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Streetwear has become mainstream. Nearly every brand that makes t-shirts and hoodies is now boxed into that category. But a new generation of designers are challenging that norm and helping redefine the next phase of men’s fashion that isn’t rooted in hype. On this panel, we bring together designers and fashion experts Ev Bravado, Matthew Henson, Don C, Guillermo Andrade and Chris Gibbs to explore why the term streetwear has now become taboo, the challenges some brands faced trying to capture the luxury market, and what’s next.
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19 Dez 2019



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slick1hit 27 dias atrás
I never hear anyone mention Karl Kani as street wear. Kani literally was the first street wear brand. So many people copied that mans style.
OHDΔGEE 29 dias atrás
The streets righfully appropriated some high end fashion brands. Lets talk Ralph Lauren for instance. The Lo Lifes made a lot of RL's shit a staple in the streets, still to this day they've been repping the LO. That is streetwear because its been so imbedded in the streets that especific Polo garments aren't even seen right outside of the streets. Come on, when you see a Polo Stadium jacket what is the first shit you think about? Exactly, Hip Hop and the streets. Thats my point!
Carlos Fraire
Carlos Fraire Mês atrás
Don C talks like Malibu's most wanted! 🤣
tishaun james
tishaun james Mês atrás
MR ZUNIGA Mês atrás
Call it whatever you want. Urban streetwear was never luxury. People are trying to flex with a price tag. I went to a nice restaurant on New Years eve and people walking around looking like trash bags. What happened to dress codes. Someone teach these fools how to use an iron. If looking like a bumb is streetwear Fuck streetwear. What all of these designers are doing is stealing fashion from black and brown culture and selling it to rich white kids.
Ryan Ewing
Ryan Ewing Mês atrás
If Tupac wears Versace it’s street wear if Ashton Kutcher wears Versace it’s high fashion
Jay Hanna
Jay Hanna Mês atrás
Ryan Ewing MIGOS voice ( Versace ? )
Shy Money
Shy Money Mês atrás
Don C and Theo Von are the same person, twins... .. . Same mom, different dads!! Don't @ me because it is very rare but possible. Google IT!!!
STARS Fashion Art Love
STARS Heritage 4 Ever B!thces!💖💛💚
Jaylinn Herrera
Jaylinn Herrera Mês atrás
so basicallyyy big names are essentially limiting the visions these designers by wanting them to continuously create their vision of mainstream "Streetwear" (aka hoodies and tshirts) and the designers feel like their concepts outside of that label have difficulty getting recognition. The designers want to kind of use them to bank off the trend and don't necessarily allow them to innovate.
Kwan Howard
Kwan Howard Mês atrás
Creativity comes after streetwear, probably.
resonhearts69 Mês atrás
Don c is a corndog
Gabriel Louchart
Gabriel Louchart Mês atrás
The thing is fine art some is not useful to humans at least a blender makes healthy shakes from fruits and you can create smoothies you can't buy no were fine art has no actual human value for health body clothing cleaning product any one can do a fried painting not anyone can engineer a 100 blender on Amazon anyone can paint a painting for a million is worthless platinum bars from a mint are an invest many you can make jewellery trade it it goes up you can make deals better trade for high value items you are were my perspective is if bankruptcy comes platinum can be sold to a big range of people paintings is so hard to sell its a few ditzy eccentric creatures that waste 2 million usd on a 50 canvas with black and white stripes
Gabriel Louchart
Gabriel Louchart Mês atrás
What about vintage designer old school human fit with a bit of technology also more tapered fit to the human body that makes the big difference peep game
Gabriel Louchart
Gabriel Louchart Mês atrás
I know Levi bent lee feeling this believe me he love his vetements vintage and designer me also quality clothes are good just like quality flavoured food is good quality is nutritious
sonia the science kid
Me and my best friend have a vintage clothing brand called Krash on IG, @krash.made follow ussss
sonia the science kid
all 1 of 1 pieces
MaverickBull Mês atrás
I don't understand the question "what comes after streetwear?" Is that like... "what is the next thing we're all going to conform to and copy?" If so, that's sad. Fashion, styles, and culture aren't dictated from above by a panel of "experts." It grows organically up out of the REAL culture and REAL people. These are mostly people who aren't paying $1000 for sneakers. Instead, they're taking what they have and making it special almost by accident. It's apart of the personality of the groups and people to dress in those new ways and they do it to escape the mandated fashion choices made by pretentious losers in the "fashion industry" who think they know best. The next wave can't really be predicted. However, once it comes onto the scene it will be manipulated, picked apart, adopted, and disseminated among the masses just like STREETWEAR has. Streetwear will be old news and lame (except to the people who actually loved it regardless) and this new thing will be on a pedestal. That's the nature of fashion because it's all about CASH. The industry can't make money and stay rich without making you, the masses, feel inferior, less than, uncool, and behind the times. So, for people secure in their own culture (self made or otherwise), there isn't anything "after" streetwear because they've been dressing how they like the whole time (like me and many others). For the people who can't think for themselves and who need to copy others to manifest a feeling of importance, there will always be something new that they HAVE to cop.
