What is Happening to One Punch Man?

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One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
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23 Mar 2019

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Comentários 6 442
genocide Dia atrás
i bet if the first season didnt have as good animation as it did then season 2 wouldnt get much hate....
genocide Dia atrás
lets be real here the animation isnt actually bad BUTTT but we as fans expect more from the new season because the old one was one of the best animmations in anime if not the best wait no but still if the season 1 wasnt made good quality thennnn noone would be complaining right?
DBOMB YO Dia atrás
genocide agreed
Evil BanKai
Evil BanKai Dia atrás
i think always story comes first however the animation is also very important to convey the story as best as possible. its a very delicate conbination
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez 2 dias atrás
One punch man season 2 is alright at best it seems soooo lazy now.
Dia Sonenclar
Dia Sonenclar 3 dias atrás
It's certainly watchable but a massive disappointment and nowhere near season 1. It's bad enough that i feel like it will be remade in the can hope.
WaveForceful 4 dias atrás
Then you watch the second season and realize nothing changed with the animation.
Sayakuya Taiwan
Sayakuya Taiwan 5 dias atrás
I personally like OPM Season 2. I find it entertaining and I don’t care if the jump isn’t perfect or on character walks funny. I still enjoy it.
Mr Zon
Mr Zon 6 dias atrás
Is just not great,not terrible
Jay 6 dias atrás
One punch man but the MC is like a side character
michaelkeha 7 dias atrás
One punch man has run its course as a joke and premise.
Hagelslag 7 dias atrás
The original combination was perfect. Don’t change the formula if it still works...
Bu Salah
Bu Salah 8 dias atrás
Season 2 just needs better facial animations and reactions and juet better more coherent fights thats it jc staff.
Bu Salah
Bu Salah 8 dias atrás
Gave this video a dislike before watching the sec9nd season and came back to remove that dislike because season 2 sucks ass now.
Cuauhtliztac Nicholas
Cuauhtliztac Nicholas 9 dias atrás
They’re trying there best guys it’s a lot to live up to I think we just need to give it time
williamm2358 10 dias atrás
I think with videos like this that over analyze things it just makes people want to hate it more. I loved season 1. So far, over 10 eps into season 2 I'm fine with it. Animation is off, but im into the story and humor. I wait anxiously every Tuesday for a new episode. Im excited and happy for this season and seriously if people truly have a problem now, don't watch it. It happens, I've seen good shows turn to crap and oh well. Get over it.
Pepega 10 dias atrás
One punch man season 3 by ufotable XDD
ImaPancake 10 dias atrás
Just watched season 2 episodes, honestly it’s still pretty great, even if the animations aren’t as great.
[CANAL INCHIS] 11 dias atrás
What is Happening to One Punch Man? its becoming better
killerthunder15 11 dias atrás
honestly i think it still looks good, i mean i know people are just gonna call me blind and what not but the show its self is just to good to not watch and the difference is not that terrible for me.
eperpaper dist
eperpaper dist 11 dias atrás
I'd love to see how, at the end of season 2, the original studio takes back the animation and breaks the industry again, it's one of my dreams
Bu Salah
Bu Salah 8 dias atrás
Me too man me toooooooo
momarist 12 dias atrás
They dont even bother with backgrounds.
Akil Jacob
Akil Jacob 12 dias atrás
Haven't seen a decent fight this entire season and the direction and music is meh. Probably with drop is after this season because I can't remember anything this season, not a single memorable moment. Only thing decent is Garou.
Icey Bundles
Icey Bundles 12 dias atrás
Season 2 is badass
Icey Bundles
Icey Bundles 11 dias atrás
Vladimir Makarov only difference is the animation I appreciate how season 2 really focuses on other characters and garous conflict. Animation isn’t even that bad, I still love the characters the same I did in season 1
Icey Bundles
Icey Bundles 11 dias atrás
momarist yes
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 11 dias atrás
Perhaps, but certainly not by the same metrics that made Season 1 badass.
momarist 12 dias atrás
Discount Xiumin
Discount Xiumin 12 dias atrás
It's not as good as se 1, but it didn't bother me too much honestly. I really enjoyed se 2 so far.
