We've Fallen Down the Vtuber Rabbit Hole | Trash Taste #18

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2 Out 2020



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Comentários 100
Zex Grayson
Zex Grayson 10 horas atrás
Connor is now the eye of the V-tuber storm
Logan Seydel
Logan Seydel 19 horas atrás
I didn't come for people to talk about Avatar, but damn that hit a sweet spot.
legendarysaga 66
legendarysaga 66 2 dias atrás
34:30 nekomata korone????? my dissapointment is immeasureable and my day is ruined
Abdullah Nurhussein
Abdullah Nurhussein 4 dias atrás
44:45 words to live by
Pvt. James Marble
Pvt. James Marble 4 dias atrás
Connor is my soul animal...
Simon Finnie
Simon Finnie 5 dias atrás
Come on guys. You literally talk about how it's bad to talk about black people like that directly after essentially doing the same thing to autistic people. That isn't ok.
ranmazoku 5 dias atrás
It makes sense now why Connar hangs out with Ollie, she can just deafen him like Tyler One.
Dhiraj KC
Dhiraj KC 6 dias atrás
Two Engineers looking at IT guy making chair. 😂😂
Arty Mesnankin
Arty Mesnankin 7 dias atrás
I've come from the future. Admiral Bahroo. We are near the endgame.
バンジョベンジ 9 dias atrás
16:28 This is why Korone really does it for me. When she breaks the 'yubi yubi piki piki piman' character, you see a crazy good person. She's so damn wholesome, even when she's angry or sad; in character or out of it.
DoubleTowel 9 dias atrás
I can't believe Connor said Lord of the Rings was a mess. He's been demoted in my eyes
Leonardo Merigliano
Leonardo Merigliano 9 dias atrás
BRvid takes 30% off superchats and memberships, and after that Hololive (Cover) takes 50% of what is left (that's what one of the English girls revealed some months ago). If you donate 100 dollars, the girls get 35$. So they earn 35% *(but we also have to consider they get a normal, decent, salary every month like a regular employee).* I dont know if I should feel happy or sad for them, but most argue that if it wasnt for Hololive itself, they would never earn as much money in the first place.
Sean Rain Huey Torrente
the subtitles are so janky man.
rAQEL's bread
rAQEL's bread 9 dias atrás
watching this on easter perfectly matches connor resurrection jokes LMAO
Aeria 10 dias atrás
So the Re:Zero talk about Echidna aged well huh
Damille C
Damille C 10 dias atrás
1:40:28 joey just keeps saying yeah idk why its funny 💀
beams098 10 dias atrás
ive re watched one piece 4 times ...
George Stathoris
George Stathoris 10 dias atrás
Now that Connor hangs out with so many VTubers this episode hits different
Stevonicus 11 dias atrás
And now Connor and ironmouse are OTP material
Alice Von Hindenburg
Alice Von Hindenburg 11 dias atrás
Well this podcast aged like a fine wine isn't it ???
Akihiko 12 dias atrás
Connor in 2020: Doesn't know what a vtuber is CANNUR in 2021: Has his own avatar, collabs with multiple vtubers and has even more reverse-simping for him
Rizky Anandita
Rizky Anandita 8 dias atrás
The 93% strike again.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 12 dias atrás
There was a reddit post giving their supachat earnings from foreigners and the % of which was their total earnings. eg. vtuber got 10000 yen from foreigners 10% of their total earnings, so thats total 100000 yen in one month ect. seeing as the supachats currency and ammount is public, it must have been an accurate reddit post. which was earnings from june or july 2020, i cant remember. With abit of maths and time i noticed the highest earner was £26,000 and lowest was £500. which is after the 30% youtube cut, and the apparently 50% split with cover corp (35% each after youtubes). you need to consider these are kinda like tips as they also apparently get a wage from cover corp.
beatmaister 12 dias atrás
grant and joy are such elitist nerdy pervs and it gets annoying always trying to grill connor on some bs waifu shit
Golden910 12 dias atrás
Soo avatar the last Airbender is the only show to break trash taste. Lol so far that show got unbelievable hype from everyone
Terrell Dean
Terrell Dean 12 dias atrás
Me still waiting for Attack on Titan to not be popular until I watch it.
