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motivation is hard

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21 Mai 2022



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I don't know what you're talking about, I am massively entertained. Well wishes to you mate.
dapper dork
When you hugged your little friend, I felt that. I just bought a giraffe-hydra plushie to help cope with my mounting procrastination anxiety. Hope all is well for you, Jocat.
Everyone's favourite Gobbo being as supportive as ever. We all need a friend like Gobbo who's willing to just hang out while we recharge our creative batteries. :3
Payton Wells
Being adorable like Jo is a fulltime job, of course he's being productive
He's been dropping phat beats without telling the world til today.... A masterpiece.
Mel the Pirate
This is a whole mood and a half, but sometimes it is just like that. The best thing is to try to not feel guilty, you need idle time
Fooble The Goblin
He's being productive! He's... he's... i don't even know what that is, actually. But keep up the good work!
Skye Be Tired
I can relate, even when I'm trying my best I can feel like nothing I'm doing is productive. I moved twice and still have a box that has survived both moves and been left 80% unemptied. Things can just be like that sometimes, and it can be good to take that time so long as you aren't letting it drag you down and consume you. Just be rad like my dad! Actually maybe not like my dad since the rad he got is radiation... Be rad... icle. Like Icicle but with radiation. Be a radioactive icicle! There we go!
biyao kiti
Always an exciting moment when you realise a youtuber managed to get through the script for a whole video in one take. Very efficient. Good work.
me looking at this video and looping it a few times instead of doing the things im procrastinating on teehee ✌
Kyu Sei
OK but this is such a mood, it's so good to know we're not alone in our struggles to just DO THINGS sometimes.
Schnee Coraxx
this looks like accomplishing an adorable animation that we all love
JoCat is the mascot millenials needed, and now have, and will treasure beyond space and time, elevating him to angelhood status, so his wholesome presence may bless even eldritch things that may be able to barely relate to humanity.
Ryan Williams
I've been trying to find my way out of burnout after switching jobs in the pandemic, I know the feeling of being like "but I wasn't productive at all today!"
Shiv Pls
Shiv Pls 21 dia atrás
JoCat: What am I doing?
Lars Van Breems
Been going through a rough time recently, and watching this resonated with me so much that I laughed for the first time in what feels like ages. Thank you, sir, for everything that you do. Know that whether you feel productive or not doesn’t matter so long as you continue to enjoy yourself and everything you do.
I seriously can’t stop watching this, it resonates deeply within my soul & so many others, plus it’s just plain funny. 😂 Even in non-motivated work, it is amazing! Seriously, you’re a highlight in the dark sea of BRvid ❤️💙
Me, with ADHD:
LordZemus 21 dia atrás
Mr. Jocat, I would recommend to keep going at a pace that's comfortable to you and not fret so much about meeting deadlines for us : we're patient and know that projects such as animations take their time and effort (1 minute cartoon takes a 1000 new frames! as Harry Partridge once sung) much alike a plant needs watering and care to one day bloom.
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