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One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
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23 Mar 2019



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Comentários 6 589
Coolboy 99
Coolboy 99 22 minutos atrás
since I am a berserk fan I can only say: It could be MUCH worse
Kaylee Gaffney
Kaylee Gaffney 4 horas atrás
Thanks for ruining the show for me
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas 5 horas atrás
So far the first two ep of second season are fucking awesome.
Armathyx 6 horas atrás
I really don't see the difference... both look like anime to me :|
bertilkarlsson Thysell
bertilkarlsson Thysell 7 horas atrás
dhe new season is wa better
Christopher Horn
Christopher Horn 10 horas atrás
Funny the anime is trash why did they not go back to the original studio VIZ is retarded.
NepalCode TV
NepalCode TV 10 horas atrás
only in this anime i wanna see the flash back from season 1, manga was better than season 2
Zeul 11 horas atrás
Genos got downgraded as fuck
Cov Fefe
Cov Fefe 11 horas atrás
J.C staff made opm 2 start a bit underwhelming especially the fighting scenes with still images with vibrating camera combo and with pretty inconsistent action scenes and even the movement of the characters feel bland and clunky when having a conversation. I just hope the anime gets better in the upcoming episodes, well atleast we got s2 rather than no s2.
Robert Coffey
Robert Coffey 12 horas atrás
The manga is better. It is worse to do something badly than not at all.
Adrian Morales-Pitre
Adrian Morales-Pitre 13 horas atrás
Or you can go to mangahub and read it for free
beck1g 13 horas atrás
The anime is animated good enough wtf u want u fukin weebs, yeah it's not good like madhouse. But holy shit guys why u all need to be retarded..
Ronald Domholdt
Ronald Domholdt 14 horas atrás
As a fellow creator of an animated show, yes Bill Burr probably will probably care. Dude... come on, I know it’s not what you were going for but he’s got a Netflix animated show.
Disappointed Prion
Disappointed Prion 14 horas atrás
Did you just mention the satirical series with the absolute worst fanbase among all? -Now that I say that, people are going to tell me that's wrong.-
qmanzo 14 horas atrás
Mil I. I'Méraj
Mil I. I'Méraj 15 horas atrás
It`s really bad. As others mentioned the animation is really of, but what bugs me the most and what doesn`t give it the OPM vibes we`ve been so used to is the voices and their emotions. In season 1 Saitama and other characters sounded always on point. The tones of the voices always changed depending on the situation, they were so full of live and the characters expressed themselves perfectly so it fits together. It was always a beautiful interplay between visuals and sound. I mean even when you looked away and you wouldn`t be able too understand Japanese, you knew exactly what was going on. It made especially funny scences and serious situations so awesome. Now, I really can`t laugh about the, supposed to be, funny/serious scences(...and everything in between) in season 2. The moment it tries to be funny, Saitama and other characters sound liveless, boring and just off. It doesn`t have the feel and pep to it, it used to have. What a shame.
DrMagus5 19 horas atrás
One panch 2 boring not funny and horrible animation respect madhouse. This is when you don't pay who produce things. I hate who don't pay workers and do budget things.
Da-Ja's Quality Crap
Da-Ja's Quality Crap 19 horas atrás
To be fair, what's happened here is we've shifted from an incredible studio to a pretty good studio. Maybe we were wrong to start so obscenely strong with One Punch Man, but then we definitely wouldn't be here today.
BlackBloodead 12 horas atrás
+Da-Ja's Quality Crap i dont compare it to madhouse becouse of how good of an animation stodio they are.
Da-Ja's Quality Crap
Da-Ja's Quality Crap 12 horas atrás
+BlackBloodead And we have to compare it to Madhouse nonetheless. Trying times.
BlackBloodead 13 horas atrás
A "pretty good".what are u talking about, one punch man season 2 isnt just bad for one punch man standards, its bad for anime standards.
