Well, Someone Had to Explain the Liar's Dice Scene In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Lord Ravenscraft
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Remember when a swashbuckling adventure movie stopped for a few minutes to play a dice game? And it was one of the best scenes of the whole movie? 'Cause I do.

Music: "pirates need love too" by AKLF (Peter Lalush):

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Quick Links:
0:00 -- I Am Very Obsessed With This Scene
2:29 -- Tedious Props and Graphics
5:05 -- Round A: Bootstrap Bill, Three 2s
6:46 -- Round B: Davy Jones, Four 4s
8:26 -- Round C: William Turner, Four 5s
9:23 -- Round D: Bootstrap Bill, Six 3s
10:28 -- Round E: Davy Jones, Seven 5s
13:06 -- Round F: William Turner, Eight 5s
13:58 -- Round G: Bootstrap Bill, Twelve 5s
17:02 -- The Winning Move

9:43 Roulette odds are actually 37:1, not 36:1

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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26 Mar 2023



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Flight_of_Icarus Anos atrás
"I'm a dishonest man, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you should look out for, because you never know when they'll do something... stupid." -Jack Sparrow
TheShamansQuestion Mês atrás
Correction: ...something incredibly*... stupid
emdeejay Mês atrás
I can't figure this game out even after he explains it.
Daltooine Westwood
Daltooine Westwood 2 meses atrás
@A Nerd With Glasses that’s exactly how I am too. The best way to be a good liar, is to “almost” always tell the truth, and to keep careful track of when you say something false and who you say it to.
Daltooine Westwood
Daltooine Westwood 2 meses atrás
@CombatWombat556 welcome to the 1700’s my friend
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 2 meses atrás
Dark O-man
Dark O-man Anos atrás
I also like the "welcome to the crew laddy", because in that moment Davy Jones knows that Bill "has to" call the bluff. His heart is gone, he does not think of love's power other than to cause pain, so to speak, so it does not occur to him that Bill would do anything other than protect himself from damnation other than call Will a liar. But then Bill does not and it catches Jones by genuine surprise. Once again love is shown to be powerful, after it caused him so pain. At least that's how I see that moment
Donald hysa
Donald hysa 2 meses atrás
@beelzewolf What are you talking about? The whole plot of the first movie was the undead cursed pirate crew. They were the main villain and the main attraction of the movie. Davy Jones isn't even the main villain of the second movie, thats Samuel Becket. The plot revolves around Becket's efforts to crush all pirates and Jones is just one of the tools he uses for this purpose.
beelzewolf 8 meses atrás
@Dark O-man yup. All the films are cheesy. Just gotta maintain the right levels of it.
Dark O-man
Dark O-man 8 meses atrás
@Alex Bobenrieth thanks :)
Dark O-man
Dark O-man 8 meses atrás
@beelzewolf I think the “trilogy” strikes the okay point. Errring on too much. But the latter 2 definitely push it too far. But I agree. It’s all about the splash of fantasy thrown in.
Alex Bobenrieth
Alex Bobenrieth 8 meses atrás
This is actually genius
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Anos atrás
I never assumed the rule about only being able to call out the person who went before you. So I interpreted Davy’s saying welcome to the crew as an arrogant gloat before calling out will. But bill throws out his number effectively cutting Davy off from being able to call out will as the turn has passed. Meaning Davy’s arrogance and willingness to rub it in cost him the chance to beat Will. Also the other rule would have meant Davy expected Bill to call out his own son or he wouldn’t have said welcome to the crew.
gustavo pineda
gustavo pineda 18 dias atrás
@sumelar true but it is a rule that is widely used by most players so
sumelar 18 dias atrás
@gustavo pineda The existing game does not have a single set of rules, which is clearly explained in this video. Try watching it.
gustavo pineda
gustavo pineda 18 dias atrás
​@sumelar it's a movie where they play an existing game and the existing game has that rule so
Primary 2 meses atrás
Well if that wasn't a rule the game wouldn't make sense since you can't use your turn to bid, then also call someone a liar.
Brihtish 2 meses atrás
@Ole Sværen that’s exactly what I was thinking lmao
Seth Denner
Seth Denner Anos atrás
Got tipsy with my roomates last night and taught them this game. We jokingly lit candles and played sea shanties songs for what I thought would be a quick 3 games that ended up being 20+ games and playing with pirate accents. I thought they would get bored and we'd move on to another game but nope they got hooked and wanted hand after hand. I haven't had so much fun playing this game in such a long time. It was a blast.
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson 21 hora atrás
*Seven fives.* 🐙🏴‍☠️
lao khang
lao khang Mês atrás
Not gonna lie, this dice game sounds fun. Ever play the card game bullshit? Each players get 10 cards on there hand. Flip the first card from the deck up. All players take turn putting a card from their hand onto the table going one number up or down while calling the number out. They can face the card up or down. If the card is down, the next player can call bullshit if they think the facing down card wasn't what the player called and lose.
LunDruid Anos atrás
You know, sometimes when I think about this scene, I wonder. What would have happened if Jones came down, accepted the challenge, and then fell victim to that ever dreadful fate that all die rollers must face someday: one of his dice accidentally rolling right off the table? They're on a wooden ship. What would happen to that dice? Would it just be lost? Would Jones have to scramble around looking for it? Would he force one of the crew to merge into the walls to look for it? What if it rolled off the ship and into the water? Could Jones manifest another one out of the ship?
NoriMori 16 dias atrás
Lol thanks for infecting my brain with this thought 😂
Firi3n 2 meses atrás
Just an inference, even though it is not a real ship, I still think it needs a crew to sail. Most of the crew was either below decks or not on shift. Or watching the game. This leads me to believe they are stationary or moving incredibly slowly in shallow waters. Therefore, very little rocking.
TokenNom 5 meses atrás
@Walls_of_Skulls My first comment wasn't even replying to you, was replying to the original comment
Walls_of_Skulls 5 meses atrás
@TokenNom or you can just hold the dice under the cup. Why are you so opposed to that solution??
TokenNom 5 meses atrás
@Walls_of_Skulls David jones might throw you off if you kept losing the dice but I doubt they'd have any shortage of wood with all the ships they plunder.
Danen3 Anos atrás
One thing you missed when calculating the odds is that knowing what dice you rolled drastically changes the odds. You no longer count the odds from a blind chance.
Primary 2 meses atrás
@TTT Yeah, I remember from playing the DS game Dead Man's Chest and playing Liar's Dice a lot, you get used to what can be considered a comfortable bid by assuming from what the opponents have. If I rolled 4 fives and bid 6 fives, it's a good chance that out of 10 dice at least 2 of their will be fives. There were a couple games I lost due to chance where I rolled, say, 4 fives and bid 5 fives and lost because no one else rolled a five. It's incredibly unlucky and improbable, but it can happen though that's the game.
