What a top 0.1% Rick looks like = Multiversus Rick Montage

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30 Set 2022



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J Mann
In multiversus we have encountered the most powerful moves in existence, a baseball bat, some random kids backpack, a mouse being shot out of a slingshot, but none are more powerful than a drunk old man doing a crotch thrust.
As a rick main,one thing i really love about rick players is that it looks like they all have a different specialty
The biggest gag with his moveset is making himself bigger while turning enemies into a Reindog 🤣
I think Rick may be a little OP right now but nothing makes me happier than seeing sweaty Harley mains getting clapped
Elvis’ Pelvis
And I was worried Rick wasn’t gonna be as good as morty 💀
This was really good, it showed me more neat Rick stuff than nearly any other video I’ve seen. Though, I suppose this means no Gizmo video. I can understand that might have been hard to make good clips with, or even to win with in ones but I was kind of hoping someone as cool as you would make a video on one of my favorite characters in this game. I don’t want to come across as pressuring you or anything, I just got my hopes up on something that was never certain and got distraught anyways.
11 minutes of kah just destroying players is beauty
not haman134
I love how Rick can just leave disadvantage state
Cheating Apple
Rick is in a weird spot for me. Like, this is really impressive on a technical level and I know playing rick isn’t the easiest, but I somehow still always feel cheated when I loose against Rick.
SBF / ChilliDogs
Sniff......simply beautiful.
Reginald Kelly
rick has disgusting edge guards from the wall. completely changes how u gotta approach the stage. everyone rushes to that wall and you punish them every time for it.
using portals with the missile to create pressure and also cover high recoveries to force lower recoveries and spike seems so good!
Oh, been WAITING for this, Kah is the master of creativity and Rick is cool as hell
Josiah Neal
very good video kept me entertained with the edits you got a lot coming ahead work hard and youve got a new sub
Javian Williams
This game just keeps getting better and better!
It brings me a massive amount of joy to see Shaggy and Finn get utterly destroyed in this montage. Especially Shaggy. 1v1s he's not too difficult to deal with but 2v2s Shaggys tilt me haha
Citizen Clappa
These setups will make a fine addition to my collection
Yujiro Hanma Offical
I’m a Rick main and I hope to be as good as you one day :)
Hayden 15
Rick gone ultra instinct 😂
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