Psychic Hoodlem
Psychic Hoodlem 21 hora atrás
I just watched 10 minutes of the first episode. I’m drinking to forget
Demonistar 20 horas atrás
Second episode shows even more issues....good luck it's gonna be a rough ride
YoYoSaW1 22 horas atrás
Honestly, the manga is great. If you guys were waiting for the anime for season 2 for this many years, just read the manga. You'll most likely like it better than watching the new season.
Zero 01111010
Zero 01111010 22 horas atrás
Dragon Ball Super isn't a fair comparison established massively internationally recognized anime will always do really really well. Especially since the animation improved massively over time.
Kryptonite Effect
Kryptonite Effect 22 horas atrás
Animation isn't everything. Did you say that specifically? No. However, everyone seems to be focusing on saying that the animation is most important above all other aspects of anime. I think that we can all come to agree that amongst the cool emphasis and exaggeration of action scenes, facial expressions and movement, the story, comedy and embedded life messages connect to audiences successfully which I loved that you mentioned later on. All in all, the animation isn't BAD. Obviously, it isn't animated the same way it was in Season 1, but what has seemed to carry over is the subtle comedy and messages which is still admirable enough to enjoy, regardless of the new animation style. It all comes down to what the viewer prioritises to be the most interesting and attention grabbing area of production. The appearance of something or someone isn't all of what they have to "offer." If you dislike only the animation but love everything else about Season 2, bet 💭. If you're turning away from the anime because of how it looks, compare that to someone deciding whether or not they want to become acquainted with you purely based upon your appearance. You, yourself, know that there is more to you than just your appearance but how can people know the interesting things about you if all they know about you is how you look. It's a sad reality and could be a personal experience for some, but true and relevant to how people are viewing Season 2 of this great anime. Even so, you know what I mean. I didn't want to be cliché by saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," because how many times have we all heard that already, but want I want to say is, just enjoy without picking it apart to portray it's "weaknesses" 💭💭💭
EBando 23 horas atrás
Episode 2’s art definitely looked better
Gallows of Ghent, a Video Gaming Channel
what a bunch of bloviating ass-pulls release some hot take 20 days before the new season airs new season hits and it's good not nearly Berserk 2016 levels of bad not even remotely close not in a million billion years but at least you made a needlessly long tweet in the form of a youtube video about how "it's totally really bad, i swear" "fall from a grace", what a load of horseshit at least have the balls to respond to your own inane ramblings and do an update saying "nvm" blows my mind
Osduard Uchiha!
Osduard Uchiha! Dia atrás
Wryly_Erratic_ Quality
Aw come on, support the artists, don't discourage them 😟...
Re: Kemono Friends 2, you can tell that they tried really hard to recapture S1's success with some really neat ideas but ended up getting super duper demoralized. By the end they just kind of burned it all to the ground, which is really really sad. Some people did enjoy it even then, so good for them i guess. Meanwhile Yorozuya's Kemurikusa started out kinda bad and ended up being something really unique and fascinating by the end.
wilberkiller424 Dia atrás
You're a fucking asshole dude seriously wtf? You spoiled it with "saitama died on his way home"
Shazam Strongest Human Superheroe!
So now that the series is on Hulu....what do you think? It look great and is heading in a good direction.
armdogg30 Dia atrás
I like it. I'll keep watching
FerroD Gmng
FerroD Gmng Dia atrás
Guys, second season is fucking awesome
Dh Tj
Dh Tj Dia atrás
Watch ep 2 looked great, rewatch s1 wow overrated
chinggis layfon
chinggis layfon Dia atrás
It is not the trailers fault if you read the manga first 12 episode anime had most interesting stuff already shown from the manga so after that it is kind a takes it slow and that is why i think second season has some but does not contain that much awesomeness in it....but if you read whole manga i assure you it is lit and funny but sorry to disappoint you most amazing thing about the show ends at 12th episode of the anime. Context : Comes from a guy who cried at end of 2nd episode of boku no hero academia, last episode of Code Geass second season.