The last thing you never saw
Well we know the answer to the question in the intro it's ironmouse
Sorry My Bad
Sorry My Bad 14 dias atrás
10:51 Hmmm guess you've grown.
Apophis STR
Apophis STR 14 dias atrás
It's time, all three hosts of Trash Taste should have their own avatar.
Allen Bocephus
Allen Bocephus 14 dias atrás
And now here we are... Connor is collabing with Iron mouse and various other vtubers all the time... It really is a great time to be alive :)
Eric Rasputin
Eric Rasputin 15 dias atrás
The ad reads tho ... Fucking hilarious haha
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 15 dias atrás
I myself am a person with no waifu yet regularly chills near the abyss of degeneracy. *How*.
Ani me'me
Ani me'me 16 dias atrás
5 months later connur be building his vtuber harem
ParisBtw 12 dias atrás
@Ani me'me tis a noble goal
Ani me'me
Ani me'me 12 dias atrás
@ParisBtw maybe I should train to be 93%
ParisBtw 15 dias atrás
It’s the 93%
Matilde Dias
Matilde Dias 16 dias atrás
42:22 who's gonna tell him this exists
Arcane Cyan
Arcane Cyan 16 dias atrás
I'm a proud Subaru simp.
Roland Robinson
Roland Robinson 16 dias atrás
McKenna Goetz
McKenna Goetz 19 dias atrás
Watching this episode just made me think about how big of a difference there is between men watching anime....and women watching anime...😂. I really don’t mean this as a criticism. I just think it’s interesting because my girlfriends and I love MHA and are indifferent (at best) to demon slayer. Animation and fight scenes are great, but we see them as more of a bonus, not the focal point of a show. Story and characters are the things that we look for instead. But it seems like many men prefer animation and fight scenes over that.
Dang Gaming
Dang Gaming 19 dias atrás
And now Connor had collaborated with a Vtuber several times this week alone. How the mighty have fallen.
Will 20 dias atrás
Cdawgva 5 months ago: "what's the deal with Vtubers" Cdawgva March 2021: collabing with ironmouse, Hololive Indonesia Ollie simping for Connor This is what you call anime character development arc.
Nek 2 dias atrás
We can now add Riri to the list, she plays Apex with him now.
FyreNano 2 dias atrás
I mean, Ollie does scream like tyler1
Mohammed Athallah
Mohammed Athallah 8 dias atrás
@Nek oh yeah that was cute
Nek 14 dias atrás
Don't forget Milky Queen, she be simping for cannur so hard that she has kermit the frog on standby.
Shadow12 Black
Shadow12 Black 20 dias atrás
I'm just glad that at least someone else likes Black Clover more than MHA, thank you Garnt
neutralentr0py 21 dia atrás
It’s actually crazy how Connor starts here at the top of the rabbit hole and in recent weeks how it’s become. Garnt is like the frigging prophet in this episode. Not just Connor fell into the rabbit hole but thanks to being a streamer, anituber, voice actor and I’m guessing because he is single can actually collab with vtubers like iron mouse. Watching him for instance ghost hunt on phasmopobia with his irl anime waifu just actual peak content. There was a moment where he got pro gamer on a ghost and tells mouse who is In character but genuinely scared of the ghost to get behind him full Chad anime protagonist mode. The vtuber character, the anime waifu Rp, connors’ streaming and content instincts and chat and the game come together to prove this is kind of a unique blend of content. Connor then proceeds to bait the ghost, get killed and mouse is absolutely bricking it Runs off to the ghost hunter van as chat submits a redeem to play the jojo theme to as the background music.
Kyo Sohma
Kyo Sohma 21 dia atrás
Curse them now I fell into it!!! 😂😂😂 😫 my curiosity got the best of me
rafi 21 dia atrás
i just got into this eps after connor caught simping ollie
TheRussianPrincess 22 dias atrás
See, I like the Hololive English personalities, but I cannot for the life of me watch streams. I’ve tried numerous times, and I don’t get it. I can watch long videos no problem, but streams for some reason don’t click for me.
Ulubai 23 dias atrás
vtubers are the MCU of youtube
Gareth T.
