What Happens If Yellowstone Blows Up Tomorrow?

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26 Mai 2021



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Comentários 20 228
RealLifeLore 6 meses atrás
Like this comment if you live in Wyoming, Idaho, or Montana 🤯
JSSRocket 6 dias atrás
Who lives in idaho
Diamond BFDI mini again
@Coach Corndog oh no
Coach Corndog
Coach Corndog 19 dias atrás
@Diamond BFDI mini again lucky... unless your in brazil 😉
Tomas Estrada
Tomas Estrada Mês atrás
Idaho or Montana**** Wyoming doesn’t exist
Miss Cakes
Miss Cakes Mês atrás
I'm in the upper skinny part of Idaho. We'll be "significantly damaged" in the violet portion. I'll take that as a win compared to Boise. Unlike Wyoming, we exist.
Cris Castro
Cris Castro 22 minutos atrás
Pintabu in tagalog is Mount. Pinatubo
Taylor nicole
Taylor nicole Hora atrás
So you’re saying this explosion will solve global warming?
Shahroz Mirza
Shahroz Mirza 7 horas atrás
So we have a solution for global warming by sacrifice usa only ... And rest of the world can live in peace ...
jrch mgn
jrch mgn 7 horas atrás
Just keep calm and read this comment everyday. "Yellowstone will erupt tomorrow" .
CeNedra Lea Heldra
CeNedra Lea Heldra 14 horas atrás
It lets off to much pressure to go boom.
vash crimson
vash crimson 15 horas atrás
la palma is confusing volcanologists, they have no idea when it will end. they know less than they suggest.
Jayanta Sardar
Jayanta Sardar 16 horas atrás
Long story short you are screwed
A. Apio
A. Apio 20 horas atrás
"Huuuuuuugeee ", "abbsssuuuuurd". Wtf is your problem?!
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish 20 horas atrás
Maybe Al Gore could outlaw the volcanoes emissions which "oh by the way", plants love. In the Jurassic period, carbon in the atmosphere was about 300 times what it is today. Plants flourished and there was thus an plethora of animal life. 🏹🤠👍
The Dolt
The Dolt Dia atrás
I'm going to go out and run my charge cards to the limit! I mean, what the hell?
Dennis Hein
Dennis Hein Dia atrás
Just think if the atheists are right and it blows up we just die and become fertilizer. If Christians are right the atheists are gonna be in big trouble. I’ll stick to my faith thank you.
LXW arts
LXW arts Dia atrás
American has most deadliest nature made weapon, Yellowstone.
ColumbiaB Dia atrás
“Mount Pintabu”??? (9:42) No, it’s not “PIN-tuh-boo”. The Philippines volcano is •Mount Pinatubo• - “pin-uh-TOO-bo”, as anyone who pays attention has heard on the news countless time. This video is actually not bad, as such amateur workups on science topics go. But a blunder on such an obvious point, like the name of a well-known volcano, does not inspire confidence; it makes one wonder what else this piece got wrong.
Mr Moncherz
Mr Moncherz Dia atrás
That Yellowstone ash would grow some amazing plants
Shashidhar Shettar
Leave USA…..Run Run now to Mexico & Canada
Julie Sims
Julie Sims Dia atrás
The us is a beautiful loving place to live if people stop destroying so much from it and we are all waiting for something to happen to the world it will be bad
MrAnimeMilitary Dia atrás
The 1991 Volcanic Eruption in the Philippines, its name is Mt. Pinatubo, not Mt. Pintabu.
Jemil Mark Santiago
Sir Joseph, its name is Pinatubo, not Pintabu 😂😂
Don Baker
Don Baker Dia atrás
pinatubo volcano
Peter Bristol
Peter Bristol Dia atrás
Build a wall around it... and have Canada pay for it
John Dia atrás
If it takes out the political swamp so be it
Lil Mike
Lil Mike Dia atrás
Dat shit bout too blow
Greg Hohman
Greg Hohman Dia atrás
Why do you use Kilometers/meters - we have no idea on the size that entails?
