What If You Lived Fifty Years in the Future?

What If
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It feels like the world is moving at a faster rate than ever. Every day, smartphones are getting smarter, A.I. is becoming more inteligent and our environment seems to be getting worse every year.
If you were to travel 50 years into the the future, what would the world look like?
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Presented by INSH and Hashem al Ghaili
What If asks some of the most provocative hypothetical questions in science - and then tries to answer them with the help of established scientific theory and the latest research.
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Comentários 80
Peashooter Scout
Peashooter Scout 6 horas atrás
Tell can do from here people The would in 2050 future UK? 1, 000, 000, 000 Black hole The 3018 Sun dead Rip Earth & Moon Destroyed Ending spectacular Ghost?
Ricardo Theotis
Ricardo Theotis 15 horas atrás
So basically Detroit become human
gotham Dia atrás
If we had the technology to make Mars In such a way that it's habitable for humans. Maybe we don't have to rely upon mars. We can do it on Earth.
Adil Ali
Adil Ali Dia atrás
The voice is not that satisfying
Andrew Spliffilin nuts
Gosh is 50 years id be 70...
ThaRiddler 3 dias atrás
This is such bullshit.
simonjeet singh
simonjeet singh 3 dias atrás
You mean no Corona after 50 year?
Cody 3 dias atrás
2:23 That's why I live and would live in the village
George NoX
George NoX 4 dias atrás
we will be playing Fifa 2070...
Noraiz Ali
Noraiz Ali 5 dias atrás
well, you didn't talk about corona virus
CHÁNH_NGƯ PHỦ_USA 5 dias atrás
Future alway getting suck
Yogesh Amodkar
Yogesh Amodkar 6 dias atrás
Hold on..!! COVID-50 will be releasing..!! And again whole earth will lock down
Hell_GodV 6 dias atrás
Hey at least COVID-19 will gone
Suresh K
Suresh K 7 dias atrás
We can make JARVIS
IMRAN KHAN 7 dias atrás
Watching this video in 2069 😁😌
deandre miles
deandre miles 7 dias atrás
Basically we will all be in nursing homes or dead
The Antichrist
The Antichrist 9 dias atrás
🤤I wish I'd sleep today and wake up in the year 10,020
Gd Mg3coolgames
Gd Mg3coolgames 9 dias atrás
as soon as you travel fifty years,watch the video again and go 50 years again and again then you can go to many years
Hannaneh STM
Hannaneh STM 10 dias atrás
Well guess what a virus can wipes half of us right now so.... Everything can change Colonizing mars??? That takes 100 years... One day in the past people said there would be highways in the sky but.... So none of them can happen...
H for Hulk
H for Hulk 10 dias atrás
3:58 People after 50 years: what is he talking about??
dieu hanh phan thi
dieu hanh phan thi 10 dias atrás
4:00 i thought he will do the default dance
Mandymore Tayao
Mandymore Tayao 10 dias atrás
wow the future is so cool full of technology's that are amazing
Vanshika Kohli
Vanshika Kohli 10 dias atrás
50 years from now i'll be 67, dammit i dont even wanna think about it
LifeIsHard 11 dias atrás
I’m scared of the future now
AlxThePanda 12 dias atrás
I feel like some things will change but the world would still be the same.
Paris Malaspinas
Paris Malaspinas 13 dias atrás
I'll be 75 in 50 years and that makes me sad :(
UV Rays
UV Rays 14 dias atrás
I’ll be in my 70s if I’m even still alive
Dale Rager
Dale Rager 14 dias atrás
Or less 70% population due to corona virus
Vincent Redden
Vincent Redden 14 dias atrás
2029 advanced human like robots 2045 robots smarter than humans
The Allstar
The Allstar 14 dias atrás
Well. You´ve got the diseases part right.
SharpFlamingSword 14 dias atrás
I’ll make sure to watch this 50 years from now 2070 here I come
jj.93 15 dias atrás
I commented on this video a few months after it was uploaded but I can’t find the comment that I posted butttt it’s may 2020 and BRUH CORONA VIRUS CUH-RO-NA VIRUS (In Cardi B’s voice😭) first WW3 then Kobe died :( now this crazy global epidemic. Jesus Christ it’s crazy out here can’t even imagine 48 years from now!
Hammy Hound
Hammy Hound 16 dias atrás
I’m 12 so I probably I see 50 years into the future
Daniel Luciano Moreira
Daniel Luciano Moreira 16 dias atrás
Sami Ammari
Sami Ammari 16 dias atrás
Someone in the 2080 watching about Tesla's: Him: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we have a car that can go into space without a problem Another one: we have a teleporter and time traveler
Sami Ammari
Sami Ammari 16 dias atrás
OK now I wish I lived in the PAST 😠😫☠️💀
Kel Raphiel
Kel Raphiel 16 dias atrás
looked at this video in 2019 covid-19 in 2020 yeah right 50 years
DJ LOOPY 16 dias atrás
Year 2020 is scary
DJ LOOPY 16 dias atrás
The end of the world is coming soon
Your Friendly Neighborhood Goose
Thing is in fifty years most of your family will most likely still be alive unless a freak accident happened.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Goose
Humans can live MUCH longer than 50 years
Galaxy Games
Galaxy Games 18 dias atrás
Ill be 63
Captain G
Captain G 19 dias atrás
in a nutshell: Detroit: Become Human
I dont make sense
I dont make sense 19 dias atrás
grandchildren remember me 50 years ago
Housir死 19 dias atrás
ayy 2050 i will be 50 years old 2070 i will be 70 probably will die before hentia turn to irl
Lamont Harvey
Lamont Harvey 20 dias atrás
Hope ppl in 2050 see this
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz 20 dias atrás
Would Jesus be here again?
