What Hygiene Was Like For Medieval Peasants

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Although cleanliness in the Middle Ages was primitive compared to what modern people enjoy, it doesn't mean medieval hygiene didn't exist. Despite living in an era long before indoor plumbing, shampoo, and nail salons, people used the best hygiene practices they could. Unfortunately, they didn't have a lot to work with. Peasants had it especially bad and weren't often able to afford luxuries like more than one set of clothing. For the lower classes, personal hygiene in the Middle Ages meant keeping clean however you could, even if it wasn't easy.
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Weird History
Weird History Mês atrás
What one item would you take back to Medieval Europe?
Edward Pate
Edward Pate 15 horas atrás
The Wenches!
Ab Mo
Ab Mo 16 horas atrás
Wikipedia.... So I can invent alot of stuff
Evaristo Fernandez
Weird History Peniciline
Zefra Dia atrás
The Most Slippery And Wettest Soap In The World
darth vader
darth vader 2 dias atrás
@Evilpimp oh well
10 David
10 David Hora atrás
Their hygiene was about the same as a modern college student.
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira Hora atrás
6:49 thought something else was going on there
Andrew Mihalik
Andrew Mihalik 10 horas atrás
Wow. I haven't yet looked (I just subscribed), but I'd like more videos on any and all Medieval topics.
richard nitsch
richard nitsch 13 horas atrás
Nice to see Mark Hamill in the thumbnail.
TaNiesha Dhan'a
TaNiesha Dhan'a 17 horas atrás
Princess flower The real gamer
Why didn't they just wash their bodys with lemon, and put some garlic behind their ears to keep the lice from their hair.
ChocoBabiChan Dia atrás
And yet, they referred to brown people living in the bush as uncivilized heathens. At least those "heathens" were disease free and hygienic.
Flor Loya
Flor Loya Dia atrás
Is this where they got the term "cesse pool" from
Flor Loya
Flor Loya Dia atrás
Bench with a poo hole
This is channel is fucking stereotype!
morlockmeat Dia atrás
How the heck did we survive?!?
Medieval European peasants. Rest of the world ain't like yall filthy Europeans
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Dia atrás
No deodorant no thanks no dove or dial soap or shampoo no thanks.
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto Dia atrás
That was a looong time ago with all the crap on the streets and shit in die river. (laughs in Indian)
Cristero Warrior
Cristero Warrior 2 dias atrás
Religious authorities didn’t put shame on menstruation ! Where are you getting your information From?
Eli Carraway
Eli Carraway 2 dias atrás
It’s infuriating how the church, therefore society used to demonise menstruation. And of course, some cultures still do. Eff you, people - your very existence comes out of the menstrual cycle. You should be blessing it, not condemning women.
Elaini 2 dias atrás
The English speaking videos often focus on the medieval Britain and whatnot, but the medieval hygiene standards were actually very different depending on the region's culture in Europe, so we can't really call the standards uniform. For example, the Vikings or Celts were often portrayed as dirty savages by their enemies or those who rewrote history in the later centuries. But in fact they were very careful about their hygiene as the archaeological evidence suggests. They were "too clean" for some cultures they encountered.
Jakedegaye 2 dias atrás
Off to brush my teeth.
Itumo 2 dias atrás
People definitely weren’t having oral sex during this period.
QTee 3 dias atrás
Absolutely disgusting... talk about nasty... just so nasty
QTee 3 dias atrás
Lmaooo "uh. Whats that smell?" 🤣😂🤣
QTee 3 dias atrás
Pretty much like homeless people todeh
The Curious Monkey Elliott
Made one avoid going down on someone all together.. forget about the idea of rimming.... I’m sorry... I couldn’t resist😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Gus Buster
Gus Buster 3 dias atrás
California starting to look like this!
KJS 3 dias atrás
It’s HERB not erb my dear friend
John Adamski
John Adamski 3 dias atrás
Hot water, hot water cleans very well. I haven't used soap for about 15 years and I am cleaner than most people. I also wash my Dick, balls and ass, very important.
Karl Hanks
Karl Hanks 3 dias atrás
This seemed more like a European thing. Apparently the rest of the world were relatively MUCH more hygienic. Not saying they smelled like roses but Europe was an anomaly, even dogs and pigs are more hygienic than medieval Europeans. Aristocracy and religion seem to blame
QTee 3 dias atrás
Exactly. Positively gross.
J K 3 dias atrás
There has been a push in recent years to depict the medieval period in a much softer light. "It wasn't that bad" "The Dark Ages didn't exist" "Peasants were actually pretty clean" Historical revisionism is rampant today, especially on certain BRvid channels. Thank you for this historically-grounded video. Keep up the good work.