Kaye Weller
Kaye Weller Dia atrás
Why may happen and it may not...the world may end and it may not...darn
david petersen
david petersen Dia atrás
If Yellowstone blows? Among other things America gets a definite reset and change of conversation from it's current death spiral.
Alex Preciado
Alex Preciado Dia atrás
They wouldn’t need national forest protection if they never colonized out lands. We where taking great care of our lands before we got colonized.
CKJ B Dia atrás
For those of us in backwards USA who still use miles, multiply the kilometers by .6 roughly
Peter MacMonagle
Peter MacMonagle Dia atrás
Well, seems like everything East of the epicenter to the Appalachian Mountains will be a mess. West of the epicenter (depending on which way wind blows) will be a mess. And the rest of the world will probably experience a Nuclear Winter. Moving to South America may be advisable, but I doubt they will accept gringos.
Lyra Chan
Lyra Chan Dia atrás
Here where I live we still have tales of that year without summer, a year long winter when the sky was perpetually covered by dark grey clouds... Back then they didn't know but it was because of a major volcanic eruption almost on the other side of the planet. Whenever one of these bad boys blows, it affects everyone near or far.
Elizabeth Hegedus
Nature go on it's own not iven tha greens can stop at but ihope mind of trable will happen god save us
OFFICIAL_SJA 2 dias atrás
Stanley Wiggins
Stanley Wiggins 2 dias atrás
Just had a thought,, what if a mentor the size of a semi truck and trailer hit the Yellowstone caldera.. Think such an impact would cause an early eruption.. let's pray it never happens, even though the odds would be like 1 in 100,000,000,000.. if not more..
Stanley Wiggins
Stanley Wiggins 2 dias atrás
Yellowstone isn't dormant it's just sleeping.. This is just my opinion..
Peace 2 dias atrás
The Republicans would blame The Democrats
smart451cab 2 dias atrás
63 national parks. And I've only been to five of them...several of them more than once. I really need to add more to my 'been there, done that' list. Never heard Mt. Pinatubo referred to as Pintabu before. Dyslexia? BTW, when you give temperatures, it's clear to me that you're talking about degrees Fahrenheit. But, you don't specify, and you should. Most of the world uses Celsius. Congratulations on nearly 7-million views in only six months! That's outstanding! Hell, that would be outstanding if it took a decade!
Ste Eldridge
Ste Eldridge 2 dias atrás
I have no desire to visit Yellowstone. It's a live volcano
Corey Ellis
Corey Ellis 2 dias atrás
Please don't tell the Chinese how to destroy America
Daygon Dark
Daygon Dark 2 dias atrás
Stop speaking in slow measurements
Pae Pae
Pae Pae 2 dias atrás
im happy because im in Europe
Daygon Dark
Daygon Dark 2 dias atrás
Mitch Ivan has 7
Daygon Dark
Daygon Dark 2 dias atrás
Michigan autocorrect 🤡😒
Daygon Dark
Daygon Dark 2 dias atrás
Your missing like 40 national parks on that one map
Louise Rosson
Louise Rosson 2 dias atrás
Very interesting program. I'm wondering what would happen now, rhetorically, if a large earthquake(s) happen on the scale of the New Madrid earthquakes of December 1811 January 1812 ???
Z32 TwinTurbo
Z32 TwinTurbo 2 dias atrás
If it happens right now. As the internet reads my sentence. Our enemies would attack us. I mean I would.
Ramses Dizon
Ramses Dizon 2 dias atrás
If a nuclear War breaks out with Russia this will be a primary target for the Russian Hypersonic missile driven by a miniature reactor. These plans were laid out by the Russian High command. It was said that they will change the shape of America if America strikes with a nuclear weapon on their soil.
Gabrielle Eldrich Perido
Its Pinatubo not Pintabu
Noah Boady
Noah Boady 2 dias atrás
Hey Joe Hey Joe what cha gonna do? ( Probably the same thing he would do if China dropped the big one on us) Never mind. This is a dopey post. I just have 0 confidence in Biden and his party. ZERO, LOL... That's not even funny
ganderson 2 dias atrás
Saw your video being used in Frankie Boyle's New World Order. Pretty cool
Shonn Morris
Shonn Morris 2 dias atrás
It's Mount Pinatubo, not Pintabu.
