We went to an AMUSEMENT PARK made out of 50 MILLION LEGOS...

FaZe Rug
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We went to Legoland which is an amusement park made out of ONLY Legos!! We also stayed in a sick Lego hotel room!

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If you read this far down the description I love you


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17 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 8 meses atrás
like the video and I’ll take you to LEGOLAND tomorrow I promise
Damon M
Damon M Mês atrás
Billy butcher it’s not that hard to say his name thou
Billy butcher
Billy butcher Mês atrás
@Damon M faze whatever the hell his name is. "leave a like and I'll take you to legoland" a sad attempt to get likes and subscribes
Damon M
Damon M Mês atrás
Billy butcher who
Billy butcher
Billy butcher Mês atrás
What a sad attempt at getting likes
SNEAX Mês atrás
Come on 28th May 2020 to pick me up in Lamborghini so that my friends will feel jealous
Michael Vasquez
Michael Vasquez Dia atrás
Rayhan zafran mikail
i know dad
Fathiya Mohamed
Fathiya Mohamed 3 dias atrás
Faze rug you so stop saying bad words like fuck bitch Knigge ass
Fathiya Mohamed
Fathiya Mohamed 3 dias atrás
Face rug you should stop saying cursewords words
Haidan Bettmeng
Haidan Bettmeng 3 dias atrás
the cringe when he went down the little kid slide
LaithGt 500
LaithGt 500 3 dias atrás
I love you so much can you pls reply I am a big fann
Gustav Fagerstrand
Gustav Fagerstrand 3 dias atrás
Legoland is coming from denmark and Denmark made legos
Landon Poeta
Landon Poeta 3 dias atrás
go cowboys
Nate Phillips
Nate Phillips 3 dias atrás
go to wild avengers
ParkerIsNotHere 4 dias atrás
Are the fish made out of LEGO’s
Frank Tang
Frank Tang 4 dias atrás
Rug I went on that last ride 6 times by my self lol
Fishy Lover
Fishy Lover 4 dias atrás
I wish I live in san deigo u can go to LEGO land whenever u want
Eyxles_RBLX 4 dias atrás
Now rug knows how much pressure that last Lego Land coaster was when I went on it once and 4 more times because of my season pass
Ethanexposito21 Exposito
I got the same room lol what are the odds
Dylan Calangi
Dylan Calangi 5 dias atrás
Man you forgot the treasure hunt
Mindless 6 dias atrás
Yk at first i didnt fuc w noah but the more i watch... the more i start to like the guy
Flamingo Junior
Flamingo Junior 6 dias atrás
Why are you keep clowning him
Jessica Copenhaver
Jessica Copenhaver 7 dias atrás
Maddox Blaine
Maddox Blaine 7 dias atrás
I like corn better
Bloober Tuber
Bloober Tuber 7 dias atrás
Ayo out to lay low with the fuck you bitch and fucking you know
Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez 7 dias atrás
When you need a longer title
Minsu Chang
Minsu Chang 7 dias atrás
@FaZe Rug I wish I was there...
Angie Morgan
Angie Morgan 8 dias atrás
Corn beans make me fart.
Gurjit kaur
Gurjit kaur 8 dias atrás
Bro 200 thousand people going to Lego land get the tickets rug
Jalen Lee
Jalen Lee 8 dias atrás
I have been to LEGO land and it’s so fun
ItsYarianPlays Roblox
ItsYarianPlays Roblox 8 dias atrás
If he said the brownie looks like it’s from jail has he been to jail 🤔
sour puff
sour puff 9 dias atrás
I remember just going on the dragon ride over and over because that was the only thrilling ride lmao
sour puff
sour puff 9 dias atrás
I miss going to LEGO land all the time bro
Noble KnightFN
Noble KnightFN 9 dias atrás
I went there i saw u i lov you ur the best
Salvador Hernandez
Salvador Hernandez 9 dias atrás
I couldn’t go for the corona virus I really sad I really wanted to go
John leo Martínez
John leo Martínez 9 dias atrás
i stop watching and like
Uthum Weerasinghe
Uthum Weerasinghe 10 dias atrás
Dude the brownies are really brownie cake
Bears Fury Real
Bears Fury Real 11 dias atrás
