What $250 Buys You at a Japanese Hot Spring Inn

Abroad in Japan
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A stunning Japanese inn so large you get a self-driving cart, a sake brewery that encourages you to drink in a forest, and pork Tonkatsu so delicious it's criminal. We head off to the region of Gunma to celebrate to 2m subscribers, while Ryotaro spends the entire time trying to convince me, he's singlehandedly the architect behind any success the Abroad in Japan channel has ever had.

Our journey through Gunma took us to incredible breweries. You can find the full list of places we visited here!

🥩Tonkatsu Tomita

🍶Nagai Brewery

🍶Otone Brewery

♨️Yutorian Kawaba Onsen

Tours of the Local Area

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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Anos atrás
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Don't deny it. You wanted to see Ryotaro get run over by the patronisingly slow self-driving cart as much as I did. A MASSIVE thank you to you all for tuning into the Abroad in Japan channel - whether you're new here and are still wondering who the hell we are, or have been watching since the dawn of time (which is 2012). I never thought we'd make it this far and I'm hoping we can do something extra special in 2021! Bring on some serious "pork tactics." (Seriously though, how does Ryotaro invent these phrases?!).
botboi9000 3 meses atrás
@Helmi Mahdiarafif time zones b
Rhett Brian
Rhett Brian 9 meses atrás
@Alvin Leo instablaster :)
Alvin Leo
Alvin Leo 9 meses atrás
sorry to be off topic but does any of you know a tool to log back into an Instagram account?? I was dumb forgot the password. I love any tips you can offer me
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 10 meses atrás
Challenge: Chris and the artist formerly known as "RISSOTORO" should create a 45-85 minute realistic samaurai movie. Proposed plot: Ryotaro (actual name) plays a villian ninja who kidnapps a wealthy tycoon's busty sister. Chris plays an american ninja who is hired by said business magnate (The Anime Man) to rescue his sister who is being held for ransome. Before the American ninja (Chris) sets out on his quest he must obtain a the sharpest ninja blade money can buy from a mysterious master sword maker and master ninja (Natsuki). Conditions & Restrictions The challenge should include researching what it takes to make a good samurai/ninja movie ( It can be turned into a mini sub-documentary) with a top producer and filmmaker. The movie should be good enough to be submitted to Amazon prime or netflix. The budget should not exceed 25,000 Quid. Prediction: This channel will grow by at least 3 million people; providing the movie is somewhat decent. P.S. Research Sho Kosugi's body of work and interview him about what it takes to make a good ninja movie.
StormCrusher94 Anos atrás
Let's just appreciate how far Chris has come from tasting edamame beans. He can even describe the taste of water.
Victor McClellan
Victor McClellan 5 meses atrás
"mhm it tastes just like bottled spring water". Very insightful.
bob says
bob says Anos atrás
He will make a very good contributor to a daytime TV show.
Herman Francis
Herman Francis Anos atrás
It was a 'not' edamame bean
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Anos atrás
Up and up the ladder we go
ReiY Anos atrás
was honestly impressed - tbh i got some second hand anxiety when Chris was about to review the water 🤣
Cailin Tamplin
Cailin Tamplin Anos atrás
I love how Japanese people are so quiet and polite... then once you get to know them you get Ryotoro
Ian Nordin
Ian Nordin 2 meses atrás
Japanese people have 2 personalities: business formal and sicko mode. In that way they are a lot like Germans
HelloOnepiece 4 meses atrás
Not that surprising considering their wacky entertainment business
Wurm 5 meses atrás
@D3genR3gen nah most people say that natsuki is unique. That's what makes him special.
J-Russ 8 meses atrás
I wanna try that spring water and well everything!
Xyphoes 11 meses atrás
@a m we gotta let off all the stuff we wanted to say but didn't say after all XD
Van D.
Van D. 11 meses atrás
I love how Ryotaro is like a golden retriever: Showering Chris with love and good food to show friendship And Chris is like a cat: The more he's dismissive and acts like he doesn't care, the more he actually cares xD
Badger 6 meses atrás
Its very typical of us Brits to be "uncaring" and make fun of each other, it builds a stronger bond. If your British friend insults you a lot, you know they think highly of you.
nicolas 6 meses atrás
Chris is a tsundere lmao
Mary Ortega
Mary Ortega 7 meses atrás
That is spot on!