TTT 2 meses atrás
Yep. For example when Davy Jones has his four 5s, his seven 5s bet only needs 3/10 from Will and Bootstrap to be 5s. Even ignoring information he might get from their bets, there is a decent chance the others have enough to cover his bet by pure odds.
Emily Divis
Emily Divis 2 anos atrás
What really cements Bill's plan is that Bill goes first, makes his bid, and turns to Jones and says, "It's your bid, Captain." THAT RIGHT THERE. Bill didn't just insert himself into the game. He also took control of the turn order so he was directly after Will. And Jones fell for the trick because Bill established himself as a non-threat with that first bid, playing into Jones' overconfidence. ... Damn, I need to rewatch this movie.
Leanda V
Leanda V 10 meses atrás
Just watched ALL five.....this trial is giving me some serious Sparrow fever
Freddie Simmons
Freddie Simmons 10 meses atrás
@ZeroKitsune you're responding to something I said a year ago and yet you think I'm the one being childish? Good luck with that line of reasoning.
ZeroKitsune 10 meses atrás
@Freddie Simmons I don't think debates work the way you think they do. From where I'm standing you're a child arguing about semantics (and still being wrong either way, so I don't even understand why) and resorting to calling other people...not fluent in English, because you don't understand what words mean??? I'm really confused by how laughably childish you're being.
Doomse 11 meses atrás
Isn't turn order always counterclockwise
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Anos atrás
Even more so! In the deleted scene, Will plays a game with Jones bidding 100 years of service against his father's freedom. He wins! Bootstrap Bill when he cast the dice was no longer in debt to Davy Jones and could leave a free man!
JokeCubed 9 meses atrás
I loved this analysis, it's brilliant and speaks to the motivations of all the characters. Will knew he couldn't win and get away with the key, he had to steal it later, and Bootstrap was trying to protect his son, so neither of the Turner's was actually trying to win the game. If Davy Jones had realised that, the smart thing for him to do when Bootstrap bid twelve 5's would've been to up the bid to thirteen 5's, because it would essentially force Will to win, which he doesn't want to do. Davy Jones thought he was being cruel and merciless by calling Bootstrap a liar, but he was actually doing what both of his opponents wanted him to do.
Ryan Tiemann
Ryan Tiemann Mês atrás
@Rob ThisGuy Bot just refusal, in a pirate crew, your respect is everything. If your crew thinks your too soft or too untrustworthy, you could see a mutiny on your hands. So Davy Jones is inherently going to pick the option that always helps him save face.
Giridhar NR
Giridhar NR Mês atrás
Woah yours is a great analysis too!
Rob ThisGuy
Rob ThisGuy 2 meses atrás
Good catch! Davy's arrogance and refusal to accept defeat was a key part of his character flaws, so the game highlighted it in a subtle way that really worked out to a great narrative.
Ryan Tiemann
Ryan Tiemann 4 meses atrás
But with that Twelve 5s bid, Davy Jones only really has one option. Call him a liar. If he doesn't, no matter what bet he makes, he will lose fave in front of the entire crew. It is akin to backing down from fist fight.
Chris Hei
Chris Hei 2 meses atrás
Still can't believe these amazing movies came out of a boat ride in Disney. Like they really could do anything and they got some fantastic minds together on these
NoriMori 16 dias atrás
Seriously. Pirates of the Caribbean is a gift to humanity.
Florida man
Florida man 2 meses atrás
Are all the characters original?
Dairycream5 Anos atrás
I used to play Liars Dice with my brother even before seeing this movie for the first time, so when I *did* see the movie, I got very excited seeing "my brother and I's" game in one of our favorite franchises
BrokamaGay Anos atrás
The minor detail of Davy Jones holding the die with his suction cups individually was pretty funny and cool.
Rebecca Graham
Rebecca Graham Anos atrás
Yeah. Bill’s final bet also trapped Jones which is really cool. He can either raise or call the bet. Since they all have some reasonable idea what is under everyone’s cup if he had raised and waited til Will’s turn everyone would know he was lying and could call him, getting the key, so he had to call Bill and therefore was unable to twist the knife and get Will to serve on the ship for all of eternity. Really a cool move.
ThyDungeonman2 2 anos atrás
Can we please also mention that the number 4 is considered unlucky in MANY cultures, cultures which Davy Jones himself would know of being an immortal sailor who sees many ports and ferries many souls, because it is closely associated with DEATH? "Four fours..." is basically Jones telling his opponent "you're dead", and Will's bid back, "Four FIVES" is just as powerful- telling the ocean devil himself "there's still hope."
Turkish Janitor
Turkish Janitor 21 dia atrás
Bravo Vince
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu Mês atrás
@simj22 never bring up enunciation in front of me
Lavelle Lee
Lavelle Lee 7 meses atrás
Melker Sennelöv
Melker Sennelöv 11 meses atrás
@Dawn Seeker Happy birthday
Nautalius Apolis
Nautalius Apolis Anos atrás
Really? I always associated four with time itself.
JunimoDruid 2 meses atrás
tbf in Bill's defense: being a pirate is a lot like being in a gang or mafia, you may not be able to leave until certain conditions are met, such as after you've helped earn loot. since Bill probably didn't do much to earn his keep on a pirate ship, by the time he got someone pregnant and had a son with her, and before the mutiny and being sent to Davy Jones' locker, he likely left Will in order to not have his son become involved in pirating at all. selflessness to a fault
tezla actual
tezla actual 7 meses atrás
I love the arrogance of davy Jones character, this is truly a man who has become accustomed to immortality and not answering to anyone and generally gets his way with nearly anything or just intimidating people to make his way
Straight White Male
Thanks to your explanation of this scene, I now get goosebumps even more thinking about it. Thanks for that. I always understood the premise of what was happening, but not exactly how it was happening, the detail in the characters' choices. Your conclusion on how Davy Jones managed to somehow safely bid on seven fives made him even smarter than he already was. The odds of seven fives are as you said ridiculously low, yet on pure deduction, he was able to guess it and guess it right. Really great insight. Liked, subbed, and shared with all my friends who've watched this trilogy.
Jmvars Anos atrás
Even as a kid I could tell this scene was special. It's one of the few scenes in the entire franchise I remember vividly.
Tia Anos atrás
I just like the fact that davy started with 4s when he had 5s so he could raise the face on his next turn. I know there was probably more to it than that but based on the rules of the game its best to start a face lower than your own dice so long as you don't get caught out on your bluff. Also the talk of bill rolling 5 5s in one roll made me think of yahtzee and the rare chance of rolling a yahtzee in one roll.
Tadicuslegion78 2 anos atrás
When you remember Bill Nighy had to do this in grey Pajamas covered in dots and his eyes and lips painted green. You're even more impressed at what an amazing performance he delivers as Davy Jones.
