We Went Back To School...

Tom Simons
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We pretend to be back in School. It was incredible.
another vlog next week!

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10 Ago 2022



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Comentários 11 963
As an American it was really mind-opening to participate in this 100% accurate recreation of the British school system
Dr. Pepper
Charlie : The Bullied Quiet Kid Who Snapped
Arrow Head Cosplay
I love that once Wilbur said he was 25, James just started flirting with him throughout the whole video and Wilbur was TERRIFIED
Rose Lalonde
Wil and James always have the best comedy together, I absolutely love "I don't think this is in the Bible" "No it's not, it's in a bloody cup".
Wilbur's face when James slapped him was comical. He was so shocked. I feel like he was having flashbacks to his school days.
Gan-e Sapi
I love how Wilbur is flipping desks over while Tommy is eating paint
Wilbur being the sheltered Christian kid was way too relatable and Charlie going from the hated student to the favorite was a plot twist I wasn’t expecting
Rxnboo Live
Amo DelBello
Charlie: The hated to favorite student
Banana Brains
The way Wilbur just fell over after picking up his beaker. I’m still dying.
Devon S.
Wilbur destroying Charlie’s CD with a hammer was so subtly hilarious
Ranboo and bill are just prime examples of how the kids in the back get away with everything 😂
PicklGum Productions
i love how charlie went through an entire character arc over the course of one recess
Ivey Eatherton
Wilber falling was probably the funniest thing to me. I couldn’t stop laughing
maisey ashby
Tommy is the type of guy to find paint and ask “Is Anyone Gonna Eat That?” And not wait for an answer.
Man Hap
Man Hap 21 dia atrás
The most accurate part of this video was when Freddy was smelling his, offered it to Wilbur, and as soon as Wilbur reacted negatively everyone else was clamoring to sniff it as well. The amount of times someone is repulsed by something and then the rest of the class either gathers to look, smell, taste, or touch it, is astounding. Genuinely made me remember times this has happened anytime from elementary school up to highschool. The human condition.
World Of Hunter 1
World Of Hunter 1 14 dias atrás
Bro I cant get enough of James's attempted recreation of a strict teacher. He tries to be strict and hard on the students, but really it's pure improv-comedy.
Ranboo and Bill are just an example of how kids at the back of the class get away with everything
I love that Wilbur is the "overly Christian kid" stereotype because it's really funny like the "you said not to bring religion into this!?" And getting really mad when anybody says anything other wise but also being wierd ASF. Like the "homeschooled till highschool kid" 😭 also the bit about the bike shed is deadass cursed yet made me unable to breathe from laughing
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