Zyro Dia atrás
Nothing to worry about. The op is officially kick ass, and the first two episodes are legitimately awesome
Demonistar 20 horas atrás
+Osduard Uchiha! I don't think we are watching the same show then....take the Genos vs Sonic scene from season 2 and compare it to ANY scene from the original season and you will immediately realize how poorly done and lazy it feels :l
Osduard Uchiha!
Osduard Uchiha! Dia atrás
ItoSaga Dia atrás
God hopefully season 3 they change the artstyle immediately i love One Punch Man because of the Whacky, Hyper Speed, Colorful Fight scene guess i'll watch this for the plot
MUI Goku Black
MUI Goku Black 3 horas atrás
Ikr, the hyper speed is the best, and when they turn "blury" while moving fast is jusy satisfiying to me
A_creator's stuff
"only has 1 season"... not really... there is a special season and a ova too
Bob Malone
Bob Malone Dia atrás
Oh boy, judging what the entire anime will be like on a single bad trailer sure is fun.
Demonistar 20 horas atrás
And yet, two episodes later and it's still a mindblowingly disappointing downgrade from the first season
Animesh Sharma
Animesh Sharma Dia atrás
Season 2 plot is outstanding , but the animation is disappointing .
Garucca lover
Garucca lover Dia atrás
i mean we all know animation is difficult, but they could have us waited to have got more quality ;-; i mean attack on titan took *4 years* but it still is being talked about :'00
Rob Vel
Rob Vel Dia atrás
Episode 1 of season 2 was ok for an anime but trash for opm. Episode 2 was....
*just watched episode 2* Well guys, put it with the Franxx videos! We got ourselves another MB Fail.
KnightofChaosDeck 6 horas atrás
Ignoring the Fubuki action, the Sonic action, the Genos action- So basically if I banged my head against a wall for 80% of the episode, then you'd be right.
Demonistar 20 horas atrás
Are you saying it's good? Because the animation was nothing above average for a harem show with some action in other words it was a lot of still frames and explaining what they did without having to show was bad and a sore disappointment
Lee Suo
Lee Suo Dia atrás
Instead of One Punch Man Season 2 we got One Frame Man. Awesome!
Gabriel Cloutier
Gabriel Cloutier Dia atrás
fuck off, Saitama for the win.
Writing Knights
Writing Knights Dia atrás
Am I the only one who is digging Season 2? I found it engaging so far and am eager for ep 3.
Fox Nike
Fox Nike 17 horas atrás
+Joshua Williams That's pretty great for you, too. Okay, okay, okay... I admit. I'm being very ungrateful here. We should enjoy what we have. We can't change fate. Idk though I might or might not watch it
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 17 horas atrás
Fox Nike I’ve read the manga and the webcomic and have watched the first season more then a couple times and yet I am still liking this season.
Writing Knights
Writing Knights Dia atrás
+Fox Nike I am hoping enough people can appreciate the story and we get a season 3. You especially! :)
Fox Nike
Fox Nike Dia atrás
+Writing Knights That's great for you :)
Writing Knights
Writing Knights Dia atrás
+Fox Nike I have always dug the story more than the animation and that's bang on.
CCCXXV Dia atrás
The manga is way better. i feel bad for Yusuke Murata because his style and art-work its outstanding but this new season of One Powerpoint Man doesnt show the masterpiece this shonen really is.
Batmeme Dia atrás
Boi, Im gonna insult does animators until they'll commit suicide
ProOhyeah Hunter
ProOhyeah Hunter Dia atrás
Boi fucc you bitc
kieran smith
kieran smith Dia atrás
alright, I take it back. season 2 sucks. I tried definding it, it's bad. they're all just still images slowly dragging down or up
Alienxxss 16 horas atrás
+kieran smith hmmm ok
kieran smith
kieran smith 16 horas atrás
+Alienxxss like when I make BRvid videos and want to do a kind of jokey image thing I'll put a png over what I'm doing and line it up with my hand or something, so it kind of looks like I'm moving it, but not really. And they do literally the exact same thing just cartoon background
kieran smith
kieran smith 16 horas atrás
+Alienxxss lmao yeah, but these are more like animatics than animations. Like one actual new frame every 3-10 seconds and then it slowly drags the image to kind of simulate movement
Alienxxss 17 horas atrás
Isn't that what animation is
BandzzMan 2 dias atrás
Jaxzon _ 98
Jaxzon _ 98 2 dias atrás
I don't think season 2 is bad, it isn't as good as the first season, but im still gonna watch it every week.
