We Wore School Uniforms For A Week

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"I'm a cartoon character now...I wear the same thing everyday"
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27 Set 2017



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Comentários 9 724
Una Greene
Una Greene Dia atrás
ireland were them aswel
Kushal M.D.
Kushal M.D. 5 dias atrás
When I was studying in an all girls school my uniform was sooo cool like no ties no long socks(only ankle socks) no belts only a sky blue top and and a dark blue skirt (the shirt had to be tucked in but not too much) and just a simple ID(identity card) and as for the hair just 2 braids with blue ribbons if its longer than the shoulder level and black shoes and the sports uniform was even cooler but now I am studying in a co- education school and i should wear a black and white chudidaar(an indian it) with long BLACK socks like we weren't sweating enough already and white vale(Google it) I mean seriously I hate, hate this uniform but I still respect the rules and the reason behind wearing uniforms so I kinda dont mind wearing it now and yes I am indian
Cynthia Benzz
Cynthia Benzz 6 dias atrás
I wore uniforms when I was in elementary school but I stopped in 4th and 5th grade and I still don’t cause my middle school doesn’t have a uniform
Jasmine Daniel
Jasmine Daniel 6 dias atrás
Cissy- the smart student Lindsay- the mean girl student Jazz- the badass student
Alexander S
Alexander S 6 dias atrás
I see jorran fisher i think
Rocket Dart Wars
Rocket Dart Wars 7 dias atrás
You have been wearing uniforms for a week I have been wearing them since preschool and I’m in high school
Lucy Cardwell
Lucy Cardwell 7 dias atrás
At least when you have to wear uniforms you don't have to worry as much about people making fun of your style as they're wearing the exact same thing! Pobably the worst thing about wearing school uniform is how uncomfortable they are.
Gamingmax 2011
Gamingmax 2011 7 dias atrás
We get detention when we dont wear uniform at philipines
adnaP Panda
adnaP Panda 9 dias atrás
Wanna see the school uniform I have to put up with
Evelyn Moonlight
Evelyn Moonlight 9 dias atrás
My school uniform is actually really cute
sammysam sams
sammysam sams 11 dias atrás
Omg long hair Lindsay
BerriesAndBooks 12 dias atrás
Ok, so up until 14 I didn’t have to wear a uniform but two weeks after my birthday I had to wear a stupid skirt and a stupid blazer
Kitten Nel
Kitten Nel 12 dias atrás
I like uniforms like the senior shirts
Cherry Heart
Cherry Heart 14 dias atrás
In the winter, my mom went to a uniform school and she was not allowed to put pants on unless in was -0 degrees. It was always 5 DEGREES!! luckily the teachers allowed if it was below freezing they can wear leggings.
i dont need you or this town
I feel like Lindsay should get a pass for rolling her skirt. My weight fluctuated in high school and rolling my kilt was the only way to make it fit. Kilts are damn expensive lol
Haleema Syed
Haleema Syed 17 dias atrás
My uniform is white dress with a slit with the baggie Pakistani pants and a blue sash with a sleeveless gray sweater and padded blue coat
Babygirl 41 babygirl 41
I had and still wear uniform only a shirt you could top it of with long Jean's and skirts
Nixiienixroy 20 dias atrás
The people that grew up with them are most of the time fine with them
Jocelyn Drawdy
Jocelyn Drawdy 22 dias atrás
I used to wear uniforms but then I moved.
i luv hoseok
i luv hoseok 23 dias atrás
i’ve always wanted to wear uniforms🤧
err0r pr0ject f4ilur3
err0r pr0ject f4ilur3 23 dias atrás
Layla _Cookie Playz
Layla _Cookie Playz 23 dias atrás
I would do the same thing as Jazz because it isn’t actually school 😂😂🤣🤣
Shana Barksdale
Shana Barksdale 23 dias atrás
I don't were uniforms cause I did so good on the state test
Sister Oreo
Sister Oreo 24 dias atrás
These rules and her British accent just reminds me if the rules at me British school
elsie rose
elsie rose 25 dias atrás
they need to stop jazz trying these challenges, she just never tries!
Why you wanting to know my name huh?
I feel like everyone hates their uniform or dress code, but low-key my school doesn’t care as long as we have blazers and black shoes on.
huba duba Bradley
huba duba Bradley 25 dias atrás
in America there's many schools that have uniforms every school I went to besides elementary School I have to wear uniform
Jess Moore
Jess Moore 26 dias atrás
I’m sorry but I go to a school with uniform and it is not this bad 😂
lunar glitch
lunar glitch 28 dias atrás
At my school if our shirts aren't tucked in we get detention
Empress Simmz
Empress Simmz Mês atrás
Your lucky you didn't wear a blazer
Tik Tok Tea
Tik Tok Tea Mês atrás
The problem with school uniforms are that it's so expensive
Karen Mês atrás
Pretty much every Australian school (even public schools) wear uniforms, some are more strict then others and some uniforms are MUCH worse than the ones they were wearing......also in primary school I got a strike because I didn’t wear a bottle green coloured ribbon....and my summer uniform (yes we had summer and winter uniforms in QUEENSLAND) was a bright fluorescent green coloured dress....
