What is Lord Tachanka? The Conflict Behind Rainbow Six Siege's Most Broken Operator

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Meme characters are mechanically broken, community driven jokes typically selected only in poor taste. But the joke is usually inconsequential, short-lived, and destined to fade into obscurity.
In Rainbow Six Siege, one such character has refused to accept this fate and ironically - through his perceived uselessness - has risen as a wildly popular, cult figure within the game’s community.
Written & Hosted by Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)
Co-written & Edited by Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)
Interviews by Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

Footage and Image courtesies:
Infiltration vs. PR Balrog Hakan SFIV - Hakan clip
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Crowd reaction to Hakan pick
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Galio Champion Spotlight
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Тачанка (Tachanka)
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Tachanka Operator video
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Tachanka Turret Fail
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Rainbow Six Siege Accolade trailer
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Tachanka ambushed clip
Courtesy: Ahhkk
MicrowaveGaming Lord Chanka clip
Courtesy: MicrowaveGaming
"You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa!" Live
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Joey Chestnut @ 2018 Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest
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"It's a trap!" Star Wars clip
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Operation Red Crow stream clip
Dinner for Shmuck's Laughing scene
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MISTAKES WERE MADE (The Lord doesn't make mistakes) clip
Courtesy: J1gsawen
Tachanka being taken out by Shield Recruit clip:
Courtesy: Philip Poulsen
All R6: Siege graphical assets courtesy of Ubisoft
Chase Mason's YT channel:

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Comentários 80
Boihotdogs Mate
Boihotdogs Mate 5 horas atrás
Tachanka: *Pulls out his MG out of his Deployment* Everyone Else: *our lord has risen*
dederzo 7 horas atrás
Give tachanka a horse
Tewks 16 horas atrás
Tchanka is getting a rework Y5 S3 with a incendiary grande launcher and a removable lmg turret
peta 22 horas atrás
the lord has returned
AlphaDog 104
AlphaDog 104 Dia atrás
Give the lmg high explosive rounds
The Blackbeard skit at the end was strange considering one of them is an attack op and ones a defense op....
Korbin Richard
Korbin Richard Dia atrás
I main him
Xandro Banasig
Xandro Banasig Dia atrás
For me I'm the only one that uses Tachanka cause the I use statistics
Kristian Nerland
Kristian Nerland Dia atrás
Im not that experienced whit tachanka but i got 12 hours on him an got multiple Aces whit him on matches where i was last one standing
SeRa Destin
SeRa Destin 3 dias atrás
Clone the Opperator, leave the original as it is and name it "Lord Tachanka" Make adjustments to the clone and call it "Serious 'Chanka". Done. Meme is still alive and Tachanka can move into a new place with some actual viable gameplay without upsetting aprox' half of the community.
Bones 3 dias atrás
It probably would be good if tachanka can pick the lmg up an carry it around but it would have a stationary form or just give it shoping cart wheels :)
Bones 3 dias atrás
I live under a rock but if tachanka was given a rework let me know
wingzero7X 4 dias atrás
the funny thing is i just started playing and first guy i unlocked was tachankykang, and i was able to get him to work great. lmg included. howevever i see the balance issues
Sans 5 dias atrás
They should give him a small turret that fires automatically when it detects an enemy. but it does only like 2 damage a bullet so its not op
Shocard 007
Shocard 007 5 dias atrás
“How do you change a character without disappointing the community?” Ubisoft: Make tachanka’s LMG his primary weapon and add an elite to the Lord
eF CodeMari
eF CodeMari 5 dias atrás
I swear if they remove lord's turret I quit siege
Ghost 5 dias atrás
I want to see a red headed up thats a dude
mvgamz 6 dias atrás
He needs to be able to carry his turret like the syche In bo4 and when he pulls it out he yell lord is coming
Binaryshark5 6 dias atrás
I know he is bad, but I get a consistent 3 kills when ever I play him, and I have gotten aces with him.
arve_h 7 dias atrás
give him 2 modes, one where he has turret, one with rework.
