What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?

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17 Jul 2021



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Comentários 7 584
Matan101 2 horas atrás
Watching this at 3 am
Nima49 3 horas atrás
I’m not trying to be rude but like California especially near Los Angeles and San Diego can go up to 120 F
Theatricult 5 horas atrás
sorry but if you are participating in a marathon run through the sahara desert and its not because you are being chased by a billionaire with a elephant gun you deserve everything u get
Shamit Bringi Dev
What A Story!!!!!!
Josh B
Josh B Dia atrás
Little girl quietly herding goats then a crazed looking man suddenly appears from nowhere in the desert running at you.
Galaxyinside 2 dias atrás
10:18 bruh monment
Amanda C
Amanda C 3 dias atrás
then he discovered a miracle POOP XD
Carson Gauthier
Carson Gauthier 3 dias atrás
Would be far more terrifying if he got stranded in the middle of the Sahara like in Southern Libya or Northern Chad. That would be hell.
Lucas Guaraldo
Lucas Guaraldo 3 dias atrás
🎵 After two days, in the desert sun, My skin began to turn red. 🎵
Argonaut 4 dias atrás
Can anyone give me all the Real life lore background music for My school project
Nathan 5 dias atrás
I live in Arizona and I've been in 46° Celsius weather. I forgot how it feels like though because I had a stroke. Jk but I used to walk home from school in that weather (before it cooled down) and you don't wanna be out there for more than 10 minutes.
Ceez B
Ceez B 9 dias atrás
I like most people don’t drink urine but damn didn’t know it damaged your kidneys 😬
Yas D
Yas D 10 dias atrás
Twareg live in this conditions all their lives
Amin Beshara
Amin Beshara 12 dias atrás
Couldn’t he just have used the compass to go north and eventually reach the race track
SoloWolf1000 12 dias atrás
Oh! Lost in Morocco found in Tindouf, Algeria... He was so lucky to not perish somewhere in minefields he must crossed the border more to north it was so dusty to not be spotted by milliary outposts... This is the best time for drug and weapon dealers to go in action in the big Sahara using only GPS
TheYodadrunk 12 dias atrás
Please make a move on this
littleroot 13 dias atrás
Funny Story. I saw this video and decided I want to make a quiz about this guy, Mauro Prosperi. I particularly wanted to know the coordinates of the marabout. I searched for a few days and found nothing. Then I decided to go all out and just friend him on facebook. To my surprise, he accepted the friend request! I chatted with him a bit, back and forth and he said he doesn't know 'em, but a friend of his, who worked on his netflix episode with him, might. Crazy! What's even crazier is that he wished me a Happy Birthday on my facebook timeline, lol.
kevin dickson
kevin dickson 13 dias atrás
i'd survive...but then i'm not an average human. then again, maybe not.
KdogJackson 13 dias atrás
I will say the n word
Mauro Fugnanesi
Mauro Fugnanesi 16 dias atrás
My name is mauro! Fortunatamente he learned to be self sufficent
Do not Ask me my name
Do not Ask me my name 17 dias atrás
The Italian to the Bedouin after he found him: I was lost for 9 days The Bedouin: LOL, Then what if you were in a city like New York?
Do not Ask me my name
Do not Ask me my name 17 dias atrás
Stories like this one were very common in Algeria before communication technology has developed. You can make heartbreaking movies of survival or fatal endings of these stories. When strong wind storms blow up they change the area geography and sand dunes mountains get displaced. Someone wouldn't recognize the area where he is. Also you can walk for days to end up in the same area where you started after making a circle of dozens of km in diameter. This happens because walking in the desert takes the form of a circle due to lack of landmarks to guide you and the difference between a right and left foot step length.
Brandon eiseman
Brandon eiseman 18 dias atrás
is this true??
omkar chavan
omkar chavan 19 dias atrás
BUT ...Mr .wick found Hightable
Alexander Ciesla
Alexander Ciesla 20 dias atrás
I feel like not seeing another human for 10 days surviving in the wild would really start to weigh on you. You'd become more like an animal psychologically
ItsSram 20 dias atrás
"The desert is over a million kilometers" "Larger than the United States" *They had us in the first half, not gonna lie*
Draw Every Day
Draw Every Day 20 dias atrás
Lucky he didn’t catch some deadly disease from those bats
Gilded Drake
Gilded Drake 21 dia atrás
So... he had a compass. and he decided to head south. straight toward the center of the sahara desert. When he knew that the shape of the initial race meant going north would force him to cross the race path. Not only was he dumb enough to run during the sandstorm, but he was also really dumb not to go straight north after he realized he was lost.
