What’s Chicago's Greatest Song of the '70s?

Rick Beato
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2 Dez 2022



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Picking "the best" Chicago song is a near impossible task.
soulDavid Thompson
I think Wishing You Were Here is on par with Brian Wilson's In My Room or God Only Knows.
Leonid and Friends renewed my love for classic Chicago songs. The fact that Danny Seraphine likes them too says it all.
Chris Hayes
I know 25 or 6 to 4 was written in the 60's, but it was released in 1970, so it qualifies. None of their other tunes compare. That guitar solo alone is epic. How the horns come in at the beginning gives me chills. The drums are great and Cetera's vocals, as well.
Brian Harris
Danny Seraphine is fantastic! One of the most underrated drummers ever. It’s a shame that he was let go.
Jon Hodge
They offered what so much music is lacking today: complexity. As a teenage trumpet player, I got hired in the late 70s to play in a Chicago/BST cover band. To get paid to play their music has been a highlight of my life and jump started a career in music. Love them.
Farrel Anggaraksa
Terry Kath, Peter Cetera, Robert Lamm, Walter Parazaider, Jimmy Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Danny Seraphine, & Laudir De Oliveira... One absolute unit.
mike desilets
Terry Kath's solo on Aire is one of the best I've ever heard.
Peter Fraenkel
Make Me Smile is definitely one of the greatest. I like that the recording was done to sound a little unclear, not as sharp. Raw. and as a drummer, I can say that Danny's solo at the end is one of the most revered in the drum world
Bill Burnette
“Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is” is probably my favorite, mainly because of the vocal arrangement, but it’s hard to choose just one. “Questions 67 and 68” is a close second.
Ezra Katzen
We were lucky to have Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears at their peaks at the same time. I loved them both. One was jazz/rock and the other was rock/jazz.
Michael Rogers
I haven't read all the comments so apologize if this is redundant. Colour My World (CMW) is on the 2nd album. It's a part of the Ballet for a Girl From Buchannon. Make Me Smile is the Opening and Reprise and CMW is the sandwich in the middle of the entire Ballet. I love Saturday in the Park - but I have to give it to Searchin' So Long, because of the complexity of the arrangement. It starts haunting and turns into an out and out rocker... then segues right into Mongoneucleosis....
Marty Kott
Chicago Transit Authority is IMHO the greatest double album ever released. It is Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Prog all blended into a lethal stew of ear candy.
Steve Cowder
Yeah it's hard to say what their best song is. But If I were to choose my favorite, it would be the hard driving
Angie S.
Beato got this right which he must be given a lot of credit for - these critiques were spot on, especially the kudos for Cetera’s bass playing which always impressed (besides Kath’s obvious brilliance) right from the band’s early days. Shame what happened to this group after their first seven albums, they never recovered their quality after Kath’s passing.
P.S. You somehow forgot to Mention "If You Leave Me Now" 1976; which was Chicago's "First Number One Hit!" It's a classic with a full orchestra sound to it. It contains exceptional vocals by Peter Cetera, smooth horn and wind instruments, String Instruments and and nice grainy acoustic guitar sound; and an overall well constructed arrangement of the entire piece. 😎 Check Below!
Ray Mari
Chicago will always be so special in this house. Why ? These songs are all part of mine and my wife's early days of married life. We lived each and every new Chicago song. There isn't a weak song including some of those from the 80s.
Nomen Clature
The horn section doesn’t get enough credit. These are some of the tightest horn riffs in rock, and yet some of the most restrained.
therealnickdotcom official
chicago was insane 1969-1977. powerhouse of the era. 1980’s chicago is another pop beast in and of itself but the 1970’s original lineup is hard to top overall. great american band.
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