MaverickBull Mês atrás
Streetwear.. Hmm. I never knew what it meant and I still don't. I felt like it used to be what urban kids/ppl wore in major metropolitan areas like LA, NYC, Chicago etc. For other parts of the country, I don't think it was really a thing. And now, I think streetwear is completely luxury items. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with individuality or creativity. Most people look almost exactly the same and they value the individual pieces over the style. Anyone with the cash can just buy the correct, hyped "pieces" and be considered "streetwear." There's nothing special about it. It's funny that people are paying abnormal amounts of cash for basic items like hoodies, sneakers, and t shirts which before were considered lazy to wear. However, it's in the nature of capitalism and consumer culture to exploit what's happening among the masses and then make exclusive versions that exclude others and make them feel left out.
asantos128 Mês atrás
Man I'm too old to worry about some of the dumb s***. Wear classic pieces and you will never fail.
roro2k Mês atrás
Hypebeastism needs to die.
M S Mês atrás
10 Deep, Acapulco Gold, Stussy, Rook, LRG, Obey etc. Supreme is garbage.
King P
King P Mês atrás
The Chancellor
The Chancellor Mês atrás
This host is booty why all your questions negative..... street wear is dope close case. Been wearing it for over 25 years.
King P
King P Mês atrás
@thoughtsoffreedomclothing on IG
Marvel Alexander
Marvel Alexander Mês atrás
Lol why is everyone out of breath??
King P
King P Mês atrás
The future is WHAT we decide. It's gonna remain FUN. That's what fashion is.
TheAvantGOD O.G.
TheAvantGOD O.G. Mês atrás
VISION STREETWEAR in the 80s was the 1st time I heard the term "STREETWEAR"
David Pshenishny
David Pshenishny Mês atrás
Like, its like, like streetwear. Like you know um, like I grew up with streetwear. Like um its good.
Esco KickS
Esco KickS Mês atrás
Fuck the concept of streetwear , just call it what it is it’s like calling it minority wear ! Sub categorizing is like gentrification , it’s also a target 🎯 on your back when it comes to the “law”
Brian Lamoureux
Brian Lamoureux Mês atrás
Damn Ev bravado jeans are horrible.
SoCal Rocks
SoCal Rocks Mês atrás
Did he take a jab at Chinatown Market? Haha.
G L Mês atrás
Expensive streetwear (luxury streetwear) will die because that’s what killed it, the cheaper affordable street will always live because that’s how, where & what it came wasn’t about the money it was about the style, creativity & expression/ social commentary Check me out @Guudlukin on IG
K T Mês atrás
The term Streetwear is a paradox it’s not like people are wearing the outfits in the house 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
K T Mês atrás
Where’s Jerry Lorenzo?
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko Mês atrás
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko Mês atrás
Don C shouldn't be so bitter about high fashion brands veering off into streetwear because if I'm not mistaken his Don C's Jordan 2 takes after a high-end brand am I wrong?
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko Mês atrás
Don C is such a deep bruthuh
Jimmy Bacas
Jimmy Bacas Mês atrás
Is Don C Humpty Hump without the glasses?
Jimmy Bacas
Jimmy Bacas Mês atrás
I only wear the OG...Vision Streetwear
Michelle Bundy
Michelle Bundy Mês atrás
The difference between a streetwear designer and a fashion designer is the ability and knowledge of clothing construction and the manipulation of textiles. Much respect to them, but If streetwear designers don’t want to be called that they need to learn the craft of fashion design.
David D. Oquendo
David D. Oquendo Mês atrás
Why does Don C remind me of Key from Key&Peale?