Flip Flop96
Flip Flop96 7 dias atrás
[ZZ]Zebra Zucchini
[ZZ]Zebra Zucchini 7 dias atrás
Lego TIE Fighter Pilot
Tachanka isn't bad you just need to know how to play him contact me for free tachanka lessons only on pc
Michael Wood
Michael Wood 7 dias atrás
he needs tobe able to shoot through shields
Karen took The kids
Karen took The kids 7 dias atrás
Yeet Boiz
Yeet Boiz 7 dias atrás
Nerf him
Bruce Anele
Bruce Anele 7 dias atrás
Ah yes! French developers ruinning everysingle game they put their hands on as usual
alex golberg
alex golberg 8 dias atrás
The lord NEEDS an elite skin
Black Ops
Black Ops 8 dias atrás
I’m a tachanca main
Mason Leedy
Mason Leedy 9 dias atrás
Now hear me out...what if they made it so his turret was still deployable and it would reduce his recoil ALONG with being able to be a mobile lmg
Kyan Stanley
Kyan Stanley 9 dias atrás
Reqzr 10 dias atrás
The lord is going to ascend to total glory with his new buff.
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce 11 dias atrás
They should give him a shirtless elite skin where he is wearing a modified helmet that has a crown on it. Then they can do whatever they want with buffing him because the meme will be cemented forever
Dijital Şafak
Dijital Şafak 11 dias atrás
İmagine do a spawnpeek with Tachanka Rework
RCL 12 dias atrás
Shadow Gamerz
Shadow Gamerz 12 dias atrás
When the rework makes him a little more bad "Even gods can fall"
Skull Bardics
Skull Bardics 12 dias atrás
Do not disrespect the messiah
Gergő Bajdó
Gergő Bajdó 12 dias atrás
I love the shoot through shields idea
owen harrison productions
Give him a horse drawn cart
Berkan Ranjbari
Berkan Ranjbari 12 dias atrás
They should have it so his gadget is the tri pod and have the lmg as his primary but with bad recoil so you can decide to put the tri pod down and lower the recoil or keep the lmg how it is and roam around
Jaden Neugin
Jaden Neugin 13 dias atrás
Most broken op? Isnt that Ash?
Anime fan 2020
Anime fan 2020 13 dias atrás
I decided to never unlock tachanka but then I gave him a chance and then I turned into a tachanka main
XP GAMING 13 dias atrás
So were gonna ignore fuzes inability to keep the hostage alive? 🤣
N8Da Gr8
N8Da Gr8 14 dias atrás
How do you buff a god
N8Da Gr8
N8Da Gr8 14 dias atrás
Also tachanka is so powerful because how stupid he is
Brian Selley
Brian Selley 15 dias atrás
It’s ok my lord we still love you my lord they will pay
lone wolf
lone wolf 15 dias atrás
Most broken 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 do you guys never look how fast ash runs 1st 4 speed operator and they nerf other operators to 2 speed from 3 everyone EXCEPT ash. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Forgot: also only operator with 3 elite skins.
philyfighter4 16 dias atrás
just give him the turret as his primary, and make his gadget a bipod where he can place his lmg on any surface, and place a upper body shield on it.then you have mobility and both upper and lower cover
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson 16 dias atrás
does this remind anyone else pf torbjorn from overwatch?