Primal Cry
Primal Cry 2 dias atrás
Why do people have to hate on everything they changed the animation studio so it’s going to be a bit different than what we’re used to it’s not bad just different so stop hating
ACRBARF 2 2 dias atrás
I mean the second season so far is going fine, but okay
Boyan Zhang
Boyan Zhang 2 dias atrás
episode 2 is out, and it's really bad, RIP One Punch man
Boyan Zhang
Boyan Zhang 13 horas atrás
+TravelPhilippines BeautifulPH I do agree, and I want my dynamic fight scene back
TravelPhilippines BeautifulPH
Its so bad. Off timing with background music and bad jokes. So much image panning so much you call it good animation. Dull. And ruined all the best scenes in the episode.
Boyan Zhang
Boyan Zhang Dia atrás
+Levi van es glad you do.
Levi van es
Levi van es Dia atrás
I liked it
eggsmash Dia atrás
+Israel Parker Please dont. Its offputting enough to turn anime only's into Manga Readers its THAT bad😂
eric planting
eric planting 2 dias atrás
watched 2 eps of the new season... they seem to have switched out voice actors and they seem to have gone with a more cost effective method of animation where they just animated the manga as keyframes and promptly neglected to edit and make things more physics related... There just isn't the same energy as the first season
Da-Ja's Quality Crap
Da-Ja's Quality Crap 19 horas atrás
Which is disappointing for me because Garou in the manga has been a fucking engine and if season 2 had been made a year or 2 later under Madhouse what we could've expected was basically following human Boros for an entire arc.
Frog God
Frog God 2 dias atrás
This feels a little weird. One thing I will say, seeing the first two episodes I think the bad trailer might be a mix of bad editing and unwillingness to show the majority of the show. As someone who hasn’t read the manga, I assume shit will hit the fan at some point, and it may both be spoilers in the plot and spoilers for the animation. Also, I think a little of the animation was unfinished? Some of the animation looked different from the episodes.
Austin Powers
Austin Powers 2 dias atrás
One punch man season 1 was amazing
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 2 dias atrás
Three and a half long years and we come back to this... sigh
Deus 2 dias atrás
watched episode 2, going to erase my memory and switch to manga for some reason i dont remember. wait a minute
N Z 14 horas atrás
Indeed. I knew I was done when I saw Tatsumaki bending spoons. The manga panel gave a powerful feeling. The anime felt cheap with no emotion, what so ever.
Catman 16 horas atrás
I know how you feel bro ... the disappointment is strong with this one!
FrillySquilly 2 dias atrás
I love the new season, it's a bit darker but I believe that the more core animations being more realistic makes the lovable protagonist even more relatable in his normal everyday character
Pyro Cyanide
Pyro Cyanide 2 dias atrás
Just read the manga. The story is still worth your time.
The Drunk Mercenary
The Drunk Mercenary 2 dias atrás
Who cares be thankful it's here they could have not gave us anything plus you think this is bad you guys obviously haven't seen berserk the series go watch that then come back and say this anime is worse than that
Daren K
Daren K 2 dias atrás
I will watch Season 2 and build my opinion once its over. If DBS has teached us anything then its dont judge too early
Nothing 2 dias atrás
Nothing 2 dias atrás
Who would have thought that a completely different shitty studio is gonna do a shitty job
majones117 3 dias atrás
I'm glad I'm an extremely casual anime fan, cause I can't see anything wrong in the animation. If this was a Hollywood movie though, I could pick it apart nonstop
greenpotato 3 dias atrás
I was kinda fine with how saitama looked, because they kept his original face. But....genos... i felt so bad for my boy he didnt deserve that kind of animation :( anyway *_yaaaaasssss_* _sonic my ninja boi_
kage432 3 dias atrás
What the fuck is this outrage?..
