without every part having glue old sony phones with water resistant plugs are a proof of that
Fara George
Fara George 11 meses atrás
there will always be people who can fix everything you need, no matter how complicated tech will be!!
Roberto Tereshenko
Roberto Tereshenko Anos atrás
I suppose that we have the right to steal as well. The complexity of repairing is breaking the black market of having your phone stolen for a use of spare parts, I never felt so much confident with the shiny new phone, that nobody will try to rob me for, as in the past - getting bullied just for your middle class nokia. To decrease carbon waste, and improve repairability - responsibility of the big companies need to be increased from 1 year of warranty to at least 3 or 5 years for logic circuits and batteries. Prices for repair need to be reduced to a lowest as possible, as companies make their earnings from the services more and more, rather from the old good devices that are still runs perfectly, and not need to be renewed.
Monis Ateeque
Monis Ateeque 10 meses atrás
Thats the reason why 'Framework' laptops make so much sense. We should support companies like Framework who go an extra mile to ensure easy upgrade and repairability in their product.
Cuckoo-Clock Heart
Cuckoo-Clock Heart 10 meses atrás
I support this I want to confidentiality go to a repair shop and know they can get the same components as the company I got the phone from to repair it. Personally I will always send it to the manufacturer for that piece of mind but let the people choose.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Anos atrás
I love this and everyone who supports Right to Repair. As a store owner and technician, I'm able to feed my kids along with giving them a roof over their heads and most importantly happy customers! I pride myself in the repairs we provide and the support we offer. Seeing huge BRvidrs and fellow nerds unite makes my heart warm. Thanks MKBHD
C H E S A R E G Anos atrás
@The Presence solo’s ya favorite verse it’s just the flex cable which is broken
The Presence solo’s ya favorite verse
@C H E S A R E G I doubt face ID is repairable as each Face ID setup is callibrated specifically for that phone, Something similar like Touch ID. Unless u haven't replaced ur screen u cant repair face ID
C H E S A R E G Anos atrás
bro can you repair my Face ID? :(
The Presence solo’s ya favorite verse
U guys are G.O.A.T.S and deserve all the love, respect and praise y'all get and even more. Keep doing what y'all love and be great at it, I *seriously* respect people like Y'all🙏🔥
aiz toh
aiz toh Anos atrás
As a beginner at being a phone enthusiasts. I agree! not really into the software side of it, I'm only knowing the hardware, software experience, specs. I'm also going for laptops, earpods and other accessories.
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