What Happens to Your Body When a Mosquito Bites You

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Mosquitos can ruin a nice picnic in the park, camping out with your friends, even your own humble abode! They’re innumerable, and they come in swarms just about anywhere you go. They are the single worst thing about summer! Why do they have to bite, and why does it itch like crazy? It’s high time we got some answers!
Mosquitos are ancient critters thought to have evolved between 50 and 100 million years ago. And they proved to be a highly adaptable species. Except for Antarctica, they live on all continents in a variety of climates. There are about 3,000 different species of mosquitos all around the world. Btw, did you know that not all mosquitos suck blood? Only females drink blood, while male specimen feed solely on nectar. The good news is, you can tell the difference between the two!
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Why they are a miracle of nature 1:00
Mean female mosquitos 😖 1:55
A mosquito’s life 3:09
How do they find you? 4:17
How mosquitos suck blood (some of them have teeth! 😬) 6:22
Do they use anesthesia? Really? 7:00
Btw, why do they need blood? 8:05
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- You can tell the difference between the two! Male mosquitos are a bit smaller than females. And if you see one nearby with fancy-looking feathered antennae, don’t rush to smack it just yet - it’s a male and it won’t bite you no matter what.
- A mosquito’s lifespan is only about a month or two. Well, that’s for the females. The guys live a lot shorter: around 2 weeks.
- You shouldn’t have any standing water near your house if you don’t want a mosquito invasion!
- Contrary to popular belief, mosquitos don’t search for their prey looking for lights. To be fair, there aren’t many species that prefer human blood at all.
- They have a variety of methods, but they mostly use scent. More specifically, they’re sniffing for your body heat and the one thing every living breathing thing produces constantly: carbon dioxide, or CO2.
- Mosquitos can remember the scent of a particularly aggressive prey and avoid it completely for 24 hours. That means, if a mosquito tries to bite you and you decide to brush it off or swat at it, it’ll probably choose someone else to bite next!
- They stick not 1 but 6 needles in you! Some of those have razor-sharp teeth that cut through the skin.
- The mosquito injects its saliva immediately after it bites you. The saliva consists of more than 100 different components, most of which are these organic substances called enzymes.
- There are also other components used like a local anesthesia.
- Females need blood to develop eggs. More specifically, she needs loads of protein and iron, which blood happens to be rich in.
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BRIGHT SIDE 6 meses atrás
Hey there, BrightSiders! Do u remember the time you got bitten by mosquitos severely?
Joseph Lukas
Joseph Lukas Dia atrás
I got 13 mosquito bites at night even I can hear them buzzing through my ear and I got bitten by a mosquito forever
Half Littlman
Half Littlman Dia atrás
Yep yesterday righ on meh ear
Ayessa kaye Villena
Ayessa kaye Villena 2 dias atrás
Not make senses
Ayessa kaye Villena
Ayessa kaye Villena 2 dias atrás
I have not seen one
Fe4r Th3Gr34t
Fe4r Th3Gr34t 3 dias atrás
@Shawn Lindsey Lucky U
shotta rells
shotta rells 17 horas atrás
I now got bite by 7 mosquito while watching dis
Tyler Lehman
Tyler Lehman 19 horas atrás
Six year old what's a masgitoo
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams Dia atrás
I once watched mosquito bite me,I got it off before 3 mins but it was there for a couple of secs, I know it still made me itchy
Md Ibrahim
Md Ibrahim Dia atrás
But when it rains water by my house
Marvel Forever
Marvel Forever Dia atrás
So this means all those mosquitoes are made of my DNA???? So that means..I am the DAD?!?!?!?!?!!?
cify ale Marshroom
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain 2 dias atrás
Who is getting random itch while watching the video
survivor geek
survivor geek 2 dias atrás
annoying af
Lilac Daisy
Lilac Daisy 2 dias atrás
*Get ready to be scarred for life, kids.*
Ayessa kaye Villena
Ayessa kaye Villena 2 dias atrás
A light trap
Dion Glaze Alba
Dion Glaze Alba 2 dias atrás
I will smash them
quency ann queri
quency ann queri 3 dias atrás
Woah he is smart and he knows anythung
mashal mehr ail
mashal mehr ail 3 dias atrás
What happens when mosquito bites u ,ur skin start to itching and u scratch it
Peter Nigel Pimentel
Peter Nigel Pimentel 3 dias atrás
i killed a mosquito using a knife
kᴀʀᴍ Ting
kᴀʀᴍ Ting 4 dias atrás
theyre useful but itch is annoying
kᴀʀᴍ Ting
kᴀʀᴍ Ting 4 dias atrás
theyre useful but itch is annoying
kᴀʀᴍ Ting
kᴀʀᴍ Ting 4 dias atrás
i make the mosquito follow me outside then get inside my room as soon as possible
Yousef Hathem
Yousef Hathem 4 dias atrás
I never got bitten by a mosquito
Noly Mendoza
Noly Mendoza 4 dias atrás
Me:just sitting in a chair and have fruits and see a MALE! Mosquitos oh a male just leave it alone :P Mosquito: mmmmh I smell some Fruits runs to my hand and bite! And accidental BITE my hand! ME: BISH she!! Transgender!?!???!! Mosquito:what Red blood?! i only want to be healthy 😭😭😭
Slurp Slurps
Slurp Slurps 4 dias atrás
Me knowing thers a few female mosquitos in my room right now video: this buzzing noise is also a noise to mate: me turns vid volume all the way down
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 5 dias atrás
Scoutpower1 5 dias atrás
What if the victim has leukemia?
