What Happened To Every Player Drafted Above Giannis Antetokounmpo

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22 Jul 2021



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Comentários 2 043
Rocks D. Xebec
Rocks D. Xebec 4 dias atrás
Wow... Those credit scenes were awsome bro!!!
HurricaneSZN 4 dias atrás
A prime example of how hard the draft is. Tho i was touting giannis from day 1 dye to his physical skillset so its hard to see how nba scouts couldnt see it
The Black Pearl Fan
The Black Pearl Fan 10 dias atrás
Anthony Bennet best player of all time
Unticblyx 14 dias atrás
Anyone else hear the announcers voice crack saying nerlen noels name on the 6th pick
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme 15 dias atrás
3:09 travelled. Typical NBA trash now.
Lo-JaL TV 16 dias atrás
I didn't know lionel richie is an nba player . . . Lol 😂
Fullmetal Gamer
Fullmetal Gamer 17 dias atrás
Anthony Bennett was averaging games per point not points per game.
Mitch O'Brien
Mitch O'Brien 17 dias atrás
The Cavs in the years without LeBron had the chance to have a squad of Dame Lavine Jimmy Kawhi Giannis
Browns Fan
Browns Fan 17 dias atrás
So your telling me we drafted Anthony Bennett over giannis
année 17 dias atrás
overall, a bit of a rubbish draft
Cursed Kleenex
Cursed Kleenex 18 dias atrás
...which actually shows that NBA scouters suck at their job
Natsters46 23 dias atrás
Gotta be the worst top 10 picks ever
Willie Davis
Willie Davis 25 dias atrás
Draft was horrible
R. Jay stewart
R. Jay stewart 25 dias atrás
I learned that most of Philly’s picks are bad. The Process? What a crass joke.
HennyThing 27 dias atrás
Burke was supposed to be Trea Young..
Killer Willies
Killer Willies 27 dias atrás
I know it's already been said but it's hella endearing that the most negative thing I think I heard was "he just wasn't Giannis". They respectable bro. Just subbed and can't wait to see you boom.
Justin Finley
Justin Finley 27 dias atrás
Anthony Bennett was viewed as the best talent coming out of high school and earlier in the summer he was regarded much higher
celrogu jidunla
celrogu jidunla 27 dias atrás
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Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt 27 dias atrás
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The Dez Dispenser
The Dez Dispenser 27 dias atrás
Oladipo has had a solid career
C B 28 dias atrás
the real white iverson @ 13:23
28 dias atrás
I became a hall of famer in just one season. Thanks to my cheat engine ☺️☺️☺️ nba2k14!!!
Bj Nobleza
Bj Nobleza 28 dias atrás
MCW was once a triple double threat and putting almost quadruple double once in his rookie year.
Patrick 28 dias atrás
Olynk averaged 19 per game this season? Where was I?
Cosmo Vanquish
Cosmo Vanquish 29 dias atrás
Θα σέβεστεεεεεεε!!!!
Rainville Christian
Rainville Christian 29 dias atrás
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Mc Miller
Mc Miller Mês atrás
Tobyn Cummins
Tobyn Cummins Mês atrás
A lot of these guys have gone on to have pretty decent careers, albeit nowhere near the heights of Antetokounmpo
Tobyn Cummins
Tobyn Cummins Mês atrás
I had no idea Oladipo ended up in Miami thought he was in Houston all these changes happen so often its hard to keep up
Dragon Of desteny
Dragon Of desteny Mês atrás
Yo, the double digit boys out of that draft class are doing quite good arent they?
Goosby Goosby
Goosby Goosby Mês atrás
Number 10 was the best pick
Alim Meralli
Alim Meralli Mês atrás
Without Giannis this has to be the worst draft class ever
flawlezzgenocide Mês atrás
Bennet wasnt a bust coz he wasnt supposed to be no 1 overall. Cavs was on crack when they drafted him. Cleveland was the bust for picking him.
caughtlackin 7 dias atrás
He a bust never even developed his skills since he was drafted
V3gaS Mês atrás
Otto porter also became an MVP... in Shaqtin A Fool
DomeOne Mês atrás
ltcolin19 Mês atrás
This might be the worst draft in NBA history!
krillions underlow
krillions underlow Mês atrás
Phew! Smh, glad my Knicks weren't apart of that horror story, tho we have many of our own.
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave Mês atrás
You gotta love Adams...
Tapz Flame
Tapz Flame Mês atrás
victor oladipo is lowkey my favorite player no cap
Isaac Osborn
Isaac Osborn Mês atrás
only 2 superstars in this draft are giannis and gobert. both oladipo and cj are too inconsistent
Jared Sleppy
Jared Sleppy Mês atrás
Pretty good vid. Some constructive criticism is I would write out a script so it feels more professional and less like a podcast. You say “you know” a lot which implies that you haven’t thought too much about what you’re going to say. Writing out a script would help. Keep making vids and you’ll improve!
non ya
non ya Mês atrás
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Meghann Alt
Meghann Alt Mês atrás
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Tim Trump
Tim Trump Mês atrás
Never forget Noel turning down that Dallas contract
NER__0 Mês atrás
VO stays one of my favorite players for that pacers season
marshann louie
marshann louie Mês atrás
I mean it is called a “draft” for a reason.. These guys play well take advantage of the spotlight to live their dream. No one said it’ll be easy. No one said they’d play well. Every pick is a game for a deal in return. Quite frankly some them guys just didn’t fit the team. Giannis didn’t start having a good season till 2016 however each ur he got better so the bucks lucked out. This is what u get when u develop a player and be patient vs thinking these guys are just going to make a difference instantly. They are human beings. I’d say rookies are still in shock to even be in the league. That can be blinding.
