What a top 0.1% Rick looks like = Multiversus Rick Montage 

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I've been waiting for this moment and he's finally here, the character I promised to main since he got revealed. I was able to get to top 1 in 1v1s as Rick and saved many clips from the games I played to get there. Enjoy the funny belch man!
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30 Set 2022



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@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
belch The perks I use are the fire portal, that's flammable, ice projectile and Tazmanian trigonometry
@Gurnel Anos atrás
Don't you think it's worth to use some perk that reduces cd?
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
They're unnecessary in 1v1s in my opinion because you can brawl without the abilities that use cooldowns quite easily. Portal are more for setups or recovery, there's already two Meeseeks, seed and fart bomb have fast cooldowns already and you don't need to use the down special that much
@nothaman1345 Anos atrás
Damn that’s exactly what I’ve been running wtf
@dr.unventor Anos atrás
I replace Tasmanian trigonometry with aireal acrobat so I can get more speed. It also helps with hitting side airs
@jmann531 Anos atrás
In multiversus we have encountered the most powerful moves in existence, a baseball bat, some random kids backpack, a mouse being shot out of a slingshot, but none are more powerful than a drunk old man doing a crotch thrust.
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
This is golden
@casseroleJ Anos atrás
Very true. If you run for president, I'm voting for you
@radicool993 Anos atrás
truly the most fighter of all time
@dayyaanadam2589 Anos atrás
Don't forget a teenage girl shouting at you through a megaphone
@bruhfella1257 Anos atrás
I think Rick may be a little OP right now but nothing makes me happier than seeing sweaty Harley mains getting clapped
@mnbvmnbv7934 Anos atrás
reading this after I, A Harley main, just got clapped by a rick
@ignisx3791 Anos atrás
He's not. He looks to be OP because of how's he being played by this player. If we saw Rick being played by a lesser player, ppl would say he's trash (already have seen vids making this exact claim). This is the same pattern for every newly released character in every game in existence. Same thing happened to Morty. If you search for any top level play for any of the characters I guarantee you they will look "broken" or "OP" (also misused terms lol). And before ppl say it, cuz they always do, I'm not triggered but will admit I do get a pinch annoyed when I see comments like this. Not saying I blame you cuz DAYUM look at this man go, but also Rick is fine. I've played as and against Rick, he's not unbeatable.
@vaizrrd5848 Anos atrás
@@ignisx3791 all rick players do is sit on a corner and spam bullsh*t, he isn't hard to play whatsoever and the hitboxes are busted lol
@ignisx3791 Anos atrás
@@vaizrrd5848 Sounds to me you didn't watch the video. And if you're getting beat by ricks like that, the problem isn't the Ricks buddy 🤣
@@ignisx3791 completely and utterly agree lol as a Rick main I gotta say… how do u lose to a Rick like that?
@shiomaneki Anos atrás
As a rick main,one thing i really love about rick players is that it looks like they all have a different specialty Im proud of you buddy
@messmermusicals1367 10 meses atrás
Fax!!! I specialise in edge-camping with Meeseeks/ ray gun ^^
@Supreme_King23 Anos atrás
The biggest gag with his moveset is making himself bigger while turning enemies into a Reindog 🤣
@6._d._.a._.n_.9 Anos atrás
I’m getting bugs bunny flashbacks
@cheatingapple2907 Anos atrás
Rick is in a weird spot for me. Like, this is really impressive on a technical level and I know playing rick isn’t the easiest, but I somehow still always feel cheated when I loose against Rick. Salacious edits btw
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
There are some things about Rick that are overpowered (his side aerial and up special) but the rest of his kit is quite respectable. Rick attacks quite horizontally so coming in vertically (but not exactly over him because of his whip) can really help you approach him. Many people feel cheated or get tilted against characters that use projectiles, so what you feel is probably shared with a lot of other people fighting Rick
@elvispelvis9411 Anos atrás
And I was worried Rick wasn’t gonna be as good as morty 💀
@Hinokami777 Anos atrás
Why? He’s literally the better fighter in the show and taught morty everything lol
@temutemacular Anos atrás
@@Hinokami777 can't a guy be worried? Lmao
@Hinokami777 Anos atrás
@@temutemacular yeah be worried about something that makes sense lol..
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
I mean a character being stronger canonically ≠ being stronger in game. I was also worried for Rick not being a powerful character meta wise.
@stargazerl2958 Anos atrás
@@Hinokami777 lmao you think that’s how fighting games games work?
@dr.unventor Mês atrás
I love that they just gave him so many tools to make crazy combos with!
@sbfchillidogs9288 Anos atrás
Sniff......simply beautiful. Talking seriously, this is a really good montage with him. I'm glad you finally made your dream of maining Rick. Excited for anything else you haven in store for the future.