Shmurken Hurken
Shmurken Hurken 8 meses atrás
Haha this will forever be the way I view this duo ^^
Alizee Anos atrás
CONGRATS ON 2M (I'm just here because of Ryotaro)
Fast Cars
Fast Cars 11 meses atrás
Me too! xD
Jeremy Beers
Jeremy Beers Anos atrás
To be honest, I wonder what BRvid is doing as far as subscribers go, given that I AM a subscriber and I didn't even find out this video existed until 2 months in. The only way I found it is a click through from a video on Sharla's channel that happened to have Ryotaro in it. So yeah, I guess I'm one of the 1.5 Million that came from him. Anyway, great content, お疲れ様、乾杯!
Phreak_HD on therapy
who isnt here just becauss of ryotaro
JustSaiyanSteve Anos atrás
2 million interested in a british bloke and a japanese guy. Lol.
Emi Beniott
Emi Beniott Anos atrás
look my two fav youtubers
Goladden Anos atrás
I was today years old when I finally realized Abroad in Japan is in reality a mukbang cleverly disguised as a traveling and culture show.
Phxmaell *
Phxmaell * 5 meses atrás
This is far more entertaining than most of those mukbang thou
TxreptartPeise 11 meses atrás
The only difference is they don't eat 8000 calories each meal
SatanSupimpa Anos atrás
Ryotaro is right, he's always in the videos where Chris visits the most luxurious places. It's like Ryotaro is some kind of sugar daddy.
Damn Awesome
Damn Awesome Mês atrás
@Rob H. weirdo
SatanSupimpa 2 meses atrás
@MOHAK Gupta But the hotel invited him.
MOHAK Gupta 2 meses atrás
Except for 12000 hotel room
CZsWorld Anos atrás
I need someone to take me to all the spooky places when I hit a mil
shardul Kawle
shardul Kawle 10 meses atrás
Can I please? Just book my ticket to Japan lol
Nebetsher 11 meses atrás
you deserve that :)
Christian Anos atrás
Emperor Ryotaro walking out onto the balcony to gaze over his land as he serenades his people with a beautiful rendition of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, was something I never knew I needed to see but will stay with me forever.
Nikolai Lucas Petrov
Nikolai Lucas Petrov 7 meses atrás
Emperor Risottaro
Betty Richard
Betty Richard 15 dias atrás
Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 250 sentadillas son uno *KISSSS.Uno* muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer...
Sloppy Mommy
Sloppy Mommy Anos atrás
I really like the idea of the private hot spring in your room, this could even be a good thing to point out to people who have never been to an onsen before, but want to try it out alone. The food looked amazing too and imma have to remember them pork tactics Lmao
birchlawpa 11 meses atrás
I was watching that thinking "can I cut a hole in my foundation (house is on a slab) and install one of those?"
anarchangel7 Anos atrás
Jokes aside, Ryotaro seems like a genuinely good friend. Congratulations Chris and hopefully I will get the chance to actually visit this year after my trip was cancelled last year.
Romy 7 meses atrás
Our trip to Japan is planned for september 2022, hoping for the best 🥲
itphuu Anos atrás
Keith C
Keith C Anos atrás
Same :(
k uutarou
k uutarou Anos atrás
I hope you will have a good time in Japan~
Mad Hatters in jeans
Thanks to Ryotaro for the 1.5 million extra subscribers he brought to Chris board.
Al Momo
Al Momo Anos atrás
I gotta admit without a problem that, Ryotaro adds 60% more color and joy to chris videos, congrats for the 2M Christian Plank.
Paweł Afelt
Paweł Afelt Anos atrás
What I absolutely love about Japan is, how adequately they can turn any common/prosaic/possibly uninteresting activity into celebration and art. As here, you never "just" drink water in Japan. You are uniting with universe by drinking it.
arsnakeheart Anos atrás
lmao at that moment Chris says "kanpai" to the sake brewer you can tell he's halfway into another world with all the sake
Carlos C
Carlos C Anos atrás
Maybe it's that I love listening to native speakers talk in their own language but I wish that the interviews were mainly in Japanese, especially since Chris knows Japanese! Yes, when speaking to us, switch it back to English, but other then that, keep it Japanese, I'll gladly read the subtitles. Besides you can see that they become more comfortable and open when they hear their own language, just like anyone else would.
Survival Team Zero 1
You deserve it all Chris, I've subscribed on 3 of my channels now. Honestly, you will probably never see this comment, but you helped push me to go to Japan in March 2020. It was absolutely love changing, saving for my trip in 2022 now. Thank you. P.s. please can you do a mini series on the mythology/folklore of Japan?