Convict Clown Costume :p
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Anos atrás
To be fair, when does Bill Nighy not impress with an amazing performance?
Miklos Ernoehazy
Miklos Ernoehazy Anos atrás
@xXPORTALXx ...he was also the museum lecturer an episode of Dr.Who (the episode which features Vincent Van Gogh)...
xXPORTALXx Anos atrás
@Raymundo Serna the guy that played the octopuse face pirate in pirates of the Caribbean plays the swindler magician in castlevania
Raymundo Serna
Raymundo Serna Anos atrás
@xXPORTALXx wait who plays in Castlevania
MISTER SIR 9 meses atrás
Been playing this with my family regularly for years, it's such a great game where you never sit around waiting, even when its not your turn. Everyone are always engaged. We do play a modified version though, but I think it adds a lot of nuance to the basic variant: 1) All 1s count as jokers, and are also of highest value (so the value goes: 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 1). So basically if someone bets on 6's and you have a 1, then it counts as a 6 too. The only case where it doesn't count, is if the number that is bet isn't present on the table at all (so lets say someone bets four 6's, and there are no 6's but five 1's, then the 1's dont count). 2) The last addition is that if all numbers in a cup are in numeric order, then they all count as jokers PLUS they add an extra bonus joker (so lets say you have rolled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - then all five count as jokers, plus you get an additional so you have 6 jokers in total). If only one die remains in your cup and you roll a 1, then it counts as a numeric order so you get an extra joker as a result. What this does, is it implements an extra variable that plays with the statistics of the game, so you can't just always rely on how likely/unlikely a standard numbered dice roll is. It also means you can effectively bet over the physically present amount of dice which adds tension when numeric orders are likely to happen (typically when you have 2 or 3 dice left), because you can be more aggressive with your bets and do a lot of counterbluffing. It also makes it so that the last round has an extra layer and you don't just automatically win off of who has the highest die or joker. A lot more back-and-forth betting as a result to figure out if the other person is bluffing.
Sam Anos atrás
It’s okay, I’ve also watched Deadman’s Chest an ungodly amount of times as it was a comfort movie for like a decade since it came out while I was growing up and I always loved it. I never understood this game exactly either but i always understood it just from the acting as you said. This was super interesting!
The World Meme Database
Back in 2006 when my dad had an old razor flip phone, I convinced him to change his ringtone to *”Bootstrap Bill you’re a liar and you will spend an eternity on this ship! Master Turner, feel free to step ashore, (snort) the very next time we make port!”*
hickumu 8 meses atrás
Between this and your Sherlock video, you do a masterful job of explaining scenes like these in a way that captures the tension of the scenes themselves while also conveying the mechanics and giving understanding. Amazing stuff!
Jed Roberts
Jed Roberts Anos atrás
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I watched this scene 4-5 times, and still didn’t understand it. Thanks for breaking it down. Side note: the game actually sounds kinda fun Side side note: Davy Jones still looks absolutely amazing
BlancaALoveless Anos atrás
Davy Jones beard is the only bit of CGI that I have ever seen and been able to believe it without effort. It's BEAUTIFUL
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu Mês atrás
@Sam Knight no they definitely are not
Cowboy Hank
Cowboy Hank 9 meses atrás
@Sam Knight Corridor did an episode on this; they're most definitely CGI
Commentur The Great
Commentur The Great 9 meses atrás
Actually it's not CGI, they built a 100 foot tall wet puppet of Davey's face and had people wiggle around inside the tentacles to move them. Then they used perspective tricks to make it look like the puppet was the size of a person.
Are Dub
Are Dub 10 meses atrás
@Sam Knight bull
Giants Mets
Giants Mets 11 meses atrás
its not cgi duh he actually has a real octopus beard
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Anos atrás
I can't express how much I enjoyed this video. I clicked with little expectations, but I was blown off the planet with the detail you laced into it. Thank you
joe torrance
joe torrance Anos atrás
I thought it was hilarious how Bill fought so hard to keep his son off the Dutchman then he ends up binding him to the dutchman
Simon K
Simon K 7 meses atrás
It's a shame you didn't talk about the deleted game because it adds so much to every aspect of the scene, even beyond the amazing dialogue. Characterization wise it works in multiple aspects. First you get the fact that Will's first priority was his father's freedom (betting for that first on the game he intended to win). It also shows off how much Will has grown from being a simple blacksmith into a man who can outfox the devil twice and leave with everyone thinking he was the loser. In the first game, Will plays vastly differently, bluffing with his first bid and continuing to bluff right up until the end. He plays with a risky strategy and it catches Jones off guard, leading to his win and reflecting how the "pirate" aspect of him hides beneath the "respectable" exterior. Jones in contrast plays his hand pretty straight, being more cautious against a newer player (which is a good move, in a lot of contests of skill new players can trip up masters because of their unpredictably), only to learn that Will is a lot smarter than he thought. In the second game, the roles are reversed. Jones treats Will with respect knowing that he's not a complete fool, while Will pulls the opposite move and does play like a fool because victory would be disastrous. In the meta-game of it, Will's characterization continues. He's playing into the expectations of his youth and background by confidently challenging Jones again and giving the ultimate wager. Everyone sees the move as ridiculously brazen and overconfident as a direct challenge to Jones. He even taunts Jones, telling him that he can still walk away after wagering his own soul, which of course Jones can't do without essentially saying that he can't win, and thus he reveals the location of the key as a result, and when he loses Jones is too distracted by his victory to even imagine Will had further plans.
Mike Anos atrás
Fascinating! Even with this small scene, they played it out so flawlessly! So, that rule you called out, which makes the Winning Move a winning move, is that a player can only call the previous player a liar, because he was the last one to up the bid, right?
Jordan Rhoads
Jordan Rhoads Mês atrás
"This movie came out... 14 years ago???" Cuts to some of the best animation to date even by today's standards. God I miss when Disney cared.
Werewolf Korra
Werewolf Korra 2 anos atrás
God, everyone compliments Gollum, but for as many moving parts as he has, Jones looks better than most of the Avatar monsters still.
Estarile 3 meses atrás
@Dennzyl Vania so about that. Apparently everyone loves the first sequel. And I have to insists that avatar wasn't a Pocahontas rip off. They have some similar plot beats, and touch on many of the same tropes. But that's like saying "Wheel of Time is a Lord of the Rings ripoff." No they're just. Both fantasy stories.
mike 7 meses atrás
@Zeph BTS?
RequiemPoete Anos atrás
@PL T It depends which branch of Christianity you ask. Some say he IS the son of God. Others he's an aspect of God.
Matze Maulwurf
Matze Maulwurf Anos atrás
@RequiemPoete pita in the A!