Rooskie J
Rooskie J 2 dias atrás
It’s basically a giant zit
Jimmy Magee
Jimmy Magee 2 dias atrás
In every aspect you are wrong this Earth has not been here not even 10,000 years yet in total the Earth will of been around from beginning to end 8,000 years our time You've been lied to your whole life evolution is a lie it is a theory it is not the truth the Bible is the only book that gives a simple explanation and reasonable reason of life and death and why we are here there is no other like it it is Holy written from the breath of God his Holy Angels messengers telling God's people what to put down All scripture is inspired by God and breathe by God did not come from Men sin is what caused death death did not exist before man sinned therefore the dinosaurs did not go extinct before men because they go extinct you must die and death did not exist before men the fossil record proves that all life popped up and came into existence at once at the same time did you know all of this in the revolution though don't they they don't tell you how DNA cannot change it stays the same They don't tell you that most of the things that they have scientifically proven have already been written in the Bible long before they ever proven them do they
Matthew Langdale
Matthew Langdale 2 dias atrás
So basically if it erupts, we are fucked
Grandma Shadowdreamer
Grandma Shadowdreamer 2 dias atrás
It's exactly what this planet needs Cool down the earth Take a few years for the cloud dust to fully settle be the sun can fully blast the earth with sun rays And wipe out most of the human race to correct the planets natural balance
Slavka S.
Slavka S. 3 dias atrás
Living right now in Australian open prison isn’t fun at all but it’s less worrying then living in Yellowstone National Park or anywhere near it…. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night in peace!
Skyeler Kho
Skyeler Kho 3 dias atrás
Me: *listening intently* RLL: *misspells Mount Pinatubo and just rolls with it* Me: 😑
opwave79 3 dias atrás
Very interesting. One correction: it’s Mount Pinatubo, not Pintabo. Cheers.
PoisedPerson 3 dias atrás
0:36 ahh yes, over half the worlds land is protected by the NPS. ;)
Google User
Google User 3 dias atrás
Don't blame me. I haven't eaten beens in over a week.
I love cats I just love cats
Tibbs Kitchen
Tibbs Kitchen 3 dias atrás
So what you are saying is that all LIBERAL STATES will be destroyed. I don't see a problem. Bring it on Yellowstone!!!
Mark Beeman
Mark Beeman 3 dias atrás
Don't believe anything media or experts say. Nothing.
Ricky Mc
Ricky Mc 3 dias atrás
It’s called a earths cycle it’s coming
Ricky Mc
Ricky Mc 3 dias atrás
The volcanoes go off one after another when they all go off like they are
Ricky Mc
Ricky Mc 3 dias atrás
It will blow soon💀🙄
Reapzify 3 dias atrás
i wouldnt mine it being coolfer here 10 degrees aight bet
Zezens Pratama
Zezens Pratama 3 dias atrás
So sacrficing U.S.A for solving the global warming?
Benz John Dagalea
Benz John Dagalea 3 dias atrás
Correction, it’s called mt Pinatubo not mt Pintabu.
Maluthor 3 dias atrás
TLDR: if Yellowstone erupts, we're fucked.
Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය
If it doesn't blow up, Just nuke it
Martin Turner
Martin Turner 4 dias atrás
The probability of Yellowstone erupting The probability of this video being click bait..100%
R Nedlo
R Nedlo 4 dias atrás
Oh, oh, I know: Fox "news" will report the truth . . . . . . . nah, just kidding!
jason sammut
jason sammut 4 dias atrás
they should build a geo thermal power plant there, it would reduce the temps reducing the threat at the same time.
PoodleScone 4 dias atrás
Just think of all the ingredients available for Roman concrete.
Gamercharizardx 4 dias atrás
What will happen if a nuke hits it?
MJacksonXenos 4 dias atrás
Request for the writers of this video. When you state a temperature change, like 10 degrees, please specify F or C. Thanks.