TodayFreedom Anos atrás
As a Londoner, I absolutely love Risottoro; he’s bloody hilarious. Innit.
Kyung Baro
Kyung Baro 10 meses atrás
WilliJ2 Anos atrás
Congrats on 2 million subscribers! You and your friends are so charismatic and funny you could make any country look incredible, and you have inspired me and so many people to want to visit Japan someday. Thanks for all the great videos!
Teguh Rahat Prabowo
“As you can see, Ryotaro is slightly drunk” yeaah sure sligthly....
Angie Partin
Angie Partin 6 meses atrás
heartbreakmanNo1 Anos atrás
Don't piss him off or yer ain't gettin none "Beef" :y
Jim Morrison's Bathtub
Gotta love how Ryotaro said don't sit to the left of a left-handed person and then did it again at the next restaurant
D MacIsaac
D MacIsaac Anos atrás
I'm left handed as is my sister 🤯 we both get jittery if we are placed next to a right handed individual 😁
Rockawaysiren Anos atrás
I’ve been married to one of those strange lefties for years and we have got that figured out! Side by side he’s on my left! Bonus: when we eat in restaurants with single seat booths we both get the “good” seat.
Aine Kellan
Aine Kellan Anos atrás
I learned to eat left-handed because I have a lot of family members who are left-handed. Makes those big family dinners much easier (and less dangerous) lol
Jim Morrison's Bathtub
@xXDESTINYMBXx 1st commandment left
xXDESTINYMBXx 1st commandment
@Jim Morrison's Bathtub fork, left or right side?
J. H.
J. H. Anos atrás
You’re a nice chap Chris! Good hearted and hard working. Thank you for the great videos you’ve done over the years. You manage to communicate what Japan is like well and through your videos it shows how much you’ve loved that country and it’s culture. Keep the good work and I hope to meet you one day.
Katelynn Bray
Katelynn Bray Anos atrás
Just wanted to say that your videos are a joy to watch and a great way to relax when life it tough in the pandemic. Feels like we get to explore Japan too! Thank you for your hard work making all these!
Sadat Anos atrás
Congrats, Chris. Abroad in Japan is easily one of my most favorite channels. It's always great to see the content you make. Keep up the good work!
GoodKidMaadWorld 10 meses atrás
"...appreciating the connection between sake and nature, by getting drunk in a forest..." this quote describes this channel perfectly, and I love it
Zaotar1 Anos atrás
This channel has become so good ... Chris just keeps raising his standards and increasing the amount of work he puts into the videos. Really they are an absolute jewel of BRvid. Thanks for constantly putting out such great content for those of us who love Japan!
samurott man
samurott man Anos atrás
Yeah man whenever I feel a little down or just not having a good day, I can always just pick a random video from Chris and have a really good time
leonardo buffet
leonardo buffet Anos atrás
Must be stressful forever increasing the quality but its much appreciated
아리네 Anos atrás
IKR! They're all shot beautifully and it's always extremely entertaining!!
Mad Hatters in jeans
Dunno about a jewel but definitely somewhere above a piece of coal I reckon. lol
Nick Warren
Nick Warren Anos atrás
He's just really talented at making good travel journalism. It's not even so much the Japan aspect of this channel that I love. It could be Abroad in, I dunno, Uruguay... and I'd still watch it religiously. Chris is just such a natural host.
Karol Bakuła
Karol Bakuła Anos atrás
I think this was the most "Abroad in Japan" episode one could be. Roasting, affirmation of alcohol, good food and splendid views. Perfect 2 million sub celebration
Crimzan Anos atrás
Your friendship with Ryotaro is just so hilarious! Both of you are amazing and I love the episodes where Ryotaro is in, you teasing each other so much I can't stop laughing! :D
Bat Man
Bat Man 9 meses atrás
Watching your show truly makes me feel like I'm reading a super indepth book that allows me to escape my reality and just enjoy watching pure bliss of You, Natsuki, Royotaro, dr Jelly guy just having fun respectfully, and still have a plethora of educational gains about Japan and its beautiful culture.
o0Yarrow0o Anos atrás
The Tonkatsu looked amazing! Its been about a year and then some since I have been able to eat my favorite Japanese dish which is katsu curry (due to covid shutting down dinning) and let me tell you did I drool when you two were enjoying it! Wonderful video as always and congrats on 2 mil.