This was really good, it showed me more neat Rick stuff than nearly any other video I’ve seen. Though, I suppose this means no Gizmo video. I can understand that might have been hard to make good clips with, or even to win with in ones but I was kind of hoping someone as cool as you would make a video on one of my favorite characters in this game. I don’t want to come across as pressuring you or anything, I just got my hopes up on something that was never certain and got distraught anyways.
@reginaldkelly7809 Anos atrás
rick has disgusting edge guards from the wall. completely changes how u gotta approach the stage. everyone rushes to that wall and you punish them every time for it.
@ahmed2marss Anos atrás
11 minutes of kah just destroying players is beauty
@lemguins7031 Anos atrás
using portals with the missile to create pressure and also cover high recoveries to force lower recoveries and spike seems so good!
@josiahneal5790 Anos atrás
very good video kept me entertained with the edits you got a lot coming ahead work hard and youve got a new sub
@Vaporvision Anos atrás
Oh, been WAITING for this, Kah is the master of creativity and Rick is cool as hell
@ignisx3791 Anos atrás
It brings me a massive amount of joy to see Shaggy and Finn get utterly destroyed in this montage. Especially Shaggy. 1v1s he's not too difficult to deal with but 2v2s Shaggys tilt me haha
This game just keeps getting better and better!
@nothaman1345 Anos atrás
I love how Rick can just leave disadvantage state
I’m a Rick main and I hope to be as good as you one day :)
@ZedLRS Anos atrás
I'm the Arya at 01:40, the third stock actually made me laugh, good edit 👍
@perry_da_chad Anos atrás
I've just started playing the game (maybe a bit too late) and I'm saving up for Rick, so I can get him asap and I can master him. He's gonna be hard to play, but I usually perform better with high skill cap brawlers, even in Smash Ultimate, don't ask me why
@mattmalco10 Anos atrás
These setups will make a fine addition to my collection
@PatchFaceDisaster Anos atrás
Thought Morty was gonna be my main. But after playing with Rick for a good minute, I’m going with him instead.
@Supreme_King23 Anos atrás
I wanna get this good with Rick
@naykwon6063 Anos atrás
This was so fun to watch as I main Rick now ,he may be broken but you can do some really cool stuff with him lmao (please consider checking out my Rick montage it's not as good as this but I think its ok)
@hayden1569 Anos atrás
Rick gone ultra instinct 😂
@sinfulsayian6016 Anos atrás
KEEP THE GRIND UP BROTHER some nasty shit in there 💪💪😎🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
@geekmalucao Anos atrás
oh great 😠 Thank you very much Mr. Kah Now I feel like playing with Rick, but I'm out of gold because I spent it on other characters' perks 😞 This was a mixture of sadness and praise 👍
@adammann5891 Anos atrás
I get a little evil grin when I have to fight a Superman as Rick
@sleepy52662 Anos atrás
Bro finally got his character he wanted
@Ian-hz8fl Anos atrás
Whenever I get on wall with Rick 9 times outta 10 I lose because it’s so hard without portal to get back on stage because how slow Rick is
@devin900 Anos atrás
Was fun to watch, thank you.
@briankearley2244 Anos atrás
That edge guard against Shaggt at 5:27 was DISGUSTING
@grimwukong56 Anos atrás
Rick is destructive and taunt is funny as fuck
@mrbobmv1638 11 meses atrás
Sick clips but as a Gizmo main some of them hurt to watch lol. Meaning when you beat gizmo not talking smack. Great video
Now that Rick has entered the roster this game will lose player bc this guy playing Rick will make feel like you’ve never played, how do you counter a guy who has like 4 ledge guards simultaneously 😢
@UltraRow Anos atrás
If Thanos traded the infinity stones for Rick's belt buckle he would have won lol
@rice1024 Anos atrás
Yo this is a fire ass video and I loved it more because you added the Persona 5 song. 👏👏
@radioli345 Anos atrás
This is so clean.
@dezuboy Anos atrás
I think we’ve found the rickest rick
@thepandaclub7335 Anos atrás
I didn't know there was a Marceline ringout wtf that's so sick
@NutraliteZ Anos atrás
That slow falling meseeks setup is gonna be a problem 😂
@pathfinder011 Anos atrás
You make it look so easy xD
@RussellPlaysMods Anos atrás
Surprised to see no Taz players in this he's pretty good rn like good good.
@potatoman7594 Anos atrás
wow you’re funny, and great at rick! i think i might love you…
@tjknight Anos atrás
The fucking reverse edgeguards are nutty, good shit
@Vapour28 Anos atrás
That harley main abt to finish u up and u absolutely STOMPED on her
@SolidStarbreaker Anos atrás
What a good internet connection looks like
@PTIllusionFear Anos atrás
2:12 I will just leave this Timestamp here!
@qtRisky Anos atrás
your really good, and I like your movement, as of rn I'm top 3k rick and if you were trying to lower your 2v2 rank too?
