We Wore School Uniforms For A Week

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"I'm a cartoon character now...I wear the same thing everyday"
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27 Set 2017



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Comentários 9 532
olivia grace
olivia grace Dia atrás
The high school drama comes through
Rachelle Gadd
Rachelle Gadd 2 dias atrás
My school uniform looked much better
Gabby Gacha
Gabby Gacha 7 dias atrás
Her old uniform is a lot worse than mine
-Daniela- 8 dias atrás
I actually wish my school had uniforms since a lot of people at my school are assholes since they have new outfits every day and don't repeat one, ITS NOT EVEN A RICH SCHOOL.
Miss M
Miss M 8 dias atrás
I don't have a uniform but I have a dresscode
Annelise Errico
Annelise Errico 10 dias atrás
I had a sort of Uniform, navy or white shirt with jeans or leggings and a skirt. No patterns or images.
soo_satisfying_ squishy !!!
I wear a big uniform 😥
Potahto Queso
Potahto Queso 13 dias atrás
St4r RPG
St4r RPG 13 dias atrás
I honestly love my uniform, it’s a really pretty green colour
Anastacia Thompson
Anastacia Thompson 15 dias atrás
I'm super late but like I'm Australian and although we had uniforms, I went to public school so they were more relaxed. It didn't stop them from making us wear weirdly coloured polo shirts or to critisize our pants/ shoes but still. At points I would have killed for a more 'proper' uniform tho, a button down shirt with a tie and skirt would have been so cute compared to polo shirts
Lihle Mnguni
Lihle Mnguni 17 dias atrás
Yeah you'd obviously put South Africa in the countries that wear uniforms cause I don't know a single school that wears clothes here,very boring
Unicorns Are so magical
I actually wear uniforms I HATE it
Sydney Ellis
Sydney Ellis 20 dias atrás
My school has to wear uniforms and if I am thinking correctly that all the schools in Louisiana (the state I live in) have to wear uniforms and it is so annoying. I had to wear uniforms in Pre-K and I will have to wear uniforms until I finish school I am only in 6th grade but I am supposed to be in 8th grade bc in 3rd and 4th grade the teachers WOULD NOT help me with the things I needed help with then my mom and dad got tired of the teachers not helping me with the things I needed so they home schooled me and then the teachers still would not help me in home school (bc it was vitral school bc my mom and dad had to go to work) so my mom and dad but me back in public school and by that time I was in 5th grade (the elementary school is Pre-K to 4th grade) (high school is 5th grade up to 12th grade) so 2 different schools. At the high school I was getting the help I need and this year I LOVE my teachers they are giving me the help I need and it makes me happy but we all have that one teacher that had your sibling and hated them and they found out you are related to them and they don't like you for the rest of the year.
Kearsten Dennis
Kearsten Dennis 21 dia atrás
Jazz seems like she was bad in school
Jé-naine Meyer
Jé-naine Meyer 23 dias atrás
In South Africa all schools have uniforms. Personally I prefer uniforms even at work because it's one less thing to worry about everyday but also you get to save your clothes. You get to dress up on weekends and look different. But going back to school uniforms, I was once told that uniforms were implemented so that everyone looks alike and you won't be able to tell a child's social economic status. So a child who comes from a less fortunate home won't feel less than or get bullied by their classmates because they don't have fancy or expensive clothes. Which to me makes sense because when you watch American TV shows you see the "poor" child getting bullied by rich children
Dziana Savenia
Dziana Savenia 23 dias atrás
I used to live in belarus there was no specific uniform but u had to wear like office clothes pants skirts blouses jackets and it had to be black , gray,and white colors
Alex McD
Alex McD 24 dias atrás
No way. People only stopped asking what school I went to in the last couple years.
family laineeuden
family laineeuden 27 dias atrás
Mounjidah Abdullah
Mounjidah Abdullah 28 dias atrás
You guys are lucky my school uniform i green
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson 28 dias atrás
Omg people that's the point of this!! Just follow the rules!!!!!!
Shocking Pony
Shocking Pony 28 dias atrás
In my school the skirt MUST be below the knee. We are not allowed to even roll up our PE pants and in the Philippines it’s so hot. We can’t wear make-up.
Caitlin Elizabeth
Caitlin Elizabeth Mês atrás
No blazers so seems pretty chill tbh we weren’t allowed to take our blazers off till a teacher decided and sent an email out 😒
Alexis Hope
Alexis Hope Mês atrás
In my school we have to wear ties jumpers and blazers also only black coats and shoes. Plus skirts to our knees
Ihatemyselfmorethenyouhateme Heh
Cissy is so short its cute
Chiharu Mukae
Chiharu Mukae Mês atrás
the only fricking thing i hate about japanese school uniforms..... (they are so fricking short the shirts are the problem mostly ive been wearing japanese school uniforms for 12 years and they are literally killing my legs! its bad to wear japanese uniforms when you are on your period and you dont have a pad.... like that sucks so bad it was a bloody nightmare for me when i experience it
Midnight Skylar
Midnight Skylar Mês atrás
In my old school where I came from I had to wear a SKIRT *cough* my worst nightmare *cough* Now I’m in another country that has pants as uniforms so I’m cool as long as I don’t wear a skirt
美魔Angel Mês atrás
I have school uniforms and I hate it not only that but I live in a country that basically doesn’t allow me to wear what I want
Isla_ Gacha
Isla_ Gacha Mês atrás
My uniform has a tartan skirt ,blouse, tie, cardigan, knee high socks and I wear doc martians.