Nonna Urbisness
Nonna Urbisness Anos atrás
Gollum is also over half a decade older than Jones
Satanas Ex Machina
Satanas Ex Machina Anos atrás
I've loved this since before they even released this film. I was ecstatic to see it depicted in there, and I'm glad someone decided to take the time and make a video explaining it. Ps: I won a game on a bid of 9 sixs once. It was awesome.
ChickenRieder 11 meses atrás
This is an amazing video. As it was said, one can really read the scene even without understanding the game. But this great explanation really adds to the flavour. Also it always bugged me to feel that one was supposed to know what was happening and I was the lost one.
SteelWarrior115 Anos atrás
Also, can we please appreciate how great Bill Nighy was in these movies
Nicolás Castillo
Nicolás Castillo 7 meses atrás
This BRILLIANT explanation cleared me a thing that I never noticed before. When I watched this movie for the first time I didn't get how this game works so, I always thought that Bootstrap was just acting in a dumb and impulsive way just for his desperation for saving his son of losing. Now I can understand that every move of Bootstrap during the entire game were always perfectly calculated in his way to save his son. It could look as an irrelevant thing, but I think is AWESOME.
Paula Pope
Paula Pope Anos atrás
This was a wonderful explanation of the game. I have been confused about how it exactly worked. I have a rogue in DnD and want to play this game with the DM. Thanks!
JF_ kein_K
JF_ kein_K Anos atrás
This was actually the second round they played, the first round was cut, in the first round Will won the freedom of his father, making Bootstrap entering the second game and eventual losing really heartbreaking.
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu Mês atrás
@Hat Trick you don't understand. In this scenario, there are 3 ways the players could walk away as -> Winner, Liar, and loser. The winner gets the key. The liar gets eternal service. The loser gets nothing. Will needed to be the loser, not the liar.
Big Boi
Big Boi 7 meses atrás
@Hat Trick I think it's because Will still isn't sure if Jones is lying, so if Will calls him out on lying and Will is right, Jones will just kill him, Will needs to lose by Jones calling Will out as that's the only way for Will to definitely not win and not raise any suspicions
Hat Trick
Hat Trick 7 meses atrás
If Will didn’t care about losing why didn’t he call Jones a liar instead of saying “8 5’s” and giving his father the chance to go to twelve?
Big Boi
Big Boi 7 meses atrás
@EpicBlackflame07 Nah, I think it works well as Jones would feel humiliated over losing, so they up the bid to the key. And it also further shows just how much Bill wants to protect Will, even though he is now free.
Vatra 10 meses atrás
@EpicBlackflame07 I disagree. The first game was for his father's freedom. The second was for the key. Will winning the first game adds some pressure to Jones to participate in the second game despite the stakes being something he wasn't willing to lose let alone even reveal. After losing the first game he had to accept the rematch, and had to win. Or lose the respect of his crew. Don't get me wrong, I love the final cut scene. But I do think the uncut version adds to it.
Maria York
Maria York 10 meses atrás
Thank you. That is very interesting. I didn't even know it was a real game. I thought it was just some made-up scene for a pirate card game that was on the Flying Dutchman for the purpose of the movie. Had to listen to this a few times for me to get how it is played. I'm still gonna watch it a few more times. Sounds like a lot of fun actually.
Kitsune Kimchi
Kitsune Kimchi Anos atrás
See, this is a movie breakdown channel that _actually_ rivets viewers. Congrats, mate. You just earned yourself a new subscriber.
PixLikesTwix Anos atrás
I’ve seen the pirates movies too many times to count and never really paid attention to this scene because I didn’t think much of it. I figured it didn’t go that deep and what they said in the movie was what it was- and essentially, it is just that, but it has much more meaning an depth to it. Very impressed :) and glad to understand after all these years!
Kate Rockefeller
Kate Rockefeller Anos atrás
I've always loved this scene, so glad this video exists.
Virtual Black Face
Virtual Black Face 2 meses atrás
They had this on the Dead Man's chest game for PSP. My brother and I used to play it all the time on there. These days he has a nice set of liars dice but we don't get to play so much. The joys of adulthood.
I'll always be upset that in the deleted scene we had one of the most ballsy lines in the movie, and we never got to hear it. After Will takes the first round and challenges Jones again "You can't best the devil *twice* son..." "Then why are you walking away?"
WALN Zell 5 meses atrás
@nmartinez18 According to the German bishop, Peter Binsfield, Lucifer is the prince, or embodiment of the sin of pride. So it makes sense.
Blokewood3 6 meses atrás
@Jesse Salazar As a result of his indenture being eternal, Bootstrap Bill is now bonded to the ship, and will eventually be consumed by it completely. We see this beginning to happen in the third movie "part of the crew, part of the ship."
Jesse Salazar
Jesse Salazar 6 meses atrás
@crochetcocoking yes you're correct that it's deleted scene however to me personally it makes more sense for Jones to allow him to join in the game if he's putting his new found freedom on the line That and Jones says you will spend an eternity on this ship when bootstrap loses I could be wrong here because it's been literal decades since I've actually watched that movie but could Jones's crew even die If not what's 100 years to an immortal
crochetcocoking 6 meses atrás
@Jesse Salazar the thing is, if he used the freedom Will earned him, it wouldn't make sense in the movie since that's from a deleted scene. No, Bill has to serve a hundred years like everyone else, by matching Will's bid in that second game, he wager an eternity, which he could still offer even after the end of his hundred years of service.
diromiz Anos atrás
Thank you so much for this video, I played this last night with four people for two hours straight. It was lots of fun. Every time someone lost a round, that person had to remove one die from their cup. Whoever was left with dice in the end, won. It was a really neat game and will definitely play again.
Say Taylor
Say Taylor 15 dias atrás
I've seen this 4 times; your enthusiasm and step by step explanation make it very enjoyable to watch
LukeWarmOats 8 meses atrás
The little rock face that jones gives Will at 11:11 is so funny.
maluslupus42 2 meses atrás
i love this scene SO much, and i’m so glad you did this breakdown i can share with others to try and convince them why THEY should love it too
Stuker Anos atrás
It's so interesting that here (Chile) it's a common game, you're able to find cups and dice in a lot of people's homes and it's weird that someone wouldn't know the rules, I had personally played it at least 10 times just in meetings with friends before the movie came out, but going from this comment section it was unknown for a lot of people in other places.
E Fulmer
E Fulmer Anos atrás
I live in the US and card games tend to be more popularly known, such as various versions of poker and blackjack.
Aegix Drakan
Aegix Drakan Anos atrás
Oh, it's popular there? It's really neat seeing what games are traditional to different cultures. From the hungarian side of the family, I'm familiar with Rummikub, and most of my friends with more roots in North America are familiar with Poker.