WYH 987
WYH 987 Mês atrás
Just wonder what most people think, "2013's 2 best SG: Victor Oladipo & CJ McCollum who's better."
Papaz Mês atrás
What shit class
LIORF CAD Mês atrás
Great scouting by the bucks
ONIzUKA 05 Mês atrás
Steve adams evovle to aquaman
Bl0oDi4m0nD Mês atrás
So not only the biggest bust 1st pick but biggest lottery bust in history
Guitarliano Mês atrás
I was looking for a video exactly like this. Good job bro 😎
BobaFetish2124 Mês atrás
Been watching a couple of these "What Happened To" videos & I noticed something. The 76ers & "The Process" should never be considered a success. Yes, they got Embiid but they wasted so much young talent that with proper development could have been really good to All Star level players.
Max Becker
Max Becker Mês atrás
great video man!
dimez Mês atrás
Appreciate it!
F AAaaa
F AAaaa Mês atrás
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RaffyBoy81 Mês atrás
CJ looks baby face
Mr. Kab
Mr. Kab Mês atrás
Anthony bennet could be zion williamson but turn out to be bust
Erick Nunez
Erick Nunez Mês atrás
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Mac Attack
Mac Attack Mês atrás
The cavs could have had a starting 5 of kyrie klay lebron love and giannis. Sad sad sad
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Laurena Danford
Laurena Danford Mês atrás
Have you heard about *@biggiehacks* on Insta ? He is best NBA 2K account vendor out there You can give him a trial, now I'm happy I did
Rozepqck Mês atrás
5:22 Travel 🤣🤣🤣
Pemuda Netizen
Pemuda Netizen Mês atrás
Who is guy?
WoresuHitDiff Mês atrás
Poor Victor O. Man most def would be top 10 youngest playet without injuries
manillametro Mês atrás
honestly the real notable people in this draft apart from giannis was dipo and McCollum
D.R DORITO Mês atrás
D.R DORITO Mês atrás
J A Mês atrás
Basically this draft class is pretty average. You have Giannis as the best of the class, then McCollum, Oladipo, and Gobert as other All Stars then players like Olynyk, Caldwell-Pope, and etc. who are good role players
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson Mês atrás
Just blatant disrespect to cj
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson Mês atrás
Not saying he’s even close to Giannis but he just got brushed off lmao
Markarth City Guard
So Giannis is better than everyone on this list...Nice😂😂
FFBE Exaid
FFBE Exaid Mês atrás
I remember Alex Len cause he got dunked on by Ryan Andersen of all people 😂
Zaphod Mês atrás
For some reason I keep thinking Zeller was drafted way before 2013. Maybe it's the balding head just making him look old. But I always thought he was drafted in like '08 or '09.
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Janelle Wade
Janelle Wade Mês atrás
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Rudiger Shinnick
Rudiger Shinnick Mês atrás
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domaindiego_ TTV
domaindiego_ TTV Mês atrás
*Invest in CRYPTO Ethereum classic Dogecoin* 🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌
Jo Ann
Jo Ann Mês atrás
What a weird draft class!
Željko Tkalec
Željko Tkalec Mês atrás
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Jared Lehrer
Jared Lehrer Mês atrás
Good vid
natasha luchy
natasha luchy Mês atrás
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vasilis bil
vasilis bil Mês atrás
I think Giannis is disrespected because he isn't an American. He is culturally different, and he doesn't fit the stereotype of the angry, cool NBA player. He is nice, fun-loving and he isn't American. So, small-minded Americans don't like him.
John Uhrig LCSW
John Uhrig LCSW Mês atrás
nice piece..I didnt realize how many players tend to wash out or just be role players
Fisher Fisher
Fisher Fisher Mês atrás
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Hans Christopherson
David stern slowing down reading Giannis draft card as he tries to think about how to pronounce his last name lol
william bratcher
william bratcher Mês atrás
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seth law
seth law Mês atrás
As a jazz fan this hurts
MR LANEOUS Mês atrás
Anthony Bennett was on everyone's draft board going 1-7
Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson Mês atrás
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AmustThatiBust713 Mês atrás
Let's not forget Rudy Gobert another foreign player that went 27th in this draft. 3 time defensive player of the year. 2018,2019, and 2021
Ben TV
Ben TV Mês atrás
Anthony Bennett is a bust
Giannis wasnt supposed to be a star this is why he was drafted so low, he force his way into stardom by plain working like crazy
Davan Mani
Davan Mani Mês atrás
Giannis was blessed of not suffering injuries while learning to play NBA basketball. It wasn’t pretty but the Bucks gave him a chance to develop.
Armando Reyes
Armando Reyes Mês atrás
aye man, solid video. I like how you gave an honest take on everyone. As a Lakers fan tho, you forgot to mention KCP played a part on the Lakers winning the 2020 NBA Championship.
Snakley Mês atrás
5:22 nice travel
xCooldog Mês atrás
Us cavs fans probably hurt the most
Grand Fury
Grand Fury Mês atrás
Makes me feel alot better about the Spurs drafting Josh Primo. Sometimes the best players aren't the player's in the mock obviously.
69 Texaseyes
69 Texaseyes Mês atrás
jcris Mês atrás
I can't d9wnload APK on nba 2k20. How? Plz
Gregory Avery
Gregory Avery Mês atrás
Cody's iq? Here we go again!!
Fun sims
Fun sims Mês atrás
Caldwell Pope should come back to pistons
Cover Mês atrás
Giannis is walking proof that positive attitude, respect for others, treating ppl right, honoring your parents, Just being a clean, humble, nice person WILL come right Back to u with positve things happening
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