Gareth T. 23 dias atrás
lol just watching this for the 3rd time and realised Joey called Okayu, Nekomata Korone
Prince Vergil
Prince Vergil 23 dias atrás
Brooooooo eyeshield 21 what a throwback, that anime needs a reboot high key, the manga is amazinggggg
Jaz'ming Wadley
Jaz'ming Wadley 24 dias atrás
Connor is bae XD
Just a box
Just a box 24 dias atrás
Sybato 24 dias atrás
Do they not know about Echidna from Greek mythology? It's a pretty big thing, they even reference it in games like Final Fantasy.
Sybato 24 dias atrás
I've never watched the anime of My Hero Academy, but it sounds very faithful to what i've read from the manga, maybe to its detriment.
Sybato 24 dias atrás
I agree with Garnt, nothing really big happening in an anime is okay if it fits the genre, but from the sound of it that isn't right for Dorohedoro. I think you can subvert a viewer's expectations and still give a complete story.
Sybato 24 dias atrás
I know this video is old, but a lot of the Hololive talent had a channel before joining Hololive.
Yunarin Piano Studio.
Yunarin Piano Studio. 25 dias atrás
I think I've just fallen down the trash taste rabbithole...
Nizar Yusof
Nizar Yusof 27 dias atrás
Gant voice sounds like dream from dream smp
NurMars 27 dias atrás
Connor: "I hate it when people tell me yea part 4 is the best. Don't tell me what fucking part is the best!" also Connor: "How can you not think jojo part 4 was the great?!"
Cold Iron
Cold Iron 27 dias atrás
Glad eyeshield 21 got some love it’s definitely one of the best sports manga. Anime is disappointing because it ended with two arcs left. As for Panther is still was his flexibly and his “anti gravity legs” which is the fancy way of saying he can parkour down the field. Yes they talk about him being a natural sprinter because he’s black but that’s because of his coach being racist which I think got played a bit too hard but that’s what happens when the author wants to make a cartoonish bad guy.
Dragonita 87
Dragonita 87 28 dias atrás
Hey...I watch anime on Watch cartoons
Ceilyne 29 dias atrás
Watching this now during the whole GME/WSB stuff, that "Apes together strong" comment at 22:38 really hits different. :^)
BücherMeister Mês atrás
19:06 17 years old secando season to be exact
morisas Mês atrás
woow fronting best boy Zenitsu :(
Kaf ka
Kaf ka Mês atrás
Rocky De Leon
Rocky De Leon Mês atrás
Has anyone found Mudan yet?
Ayss Mês atrás
orange 1592
orange 1592 Mês atrás
stop making autism jokes. it's not funny. yall deadass just making fun of disabled people, like me, is disgusting. sincerely, an autistic person.
Fikri Haikal
Fikri Haikal Mês atrás
I think i heard this somewhere, youtube superchat in hololive BRvid takes about 30% The company take 50% The streamer take 20%
John Ross
John Ross Mês atrás
Every day, we inch closer to Summer Wars.
Jakov Popović
Jakov Popović Mês atrás
Dude Mirai Nikki is kinda "mid" but when the end hits it goes so batshit and makes it almost worth the wait.
Code Accuna
Code Accuna Mês atrás
Rem singlehandedly cured subaru's depression
Cruelty Torture
Cruelty Torture Mês atrás
Hoping to hear ironmouse, nyanners or projekt melody mentioned. They be class ^^
Madafaka Hakuna matata
Where's the PNG Mudan?! Where is it!
Dev Shinoi
Dev Shinoi Mês atrás
"You can't simp if they don't exist" *PAIN PEKO*
A Possibly Heretical Alpha Legionnaire
You understimate my power
Nani Mês atrás
who are those two girls at 6:11?