Vasilike R
Vasilike R 20 dias atrás
In the future we are not gonna have all of those in 150 maybe we'll have some of those!!!!!
Pranav Rajmane
Pranav Rajmane 20 dias atrás
What is future of bitcoin?
nikos foniadakis
nikos foniadakis 20 dias atrás
Wdym what if im gonna live there
Zaza Yulianti Amelia
Zaza Yulianti Amelia 20 dias atrás
Just want to leave my trace for my grandchildren 50 years in the future lol
Faris Culinary
Faris Culinary 22 dias atrás
1:45 that hit me like a truck
TheBestOfSweden 22 dias atrás
Make a video about 100 000 years in the future!! Please!
JacksonDoes _YT
JacksonDoes _YT 22 dias atrás
I'll be 64 in the next 50 years ;-;
Enjoyable Year
Enjoyable Year 22 dias atrás
Illl be like 61 bruh I’m young
Alexandri 23 dias atrás
We lucky if we made it to 2021 lol.
Mr. Bow tie
Mr. Bow tie 23 dias atrás
I don’t think we’ll be leaving earth in 50 yrs. that’s too dark, man. On the other hand, this is what if so like, you can expect those things.
Peter Wong
Peter Wong 24 dias atrás
Hoping in the future, medical breakthrough in slowing down the aging which would cause longer lifespan .....
None Of your Business
None Of your Business 24 dias atrás
There’d be no coronavirus!!
wrightterence680 25 dias atrás
I will be 86 yrs old in 50 yrs years if I am still alive
John Doe
John Doe 25 dias atrás
This is literally all bullshit 😂
Andreas Official
Andreas Official 25 dias atrás
Well, we are living two years in the future, looks NOT good :/ 2018 --> 2020
waheeda mohammed
waheeda mohammed 25 dias atrás
In 50? I wouldn't be here,it's so sad.
Renuka 26 dias atrás
So how did our grand mother die? Corona Virus.
Sebastian Schinnerer
Sebastian Schinnerer 26 dias atrás
For the People from 1970 I do live 50 years in the future
explosion gaming
explosion gaming 26 dias atrás
I will be alive in 50 years
Junior Villalba
Junior Villalba 26 dias atrás
If I’m alive 50 years from now, ima come back to this video. 🧢
Kev Car
Kev Car 26 dias atrás
0:34 name of the guy? Asking for a friend...
hiroko james
hiroko james 26 dias atrás
This is just what if, we don't know if we can see each other in 50 years
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 26 dias atrás
I Wish People And Me Live Forever To See All New Stuff Not Fair Die You Can't Do Noting No More There To Much New Stuff Is Coming At Future
Jeffrey L
Jeffrey L 26 dias atrás
in 50 years we are wiped out by corona
Supermia30 27 dias atrás
Ok, most of us will know what will know what will happen
Prakash Yadav
Prakash Yadav 27 dias atrás
Corona virus .....😵
Peeyus Raj
Peeyus Raj 27 dias atrás
There is one thing for sure..... The poor will be eliminated, and with capitalists or bourgeoisie controlling the AI(Artificial Intelligence ), they will rule the earth.
Aniket Dutta
Aniket Dutta 27 dias atrás
Best change that can occur- Exam banned as it causes mental harrasment to students
Smart Hydra
Smart Hydra 27 dias atrás
Two questions... 1. How do you know this? 2. What makes you think this is true?
Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion 27 dias atrás
Fifty years from now, one piece will finally end 😂
sHei chavez
sHei chavez 27 dias atrás
wow.....He predicted the disease were currently facing now...and the amazon fires😱😱
the_world_citizen 27 dias atrás
I'll be 65 by then
vivi ornitier
vivi ornitier 27 dias atrás
More peoples mean more problems,thanos please save us
bcs2em 27 dias atrás
Nearly every movie and TV show from the past has made it look like the future fifty, even twenty years ahead was going to be like the world of the Jetsons. Then we get there and even though there are various technological toys we use, the world still looks the same. Cars still drive on land, consume gasoline, television is still around, buildings are still made of concrete and steel, we still book flights on airplanes, get a traditional education at school, and still the vast majority of us go out shopping for clothes & supplies. Here and there exist differences but most of those things are outliers. No one is like Steve Austin, “the Six Million Dollar Man” and although all those seventies shows-hot off of the moon program-made it look like we’d be in deep space by 2000, actually we’ve been orbiting the planet with the same space shuttle and ISS for nearly five decades now. Nowadays not even that, despite talk of more-just talk. I’ve had National Geographic magazines from the years 1979 & 1980 that made alll kinds of weird predictions by the end of the following decades and most none of them came true. Heck, looking back, eighties fashion seemed more like futuristic clothes and hairstyles than what actually came into style later! My point to all this, is watch these types of videos if you want, but do so with a grain of salt. It’s nearly impossible for humans to accurately predict anything. At the very best they are good for a nice chuckle at the end of the period of time these types of things allude to. Live life neither an optimist, nor a pessimist. Just keep both eyes open to reality and make your life worth living. No one owes us anything. Our own personal life is what we make of it.
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