Turin Miso
Turin Miso Anos atrás
Normal Ryotaro is funny. Drunk Ryotaro is hilarious.
DylanCollins88 Anos atrás
@AxxL your youtube won’t last by looking at the type of videos u do
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol Anos atrás
Michael Newton
Michael Newton Anos atrás
or not lol
Touch Me
Touch Me Anos atrás
@AxxL school does not teach much practical skills but it does teach you things that you will carry for the rest of your life. As for what that is, it really depends on your experience and how you transform your experiences into your own lesson. Don't drop school for BRvid. If you can do both, just do both.
aad dss
aad dss Anos atrás
@AxxL Do it. There will be consequences but if you can live with them then just go ahead. School after 5/6th year won't teach you anything you can't learn on your own with a bit of effort. Its only purpose is to be able to say you went to school cause you're going to forget everyghing in a couple of years.
J B Anos atrás
Truly enjoy these videos, love seeing you guys together (as a Brit who lives elsewhere, I hope you guys genuinely have decoded your senses of humor and get along alright), the last 4 or so years where I've been watching have really whet my appetite for visiting Japan and jumpstarted my language learning and respect for other cultures. Good on ya, Chris. Don't stop - not yet at least.
Soleil Anos atrás
Honestly, this is my favorite video so far Chris. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with Ryotoro with us. You inspire me in so many ways.
John Callahan
John Callahan Anos atrás
Congrats to 2M viewers and thanks to you for your efforts. Easily one of the best travel video channels on all of BRvid. One of these days I'll be vacationing in Japan and there will only be one place I'll go to plan and prepare - "Abroad in Japan."
Phoenix Skyward
Phoenix Skyward Anos atrás
I love you Ryotaro! I really enjoy every video that you are in! You are very fun and have a lovely vibe. Keep it up and I hope to see a lot more of you with Chris this year! Congratulations Chris on hitting 2.1 million! Here's to 3 mil! I am glad to have stumbled on your channel, which I don't even really remember how, but nevertheless, I wish you the very best and hope you keep going strong!
Georgek117 Anos atrás
Absolutely dying to visit Japan hopefully this year, you've given me loads of ideas!
IHanakoI Anos atrás
It is really nice that Ryotaro talks about the German Feierabendbier
Thomas Bjor
Thomas Bjor Anos atrás
I love Chris, Ryotaro, sake and tonkatsu, so this video was great! Congrats on 2 million subs😊 The numbers speaks for themselves, always great content for a norwegian that would love to travel to Japan one day! Happy 2 mill subs🎉🎉🎉🎆🎈
AngelArt007 Anos atrás
I'm so happy to see this man climb his way through... Pure talent
Jason Vong
Jason Vong Anos atrás
I’d pay to see more videos of Chris and Ryotaro having a roasting session. Seriously, the comedic golds are all there.
Rodrigo Anos atrás
Jason you watch abroad in japan???? btw im not sure but i think he uses an S1H with an atomos ninja :DD
caypasha Anos atrás
ayy love your videos!
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol Anos atrás
Steel String
Steel String Anos atrás
I'm looking forward to the new Epic Rap Battles of Japan channel.
Jasim Jabara
Jasim Jabara Anos atrás
I don't get it why the channel doesn't have more subscribers or views the channel is gold!!!!!!!!! Hope Chris has more then 10-20 mil. subscribers in the near future he would deserve it with the work he is putting up in the videos :)
Dipika Anos atrás
Congratulations Chris! And amazing ryokan! I hope I can plan a trip there sometime. Looking forward to another 8.5 years (and more) of Abroad in Japan 😁👍🎉
SerPostman Anos atrás
Congratulations on the 2m, well deserved. I just wanna say that many of your videos don't deserve the moniker “content“. They far exceed the quality of what we're used to on BRvid, reaching a quality that you usually encounter in much bigger productions, all while keeping it light, funny, and entertaining as you do on social media. Carry on! (Also, can't believe it's already been two years that we met you in Tokyo. Hint: I got the “best girlfriend ever“ according to you, for getting me a “For Fuck's Sake“ Shirt)
Erik Blom
Erik Blom Anos atrás
The food and inn looked amazing, that's what I'd like to try the most!
Master Singleton
Master Singleton Anos atrás
Congrats on reaching 2 million! Please continue to create great video's showing us Japan from a different perspective.
