Welcome to my Office! Official SKKN BY KIM Office Tour

Kim Kardashian
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Hi Guys! Join me for an exclusive tour inside my SKKN BY KIM headquarters. You’ve been asking for this video for a long time and I am so excited to finally be able to share with you where my team and I work from.

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11 Ago 2022



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Samuel Blakeman
I’m really impressed with how everything is cohesive, the cars match the plane, the plane interior looks like her house, her house looks like the office but with a slightly more industrial vibe. So dope
lior yunfh
Kim was born to be a star. She manifested since she was a little girl. She has come so far it's impressive and inspirational.
Grammy Yelog
Kim is really killing the game in the most relaxing manner. happy for her.
Zach Hall
Zach Hall 2 horas atrás
Hope you’re okay shit be getting real just remember I won’t let anything happen to you. Keep going xo
everything is absolutely pristine and stunning 🤩
Abdul Dan
To whoever is reading this keep going, you're doing fine! No matter how slow your progress, each new week is filled with tiny steps forward. Be proud of yourself you got this.
Lori Parent
The new Kim is EVERYTHING!! She seems so relaxed and not so "stressed and anxious" (if those are the right words) anymore. I LOL when she got so excited walking into the room and telling the person to STAY THERE and watch this and the automatic lights came on and she got so excited. I walk into a public bathroom that hasn't been used in awhile and that happens 🤣🤣.
Kim is on a whole different level. Her accomplishments scream “FUCK YOU” to all her doubters, well deserved!
Zaryea Khan
She always knew who she was meant to be and that it was always going to be her. That is how you move in life to succeed. Walk and talk like you know who you are even before people act like they don’t see it. I can’t wait to step into my power like this it’s really dope.
I love how she lets her employees work from home on Fridays. What a great boss!
kim should come out with a lifestyle show and talks about furniture and interior designs where she can feature professionals she worked with, explore different vibes and stuff. she seems really passionate about designs i notice. i would watch that show. also, she looks great with this hair!
Tim Berland
Tim Berland 7 horas atrás
I love how Kim acknowledges how absurd yet amazing the architecture is. Who wouldn’t put automatic sensor lights and a huge amphitheater if you could? I like how much she enjoys talking about the design process and is actually engaged with said process, it all looks stunning.
Kyle Braylen
The neutral aesthetics is just on another level
Rudina Lumi
i love how she gives credit to the designers. kylie didn’t mention anyone, she just said it was all her ideas
Kristin Lynn
God I remember when she said she was told she’d NEVER be on the cover of a reputable magazine …. Fast forward 17/18 years and she’s been on HUNDREDS!! And just done SO much! Incredible! Good for her!!
Mari Carnelli
I usually am not a fan of the whole extra minimalistic aesthetic, but this does look really soothing and like a place to relax in, love it.
Austin Cherry
Love the new Kim so bright, sophisticated, fun and more relaxed. The Kardjenner's offices are always like home.
Dr. Alvin L. Ward II
This honestly made me want to cry. I’ve been a Kim fan for so long and seeing how far she’s come is such an inspiration and it just shows that you should never ever give up. Keep going. Your day will come.
Christian Martinez
Kim you're just like your dad. You're so smart and took all the good things from him. I can't get enough of watching you and being amazed at all your success you deserve it
I love that after all the money and fame, even tho they show off the nice things, they’re very humble and proud because they know they worked for it. You have to respect that whether you like them or not.
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