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
Idc much about 2v2 rank because I play very casually with my friends
@snoewp3245 Anos atrás
Pov: every rick anyone runs into
@ballzz2thewall Anos atrás
Im top 400 Rick by just setting up blaster patterns that you cannot dodge
@ilyhash659 Anos atrás
literally insane
Guaranteed if anyone uses the Marceline’s song kill animation they either like adventure time or they Simp for Marceline. The choice is yours by Fred the red pill or the blue pill?
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
I love adventure time, binge watched the entire show recently including distant lands. It's one of my fav cartoons of all time.
@@KahWaluigi same
@fizz5049 Anos atrás
That edguarding is insaine
@Albasami Anos atrás
Thats getting schwifty to another level 0-0
@connorneal5356 Anos atrás
Great, that’s 8k subs. Now only 2000 away from a face reveal.
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
@Duplicatives Anos atrás
hes the rickest of them all
@Jeinz Anos atrás
Awesome 👏 What controller do you use?
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
PS5 controller
@ecomm7048 Anos atrás
These frames make my Ps4 look like a PS1 in comparison smh. It's getting to that point where I have no choice but to update my console/hardware.
@colescalisthenics Anos atrás
Pretty insane
@Joseespinal24 Anos atrás
That intro clip💀
@rulerzrock153 Anos atrás
i think we can safely call you rick c-137
@Pasiion_Lee Anos atrás
Portal gun setups are nasty… 🫣
@gIuri912 Anos atrás
No way u got vi from bug fables as your pfp! :D I LOVE that game and vi is my absolute favorite. :D
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
Massive W
The rickest Rick
@dombromflump627 Anos atrás
You gotta make Rick a lil busted I mean common
@snezzzz Anos atrás
as soon as the video started I thought it was a troll
@polymerwario Anos atrás
@coudant Anos atrás
@dr.potato9719 2 meses atrás
I miss this game
@SingleMommyOf3 Anos atrás
rick can shoot 2 rockets?
@kurosachi208 Anos atrás
0.1 that dont show up to tournaments internet warrior 😂
@Jozai610 Anos atrás
Your hella good
@brycedabney2057 Anos atrás
Good vid
@casseroleJ Anos atrás
I need to friend you on Multiversus...
@poopsmithjones1 Anos atrás
goddamn I could watch this for hours, please dont ever cut clips for time like who cares how long the video is just throw all the clips in lol I definitely think you could be running a better perk than tazmanian trigonometry like maybe projectile damage (do meseeks count as projectiles? like would then benefit from projectile speed/damage boosts?) or aerial melee attack damage also have you ever tested if the [perk that increases your dodge speed] also affects the speed at which you jump out of a dodge? I feel like jumping out of a faster dodge would maybe increase your horizontal speed you have when you jump out of it.. could be worth looking into
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
Projectile damage won't do much in 1v1s because it's only 5%, it'll almost never make a real difference. Meeseeks do count as projectiles. Tazmanian Trigonometry is a very powerful powerful perk. The perk that increases dodge speed isn't very necessary because dodging is already incredibly fast.
@6._d._.a._.n_.9 Anos atrás
4:55 what dodge lol
@Joshua15141 Anos atrás
Good stuff
@Monstaarose Anos atrás
As a Garnett main, wtf is this
@geekmalucao 9 meses atrás
2:53 What ep is this Rick scene from?
@KahWaluigi 9 meses atrás
I think it's literally the first proper pilot episode
@ToyNinjaGaming Anos atrás
U just gained a subscriber
@doa_inception8243 Anos atrás
Is it possible to learn this power?
@fatielfi239 Anos atrás
If people stoped playing this game Its you fault lmao
@ItsAbility Anos atrás
you shitting on that superman made me so happy every superman i play spam's the same 4 moves and nothing else superman is ass
@foxinaboxy12 Anos atrás
how long did you practice??!!
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
Not much, I just played on stream and learned some stuff with him, he clicked with me
@GuilhermeGome Anos atrás
Get that parkoooooour
@joeysparta 6 meses atrás
bro keeps using the down move in midair
@KahWaluigi 6 meses atrás
Wait.... He's using one of the characters strongest moves a lot??? Whaaaat
Dude real life broken wtf
@moistrnr7391 Anos atrás
@naykwon6063 Anos atrás
@woodboy23 Anos atrás
in beginning of video of that Rick playing Fortnite and at the Time
@neoberger4541 Anos atrás
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
I wouldn't really say so, people just struggle with the matchup. This happens with almost every new character, plus people complain about projectile characters way more. He's still like high A tier tho.
Lol edge game cold
@KahWaluigi Anos atrás
Can't tell if that's a good thing or bad thing
Carlos 😎👌
@xXRsownage Anos atrás
Some of these clips were nice but a lot were very average
@charlescook2385 Anos atrás
@-_sansfloo_-7537 Anos atrás
Yo sé que te gusta j carlos
@keenbanz9397 Anos atrás
i'm top 20K
@Teadonks Anos atrás
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