Max Maz
Max Maz 3 dias atrás
ur so bad get some help
Kyesito 3 dias atrás
When i saw the trailer I genuinely thought it was a bad fan animation..
Akai Kiseki
Akai Kiseki 3 dias atrás
Meh, we can always hope that the BR version will be better. Will still watch it when it airs ofc c: Fubuki da bae.
SnowToad 3 dias atrás
I watched the first episode and I wasn’t impressed, I did t over analyze it into why I just felt it was ‘meh’ then BRvid recommended me this video and now I understand why.
Bluejack 22
Bluejack 22 3 dias atrás
What's the history with J.C Staff
Nicholas Termignon
Nicholas Termignon 3 dias atrás
so the guy who made cowboy bebop made op ssn1
daniel palos torres
daniel palos torres 4 dias atrás
Dude there's just one episode on air, just shut the fuck up and wait till you see the final cut
BlueSleeper86 4 dias atrás
"Saitama just flies off the building he's sitting in" I thought he was supposed to fly. That was a jump animation? Oh....
M.yunus Varu
M.yunus Varu 4 dias atrás
If Jc staff blew the budge is because they spent time on that stupid shading and that shinny body
M.yunus Varu
M.yunus Varu 4 dias atrás
Episode 1 season 2 half of the scenes are nothing but panning shots. Overshading. Deformed saitama’s head
Garucca lover
Garucca lover Dia atrás
and when he "defeated" the monster in King's Apartment it was just cut and just pulled a whim and said "oh he defeated him already,didnt see i did u? its because he's strong that u cant see it haahahah"
Blink Animations and Art
The problem with criticizing the animation only is that the writing is the most important part.
Excludos 2 dias atrás
The writing is already done tho, it's a manga adaptation after all, so we know that part is going to be good. So animation, directing and voice acting is the only thing we have left to judge a studio by. The animation is noticeably worse, the characters somehow don't sound like themselves despite having the same voice actors, and the directing is off. I'm still going to watch it, it's far from the worst anime ever, but it's a bit of a letdown after season 1
Martin Sordyl
Martin Sordyl 4 dias atrás
Makoto Shinkai. I just love his storytelling, the way he portrayes emotions and iof course the art. I think many of us can agree on, that he made and makes one of the most beatifull anime movies/shortfilms ever.
DrawingManiacSterben 4 dias atrás
lets start public collection for remaster editon! whatever it takes
Honk Honk
Honk Honk 4 dias atrás
The first episode is great, I bet you feel like a silly little twat for crying so much about it.
Alexander 5 dias atrás
We've really accepted mediocrity at this point people will sadly still continue watching it
takeshii 5 dias atrás
I couldnt tell the difference. There are whole episodes in season 1 where the animation looks bad, thats just how it is if you are trying to save money to make the really important fights look good.
Sr. Salsa
Sr. Salsa 5 dias atrás
Its too early too judge the animation, its only been one episode, its not berserk 2016-2017
Pablo Chavez
Pablo Chavez 5 dias atrás
So sad. The animation is what made a great anime special. The writing will still be entertaining but it won’t have that animation to elevated it to being S class anime.
Revo Ambadar
Revo Ambadar 5 dias atrás
one of the JCstaff's guy on 9gag admitted that it was a rushed job, due to the timetable. no wonder its sucked. but let us see on next wednesday (tuesday for the japanese) whether the quality and the animation got improved or not.
Sake Bobombs
Sake Bobombs 5 dias atrás
OPM 2nd season the Anthem of anime
ThePOKOkitty 5 dias atrás
You fucking weaponized autists have no idea how the webcomic was, do you, you spoiled babies? Animation isn't what made the webcomic a huge blast. You are lost.