I want to go there i love the LEGO land we have that looks so fun and cool! I love you faze rug! I like how in the Lamborghini huracon you can’t turn off the rc. I also love the hotel I wanna stay there once in my lifetime. Lol faze rug sounds like a little girl screaming.
Kaylie Shepperd
Kaylie Shepperd 12 dias atrás
i like corn better
Crusty Garnish Gaming
Crusty Garnish Gaming 13 dias atrás
hoodie dummo
hoodie dummo 14 dias atrás
think the park foods good try the hotel buffet😂
Gabriel D'Amours
Gabriel D'Amours 14 dias atrás
When I was a little kid I remember asking my dad at LEGOland if they served LEGO to eat because it’s LEGO land
Xzaviar1738 15 dias atrás
Ive been tp legoland its rlly fun 10/10 recommended
Matilda’s World
Matilda’s World 18 dias atrás
Joseph Alfaro
Joseph Alfaro 18 dias atrás
SatisfactionInAction 18 dias atrás
If you're watching this in 2020, I love you.
Random Things
Random Things 18 dias atrás
omg, he ate Legoland how is it still there? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chloe Browning
Chloe Browning 18 dias atrás
Will You Now
chris a goat subscribe
chris a goat subscribe 18 dias atrás
Rug goes on rides that are not even scary and he's like " OMG that was actually scary"
Cmoney 22
Cmoney 22 19 dias atrás
2020 gang
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 19 dias atrás
The Lego Land hotel room for ONE day is $2000? That honestly seems like the biggest waste of money.
Please Subscribe god bless
You do giveaways on instagram but some of us don’t have instagram
Please Subscribe god bless
I like all your videos before I watch them
Branden Laird
Branden Laird 21 dia atrás
Worst video ever
M1ni 21 dia atrás
Legoland is from Denmark and im from denmark and btw love ur vids
gamer 511
gamer 511 22 dias atrás
Rezify YT
Rezify YT 22 dias atrás
“It doesn’t have a heart? So it’s not living” LMAO 🤣
Mighty M
Mighty M 23 dias atrás
Love the vids
Ollie Says hi
Ollie Says hi 23 dias atrás
I’ve been Lego land 5 times in England
ElConejoChing0n 24 dias atrás
Jayson Vargas
Jayson Vargas 24 dias atrás
Way more than 50 million
Ieatcakeeverydaybecause Somewherethereisabirthday
The official Lego land is in Birmingham. It’s been there the longest and was there first.
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez 25 dias atrás
I love your vids and I like all your vids and all my family like tour vids and your my favorite BRvid
Luis Navarro
Luis Navarro 27 dias atrás
I used to like ninjago and i still kinda do and I wish I had a room like that one
F a l l i n g
F a l l i n g 27 dias atrás
When he said special guest, i knew it was Anthony
7t4kr 27 dias atrás
Fun fact, Lego is latin for play good and legoland started being a thing in denmark in 1968? Like if you didn't know that :)
Mikke_13 28 dias atrás
13:01 *Absolute legend*
Mikke_13 28 dias atrás
Finally someting to watch during quarantine
Bubbly Bubbles
Bubbly Bubbles 28 dias atrás
In Faze Rug Comment He lied!
Delbert Tube
Delbert Tube 28 dias atrás
The only legoland i've been to was legoland malaysia
zayia laplante
zayia laplante 28 dias atrás
Brandon Vlogs
Brandon Vlogs 29 dias atrás
I like beans more
Aiden jasso Wolf
Aiden jasso Wolf Mês atrás
You went to the same LEGO land as me
YoKarro Mês atrás
They got a ninjago room
Ana Cardiel estrada
That must have been fun
CL1X_ EXPERT Mês atrás
8:28 anthony's laugh
GachaLife Noob
GachaLife Noob Mês atrás
i did not like
MFrosty Mês atrás
It is original from denmark
vvyretti Mês atrás
*Still gets 200K likes anyways*
EL1TE_ Mês atrás
I went to a HOUSE made out of cement
It’s Jake
It’s Jake Mês atrás
Who’s watching this during the pewdemic
Nash T. Harwood
Nash T. Harwood Mês atrás
You call those scary roller coasters😅
Gaming Fan
Gaming Fan Mês atrás
I almost drowned in the lazy river at LegoLand and it was 3 ft tall, i could literally just stand up 😂😂😂
jp Paulusma
jp Paulusma Mês atrás
I want to see my life for Mustang
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