Discount Xiumin
Discount Xiumin 12 dias atrás
@leon3230 now that I've compared it to se1 s animation I'm starting to notice it more 😭
leon3230 12 dias atrás
Last episode was animated so poorly i'm crying
The Warrior محارب
The Warrior محارب 12 dias atrás
Yuya Takahashi, Naoki Shida, Tu - yung Ce, and Shintani
STELLIO. OvO 13 dias atrás
Honestly, I'm fine with the animation. Yeah, it may be worse quality than the first season, but I still am ok with the new art, story, and pretty much everything else. The humor is still there and I still think it's funny and will still continue watching it.
Goonie 13 dias atrás
Toradora and Food Wars.... now I get it.
Jevon Sterling
Jevon Sterling 13 dias atrás
Season 2 proved you wrong you dumbell stfu
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 11 dias atrás
How exactly did it prove him wrong? Season 2 is a downgrade across the board. The only thing barely keeping this together is the OPM story and comedy, and even then I believe that the comedy suffers from bad animation and directing.
Kinrath 13 dias atrás
Have you even watched it? The story is the only thing that is saving it because compared to the first season, the animation looks lazy
Utti Siseppe
Utti Siseppe 14 dias atrás
5:56 now that's what I always thinking Madhouse Is great But man Shingo natsume it doing amazing job in opm 1
Greymon War
Greymon War 14 dias atrás
Releasing trash makes sense on business stand point? That's utterly rubbish and I for one not watching not buying anything from it.
SHOOCOMPANY 15 dias atrás
GUYS its ok, atleast we have an anime
Rayzo -
Rayzo - 18 dias atrás
J.C staff - dragon to god level threat and maybe beyond. Reason: destroys every character one by one, even saitama.
Recycle BinLaden
Recycle BinLaden 19 dias atrás
the story is saving it.
Sammyboy7266 20 dias atrás
I watched the first episode. Story is still good. Jesus that animation sucked. I think this show is different because instead of just having normal, decent animation all the way through, it started with AMAZING animation, and downgraded to normal, average animation.
Cadmus 20 dias atrás
They downgraded by switching anime studios and the director. Madhouse for life!
Sam-pson Smith
Sam-pson Smith 20 dias atrás
Bad animation is not the ONLY reason why season 2 sucks. for example, the humor also feels forced and just not up to the high level of season 1 that being said, i have seen better fighting animation in Porn...
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 11 dias atrás
Forced humour was probably a bigger deal breaker for me than bad animation, but both are the reasons for I why am so disappointed with Season 2.
Roy Senpai's Fan Club
Roy Senpai's Fan Club 20 dias atrás
@Sam-pson Smith your welcome
Sam-pson Smith
Sam-pson Smith 20 dias atrás
@Roy Senpai's Fan Club if it would be better it would be better. got it. thanks.
Roy Senpai's Fan Club
Roy Senpai's Fan Club 20 dias atrás
@Sam-pson Smith I'm talking about the writing of the actual manga itself, not the anime. If we had got a proper adaptation s2 is a lot better and more hype than season 1
Sam-pson Smith
Sam-pson Smith 20 dias atrás
@Roy Senpai's Fan Club so how is it better if it is ruined by bad directing?
Mani Rahnema
Mani Rahnema 24 dias atrás
Really sad i waited so long for opm s2 to finally satisfy my taste of anime, i hope i can find it in attack on titan new season, last season of attack on titan was so bad,
shoomzy 25 dias atrás
thanks for the breakdown. but bottom line One Punch Man Season 1 was a 10/10, and season 2 is a 5 or 6/10. I would of waited
Marcus Hunt
Marcus Hunt 25 dias atrás
The trailer just sucked, the show is fucking good, i dont care what anyone says
Darius Grant
Darius Grant 25 dias atrás
Season One Anime = Murata's OPM. Season Two Anime = Back to square One. AKA Onepunch-Man (ONE)
Hojin Sama
Hojin Sama 26 dias atrás
Apparently everyone turns into tornadoes when they fight... Thanks J.C. Staff!