SG Tan
SG Tan 5 dias atrás
Oof i got bitten but i just dont care i always spray smoke everywhere for some reason execpt for males..
VT Asian YT
VT Asian YT 5 dias atrás
I feel like a mosquito is on me while I am watching this
Lawrence Mercurio
Lawrence Mercurio 5 dias atrás
Everybody move your body
dana ezzeddine
dana ezzeddine 6 dias atrás
If female mosquitoes live on blood... does that make them vampires?
Fireboy 67
Fireboy 67 6 dias atrás
Why don't they use there own blood
Faith .M
Faith .M 6 dias atrás
OwI didn’t bite or a mosquito
Potato gamer
Potato gamer 6 dias atrás
When he said, “If you see a mosquito, with fancy feathered antennas, don’t smack just yet, it’s a male and it won’t bite you.” Me: DO YOU THINK I CARE IM KILLING IT STILL 😂
klisderf 6 dias atrás
I use candles but wow they make baby's out of are blood
KKcarolyn14 7 dias atrás
anshuman mishra
anshuman mishra 8 dias atrás
We use mosquito net during sleeping
Jalyn Mccall
Jalyn Mccall 8 dias atrás
I just cover up when I am heading to head outside
Asma Hubballi
Asma Hubballi 9 dias atrás
Background sound is disturbing
Vijay Gaikwad
Vijay Gaikwad 9 dias atrás
LegoPlayz games
LegoPlayz games 10 dias atrás
we use tabard
Game-Boi puiks
Game-Boi puiks 10 dias atrás
mosquittos are the worst fly incect in the hole world am i right :)
Arko Abhi
Arko Abhi 10 dias atrás
To take revenge I will also bite mosquito.
Levi Wolf
Levi Wolf 10 dias atrás
I just stay inside.
Adventures with Endy!
Adventures with Endy! 10 dias atrás
I have one thing to say to the Mosquito Buttholes
Blue Sheep
Blue Sheep 10 dias atrás
Bright side: they are spreading Me: time to board up my windows close them and lock myself up in my house
Xamicon 12 dias atrás
If it’s a male or female it doesn’t matter males help the female to get more mosquitoes which means it can make more females so it makes sense now that you slap them too?
GullieMot 14 dias atrás
4:35 not every living thing trees produce oxygen and inhale Co2
Eliza Watkins
Eliza Watkins 14 dias atrás
Bright side: you know what happens when you get bitten by a mosquito? Me: you get itchy? Bright side: well...
Scoutpower1 15 dias atrás
Like ticks
Lars Haver
Lars Haver 16 dias atrás
Why don’t the female’s live 2 weeks and the man 2 months
Star Sprkl
Star Sprkl 16 dias atrás
yeah a lot around 2019 but if a mosquito lands on somthing I would take my boot that no longer fits me and mash it
Gian Tristian Apostol
Gian Tristian Apostol 16 dias atrás
Let's just live in Antarctica then
Hoang lena
Hoang lena 16 dias atrás
When I see mosquitoes. [Mom we got to move]
Omaticdream 17 dias atrás
Who else is watching after they got bit by a mosquito? 😭🦟
your mom
your mom 18 dias atrás
I'm not paying child support for my mosquito kids.
Default Gaming
Default Gaming 18 dias atrás
Singapore has developed a new mosquito species that eliminates bad mosquitoes by not letting it reproduce like if you wish your country also apps those technique
Awesome Gaming-RBLX
Awesome Gaming-RBLX 19 dias atrás
i got dengue from then once
Gundaminfo HGModelkit
Gundaminfo HGModelkit 19 dias atrás
Mosquito sucks bug killer 3000
Automotive Jett
Automotive Jett 19 dias atrás
Lol I literally copped 6 mosquito bites a couple days ago...I love the Australian summers
Mitsumpria 20 dias atrás
In South russia, our moskitos are about 2-3 cm big
Vanix Blob
Vanix Blob 20 dias atrás
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