L.Y.Y13 Gaming
L.Y.Y13 Gaming 16 dias atrás
Can Y'all make 2 Tachanka 1.Tachanka Da Lord 2.Kingchanka or Tachanka
Hunter Ingerson
Hunter Ingerson 16 dias atrás
They should simply evolve the game itself by adding a gadget changing feature in loudout. You can select the lord with his deplorable lmg that can shoot through shields, or you can select a 3 speed mad man who can survive a headshot with 50 hp, it’s not like r6 doesn’t need to evolve, some of the fanbase is sadly dying, and a huge change before the fanbase truely dies would not only bolster the meme and fix the game, but invigorate people to try out the new and improved “lord” as well as pave a new option for future operators and add in a possible balancing feature for future screw ups so Ubisoft has a buff strategy to fall back on
Thatsphyre 16 dias atrás
The mic when he said omg mounted and loaded
[CORRUPTED] Project 17 dias atrás
Where's Lord Tachanka's elite?
Cal Krool 8e4
Cal Krool 8e4 18 dias atrás
He should shoot through shields
im the real fish !
im the real fish ! 18 dias atrás
Finally someone acknowledging microwave for creating the biggest meme in siege
Kageki _2265
Kageki _2265 18 dias atrás
Easy, just add wheels to his gun’s tripod
Wailing Pen2
Wailing Pen2 18 dias atrás
The Zombie King
The Zombie King 18 dias atrás
been two years since this game and tachanka is still our lord and savior
トレーサーfarish_ 18 dias atrás
bruhhh...fucking molotov-fire launcher
Kermit sewerside
Kermit sewerside 18 dias atrás
Wait can't they just give the turret wheels?
The Rev
The Rev 18 dias atrás
Don’t disrespect the lord
Yolo Swag
Yolo Swag 19 dias atrás
Give tachanka a scooter and make him put his turret on it and make him put a radio and a when you activate the radio it puts crazy bones riding when there is a ash in the attacking team and a tachanka on the defender team her hitbox shall increase of 50% or she switch teams
Tarcísio Lemos Barros
Tarcísio Lemos Barros 19 dias atrás
Welcome my sons to the new Rainbow Six Siege religion THE TACHANKANISMO
Minecraft 4 Life
Minecraft 4 Life 20 dias atrás
Basically everybody: "Buff tachanka!" Ubisoft: "Tachanka doesn't need a deployable shield!!!"
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 21 dia atrás
Rework: make tachanka’s turret have a bubble around it that has 1k hp and make it motorized but it makes no sound and moves at the speed of a 3 speed
Murgu Talent
Murgu Talent 21 dia atrás
ThIs MiGhT sOuNd BaDaSs, BuT iN pRacTiCe... Me clutich a 1v5 with his mounted LMG -No sign of intelligence life
Ryde Mk
Ryde Mk 21 dia atrás
And they just nerfed him
STALKER Entertainment
STALKER Entertainment 21 dia atrás
Now he is like his historical counterpart...
Merike Thanos
Merike Thanos 22 dias atrás
3.47 castle and pulse are biig oofs
pornelius hubert
pornelius hubert 22 dias atrás
r6 bad omegalul
Asdf 23 dias atrás
It’s a really dead meme. Come on just let him Rest In Peace
MIGUEL RUIZ 23 dias atrás
Ouch my fellow kapkan mains are hurt 3:50
Brody Roberts
Brody Roberts 24 dias atrás
Everyone here already knows that tachanka is our lord we just wanted to see what they have to say😂
Pacifist 24 dias atrás
He needs a remote controlled turret
Aiden Kirin
Aiden Kirin 24 dias atrás
Jordan Kelly
Jordan Kelly 24 dias atrás
Legitimately only have 2 aces in my 4 months of siege and i got them with tachanka just because his turret and the sausage are the best thing in the game
deadhunt -_-
deadhunt -_- 25 dias atrás
Tachanka without buff: God Tachanka with buff: God+
Ander Murguia
Ander Murguia 25 dias atrás
If you haven’t gotten a kill spawn peeking with tachanka, you haven’t lived
Hotshotlevi 25
Hotshotlevi 25 25 dias atrás
Stavros Maxairas
Stavros Maxairas 25 dias atrás
Here is the answer god
Deeng000 26 dias atrás
9:25 that's actually a really good idea
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