GeneralVikus 2 anos atrás
The addition of the deleted scene really turns this game into a rollercoaster ride. Will wins his first game, wagering his father's freedom against 100 years of service, by convincing Jones to call an improbable bet which turned out to be true. Will wins his father's freedom. Jones walks away. Will calls him back, raising the stakes to an eternity of service. Jones answers, 'you can't best the devil twice.' Then Will taunts him, 'so why are you still walking away?' At this point, Will has completely checkmated Jones. He beat Jones in front of his entire crew, then insinuated he was a coward for trying to cut his losses. No matter what Will chooses to wager - even if it's one man's life against the other, which Jones ordinarily has no reason to agree to, Jones has to accept - or else he'd be admitting to his whole crew that Will COULD best him twice. Once might have been luck, but if Jones backs down or loses now, Will must be the better player, and perhaps the smarter man. This explains why he chooses to reveal the key immediately - anything else would entail an unacceptable loss of face. The only possible way for Will to lose now is for Bootstrap to do exactly what he does - re-join the game and match Will's bet. And yet as soon as he does it, we realise that this decision was just as inevitable as Jones revealing the key; under the circumstances, a man like Bootstrap couldn't possibly do anything else. Jones is proved right; the game turns out to be the perfect measure of every man at the table.
Lucas Duenez
Lucas Duenez Anos atrás
Holy crap! I can understand why the writers would be pissed! To think they cut this out in favor of the 15/20 mins of island sequence at the beginning? We get it, sparrow is goofy. This would have developed will's character tremendously, while completing his arc when he finally becomes a captain. Wow, that's frustrating.
I F Anos atrás
@Bone or... Yeah, imagine watching a youtube video when instead you can just hurl attempted insults.
BigotGaming Anos atrás
Picky Physics Student
I think the exchange of "You can't best the devil twice." "So why are you still walking away?" speaks volumes about Jones' character. He doesn't see himself as the devil, deep down, but instead sees himself as a tragic figure. Given the third film exploring more of his backstory, his lost love and being cursed to be the dutchmen, this is seen as a type of foreshadowing.
g Anos atrás
@Rizvan i did missread my bad. 100 years for his fathers freedom, an eternity for the key
Spencer Barber
Spencer Barber Anos atrás
Very cool. I enjoyed the video. I knew how to play the game before I saw the movie, so I followed it just fine. I always wondered how someone would do with that scene if they didn’t understand the game. But there is so much emotion flying around in those 2 minutes I think it would be hard to misinterpret what happens. People just needed to know that Will got what he wanted, and Bill sacrificed himself for his son. I felt like those points came across very very well.
S 2 meses atrás
Thank you so much for this break down! Very enjoyable and now knowing the information needed to follow the game I not only want to rewatch the movie but try playing this game as well with friends
Emily Kraynak
Emily Kraynak 2 meses atrás
Bill Nighy's performance as Davy Jones across the Pirates of the Caribbean films, absolutely has to be one of the best voice and body acting performances I've ever witnessed in film. He creates a character that completely and utterly Dominates the scene every time he pops up on screen and he's just Genuinely mortifying. This game of Liar's Dice? Easily the Perfect summary of the entire character.
Alisaurus 42
Alisaurus 42 Anos atrás
THANK YOU for this! I agree that we can tell enough of what is happening from the lines and acting, but knowing the actual rules makes it much deeper. The extended scene is clearer, but the final cut works as-is. Trying to write in an unversed character like Vesper who needs someone to tell her “what Bond needs to do in this hand is x” so the audience could hear it wouldn’t work in this setting of cursed pirates huddled around a barrel
Alejandro Tuazon
Alejandro Tuazon Anos atrás
As a board gamer, the moment the rules were laid out and the turn order was shown (in the movie, not pointed out yet in the video), I immediately thought "wait, will can't lose if bill comes after will".
joker ledger
joker ledger Anos atrás
The last bit about Bill putting himself between Davy and Will also highlight another quality of Davy. He is cruel, manipulative, ruthless but he at least play by the game rules.
pas de zebra
pas de zebra 8 meses atrás
true lawful evil
Techstuff 8 meses atrás
@aNEWYORKa The difference here is the premise, everyone goes into the game knowing that deception will likely occur.
Mrsmoku98 11 meses atrás
@Collin Spencer i think is like a poker pass davy think Bootstrap withdraw
Monsieur Pickle
Monsieur Pickle 11 meses atrás
Because he lost his girl even when he played by the rules that's why he was so heartbroken he did exactly what she said and still was turned away .
cody x
cody x 9 meses atrás
i love watching this video. your narration makes spending almost 20 mins worth it.
Fiji Silvertail
Fiji Silvertail 2 meses atrás
I absolutely love this analasys and liar's dice is one of my favourite games to play. This video explanes the scene so well I mean it's all here! Thank you Lord Ravenscraft for the amazing video.
Miguel Cores
Miguel Cores 4 meses atrás
Amazing video sir, thank you!!!! "I only bet on what’s dearest to a man’s heart, else there’s no way to tell if he’s bluffing. What a man is willing to risk or not, that’s a measure of his soul" - Davy Jones
Chris.M Anos atrás
Wow this made me appreciate the scene way more and also made me mad that they cut out the whole thing 😭
The Garden of Eatin
The Garden of Eatin 2 meses atrás
It's not JUST bootstrap throwing down his cup. Bootstrap takes it upon himself to make the first bid, and he sets the turn order with "Your bid, Captain." Shockingly good scene in an otherwise mediocre film.
Andrew Capra
Andrew Capra 2 anos atrás
I feel like the scene is way cooler without the "turn order" rule, because it makes Bill's final bluff an absolute masterstroke move. Because the entire game to that point has been nothing but Davy Jones just repeatedly flexing on the other two players. He has been dominating the game to such a point that his massive ego seems completely justified. He knows, for certain, what EVERY player has on the table. Bill quickly calling twelve 5s before Jones can make a show of calling out Will's bluff is basically a tremendous middle finger to Jones. If Bill has even a single 5 under his cup, Jones would have to admit to himself that he completely misjudged Bill's hand, which his arrogance cannot permit by any means. It's no longer about the actual terms of the game, it's a matter of personal pride. Will is no longer Jones' main target any more, Bill is, because Bill basically called him an idiot in front of his crew. Bootstrap had absolutely nothing, and he basically suckerpunched Jones' entire worldview.
