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The Try Guys
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Jennifer C D
Eugene is the definition of “if looks could kill”. Mad respect for you guys.
Nadia Aliani
Nadia Aliani 28 dias atrás
The fact that ned was that guy who always talks about his wife and was the symbol of family man in this show is killing me.
ive never seen such a genuine apology video and its over something they didn’t even do… and i just wanna add how much i love the way zach opens the immediately saying that ned has been removed, instead of putting off saying that till the end. i feel so bad for the three of them for having to go through this, and im so proud of them for handling it like this
👉Mei-mei draws👈
👉Mei-mei draws👈 14 horas atrás
Zach looks so defeated about it all. He looks so sad.. Since the holidays are around the corner, I wanna wish you a happy holidays to you and your team and families. God speed ❤
the fact that they have to apologize for something they had nothing to do with so that their whole business doesn’t go rights down the drain is so upsetting and i respect this move because you guys refused to stand with someone who did something terrible. mad respect for this.
M De Ville
M De Ville 12 horas atrás
You guys are the epitome of class and grace under pressure. Zach's show of emotion had me nearly in tears ❤️ You guys are going through it right now but you'll definitely come out stronger for it. Kudos for not putting up with this sort of behavior. It's clear you're all processing this loss in different ways and I hope you all come out of it knowing even more who you are and who you want to be, both individually and as a company. Thank you for all the content and I hope you keep doing what you love ❤️
Lonely Sandwich
Eugene: Barely restrained rage.
Saima Khan
Mad respect for these three. Handled it very well. Instead of ignoring the issue and making it a taboo they came out to their fans honestly.
Meghan Mary
As a PR professional, I just wanted to say I could not have imagined a better, more eloquent response for you three to have published/posted. As someone who has watched you all for years, I'm saddened to see your heartbreak, but am so hopeful for your future and will always support you moving forward. Sending love and positive thoughts during this transitional time 💗
K i a n
K i a n 4 horas atrás
I hope you guys will feel better soon and mad respect for everyone in the comments and the try guys
i think one of the hardest things about watching old videos now is just wondering when exactly ned started pretending. his love and admiration for ariel was genuine in the beginning, it’s definitely painful to question when it started to become a façade. so much love to Keith, Zach, and Eugene. we support however you may navigate this shit 💛
foamywindow 2 horas atrás
Eugene looks mom levels of angry
Bee Bradbury
Look at how livid Eugene is. He's barely holding in his rage. Good for you guys. I love you three!!
Jennifer Burton
Jennifer Burton 4 horas atrás
Hope this was all worth it for you, Ned
Sampada Gondhalekar
the fact that they had to apologise on the behalf of Ned is so sad like they never deserved to be betrayed.
miou joer
miou joer 28 dias atrás
This is by far the best public statement I’ve ever seen on BRvid. These guys are all such class acts. I feel so deeply for them and everyone affected
Quirktart 21 dia atrás
These guys have never seemed so formal and professional before. It's almost uneasy seeing Zach be as straight and narrow and professional as he is here.
The Ginja Ninja
What hurts the most is you listen to someone like Ned going on about how much he 'LoOOooOovVves his wife'
Camdyn Amanda
The silent rage radiating from Eugene. The genuine heartbreak from Zach. And the maturity from Keith. You all are so strong. Proud of you guys for standing proud with your company.
Nadia Star
Nadia Star 7 horas atrás
No one online was harsh on his wife. They destroyed him. 😂
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