Michael Almaraz
Michael Almaraz Mês atrás
Random STUFF69
Random STUFF69 Mês atrás
Ive seen the person in the thumbnailk
Zeburus Mês atrás
Me: *Talking about how much i love watching Hololive* My friends: 34:11
plushy koo
plushy koo Mês atrás
i have a professional emotional attachment to eren jaeger
Zac Zac
Zac Zac Mês atrás
The broken gray mathematically flood because felony noticeably reduce forenenst a fresh death. festive, didactic triangle
Hi I’m Vez
Hi I’m Vez Mês atrás
1:27:39 ... Avatar the last anime
sam Lim
sam Lim Mês atrás
The question is are they in the holostars hole now
vashfire Mês atrás
Baowser Mês atrás
Little did Conner know, he would be streaming with a Vtuber. (VShojo's Ironmouse)
The last thing you never saw
They went from never speaking to each other to acting like best friends in only 3 weeks they have amazing chemistry
Cruelty Torture
Cruelty Torture Mês atrás
Ill have to look for that. Ironmouse is cool ^^
James Jiang
James Jiang Mês atrás
1:18:16 You're welcome
Cloud Mês atrás
As a manga reader of demon slayer, rushed. As a mha manga reader, it's meh. As a black clover manga reader, it's so good. I binged Avatar 5 years ago and i remember a lot about it unlike korra. Korra is pretty boring.
The_Seeker .Entity
The_Seeker .Entity Mês atrás
Garnt looking back at this now that he has a vtuber wife, lmao.
Jordan Davenport
Jordan Davenport Mês atrás
Eyeshield 21 is not alone. Even One Piece fell trap to questionable black stereotypes. Usopp literally told Luffy that his fake Afro would give him the boxing powers of a black man. Hajime no Ippo also had a similar vibe, though the coach in that said don’t be afraid of a black man just because you’ve never met one before. And that is kinda the tone of black peoples in anime. They fall into the, we dunno, vibe of culture. It’s great that they want to include, and don’t want to sugarcoat. But they do need a frame of reference to keep to American standards of racial sensitivity. That said, Panther is fucking fast dude.
BallinRiceBowl Mês atrás
Connor is about to get Ironmouse on Trash Taste somehow 😂
ANPC 5493
ANPC 5493 Mês atrás
Females not watching porn in this day and age? Who are you talking about? Nuns? Taliban wives? lol
silver grim
silver grim Mês atrás
What happend to all the guy ones🤣 guy vtubers are their to
The Mad Kitten
The Mad Kitten Mês atrás
Connor: Not really into waifu culture Also Connor: *AS A KNIGHT OF REM*
Muhamad Imam Favian
i think the female simp will be happy that they realised garnt and connor wear the sam shirt
meowbow Mês atrás
6Draconian6Wiccan6 Mês atrás
Hold up Joey is wearing a bad brains shit!? You fucking legend🖤
Vasher26 Mês atrás
1:06:53 Journey before destination.
soup time cat
soup time cat Mês atrás
1:18:18 quote this
theRAMazing Mês atrás
i wonder how many people they pull into the rabbit hole because of this podcast? i'm definitely one of people who got pulled in
Christian Kroemer
Christian Kroemer Mês atrás
Joey, I shall not stand for your slander of Heavy Object.
M.M Reactions
M.M Reactions Mês atrás
oh i am from 2012 😂 never heard of Vtuber before, now feel like I must check it out!
Lil Porky
Lil Porky Mês atrás
Is anyone going to talk about their trash MHA takes?
KingJH 0510
KingJH 0510 Mês atrás
coming back to this 5 months later to comment on the boku no hero academia part boku no hero is absolutely aiming to be the next one piece, horikoshi takes a lot of inspiration from one piece and naruto the all for one vs all might fight was very important and, needless to say, very epic. And although all might didnt actually die, 'All Might' did indeed die, with the husk that is Toshinori Yagi that remains. All Might and his One for All 'dying' was an important part that plays into the progression of the society and the main characters, as we see in the deku vs bakugou fight. All Might will die someday but that was not the time as he would come to play an important role in deku's development As for the school festival arc, I see it as an important filler arc. We see deku fighting Gentle Criminal, but what we dont see is deku protecting eri's smile. Eri would come to be an important character in the future and her development was also crucial. That along with deku's new found 'air force' And as a manga reader, yeah I will say that everything really plays into the future and has some significance. The manga is about 30% done now i believe and we still have a lot we dont know and a lot of character development to be made. Although i will not disagree that season 4 was not as hype as the other seasons mainly because of the school festival arc, but with scenes like endeavor vs high end and infinite 100% its hard to say it was anywhere near bad
MrCabbageFace Mês atrás
overhaul arc was shit. horrible pacing. flashback every episode. i thought i was watching a naruto episode.
Mogen Mês atrás
yoku wakaran
yoku wakaran Mês atrás
how is making a master/slave joke supposed to be funny
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