Linkle Anos atrás
chris wakes up on a self driving cart: Ryotaro: Hey, you. You’re finally awake.
Nipandeerus 95
Nipandeerus 95 8 meses atrás
@muffin zetta *were
Aubrey Rose Pescadero
Aubrey Rose Pescadero 11 meses atrás
Skyrim hahahhaa
L Lawlied
L Lawlied Anos atrás
Damn dude I thought the exact same glad a fellow Skyrim fan is here
Thyda Cooking TV
Thyda Cooking TV Anos atrás
Bishoujo 11 meses atrás
I absolutely adore your videos, thank you and to Ryotaro for sharing you points of views! My heart is full seeing the friendship and acceptance! May you both be blessed.
Per-Ola Mjömark
Per-Ola Mjömark Anos atrás
Ryotaro should be drunk in every episode - he is hilarious to watch.
hookbrother Anos atrás
Congratulations! Another great episode. Thanks for taking us on another ride with Ryotaro.
ShireWark Anos atrás
Congratulations to you and the Abroad community, you guys consistently put out quality content which makes me Japan-sick every time but eager for more. Great video Ryotaro!
Combat Medic Mercy
Combat Medic Mercy Anos atrás
I've seen a lot from Japan, but a hotel so large it needs a self driving cart was not something I could have imagined. Keep surprising me, Japan!
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes Anos atrás
But I like how the size of the hotel, not the self-driving golf cart is the surprising part 😂
ラルフ Anos atrás
That “self driving car” on a rail
Simone Poinga-HIll
Simone Poinga-HIll Anos atrás
Japan is full of surprises I freaking love that about it. One of my favourite nights is my friend and I stumbling on a BBQ garden at the top of a department store in Shinjuku with my friend. I was wishing we had more of our friends with us and some food to cook.
Apophis STR
Apophis STR Anos atrás
This really is unexpected, I believe this is probably the spacious and nicest ryoukan/hotel I've seen in Japan so far.
Adam Piotrowski
Adam Piotrowski Anos atrás
It's been a pleasure to watch Your videos. I love your humor, I love Japan I love good quality videos with good commentary, and Your channel can provide me every one of these things. Congratulations on 2 mil sub mile stone and I hope You will get even more in the future!
Aelwyn Ascendant
Aelwyn Ascendant Anos atrás
Watching your videos makes me incredibly happy. I desperately want to visit Japan but I think I'd need several months and an absolute fortune to really have a good explore.
Seraaphim Anos atrás
Congrats on 2 mill, Chris! Yall did and are doing an awesome job! Keep it up! P.S. That tonkatsu looked amazing... i am hungry now!
Brady Blake
Brady Blake Anos atrás
Man I miss Japan so very much. Cannot wait to come back to this wonderful country and spend even more time exploring it. Chris your channel and podcast has given me the chance to experience Japan from my home. I appreciate all your content and good luck going forward. I'll continue to support you :D
Joel W
Joel W Anos atrás
I like that you're choosing to show yourself speaking more Japanese with the locals, I don't think it's alienating to the audience at all and makes you appear more respectful and relatable!
Maya Brook
Maya Brook Anos atrás
I really enjoyed this too! To see Chris actually interacting with the people showing him around instead of them just awkwardly standing there while he speaks English was really nice. Felt more authentic.
Joyce Wadzinski
Joyce Wadzinski Anos atrás
Thought it was endearing when he was drinking from the tiny sake cup and told the man how cute it was - in that very kawaii Japanese way LOL
Sylvio Neto
Sylvio Neto Anos atrás
Besides the great content, the cinematography is getting better and better. Some amazing shots in this one, Chris!
Jorge Aquino
Jorge Aquino Anos atrás
Always enjoy watching the chemistry between you two lol makes my day each time 😂
Poison Krazzy
Poison Krazzy Anos atrás
CONGRATS CHRIS!!! You really deserve this since most vids i enjoy look like they cost lots! I hope to see more wonderful content you make! 🙌🏻🥳
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson Anos atrás
Congrats on the 2 mil, Chris! Your channel brings me a lot of happiness - hope to be able to buy you, Ryotaro, and Natsuki beers someday.
Shawna Spadafore
Shawna Spadafore Anos atrás
I’m so jealous of all the food you get to eat, I hope you enjoy it even more for those of us who can’t :)
bassaviator Anos atrás
Japanese food never fails to impress 😍
AyAyAyBamba Anos atrás
I'm honestly amazed by how much your channel has grown and even more surprised by how many interesting and unique people you get to meet. I always wonder how you manage to set up these interviews though.
