What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth?

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Today we are answering an age-old very scientific and important question: What if the moon crashes into earth? It’s more interesting and weird than you probably think. Let's start with the basics: Why isn't the Moon on its way to crash into us already?

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7 Fev 2022



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"According to science, the Moon is big and very massive"
Matt J
When these guys say "science won't work, so let's use magic," it always concerns me how confidently they say it. I'm fairly certain they actually could.
I would most definitely read a post-apocalyptic book about this. It would be interesting to know what a good author could come up with after watching this!
Could you imagine surviving a year of absolute misery to see the most beautiful thing any human will ever see? That would be enough motivation for me to survive
That image of the newly ringed Earth gave me chills
I love how you approached this as if the moon's orbit, which is always spiraling anyway, slowed. I was hoping to learn what would happen if the moon directly crashed within a few months like in video games, but this was WAY more entertaining.
Name not found
This episode was absolutely spectacular. The animation of the moon collapsing into a set of rings was extraordinarily well done.
Quackers And Quackers
I feel like this would be a really good idea for a story, due to its dreary and grief journey to an ultimately calm and almost pretty end
Lesley Graham
I appreciate using the slides inspired by Majora's Mask, along with the nod in the Magic animation. Very cute, very informative. As always!
i for imaginary
i for imaginary 21 dia atrás
I absolutely love this channel because in literally any apocalyptic scenario you would know what the next stage is and would have boatloads of time to prepare
Honor Truth
The part they didn't mention is our Moon may well be the only reason we were able to evolve into such complex life forms. Its gravity and cycles help to stabilize our planet's climate and weather patterns in incredible ways. Without it, Earth would remain quite violently hostile, indefinitely.
The Roblox Person
I love how Kurzgesagt puts their sponsors at the end of the video so if people actually are interested in the sponsor, then they can watch it, but if people don't care then they don't have to sit through the sponsor segment
A little too high a price to pay in order to have a view like Saturn! Loved this one so much!
sylveon 69
one thing i wonder about is even in this scenario where it "safely" de-orbits into a ring, would the earth still end up being pelted with massive meteorites? even if its not the whole moon crashing down, the moon is huge so i could definitely see a few small country/state sized chunks and dozens of city sized chunks ending up hitting the ground
Jeff Zebert
Even before the Moon reaches the Roche Limit, it would, in its own right, start experiencing volcanism! This is because all the tidal kneading on the Moon would exert enough friction to heat the Moon's interior to the point of melting. This is the reason why the Jovian moon Io has active volcanoes.
oof9868 22 horas atrás
literallly explains the plot of moonfall
Trollkiller 69
One thing that you didn't mention:
I love this channel. So much work goes into it just to keep us informed. Thank you so much!
Mumbo Jumbo
I too, have pondered this.
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