Rageinggames1 7 meses atrás
@Triangle Chloros I didn't read anything you just said because your comments are not worth the time it takes my eyes to read them. The turn rule is obviously in the film. The entire game plays out as if there is a turn rule and if there isn't a turn rule the scene doesn't make sense. No turn rule ruins Bills entire strategy to protect will no matter what and makes the entire final 2 moves completely irrelevant. Not only would Bill just call Jones on his final bet so that Will would not have to risk anything but Jones would have then called Will on his final bet to beat Will which is his entire goal. You are arguing a braindead argument. You have to make a million leaps in logic to justify the way the game played out without the turn rule. You'd have to say Bill does not actually caring about protecting Will or is a absolute idiot and makes him take a unnecessary last turn when he could have just called Jones a liar and you'd also have to say Jones a alleged master of the game is a absolute idiot and doesn't calling Will when he makes a bet Jones knows is a lie. I am not arguing with idiots anymore. People like you are such waste of time absolutely zero comprehension skills. Please stop critiquing film you are so atrocious at it.
Triangle Chloros
Triangle Chloros 7 meses atrás
@Rageinggames1 "Bill is trying to lose" is not the same statement as "Bill is *only* trying to lose". Also my actual evidence is what's in the film, the video is just pointing out the thing from the film I'm citing. Jones calling a bluff T1 would be laughably unlikely, the whole reason Jones can start on 'four fours' is that nobody who's actually playing to win is going to call a lie that early. It simply isn't going to happen. The only way that explanation works is if Bill for some reason thought Will was awful at the game he literally just saw him win on screen. Also, Bill calling Jones on the 7 5s bet immediately would make a bad scene, obviously. The only reason Will takes his turn is for viewing reasons to make the scene intense... See I can do it too. 'It would make a bad scene' isn't actually a reason. ("Bill would always immediately call jones a liar since he would achieve his goal regardless of jones honesty." would *also* make for a terrible scene, so it obviously wouldn't happen with or without the turn rule. Right?)
Rageinggames1 7 meses atrás
@Triangle Chloros like you guys really don't understand this scene at all... it's kinda sad. If the turn rule isn't in place then Bill would call Jones on the 7 5s bet immediately so will doesn't have to risk anything and hed know that if he didn't jones who clearly wanted to get Will to lose would have called 8 5s immediately when Will said it because he knows that there aren't 8 5s. Jones whole plan was to make Will lose. If the turn rule wasn't a thing he would have achieved his goal the moment Will said 8 5s. Instead shocker shocker jones doesn't say anything and it goes to bills turn hmm I wonder why because obviously the turn rule has to be in place otherwise this game would not have happened like this at all. You people need to gain some comprehensive skills before commenting on things like this.
Rageinggames1 7 meses atrás
@Triangle Chloros I love how you cite the video as evidence but then leave out the whole part about how the video also realizes the obvious that Bill is trying to lose. Something you seem to have left out for some reason is that Jones did not go first meaning if he had sat to jones right he would have risked either him or will going first and will making a bad bid being called a liar by jones immediately losing which is the exact opposite of what Bill wants. Bill can't know who is going to go first before the game. Sitting where he sat is the only way to ensure no matter who goes first he can lose. As for the reason he doesn't literally just say 55 2s I think that should be obvious... it makes a terrible scene. The only reason this game goes multiple turns is for viewing reasons to make the scene intense but we know and everyone else knows Bill wanted to lose. Maybe you could argue that he wanted to lose but also have a chance of jones foolishly calling him on the off chance of winning and that's why he started out being honest with very low bets because it gave him the "chance" of jones doing something stupid. But regardless you need the turn rule for this scene to make sense. Otherwise it is stupid and jones could have at any point won which entirely underminds bills entire strategy to intelligently place himself so that wouldn't happen. Ntm the exact flow of the game follows the turn rule exactly as if the turn rule is in place.
Triangle Chloros
Triangle Chloros 7 meses atrás
@Rageinggames1 As the video points out, Bill deliberately positions himself where he does before the game begins. If he wanted to call out Jones ASAP, even with the turn rule, he could have just put himself on the other side. Or he could have bid fifteen sixes on his first turn, leaving Jones no choice but to either call him out, or make an impossible bid. So clearly Bill *did* have goals beyond losing, which calling Jones out immediately wouldn't have achieved.
Creppe Suzzete
Creppe Suzzete Anos atrás
After all these years i found out something kinda wonderful about this movie. I wonder how many secrets this movie has. I always thought that this is more than just a good movie.
Dr. Robert Johnson
Dr. Robert Johnson Anos atrás
I've never heard of "Liars Dice". But I have heard of "Liars Poker", which I assume is played in similar fashion. I am also reminded of a similar game played with the serial number on dollar bills. I had a co-worker, nay, a good friend, who had several bills in his wallet for playing. He had one of each bill, 1, 5, 10, 20, 100 for which to play. The bills in question were nearly all one number. When you get a lot drunks together, he got rich quick.
Kevin nicholtz
Kevin nicholtz 6 meses atrás
I love your analysis of this scene. I hope you do many more of these vids. I would like to amend one part of your analysis and that would be your assertion about bill’s joining of the game being “checkmate”. While I agree that bill joining the game was important, bill actually needed to pull off “3 things”, not just one. First, yes, he needed to join. The problem though is that that alone wasn’t enough. In liars dice I’m not sure if there is a designated “order”, but for the sake of it not being established in the movie we’ll say that the order wasn’t established. Bill needed to establish the order which is why after joining the game he needed to bid first. The last and most important thing he did was tell jones that it was his bid next. This established the order of counterclockwise around the table. Usually the most natural order is clockwise but if it had gone that way then because of his position at the table bill would not have been able to be will’s shield. Bidding first was also very important because it gave him the “right” to determine the order in the first place. If jones or will had gone first then it would have been left to chance as to the order and if bill hadn’t told jones to bid next then will might have bid second and botched the whole plan.
Clare Travels
Clare Travels 2 meses atrás
Thank you for explaining this, I've watched this film many times and I always thought it was just me being a bit slow and not understanding any kind of gambling games that caused my total confusion when watching this scene...😅
camomagic1 Anos atrás
I always understood the game, I was just always confused of the motive behind Bill’s inclusion. Especially since when questioned later about it he says he just wanted to see where the key was. It made it sound like he wasn’t just right there next to everyone else. I know he was trying to save Will but why didn’t he just say that when asked by will. I never really understood how could save him and this analysis really helps. Thanks
Christian Nork
Christian Nork Anos atrás
Well, this is it: After all these years, I’ve finally understood the game. “You have to count all the dice on the table, not just the ones under the cup”. Feel really stupid now 😅
Cap'n Cake
Cap'n Cake 7 meses atrás
Makai Wise
Makai Wise Anos atrás
My father and I actually built our own, we handmade cups just like the ones in the movie and made a board to keep track of how many of each number is bid and rewatched it multiple times to figure out the rules. It really is super fun to play
PsychicWars Anos atrás
@Gas Mask It's not just you, I still don't understand how this game makes any sense. It's like a more needlessly-convoluted version of poker.