Matt Bartolomei
Matt Bartolomei Anos atrás
Brilliant! Thank you for bringing Japan to all of us!
Frederik Lundén
Frederik Lundén Anos atrás
Ryotaro seems genuinely happy and excited about your achievement, it's honestly heartwarming to see.
HeatherJustCreate Anos atrás
Omg I am howling watching this video 😂😂 It’s amazing how you weave in documentary style, landscape, history, culture, and entertaining banter all in one. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Congrats on 2 million!
MELS E-Learn Dot Com
The view is stunning and the food is so delicious. Can't wait to go.😍
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Anos atrás
You're so great ??
NuclearWarGaming Anos atrás
This was one of your best videos! A perfect way to party for your 2 millions subs! Ryotaro is so funny and nice, I'd love to have a japanese friend like him. And besides... he's kinda right, the videos with him are the most luxurious ones!
Shizu Anos atrás
Excellent video Chris. Love your work, and belated congratulations on 2 million subscribers!
Shun Ryoumi
Shun Ryoumi Anos atrás
Chris is so lucky he found a friend like Ryotaro. He takes him too all these great luxurious places!
texas summer
texas summer Anos atrás
@Shun Ryoumi true. their relationship is real.
Shun Ryoumi
Shun Ryoumi Anos atrás
@Yumiko that's true but they've known each other for a long time and Ryotaro has always been generous so I don't think it is definitely not a business type transaction. His channel is also relatively new and they do cross over each other. They are definitely great friends. :)
Yumiko Anos atrás
more ryotaro on abroad in japan means more attention for him and he shouted out his youtube channel which gets ad revenue, so in a way chris is paying for it like a mutual agreement although it isn't like that technically, friends gonna be friends and i think there great friends lool
jaladi sam
jaladi sam Anos atrás
Chris alone never go to those luxury places😂😂
Nero Anos atrás
God, Japan looks like such a blast every time I see your videos. I'm so jealous!
Mehall Anos atrás
Congrats on 2M! I want to try genuine tonkatsu when I visit, but currently I'm hoping I can find a UK importer for the beers you had.
Flappie134 Anos atrás
Gratz on the 2 mil subs! Hope for many more to come, this content is something you cannot miss!
Legaia _
Legaia _ Anos atrás
Congrats Chris! I've been following you since the early days. Ryotaro is a damn national treasure
Zach Sos
Zach Sos Anos atrás
Just as Chris was saying about how people in Japan characters switch after drinking alcohol and reveal their deepest dark secret, we now finally know what Ryotaro thinks of Chris by referring to him as 'Chris Bored'
kahn289 Anos atrás
Oh man!
Maro Cat
Maro Cat Anos atrás
But what happened in argentinia :O
Luiz Alex Phoenix
Luiz Alex Phoenix Anos atrás
Ryotaro has really helped Chris' channel, so nice seeing a big figure supporting a smaller channel.
Dillon Anos atrás
I love these videos and appreciate the great work you do. Thanks for the 20 minutes of escape to somplace cool you provide.
G W Anos atrás
Some friends and I are planning a second trip to Japan and I'd love to try the sake in Northern Japan!
Simona S
Simona S Mês atrás
Ryotaro's laugh is so catchy that when he starts to laugh i can't contain my self and laugh with him 😂 and when you Chris explain the everything in particular i want to see more and learn more about that deliciously looking food places
Juan Ferreira
Juan Ferreira Anos atrás
I’m glad that Gaijin from Ryotaro’s Japan now has his own spin-off channel. Obviously Ryotaro-sama inspired him to create his channel!
Marneus28 Anos atrás
I always get so hungry watching your travel vids like this one. Makes me super jealous too. I so want to take another trip back to Japan again and sample some of the places I have seen in your videos. XD
Jonathan D
Jonathan D Anos atrás
I Love your videos. Thank you for showing Japan. I wish to travel there someday.
Sweet Lard
Sweet Lard 11 meses atrás
Man, been watching you for a couple years-ish now Chris, and I'm never disappointed. It's just well-made, entertaining television. I owe ya.
Estariol Sternenbrut
Estariol Sternenbrut 11 meses atrás
I'd love to take exactly this tour with guides like Chris or Ryotaro!