Titan BlackLight
Titan BlackLight 21 dia atrás
Yeah we dont even see Saitama punch anyone properly except the arena part
Rene 26 dias atrás
Im so fucking pissed off some "People" say its not a big deal
Nicholas Moy
Nicholas Moy 26 dias atrás
This shit is terrible. Theres barley any action just big monsters filling the screen and way too much obvious and repetitive dialogue. I dont remember that being why people liked it in the first place
Kabegami The Great
Kabegami The Great 26 dias atrás
the manga is also the problem, there is just a huge lack of... well... one punch man. At least after the events of season 1.
Luther McGuire
Luther McGuire 26 dias atrás
People just love to complain this season has been great so far
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 11 dias atrás
People have different standards and opinions. In my opinion, Season 2 lacks everything that made Season 1 great. Animation? Downgraded. Action/Fights? Downgraded. Comedy? Still here, but suffers from bad animation and directing. Music/sound? Downgraded.
Gladimir Savinon
Gladimir Savinon 26 dias atrás
Season 2 is shit!
Chase Miller
Chase Miller 27 dias atrás
To think, if we would've waited a couple more years, we could've had the greatest anime returns in the history of world animation. OPM season 1 ruined all other anime shows. And Space Dandy. And Cowboy Bebop. But shit, they massacred my boy.
Kristian Tancevski
Kristian Tancevski 27 dias atrás
A disappointment..!?? Oh yeah of course Compared to that anime you produced ,yeah I agree.... Pff... What a galah
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 10 dias atrás
@Chip E yeah man, original comment ;)
Chip E
Chip E 11 dias atrás
@Vladimir Makarov im guessing that's as a response to the original comment and not my reply?
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 11 dias atrás
How about compared to season 1? Or are you one of the people who claims it is just as good?
Chip E
Chip E 22 dias atrás
"you didn't make an anime you can't give criticism" fuckin yikes
DudeInRoom 28 dias atrás
just rebbot season 2 with other studio..the amount of disappointment is just overpowered than saitama himself
Lean ♪
Lean ♪ 28 dias atrás
Ok. Can I get 1k subscribe? thankss
Wahyu S Barata
Wahyu S Barata 29 dias atrás
FUCCCCCXCCXXKKKKK One Punch Man S2 So Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccxskkkkkkkk
JamesGuiver13 Mês atrás
I'm pretty scared wondering what will happen to Attack on Titan now that it's been confirmed that S3 P2 is the last season done by Wit Studio… :(
Blast King
Blast King Mês atrás
seems like the only solution for perfect animation is to leave it to machines
Soul Gen
Soul Gen Mês atrás
What have we ever done wrong to J.C. Staff?
Cole Peltier
Cole Peltier Mês atrás
The animation is SO bad in comparison, I am completely turned off and disappointed. They FINALLY showed the fight in the martial arts tournament and the scene where Saitama verses that dude was SO bland it blew my fucking mind. This show has been thrashed with a huge injustice, I am no longer excited for the next episode as now even the scenes with fucking Saitama are fucking scrub. This animation is so bad I actually would rather read the manga. I've never read manga but a friend loaned me Season 1 manga and the art and stuff was very good. I'd rather read the Manga than witness this embarrassment.
Omar Ignacio Silvestrini
I saw 7 episodes... it does look fucked up .... It feels completely off.... You can't connect with the characters anymore. It is soooo fak it just looks like a slide show -- like someone mentioned earlier. You watch EPISODE after EPISODE and you DON'T CARE. I tried to think why that was === and when you mentioned the horrible animations of the faces and the bullshit cuts... it totally made sense. We cannot connect or relate with static "napkin drawings" with mouth movements. They should be ashamed --- very very ashamed.
TheRadiopharus Mês atrás
Obviously dumm ass, they changed the animation studio responsible for the visuals. Best you don´t keep seeing, because I do love the series.
Ichigo theOG
Ichigo theOG Mês atrás
I don't see where all these animation complains are coming from, everything seems normal to me like the first season. The only thing I don't like is how they always use the blank face for Saitama and never the serious one
Ignis, Lord of flames
The best anime out there are not the ones with the best graphics and animation. This applies to games as well
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Mês atrás
Season 2 anime is one of the biggest sequel letdowns in entertainment history. Season 1 was so good and so talked about and then we get this.