Gas Mask
Gas Mask Anos atrás
@Phred Phlintstone I think it’s mostly me
Phred Phlintstone
Phred Phlintstone Anos atrás
@Gas Mask yeah, I'm not always very good at explaining things..especially in written form. The penalty for wasted youth I guess.
Ceridwen Aeradwr
Ceridwen Aeradwr 2 meses atrás
We play Liar's dice at family gatherings, and my cousins, my sister and I all regularly quote this scene throughout our games. My favourite instance was when my sister was down to one dice while the others at the table all had 3 or more. It got to her turn, she knew she was screwed, so what did she say? "Twelve fives. Call me a liar." In the most dramatic voice possible. She was called out on it. _THERE WERE TWELVE FUCKING FIVES ON THE TABLE_
hicamajig 11 meses atrás
Great analysis! Modern Rogue has a chaotic video on Liar's Dice too if anyone wants to see a full game in action.
uPenguin Mês atrás
Very cool! I haven't watched this movie since I was a child but do vaguely remember this scene and not having any idea what was going on haha, awesome analysis :)
John Coutts
John Coutts Mês atrás
@LordRavenscraft I know this is an old video, and someone has almost certainly pointed this out but your odds at 8:40 reflect the odds of a SPECIFIC face of dice. For a random chance of five of the same face, you would ignore the first roll and then count every subsequent roll as the same 1/6 per dice. Making your odds of rolling 5 matching faces, 1/1296. Great video!
Glyra Anos atrás
I was actually really proud of myself when I thought I got all the rules on my latest rewatch! Though I forgot about being able to count other people's dice until I saw the video and had no clue about the turn order lmao. Still it's so impressive how much of the game can still be discovered and all makes sense in the movie!
FEnCSERX 2 anos atrás
Pointing out that bootstrap interposed himself between Will and Jones was the “oh damn” moment of this analysis
Shinzero02 Anos atrás
@Wicker 2 Part of Jones' backstory is that he lost faith in love thanks to Calypso. Being beat by Bill loving his son, Elizabeth loving Will, and Calypso being unbound are factors that led to his demise in the end. They're all things that caused him to act cruelly and focus on harming Will instead of recovering his own heart.
Becoming Sentient
Becoming Sentient Anos atrás
@MirroredDreamscape Davy Jones couldn't imagine a scenario where one of the selfish bastards on his crew would not only refuse to call out an obvious lie, but then make an even bigger and more obvious lie. Especially when an eternity of servitude is on the line.
cybermage99 Anos atrás
@MirroredDreamscape I imagine it wasn't the issue that you can't only call a bluff on your turn, but that you must call that bluff before the next players turn. During Jone's self indulgent "welcome to the crew" Bootstrap takes his turn before Jones can call him on it. Now Jones can either call out Bootstrap or he can raise it to stakes everyone at the table knows are impossible, passing the win to Will. While he can no longer make a loser of his intended target, he can at very least avoid losing himself. My take on it at least.
EricM818 Anos atrás
@F-Lambda I think he didn’t realize the problem because it wasn’t actually a problem. I don’t like the assumption that Davy couldn’t call Will a liar because it wasn’t his turn and it was really smart for Bill to come in an establish the turn order the way he did. I think the clever thing Bill did was quickly take his turn before Davy could call out Will. Davy’s arrogance made him gloat to Will before calling him a liar. Bill quickly took that opportunity to take his own turn meaning that Davy could no longer call out Will. That is also why Bill immediately says to Davy “go ahead, call me a liar”. He’s asserting that that is the only choice Davy has. The bid has gotten too high but Davy is only allowed to call Bill a liar because Bill was the last person to up the bid.
Carson dickey
Carson dickey 4 meses atrás
This continues to be one of my favorite analysis videos on BRvid.
ColArana Anos atrás
I loved your final point on Bootstrap making it literally impossible for Will to lose. It never occurred to me, but it's an excellent point.
apalsnerg 2 meses atrás
I love playing liar's dice. It's very strategic, and really, your own dice don't even matter, unless you're going for a double-bluff. I've just never been able to find any apps in which I can play it.
cramer floro
cramer floro 9 meses atrás
I can respect and admire this scene for all the acting and writing, especially for the characters, but to my father‘s endless frustration, I inherited my mother‘s understanding of bluffing, dice- and cardgames in general. So I‘m still none the wiser. Great analysis though! I‘m sure someone with more brain-capacity than me would be able to understand this scene through it.
Ken Dingel
Ken Dingel Anos atrás
You deserve more subscribers!! This was a great breakdown of a faint memory of my childhood. Looking forward to binging the rest of your channel!
Rebecca Thomson
Rebecca Thomson 2 anos atrás
i came to this expecting a simple breakdown of the rules but holy moly the character analysis portion of this video was amazing!
Pestilencemage Anos atrás
To be fair... this guy must not be good at deception games. I say this because he thinks you can judge the honesty from the first bids. No... that only works on simpleton opponents. A early bid of 3 Xs... out of 12 dice? No one can call liar on that bid and expect it to be anything but a plea to luck, so thinking it represents their dice is silly. Why would you provide any info either way when you can't reasonably be called on it? You can pick X at random without looking at your dice. Anyone reading into it only subjects themselves to being wrong, and being wrong is more likely than being right. The only thing to read from the 1st bet is if that player wants a slower, info heavy game (low bid) or a low info, more luck based game (high bid)... or they think they saw a tell when someone was looking at their dice and wants to push them. IE: their eyes went big, suggesting many of the same face, so you start them high enough in bid that they need to think about their move. HOW TO PLAY SMART: If your dice are many different numbers, you need to think about your move sooner than if you have say, 3 of 1 and 2 of another. You need look at your dice less (careful, anyone can look MORE than needed) and you can more confidently bid higher numbers. ...this applies to the people you face, so use this info to judge if they have high numbers to add or not. This is the more reliable read than trying to read what face they have.
Nidhal Watters
Nidhal Watters Anos atrás
aNEWYORKa Anos atrás
He explained the game wrong OR there is a glaring hole in the movie. I explained in my comment above. Someone made a mistake, either the director/writers or the guy who made this video
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas Anos atrás
It's actually a super fun game We used to bring cups and dice into our local dive bar in college haha, you get super into it It's really not that complicated, 5 die each, slam it down, guess the quantity of each number, keep increasing until someone says it's BS or spot on, that's all there is to it
tiresias 55
tiresias 55 9 meses atrás
Thank you for explaining the scene. I didn't understand it when I watched the movie, saving the basic principal. So am happy to receive this drilled down analysis. Bravo. Well presented and very enthusiastically presented.