Genos Presumido
Genos Presumido 4 dias atrás
No more California :awesome:
Field Radio Operator
Field Radio Operator 4 dias atrás
Just watch supervolcano the mini series
BangBangRogers 4 dias atrás
Imagine Yellowstone erupts and its really weak.
WarriorKingCraw 5 dias atrás
this is a good way to solve global climate change I guess.
Lorentari 5 dias atrás
Saying that US's geography is uniquely diverse is disingenuous... If you were to take the same area in Europe/Africa/Asia you could include everything between Norway, The Nederlands, the Alps, North Egypt, and Some of Russia
Blackie 5 dias atrás
Sounds like a nature's plan of fighting against global warming (in case if humans fail)
Doug Stern
Doug Stern 5 dias atrás
Mt Pinatubo - not Pintabu..
Violet Smokes
Violet Smokes 5 dias atrás
Scientists: An eruption is unlikely. Everyone in 2020:👁👄👁
Steve Ulliott
Steve Ulliott 5 dias atrás
well they (the experts) would say that wouldn't they, they wouldn't want to cause a public panic if they thought it might blow in the next few decades, they'll just hide underground with the government while the rest of us fight for food when crops fail around the world. over population sorted out, the rich welcome the robots to do all the work for them, so why are they so worried there willing to possibly pump super pressured water into the lava chambers if nothings wrong, they might just make it more angry! aaaaahhh! lol
Mishita Kuros
Mishita Kuros 5 dias atrás
it is not Mt."PINTABU" its Mt. "PINATUBO"
Daniel Reed
Daniel Reed 5 dias atrás
Didn’t they say the same thing about La Palma? And look it’s about to cause a mega tsunami 🌊
Roy Tallerico
Roy Tallerico 5 dias atrás
If Yellowstone blows we in the states surrounding it won't need to worry..we won't be here. My commode will look like one of ELON MUSK'S SATELITES.
Arlan Knowlton
Arlan Knowlton 6 dias atrás
We are all going to die soon 😆
Tony Lam
Tony Lam 6 dias atrás
I love the kind of jobs some have , they can make all kinds of predictions and not subjected to any consequences if they are wrong. !0000 years before the thing blow up. I seen reporters doing that, predicting trade shortages in a decade, which did not materialized, but they were long gone. Same with the JIT bunch that sold that concept to management.If that volcano blow up, it will kill enough people , and we will not need the vaccine.
themooseisontheloose 6 dias atrás
Spoiler alert: When Yellowstone blows, the entire world, not just America will be fucked.
Brianna Rose Yerby
Brianna Rose Yerby 6 dias atrás
Taupo= "toe-paw" from your friendly kiwi :)
FerizaGamez 6 dias atrás
the earth gets wyomed
Jimmy 6 dias atrás
Time to move to Chanda.
Charles Moseley
Charles Moseley 6 dias atrás
You bunch of Toads ... as long as there is an exit for the magma, then there will be no pressure build up and there will never be an eruption unless the exit valves get blocked ... see how to stop potential volcanic events by digging into the mountain to relieve the underground pressure. It ain't rocket science ... but that's too simple for the 21st Century megalomaniac scientists !!!! Toads one and all!
Charles Moseley
Charles Moseley 6 dias atrás
If the original humans came from Africa, then that speaks volumes about why Humans are such idiots ...
Fig Plucker
Fig Plucker 6 dias atrás
Consistency with measuring would be helpful. Constant changes from imperial to metric is annoying. And for goodness sake get the names correct. It’s Mount Pinatubo.
Baba Yaga Slobbed a Knobba
If Yellowstone erupts tomorrow, it would definitely give Black Friday a new meaning....
CanadianStacker 7 dias atrás
85 million acres kms is not possible.
That 1 Uchiha
That 1 Uchiha 7 dias atrás
First time watching this guy and he sounds, in my opinion, just like Paul from Mittensquad
Does old faithful relieve some of the pressure in the caldera? Somewhere I read that but I don't know if that's right. Seems a bit off.
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