Doctor sandwich
Doctor sandwich Mês atrás
I think its fine. I'd rather not wait two years between seasons
csgo fever
csgo fever Mês atrás
How do you get one punch man season 2 I can’t see it on netflix
shyguy019 Mês atrás
the scenes are so... hm heres an example, remember when sonic interrupted sonic?
Medachod Mês atrás
The freelancers at Madhouse are some of the best animators in the world. I hear they did not want to do One Punch Man again, but whatever project they decided to do, I'd love to know what it is. I bet it looks just as amazing as One Punch Man. But yeah, my expectations for One Punch Man definitely got shot down. All of my friends actually agree the second season looks fine, which is why I sometimes dislike noticing stuff like this. I wish I could just blindly enjoy it like they do. It seems their allure toward the series was more so because of its charm, rather than its finer detail. Which isn't a bad thing. JCS has, so far, produced one episode of comparable animation quality. I am only hoping for the best as we approach the final fights. The last one should for sure rival Madhouse at worst and surpass it at best. But, my hopes for the latter are very, very low. Even a bit at the former. Though, you're right in that they've made great anime. High Score Girl is one of my most recent favorites from them. Still, I love this series a lot for how it manages to handle the fighting. Making the main character the most powerful is absurd, but unique. And it always makes you look forward to how they're going to use him. I only wish the best for One Punch Man. If another season is made, it should have much better overall animation quality. Also, I completely forgot how amazing the soundtrack was in the first season. Hearing that piano song in the video really brought back some amazing memories.
Svagg LAORDE Mês atrás
Season 1 - Is a Hit Season 2 - Cash Cowing for a Season 3 to be made by better Animation Studios with the best directors, artists/animators and reasonable deadline schedules. Season 3 - TBA or Not TBA That's how Anime works...
Medachod Mês atrás
Oh yeah, I bet the third season will be pretty great.
Glitch Mês atrás
I think i drop season 2 and rewatch season 1...
Its such a tragedy no one worked themself to death on a comedy action cartoon that still looks fine 😕
anime amv
anime amv Mês atrás
it still good for me because am love this anime
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
Well, it still beats the shit out of what they did to Berserk.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Mês atrás
Man....season 2 is kinda trash compared to season 1.
commentbosS 30
commentbosS 30 Mês atrás
i dont know what you guys saying i’m enjoying season 2 so much ❤️❤️❤️
Uwais Hafizal
Uwais Hafizal Mês atrás
Is the clip from 5:18 in the anime? I don’t remember Saitama encountering the airstrike
Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall Mês atrás
Once anime goes 3d I stop watching
Itz Mango
Itz Mango Mês atrás
It's still good though
Arcturus Mengsk
Arcturus Mengsk Mês atrás
Yo, Mother's Basement, so how in the holy hell do you justify saying manga has animation? Manga, just like comic books, is a collection of still images that tell a story. Animation implies that there is movement that you can see without it being implied. Manga doesn't do that because it can't. At best it implies movement but, again by the definition, that isn't animation.
Ephthah Mês atrás
Smh...... He was being Sarcastic if you didn't understand
The Fibrillator
The Fibrillator Mês atrás
What a bunch of fucking manchildren you all are. You are not entitled to animation of unreasonable expectations, MadHouse are magicians that somehow make money off what should be unreasonable animation budgets, OPM2 is actually 'normal' good animation. If you watch OPM solely for the animation, go dive in a dumpster fire. The fucking source material relishes in it's fucking awful art.
Erupt_ed Mês atrás
I tbh don't care. As long as it looks decent, im good. When you have waited 4 years, it's good.
Gerben Hendriks
Gerben Hendriks Mês atrás
I know this video is based on the trailer but the actual season itself is really good. It is still in its building fase but i have to say that i expected much worse after seeing the trailer for the first time. Point is even though your critisism about the trailer still stands, its unfair to rate the season itself on 2 minutes of footage. Hope you guys like the season as well so far!
Flugmorph Mês atrás
the manga doesnt have any animation its not even a funny joke
Akiva Abraham
Akiva Abraham Mês atrás
I did not sigh, nor was I disappointed. People who were are just contrarians.