I actually love my uniform! I feel like it makes everyone so together. It feels really nice to all look together and nice :)
Abigail Maldonado
Abigail Maldonado Mês atrás
I live in America and I have to wear a uniform at school. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.🥋
•kenney• Mês atrás
Bro y’all have to wear it for a week I am in 7th grade and have been wearing uniform for 8 years
사유리Sayuri Mês atrás
I sometimes like my school uniform but Sometimes I wonder how would it be if we didn’t wear Uniforms in our school would I be popular? Or Just have to pick clothes everyday and worry what to wear ;-;
Georgina Xox
Georgina Xox Mês atrás
I’ve been wearing uniforms for the past 10 years 😂
Keith McComb
Keith McComb Mês atrás
I hate school uniform. It is not comfortable
Nicholas Jarad
Nicholas Jarad Mês atrás
I want my school to have a uniform
Princess Kicki
Princess Kicki Mês atrás
*sigh* I’m 21 years old... and I wear uniform. I just like it, makes me feel good and organized. 💗 I went to a charter school and so I’m use to it but it’s different, there’s no rules so I can do whatever I want to my outfit but yes, I wear uniform...even as a college student
MïSHA N D Mês atrás
Okay they wouldn't last a minute with my uniform but I gotta appreciate that they wore those uniforms even tho they aren't used to wearing one lol
sαtαnsslut Mês atrás
Once you get the hang of uniform it doesn't take as long as before to put on :/
Anna Marie DiBona
Anna Marie DiBona Mês atrás
I go to school with a uniform and it’s not that big a deal......
taekook's crib
taekook's crib Mês atrás
My school uniform doesn't bother me cuz it's only navy blue and white so it's not that bold...idk it's probably because i've been wearing a school uniform for more than 10 years now
Eva French
Eva French Mês atrás
I’m British too
Theresa Barragan
Theresa Barragan Mês atrás
I used uniformes frome 1 to 3 grade of elementary school cuz in kinder i didnt have to us a uniform and now im home Schooled so my pj and my normal cloth are my uniform. Lol i love my life!!!!🤗☺😊
uh Mês atrás
I feel like Jazz shouldn’t be in this video. Jazz: *breaks all the rules* Lindsay and Cissy: Rolls up skirt so it can actually fit. Jazz: “tHeRe BrEaKiNg A rUlE” 😂
Sss Buckner
Sss Buckner Mês atrás
Jazz is rlly rude in this, like omg
Sss Buckner
Sss Buckner Mês atrás
Jazz: is wearing dark black lipstick Also Jazz: tHiS iS mY nUdE 🤪
Miss Galaxy
Miss Galaxy Mês atrás
The reason why schools have school uniform is so that everyone is equal, if we all wore different clothes someone might be wearing Gucci and then some one else might be wearing a hand-me-down, so if everyone is wearing the same thing, it doesn't matter if your rich or can't afford amazing designer clothes, everyone is equal and no-one can get teased for wearing old scruffy clothes. Btw you guys wore a school uniform for a week and I've had to wear one for 6 years! Plus now it's gonna be 6 MORE years now that I'm going into high school, plus we have to have a LONG sleeved jumper and a blazer over it, plus we have to wear trousers/pants and if you want to wear a skirt you have to have tights on, soooooo... If you bothered to read all of that, thank you 😁😄 Hit this button to make 1 more person read this and understand the point of school uniforms 👇
k k
k k Mês atrás
0:27 lmao in my school (spain) it doesn't even have a dress code
Naomi Lam
Naomi Lam Mês atrás
Budgies sound like Australia maybe your parents are from Australia but you would if you were born in London
The smile face
The smile face Mês atrás
I don’t wear a uniform SO HA
Rianna West
Rianna West Mês atrás
My uniform used to black. That would be the best colour. Then just before I came they change it to grey and purple.
Mysticlover Fairy
Mysticlover Fairy Mês atrás
The one girl rolled up her skirt because it didn’t fit, not sure that should count.
Mysticlover Fairy
Mysticlover Fairy Mês atrás
I wanted to wear a uniform,but while we went to a private school there were no uniforms,then I was homeschooled
Sarah Cleary
Sarah Cleary Mês atrás
My school is fine with uniform rules like you can hike ur skirt up and even wear loads of makeup but just don’t take ur blazer off around the halls that’s it
Tanya Arora
Tanya Arora Mês atrás
I’ve worn school uniform for twelve years you just have to adjust it to your style like rolling up your skirt
trouten xo
trouten xo Mês atrás
This is how many people wear/wore uniform 👇🏼
Sarinam Milano
Sarinam Milano Mês atrás
Them: complaining about wearing uniforms for one week Me: wore uniforms for my 12 year life
Jess w
Jess w Mês atrás
Jaz is being offensive to people that roll up there skirts saying if you break 1 rule you break them all sometimes they dont fit. Jaz can yake her bad attitude somewhere else.
McKenna Thiessen
McKenna Thiessen Mês atrás
The uniforms are nicer than mine are. And probably not as hot.
Yara Ramy
Yara Ramy Mês atrás
At least the uniforms they wore are better than mine
msceblson Mês atrás
Lol at 5:44 the girl on the left in the backroud is just smiling lol
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