Ernesto H
Ernesto H Mês atrás
Dope video
Mattniificent Mês atrás
Don C is a nigga from Chicago. A lot of u weirdo hypebeasts dont know real black people just tokens so he sounds foreign to u
Tyresse dos Hernandez
Keygan Michael Key and Tommy Wiseau in one conversation. Nice
OG CityWolf
OG CityWolf Mês atrás
Triple 5 Soul
VonTheVisualGod Mês atrás
you guys should check out @LetsBeFRNDS on IG they have a bunch of dope stuff
VonTheVisualGod Mês atrás
the white dude said all brands I grew up on, Im tryna shop with him
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Mês atrás
One more thing though. Attention designers: Don't be bitching about consumers don't buy $2000 suits, and instead opt for a $300 hoodie. There is a thing called disposable income, and a $2000 suit will only speak to a very very small category of consumers. Okay so, why not just continue pumping out hoodies/tees/hats. and make a $50,000 one-off to let some rich clown buy it. Just saying.
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Mês atrás
and anybody under age 25, needs to stfu. yall don't know what this convo is about.
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Mês atrás
The Owner of Union LA is the only one that needs to be talking. "Streetwear" was probably coined around the time LA was making noise with its old LRG, and stussy, and Hundreds. nothing more, nothing less. Also, all these clones buying $300+ sweatshirts are suckas. and No, I ain't buying $150 for a t-shirt either. Sucker central for real. Ain't nothing "Street" about what these brands are selling. It leans towards Luxury. and that works in favor of the traditional fashion houses. Again, sucker central.
Adrian Bumper
Adrian Bumper Mês atrás
Yeah some of these brand our to expensive $150 for hoodie is crazy and $50 tee..some of these street wear designers want be luxury so they charge luxury Price's. Some stuff is not my style just look like these fools are trying hard
bjr816 Mês atrás
Don C def can talk as well
FFB332mob Williams
FFB332mob Williams Mês atrás
You couldn't have said it any better 💯
Luke Vogrin
Luke Vogrin Mês atrás
Wild Doge man SoHo in 2015 was just an awesome community of people who loved fashion. Those insane supreme and bape lineups back in the day was this awesome culture of meeting people with the itch for street and art culture. It’s tougher to find that these days but SoHo still shows its core of love for streetwear at like consignment stores, thrifts, archive sales, and other art events
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Mês atrás
@Wild Doge Yup. One can probably say that the traditional fashion houses realized who the next wave of consumers are gonna be and are trying to win their pockets. again, who gives a shit though. If you're making $150K a year, by all means go for those luxury/streetwear bullshit. you gonna be looking like every other unoriginal dude. shiiit, i'm even thinking of looking for some old LRG or some shit at this point lol
natan a
natan a Mês atrás
Futurism will come back into fashion Remember this comment
Grand Loop
Grand Loop 2 meses atrás
Clothes is clothes
Nathan James
Nathan James 2 meses atrás
What was Matthew Henson wearing?
Alex Mathew Mendoza
Alex Mathew Mendoza 2 meses atrás
Aculturación Sin
Aculturación Sin 2 meses atrás
Don c talks like malibu most wanted
adelinared1 Mês atrás
Aculturación Sin is he a brotha? I always thought he was Indian.
aewriter 2 meses atrás
Dumb interview. Yall sound mad lol
wpaia 2 meses atrás
Street wear is basically hip hop clothes or skateboard clothes
Beanie Boi
Beanie Boi Mês atrás
Hassan DaGreat
Hassan DaGreat 2 meses atrás
black rappers. dj unk. nelly, cool j, that is street not stussy not garcon
Hassan DaGreat
Hassan DaGreat 2 meses atrás
fubu davouchi schott pele pelle jonny blaze
Socity 13
Socity 13 2 meses atrás
The future is in Bespoke and vintage fashion. Tailored vintage fabrics.
Yuichi Totani
Yuichi Totani Mês atrás
Dear clones, please do not enter vintage.
sresner7 Mês atrás
Facts. Quality+Uniqueness=Cool. Wearing something that 99.9% of the time you won't see someone else wearing, that's what's really dope (imho).
Kill Media
Kill Media 2 meses atrás
Bro is a straight up 'Keegan-Michael Key' clone! bahahah! Thought this was going to break into some sort of parody, bahaha!
A A 2 meses atrás
These guys are way too serious about clothes. It's just clothes lmao.
Cult Boy
Cult Boy 2 meses atrás
It’s their job, too.
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