White Reaper
White Reaper 5 dias atrás
what if one punch man season 2 is about the failure of the hero association because of how they accepted king for no reason
James Reisch
James Reisch 5 dias atrás
I didn't notice the difference. Starting to understand why I failed animation 😂
mark 5 dias atrás
*Even the manga has better animation* Jokes aside, I think season 2 looks decent, they fixed the Rocket Punch scene, the pacing was done well, overall not too bad. People at JC Staff are trying their best so don't criticize them, they are human too. All the scenes from the trailer is from episode 1, so I'm looking forward for episode 2, do your best JC Staff !
padard 5 dias atrás
You guys are way too spoiled. The animation is decent.
Tahu Nuva
Tahu Nuva 6 dias atrás
This is almost *exactly* what happened to Steins;Gate 0. The original team moves on, leaving a sub-par director to slap together what's essentially a cash-in. The result is/will be a bog standard anime affair with hints of something greater hidden beneath the layers of not giving a shit.
Bakyura 6 dias atrás
Index 3 fans be like: first time?
Doubtcent 6 dias atrás
Story-wise, it was standard one punch. Animation-wise? Sucked. Big time. Probably the worst animation I’ve seen in a while. And to anyone still in support of it because “it could’ve been worse” didn’t see the same train wreck I saw. Every example there is of cheap animation was there, from quick cuts to obscure angles... heck, the expressions were at most cycles of 3 frames. What’s worse is that even mediocre animation looks better than this. Obviously I wasn’t expecting the 100% standard of season one. I would have accepted 50%. But somehow this season went as cheap as it could possibly get. And for those still in the disagreement, tell me one moment of this episode where there was semblance of smooth animation, one that isn’t quick cut or zoomed out or implied outside of the frame or was just a still image with hints of motion. It’s not wrong to complain about a bad product. In fact it’s better to give honest feedback so that the industry can learn to better itself. If a series is bad because of poor scheduling or work conditions, then we need to say so and explain that we can wait for a better product instead of cutting necessary corners.
derMemory 3 dias atrás
Worse animation you’ve seen in a while? What in the fuck?
Fallen Sun
Fallen Sun 5 dias atrás
what a cry babies
KLICK KAN KAP 6 dias atrás
Doubtcent keep crying virgin weeb
Alexander Marshall
Alexander Marshall 6 dias atrás
its fine i like it
FasztNFoorious 6 dias atrás
Sigh...Of course people are gonna shit on this (just stfu and enjoy the story,not the visuals)
BeautyIncarnate [Lukas]
So uh,after watching the first episode I honestly just have to say,I dont think its that bad? Its totally watchable and Ill watch it over reading the manga any day thank you.
bayabasss 11 horas atrás
>>never read the manga thats the problem. if you haven't seen how amazing the art in the manga was. you'd probably not be complaining how bad season 2 is compared to the the art in manga
Demonistar 20 horas atrás
While I don't disagree being complacent with things like this just because it's "watchable" is a problem there is next to no reason season two shouldn't be held up to season 1s standards and in that regard this season is a flop
kevchangu 4 dias atrás
Right. I said the same thing. From watching the recap of S1, I see that the quality has dropped in comparison, but it's really good!
LetsStayUnnamed 6 dias atrás
it's cause they only wanted to put clips from episode 1 in the trailer
LetsStayUnnamed 4 dias atrás
+Fallen Sun the trailer only includes clips from episode one, and a very small clip at the end which is from episode 2. but the trailer for season 1 showed some of the best parts of the whole season.
Fallen Sun
Fallen Sun 5 dias atrás
Stephen Kankam
Stephen Kankam 6 dias atrás
When the manga has better animation than the anime.
Fallen Sun
Fallen Sun 5 dias atrás
shtu up minecraft bois
Eimeneh Sannie
Eimeneh Sannie 7 dias atrás
I'd rather wait 3 years more tbh why you fucking up one of my favourite anime
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