CyberFrog 2 meses atrás
If you enjoy the Liar's Dice mechanic the mini-board game "Cousin's War" (set during the English War of the Roses) uses a simplifed version of Liar's Dice to resolve combat. A neat way of resolving conflict without the usual "we both roll and the person who rolls highest wins."
milo thatch is my spirit animal
I have always understood what was happening in this game JUST enough to sort of half-explain it to everyone else around me (who never understand it at ALL). I'm so happy that now I *really* understand it!
Tim the Enchanter
Tim the Enchanter 10 meses atrás
We used to play this game with the serial numbers on dollar bills when I was a kid. We called it Liar's Poker, and you had to watch out for guys who would hold onto a bill with an unusual number of a certain digit, kept specifically in order to have an edge in the game. Liar's Dice seems marginally more random ... but it's the same game.
Jose Silva
Jose Silva Mês atrás
Actually the longer scene will make this particular scene more deep. It the longer scene Will challenge Davy Jones and bet is own freedom against his father freedom and actually won. So at this point his father is free and Jones is leaving sarcastically applauding Will. And Will challenge Jones again and Jones reply "you can't best the Devil twice, Son." At this point Will starts taunting Jones saying "then why walking away?" and before asking for the key taunts Jones even more by saying "what was it you said about that is dearest to a man's heart?". So not only Will persuade Jones for a new game just to find out were the key was, his father is actually free from the Dutchman when he cast the dice. Plus the back and forth conversation between Jones and Will and absolute gold.
William Goyette
William Goyette 2 anos atrás
You say the odds on the dice rolling all ones is preposterous, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled all ones on saves in warhammer.
Iron Captain Urrien Pelles
I once rolled three sixes against a ap 3 weapon
Lord Tallon
Lord Tallon Anos atrás
Feel’s bad man.
BillyViBritannia Anos atrás
​@Friendly Fire Gaming If you're implying you did this on a single roll of 36 6-sided dice you're a liar and you will spend an eternity on this ship.
Panhandler's Paradise
D&D here, but yes, I understand the concept. In reverse, every time a DM says, "I trust you, and I'll just change the game if you fudge your ability rolls," I insist they or another player watches. I know good and well the one time nobody watches my rolls is when I get six 18's for ability scores. I haven't had all 18's yet, but last time the DM "trusted" me not to cheat, fortunately I had two other players watching. Literally scored: 18/18/17/17/16/15. Nobody would have believed it if I didn't have witnesses. But here's the kicker. Those scores aren't as much fun as they sound. I just want to play a shitty wizard (or perhaps a scout-ey rogue/ranger type) who does cool stuff during the roleplay portion of the game and steps outside for a cig break during melee. Those scores obligate you to play either a tank or damage dealer integral to everything the party does.
gulden Anos atrás
@LordVader1094 you do realise you dont have to play the lottery to know the odds of winning it right? lmao
Ayla Mês atrás
I do not know how this got recommended to me...but I am glad it was. I understood the emotions and motivations of the scene just fine, but not the rules of the game. This scene is just so much more powerful to me now that I know the rules. THANK YOU!
James Labbe
James Labbe 2 meses atrás
This video is so great and well made I have to return every so often to rewatch it
BabySnowOwl Anos atrás
This is an incredible video. Would love to do an entire role-play of this game 😄 with rum of course.
Just Ancor is fine.
Thanks for not only explaining the game, but also mentioning there was a deleted extended scene, of which I wasn't even aware of. I watched it before your video, and I understood how the game played better than the theatrical version.
Asha Carsmith
Asha Carsmith Anos atrás
This was the most interesting video I have seen in a while. Thank you so much for finally explaining this 🙌🏼
Lex60 Anos atrás
Bootstrap has protected his son from having to serve aboard the Flying Dutchman for eternity... as a fish-man. He saved him from becoming a fish-man.
Serious Businessman
Serious Businessman 2 meses atrás
It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmen...
DandyWays OfLiving
DandyWays OfLiving 3 meses atrás
To fall.
DandyWays OfLiving
DandyWays OfLiving 3 meses atrás
@Kan Rup if u were struggling to be. And found out u were a slave waiting to get incorporated how would u feel? What if a simple game forced all that.
DandyWays OfLiving
DandyWays OfLiving 3 meses atrás
@Kan Rup I'm dandy baby ;0 . Just really connected to will's struggle. . I believe everyone is immortal. . If u really heard me ud question how far my thoughts go. . So as a stranger understand I'm being lazy to say what needs to be heard but only because I dont have a place to rise
Spartan War118
Spartan War118 7 meses atrás
@Tristan Mitchell Actually iirc, doesn't Davy only look the way he does because he had neglected his assigned job of ferrying souls?
Ray Anos atrás
I've waited a decade for someone to explain this. Also, the editing in this is everything!!! Four fours!!! 😂
Local Maple
Local Maple Anos atrás
One thing I just remembered from the official game Disney released: *Ones are wilds.* Under that rule, there were indeed 8 5s on the table. If Liar’s Dice allowed Davy Jones to accuse Will, he would have lost, meaning Bootstrap made his bid as a waste.
Jace Doran
Jace Doran Anos atrás
And this is why Dead Man’s Chest is my absolute favorite movie of all time
Blxz Anos atrás
Used to play this all the time with my grandfather. Considerably fewer tentacles involved in our games though.
jukappa 7 meses atrás
Not something I would normally notice. But I really like the background music in this. Just seems to match well with the theme of pirates and the analysis of the game.
Tycho Azrephet
Tycho Azrephet 2 anos atrás
I remember watching this movie as a kid and this scene did confuse me as to how exactly the game worked, but the performances of the actors and the emotional flow of the scene made it fascinating to me, it’s really one of if not the most memorable moment of the franchise. Glad to see a detailed and passionate analysis of it!
Aegix Drakan
Aegix Drakan Anos atrás
@Tyler W Oh gods yeah, statistics and probabilities are painful. XD
Tyler W
Tyler W Anos atrás
I still don't fully get it because I have always, always sucked at working out mathematical probability. Had to go over it 2-3 times throughout high school and college, and it just about killed my course grade every time. This video helped me understand the scene better, but the quality of the emotional beats in this scene is why it's still somewhat coherent to me and ultimately why I still love it, because the math of it all has completely flown over my head (until now after seeing this video where I at least understand the rules, if not the exact calculations and likelihood of each probability).
Team CYBR 2 anos atrás
It's a fun game, and all you need is a bunch of dice and some cups!
Angry the Clown
Angry the Clown 2 anos atrás
Hope you can play the game. It's a lot of fun even if you aren't gambling years of slavery away.
Brittlespy Anos atrás
love the will was able to constantly peer pressure Davy Jones into his traps its hard for me to explain but it just adds more to each character
DarkThomy 6 meses atrás
One of my all time favorite movie tbh ! And I never understood exactly how this game worked xD
Michael Janes
Michael Janes 10 meses atrás
That was so freakin enjoyable to watch ❤️
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