Lusch 9120
Lusch 9120 23 dias atrás
Tbh he was kinda stupid…
Owen Da Great
Owen Da Great 24 dias atrás
I can not believe he survived that!
Manikanta Pinabakala
Manikanta Pinabakala 24 dias atrás
Right there, When the narrator said: "He didn't bleed much as he was dehydrated terribly" I remembered this was the guy BEAR GRYLLS was talking about on an episode of Man vs Wild!!!
AmazeRL 25 dias atrás
What happened to the other runners
Alander 25 dias atrás
Arabian peninsula, specifically a country in it like Saudi Arabia is way hotter than the sub-sahara
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 25 dias atrás
9:03 "MUZZLIM" I hate who call us muzlim, it's not muzlim, it's *MUSLIM* don't u guys understand difference between "s" and "z"?
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 25 dias atrás
And the most creepy part is that desert covers your footprints after a few minutes, cuz the desert is always moving its never standing still so it covers your foot prints so no one can follow u or find u.
John F
John F 25 dias atrás
Over dramatic narration is very annoying
Aga Z
Aga Z 25 dias atrás
nice, welcome to Algeria to anyone watching this
Cоюз - Fedreich Anatoly
9:46 yo yo yo chill
Kufuko 25 dias atrás
I know I’ll probably never even leave the USA but this is very important
mr_bobz 26 dias atrás
surely wouldn't you just use the compass and go north
Moussa Al Moussa
Moussa Al Moussa 26 dias atrás
I think in this case i would see the sun rise and the sunset and determine where is the north or the south. I would either go north to the end of the race or to the Mediterranean sea or to the west to the pacific sea
I Created An Account For This
That's some hot stuff.
TJP GAMING V2 26 dias atrás
when he drank the blood of those bats... thats how the caronavirus started
DavidTheCeasar 26 dias atrás
You got a compass in Morocco and you can run ALOT? Just go west. You will find people probably
Eliam Gonzalez Lorenzo
Eliam Gonzalez Lorenzo 27 dias atrás
Dude that is true but do t joke in that
UraniumPotatoezYT 27 dias atrás
**H2O: Just Add Water leaves the chat**
Antonio Majdandzic
Antonio Majdandzic 27 dias atrás
not very bright, going South instead of North. The Sun indicates the South-North direction
Logan Buttenhoff
Logan Buttenhoff 28 dias atrás
Why dont they just equip runners with trackers? Just an idea
deadchannel4ever 28 dias atrás
Shouldn't we give the person the gold medal? He litteraly ran through 100+km of the sahara and went from Morocco to Algeria without dying
0kay_bro 28 dias atrás
Its fun to do knee slide
Bucket Mann
Bucket Mann 29 dias atrás
he found bats and killed them to drink their blood. NOW HE IS THE VAMPIRE
alex saam
alex saam 29 dias atrás
Drank bat blood. Now that's desperate
mobile gamer
mobile gamer Mês atrás
Try the sea you are dead quicker
Galactic Mês atrás
Ppl in Africa seeing this video and *taking notes*
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Mês atrás
my throat got dry watching this
Goggledoggaming69 Mês atrás
pulled the uno reverse card on the bats
Sweet Toother
Sweet Toother Mês atrás
They should carry a very large, bright-orange fabric like a bed sheet, with SOS printed on it, and some pegs. In the event of an emergency, they could just lay it out on the ground and use the pegs to hold it in place.
sus boy
sus boy Mês atrás
thank god we have skillshare to save us
solis aureum
solis aureum Mês atrás
I live in Phoenix one of the biggest cities in the US & those temps in the Sahara desert sound like an average summer day here 😭
Andre 2kz
Andre 2kz Mês atrás
This dude is immune to Covid for sure
Mazestillanimates Mês atrás
0:34 me, a black person: *turns into the bottom of the frying pan*
iT4HQ Mês atrás
3:03 when exactly did he win an olympic gold medal in modern pentathlon?
Disguise Gamer
Disguise Gamer Mês atrás
0:45 this temprature is actually common here 🙄
VividRouge Mês atrás
None the less that’s still pretty hot
Disguise Gamer
Disguise Gamer Mês atrás
Sahara in hindi means support
Alex H
Alex H Mês atrás
“He found a small colonie of bats which he promptly killed to drink their blood” the blood sucker has become the blood sucked
Vijay kumar jha
Vijay kumar jha Dia atrás
@Lautaro Tessi i am replying to remind you don't lose this comment
Vijay kumar jha
Vijay kumar jha Dia atrás
@Lautaro Tessi i am replying to remind you don't lose this comment
Lautaro Tessi
Lautaro Tessi Mês atrás
Pity this comment has just my like and will be lost...