Chilled Cola
Chilled Cola Mês atrás
To be honest with you I would wait 5 or 10 years just to get the proper animation for one punch man... I don't care about the release date... The show has the potential to be one of the greatest well don't get me wrong it is one of the greatest just discard s2... MonkaS
The Fibrillator
The Fibrillator Mês atrás
Oh look, a manchild with an anime avatar, the cancer of the internet.
The Alien OG
The Alien OG Mês atrás
damn they massacred my boy
Cypher Xll
Cypher Xll Mês atrás
See, I originally started reading the webcomic for OPM years ago. So I’m used to seeing this series in its lowest form. Eh. It could be worse.
1buszybudy13 Mês atrás
EXCEPT Kemono Friends change was pure greed w/ the higher ups trying so hard to ruin the directors reputation
John Heemskerk
John Heemskerk Mês atrás
It all comes down to money and sadly most anime is just pirated while animators get payed scraps.
Sheleg Mês atrás
Oh oh oh how right you were when making the video..
Leon King
Leon King Mês atrás
Ngl The trailer had everyone skeptical But the anime itself is doing okay The animation isn’t awe inspiring but it isn’t bad either They’re doing the best they can with what they have and to that I applaud them It isn’t *holy shit this is amazing* But it could’ve been much *much* worse
Shadow Phantom Gaming
What happened to the “what’s in a fight” (Mumen Rider Vs. Deep Sea King)
Mikael Schumaker
Mikael Schumaker Mês atrás
Can't watch Kemono Friends D: It rembembers me of my Ex X_X Season 2 look OK ... huff v_v
Mikael Schumaker
Mikael Schumaker Mês atrás
@Prince Lock i think so, i managed to read the original web comic from ONE ~ season 2 should be a cakewalk! Thanks for asking :'3
Prince Lock
Prince Lock Mês atrás
You gonna be ok, man?
Luna ft
Luna ft Mês atrás
Look at all these animation experts. Some knows what they're talking about while some are just yammering on about something that's over their head and continues to yap just because his friends said the animation looks bad. It's like they're eating food and complaining about the food at the same time,either you stfu and eat the food quietly or throw it out and move to a better restaurant that makes delicious foods.
The Fibrillator
The Fibrillator Mês atrás
It's the same situation, the worst customers are the ones who don't cook. Retards here have no concept of budgets, they pirate their shows and expect amazing animation, they are manchildren.
Jacksc Mês atrás
Dang I want OPM to wait another year or two instead of just giving subpar animation... I've waited years already I will wait years more.
Rayyan Tabba
Rayyan Tabba Mês atrás
At least episode 3 of season 2 had pretty good animation
Nikki Lyn
Nikki Lyn Mês atrás
Mad House, why’s you let them do my boys this way...
Thelightgamer 1
Thelightgamer 1 Mês atrás
I like it I don’t care what you guys say
Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya
As i told everyone who complained about Animation. This OPM Season 2 follows the Manga and looks good. Has a good story line on top of it. You all wanted a Season 2 you got it. So calm down and be thankful it's here. Do not be ungrateful. Appreciate what we have been given. I waited so long for this. Not gonna let a little change in Animation ruin it for me.
Haris Nk
Haris Nk Mês atrás
madhouse overlord animation is ugly
VJtasha Mês atrás
Meh, still watching though.
Pure Gameplay
Pure Gameplay Mês atrás
I literally cant tell the difference at all between season 1 and 2 and anyone whos bitching is a closet hater just posing as a fan to try and discredit an amazing show. Animation is still fine, show is lit, get over yourselves.
Rioplats Mês atrás
This is the semantic equivalent of "30fps is fine. I can't even tell the difference" lol.
Terror Mês atrás
8:10 Why? Because you are a virtue signalling coward who can't wake up to justice?
Terror Mês atrás
In all fairness, after watching it I realized it's not near as bad as I or you thought it was. It's because OPM S1 was so amazing that this looks bad by comparison, this really just looks like every other anime, still better and having more detail than most tbh on characters. But yeah it's worse than S1 Visual wise, but that's because you're spoiled with S1, animation is hard and the only reason this is airing is a pity/passion project, just be happy we got it at all.
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