I think the same thing as chloe I’m American but I have to wear uniform but in all the movies almost every time there not wearing uniform
ASMR Pineapple
ASMR Pineapple Mês atrás
When everyone in the school is wearing the same as you you don’t fell insecure
Scorpi Mês atrás
she looks like "Ms Macatangay"
Connie Harston
Connie Harston Mês atrás
Jazz : I didn’t we’re any school uniforms Me:* watching the video in my uniform
stella salty
stella salty Mês atrás
To be honest school uniforms are so useful because you never have to pick out an outfit and you save a lot of money on clothes.
tanny donuts
tanny donuts Mês atrás
In my school us girls just roll up our skirts 😂
Ingrid Rodriguez
Ingrid Rodriguez Mês atrás
They reminded me of RDB (Rebelde) a Spanish teen novela
iRain -VGR-
iRain -VGR- Mês atrás
I really liked the uniforms! Other than the skirt, I would totally wear this just for, like, whenever.
Conor Kenny
Conor Kenny Mês atrás
I wear uniforms and i hate them
Jahnavee Palsodkar
Jahnavee Palsodkar Mês atrás
My school required us to wear uniforms only twice a week. All the other days we could dress as we wanted to. I think that this was the best policy when it comes to uniforms. Also the uniforms were very comfortable and they were cotton.
Bag_of_Shit Mês atrás
Can I tuck my vest under my skirt
paola salazar
paola salazar Mês atrás
I were uniform in school but i were jumper 5th graders and up were skirt
Lauren Bailey
Lauren Bailey Mês atrás
We have dress codes for our uniform and looks. Rules: -skirts must be no more then 10cm above the knee -no makeup -no nail polish -no long nails -no jewellery unless it’s single studs -tights must be completely black and you mustn’t see any skin through them - ties must be down to your belly button -no rolling up skirt or else you get given a long one - no unusual hair styles -tucked in shirts -no unusual hair colours -no “out there” hair accessories -top button must be done up. We have different rules for gym clothes and footwear Most of these rules don’t apply to the boys though. My school is tough
Bella4851 :
Bella4851 : Mês atrás
I have always had to wear a uniform and I love it, I have never broken the dress code. #GoodStudent
Rebecca Penny
Rebecca Penny Mês atrás
did lindsay say that it looks like there in gryfinndor
Tzuyu suga kookies
Tzuyu suga kookies Mês atrás
Cissy: You are such a snitch Also Cissy: well Lindsay is still wearing her lip and jaazz... 🤣🤣🤣
Amit Davis
Amit Davis Mês atrás
"I feel like you you can't be taken seriously with this." maybe that's why they have uniforms?
Miles Blundell
Miles Blundell Mês atrás
I’m Australian and I wear uniforms and theirs stricked rules, Rules: Black leather shoes White socks Skirt to knees or below No shorts unless pe No rolling up skirt That’s it I think lmao And it’s a horrible uniform
Makaylah de jonge
Makaylah de jonge Mês atrás
I wear uniforms here’s my stories Not me but a friend .yr12 never had detentions ,school comes out at 3:15 it was 4:00 she was walking near the gate without a hat got a detention in ur 12 because she was in uniform and near the school without a hat on For graduation all girls got nails done day after grad nails were still on and u cannt have colours nails so the teachers watched us alll at lunch made us RIPP OUR ACRYLIC NAILS OFF and then made us pray THE SCHOOL PRAYER FOR 45 minutes We had a mufti Dress day for end of year fun day but even with mufti there were dress codes a i wore a black shirt with a little cropped lenth and was made sit in the office and miss out on every thing until my mum could give me another shirt Like and sub if u want more
Just Ava
Just Ava Mês atrás
I have a school uniform. White shirt, tie, jumper, blazer, trouser/skirt, tights/socks, black shoes. We also have not piercings besides 1 stud in the ear, 1 ring, no bracelets, no necklaces (unless you hide it), minimal makeup (none for year 7 which is 11-12), no phones in school, no coats on indoors. So yeah. Pretty annoying.
Wolfie the Weird XXX XXX
I've been wearing uniforms for 8 years Wears school uniform for one week
Millie howie
Millie howie Mês atrás
U were urnoform for a week I were them almost 145 days a year u think it’s hard Onstly I find this so stupid
jessiethefoodlover 2007
here in Indiana we wear uniforms
Pretty pretty Princess
Welcome to school aka britinnnn
Tilly Bracewell
Tilly Bracewell Mês atrás
I’m still in school and I always roll my skirt up
Audrey McIntyre
Audrey McIntyre Mês atrás
Did y see Lindsey at 3:30 fuming her vlog thing? Watch... 3:30 3:30 3:30
Carolina Adamantopoulou
Lindsay: school uniform's are comfortable Me: How
Charley Devaynes
Charley Devaynes Mês atrás
I go to a uniform school and we’re not allowed to wear makeup or hike up our skirts and I wear loads of makeup and hike up my skirt
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