Mira Meb
Mira Meb Mês atrás
U haven't mentioned the beauty of our sahara it's stunning
LilyJH! Mês atrás
the power of plot armour
Michael Esq. ATP, CFII
Very inspiring! my life’s goal is to have se# with 10 different nationalities. Thanks skillshare and thank you Marians prospero!
John Locke
John Locke Mês atrás
Why didn't he bring his cellphone? Just asking for trouble if you decide to go into the desert with it.
Vijay kumar jha
Vijay kumar jha Dia atrás
@John Locke do you think there will be signal in middle of desert?
John Locke
John Locke Mês atrás
@VividRouge Dominos has the 30 minute pizza deliver guarantee. I'd put my faith those crazy fools. They'd get him in 29 minutes.
VividRouge Mês atrás
No one would probably get to him if he got lost in tike
Awaited One
Awaited One Mês atrás
Danial Khan
Danial Khan Mês atrás
people who live in arizona who’ve seen 129 F
VividRouge Mês atrás
@Danial Khan you’d think that state would be swallowed by the desert but no
Danial Khan
Danial Khan Mês atrás
@VividRouge we got so many pools probably 4 out of every 5 houses has one
VividRouge Mês atrás
How is that state even around still?
Lizard King
Lizard King Mês atrás
Taim Jawarneh
Taim Jawarneh Mês atrás
Your videos are the best
Ast2912 Mês atrás
9:48 In my opinion that just shows how we humans do everything to survive even if you have to do horrible things for that. That is just sad
My æ
My æ Mês atrás
"Ali Abdul" Me: **glances to Squid Game**
HE DRANK BAT BLOOD Thats how corona was made......
Nelly Fenton
Nelly Fenton Mês atrás
God is real wow
Antdom8302 Mês atrás
This man wanted a challenged, he said “the biggest race mans ever created? Too short! I need to run 180 miles for 10 days while my mouth and throat is bleeding”
charlesvan13 Mês atrás
Must be hard to get a cell phone signal there.
bee Mês atrás
0:47 nothing an australian cant handle
Lagum Lemoni
Lagum Lemoni Mês atrás
Major bruh moment
Phobos Deimos
Phobos Deimos Mês atrás
*cries in Isaac*
S S Mês atrás
You put the point along the Tibesi mountains. Still bad, but not that bad.
Okami-Azz Mês atrás
Short answer: Death
Jumanah Alramadhan
Jumanah Alramadhan Mês atrás
Oh I’ve seen worse then 47°C
yassir bittich
yassir bittich Mês atrás
0:53 bull shit its much much higher only in Morocco its regularly 46c
Joey Langel
Joey Langel Mês atrás
Extremely annoying when he only uses the metric system. Just say both dude.
D_ans Mês atrás
This is gonna sound really really dumb, but i honestly think they should build multiple large objects like poles or something that you can see from miles away with directions written on them
Ahimtar HoN
Ahimtar HoN Mês atrás
It would be a massive amount of poles though that are hard to put up (do you just bring them all with helicopters or...?) and they would profit basically nobody except for ultra rare occasions like these. The best alternative, in my opinion, would be to add poles with directions to the existing places at least - like the abandoned structure he was at, or the oasis.
Fudge Mês atrás
I'd die
Gary Cameron
Gary Cameron Mês atrás
You need a GPS and satellite phone
Patrick Bodine
Patrick Bodine Mês atrás
I would certainly wonder how the heck I got there!
Adham Ghaly
Adham Ghaly Mês atrás
A lesson in extremely stupid race safety preparations.
Adham Ghaly
Adham Ghaly Mês atrás
@VL VEIL I am speaking about the organizers.
VL VEIL Mês atrás
But his preparations were good, his mistake was trying to run during a sandstorm, which is when he got off trail
TM-deanisace12 Mês atrás
4:47 sounds like that one summer week in au
Winds Mês atrás
Would you rather be dropped at the Sahara desert or North Korea territory?
Deleted Account
Deleted Account Mês atrás
Guess I die
Navaneeth S
Navaneeth S Mês atrás
Getting "The Alchemist" vibes
Renee Goughnour
Renee Goughnour Mês atrás
This video is just making me soooo thirsty
Zephaniah Dejene
Zephaniah Dejene Mês atrás
How ironic he became a vampire
My name is not jeff • 10 years ago
bro tried to killhimself but failed and survive lol
AnIOSgenshin Player
i would die from a scorpian ;-;
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