Toni Moon
Toni Moon 3 dias atrás
Bet the “kitty” was smelleeeee....
Cj Williams
Cj Williams 5 dias atrás
Make me want to wash my ass right now
Angelic Alien333
Angelic Alien333 5 dias atrás
1:59 "some peasents decide NOT TO WASH AT ALL" OMG EWWWWW!!!! LMAO
QTee 3 dias atrás
honey lee
honey lee 6 dias atrás
Other indegenous civilzations were. Much more advanced in cleanliness Europe the dark ages. their diseases took the natives out history says europeans took over with steel and diseases.
Sawyer the meme Subscribe.
Doctor I have a small head ache Doctor release all blood from body and take all vital organs out
Paras Naradiya
Paras Naradiya 7 dias atrás
At that time, india was much more ahead in hygiene ( apart from outdoor toilets), champoo was originated there along with super cheap clothes and neem brush, coal soaps, itar (perfume-for nobels), etc and in hindu tradition person cannot enter kitchen to cook without taking a bath
Jonathan Lund
Jonathan Lund 7 dias atrás
So while washing your clothes your garments ended up more nasty than they were before??
runbear 7 dias atrás
Sounds like average hundreds of californian homeless person
mohd saleem
mohd saleem 7 dias atrás
Nice documentary but horrible voice.
-inactive- 7 dias atrás
Huh and they say white people are clean :P
Eric Moulton
Eric Moulton 8 dias atrás
Wow! First time I've been disappointed by you guys at Weird History. I've studied history and have found all your stuff functional, factual and funny..... oh you were one of my by gone lecturers..... but this time you disappoint, you have given natural therapies, my second Masters degree, a bit of a hard wrap, admittedly, administered by fools in the cases you site but guys..... come on, before chemicals reproductions were developed thatsvwhere we had and used properly with a heathly lifestyle, I am sure you will find have great potential to rise again to replace the all too common crap we put in our bodies in the last 20 life times. How about an episode about natural therapies. But beware because as in all things there are a lot of shisters out there...... Start here ...Saint Hildegard of Bingen, who knows you may learn a thing or too along the way PS How about an episode on Alvin Toflers, Future Shock? Please Keep up the good work Eric☆
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 8 dias atrás
"I have a barber/dentist appointment" SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS EVERYBODY!!!
LK shaw Krisaan
LK shaw Krisaan 8 dias atrás
They sound like modern day indians lol.but atleast i thank the indians for inventing flush toilets .I don't know if indians benefits from their own invention but we Europeans and rest of the world clearly do have great benefits from your invention .
Nelson 8 dias atrás
I know the women I met on were pretty Med Evil in terms of smell. Need to dip that beaver and bring your ass some soap and it’s 2019!
N Garcia
N Garcia 8 dias atrás
We are like bonobos. Hahahahaha
Abdal Abi
Abdal Abi 8 dias atrás
One day future human beings will look back to us and think how garbage our time was and be pleased to not live here :)
Jason Byrne
Jason Byrne 9 dias atrás
How did ANYONE SURVIVE to the modern day?
Nat P
Nat P 9 dias atrás
Barber performing the teeth removal...oh
Seeker Aspirant
Seeker Aspirant 9 dias atrás
I wish I could have parasites. Stupid health making my life good.
Megan Williams
Megan Williams 9 dias atrás
So your telling me people used essential oils in Medeival times to cure sickness and it didn’t work? Hmm, who does that sound like today?🤔
autumn the moth
autumn the moth 9 dias atrás
twig tampons sound like a living nightmare
Super Doran
Super Doran 9 dias atrás
Was that bed from skyrim?
amit_ murmu
amit_ murmu 9 dias atrás
6:52 that picture have me laugh out loud.
Parabola 9 dias atrás
Seems like the roman lower class lived way better then the peasents in medieval times
Eric TheBlackCat
Eric TheBlackCat 10 dias atrás
We Are Like Bonobos
Damir Uhoda
Damir Uhoda 10 dias atrás
dear god what a shitty times...
Audrey McFarland
Audrey McFarland 10 dias atrás
ddas adfassaf
ddas adfassaf 10 dias atrás
That thumbnail must be how women view my tindr pics.
John Holmes
John Holmes 10 dias atrás
Ultraviolet 10 dias atrás
And still some wipe their bums with papers instead of washing with water can’t believe this....seriously shower regularly and buy perfumes
Andrea Girl
Andrea Girl 10 dias atrás
You should do a video about the Incas!! it would be soooo interesting
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