Devs Anos atrás
I would love to see a 4k wallpaper library for desktops from you chris, All your shots of the countryside are amazing.
Nirvana Alcantar
Nirvana Alcantar Anos atrás
That's such an awesome idea.
Noise Hippo
Noise Hippo Anos atrás
@Abroad in Japan This is so calming, yeah more of this and porc tactics please.
Kohlbern Jary
Kohlbern Jary Anos atrás
@Abroad in Japan You should consider selling prints. I'd buy some for my apartment
03germas Anos atrás
@Abroad in Japan Ever considered selling digital HD copies of the images/photos on your website? Prob be quite slow mind.
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Anos atrás
The closest I've come to it so far was this video last year, though I'd definitely love to do more!
CThompson1082 Anos atrás
When it comes to pouring someone's drink, Chris doesn't know the meaning of "stop." CDawgVA learned that the hard way in his recent video with Chris. The dude's a mad man. Joking aside, congrats on 2 mil.
Br C
Br C Anos atrás
Congrats on 2m subs. I really like the production value ad cinematic shots. It feels like I'm watching a live show. 2M well deserved.
Of course people are here for Ryotoro. He's a very handsome and charming man.
arkane9b Anos atrás
Pork Tactics. The new strategy game where you play as Emperor Ryotaro and his swine army as he tries to conquer the snowy region of Gunma.
8bitbonsai Anos atrás
the humor between Chris and Ryotaro is just fantastic
Ana Yen
Ana Yen Anos atrás
Chris Board and Emperor
Cyano3D Anos atrás
@giantred lmaoaoaoaoa
giantred Anos atrás
Aye, Chris gives off such a tsundere vibe lol
Markus Möttus
Markus Möttus Anos atrás
Tipsy Ryotaro has to become more frequent, hilarious 🤣
225Perfect Anos atrás
Two things so far: First, I want to go to pork city. Second, as a fellow lefty, I've been placed either on my own side of the table, or the left corner my entire life, so it's nice to hear it acknowledged as a thing.
Drunken Jedi
Drunken Jedi Anos atrás
My gosh that tongatsu looked incredible. I wish English cuisine was as nicely presented and interesting as many Japanese dishes. I love the decor and aesthetic of the rustic Japanese inn too. Just looks wonderful. Congratulations on the two million (plus) subs. Quite the achievement!
DeadVicious Anos atrás
Such good fun when it's both you and Ryotaro in the video lol.
Yui Anos atrás
I’m going to be honest, Ryotaro and Chris are legitimately the best duo on BRvid. I would say Natsuki and Chris but let’s be real when natsuki is in the video, it just becomes a natsuki video not Chris video haha, he steals the whole show!
Pooja’s Tales
Pooja’s Tales Anos atrás
True indeed. Chris makes or lets Natsuki talk so much that he occupies whole screen timing whereas Ryotaro and Chris works as a team talking back and forth throughout the video.
Jenny ThePixie
Jenny ThePixie Anos atrás
That sake forest stream looks so beautiful. Maybe one day I can travel there.
Olga J. Zuchowicz
Olga J. Zuchowicz Anos atrás
Your videos are so well produced 😍 Feels like they are getting better and better.
Leejk Anos atrás
That Tonkatsu looks godly, I felt legitimately jealous watching you eat it.
Tinalee-MTslots Anos atrás
Congratulations on the 2 million!!! Love the wit and the shenanigans 🥰
Luffy SkyWalker
Luffy SkyWalker Anos atrás
Ryotaro before & after drinking is like a whole different person. Before he seems calm and composed. After he's singing Madonna, banging into doors and trying to jump to touch the ceiling.
Coin Anos atrás
@Nicolás Javier Santana Huichaman *rissssottoro
Bug Eye
Bug Eye Anos atrás
Isn’t that everyone when they’re drunk
Nicolás Javier Santana Huichaman
Maybe drunk Ryotaro is actually Rissotoro.....
Beware the Lily of the Valley
All I could keep saying after Chris said he's a little drunk was "A little? A little?!" 😂
Christina Richardson
Congratulations on your success. My favorite part was when the Sake master shared the beautiful gentle stream and saluted. His respect and grace seemed very strong. I would have loved to have learned more from him. The rest of the show seemed to enjoy learning a little less and being a bit more silly or maybe it was all the Sake because of the celebration 🍾. Congratulations to you and your guests on your successful BRvid channel.
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