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im a microwave i cant drive

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15 Set 2021



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Comentários 3 851
Carla the Poet
Carla the Poet 19 minutos atrás
The titles of these videos are the only thing that pulls me in tbh
boinggers s
boinggers s 55 minutos atrás
During COVID times that drive thru is really handy 😂
Yung Sorrow
Yung Sorrow 14 horas atrás
"Do you want me to do it like we usually do it?" Well shit I hope y'all don't just show out for Gordon Ramsay to hide everything he's there to FIX 🤣😭
Kirarozu 15 horas atrás
That second guy watched too many mafia movies and clearly doesn’t understand what decade he lives in.
Allan Junior Mana
Allan Junior Mana 19 horas atrás
Jesus christ that was the biggest fucking fight I've seen on kitchen nightmare seriously. The shows supposed to be about food and all and instead they showed this fighting shit 🤦‍♂️🤣
お-「iamfroyyi 🎃
お-「iamfroyyi 🎃 20 horas atrás
“im a microwave i cant drive” -Description
GameWithAdam 20 horas atrás
Cooked with stress and a microwave. Lol but the microwave takes away the cooking part and the stress how can you still fuck that up.
Rudester 3
Rudester 3 Dia atrás
5:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy Dia atrás
No word of a lie. Dis he just call him a....... Blow job? 😂😂😂🍆
Blake Sutter
Blake Sutter Dia atrás
"I don't think he even likes the water" lmao
Tay Oh
Tay Oh Dia atrás
my guy waiting his whole life for this 2 minute explosion... nice.
zhariefamsyar mohdhafiesz
When the npc is the hidden boss fight
StarFox Dia atrás
someone give the title maker a raise
wrench175 2 dias atrás
Too the people who didn't read the description "I can't drive I'm a microwave"
Kamogelo Lehlohonolo
Kamogelo Lehlohonolo 2 dias atrás
I don't think he likes the water🤣🤣
Valcor 2 dias atrás
The girls in the drivethru being all horny over Gordon was really weird. "He smells nice" and "Hes got a really cute accent"
Valcor 2 dias atrás
"I don't don't think he likes the water" 😂😂
Valcor 2 dias atrás
The guy calling the bill collector a blowjob made me laugh so hard. What kind of an insult is a blowjob? Thats a good thing.
ETHANTZY 2 dias atrás
Fast food mean need to be fast at the same time
Sean 2 dias atrás
So you’ve never been to a steak and shake ?
Shamara B
Shamara B 2 dias atrás
At least clean the microwave 🤢
papiyankee11 2 dias atrás
"Gordon, what are you doing in the bathroom?" 🥺 "I frew up"
CdR09 2 dias atrás
Whoever runs the kitchen nightmares channel needs a raise for the title and the beautiful description of a microwave.
Chronicle Magpie
Chronicle Magpie 2 dias atrás
John B
John B 2 dias atrás
"I've never been into a sit-down restaurant with a drive through window" COVID would like to speak to you......
Pokie 2 dias atrás
Gorden opening that pack and only seeing a knife and fork is hilarious.
hollow heartache
hollow heartache 3 dias atrás
Was Fredo really gonna fight an old man and act like he's a bad ass
Jeanne Vacca
Jeanne Vacca 3 dias atrás
I love when he went in the bathroom and threw up.
Sofia Mo
Sofia Mo 3 dias atrás
Ewwww that Irish chef was all touching himself near his privates before cooking on television. Can imagine what goes on when no one is looking?
Sofia Mo
Sofia Mo 3 dias atrás
I’m so confused. He’s a bill collector and Peter is angry because he’s doing his job to collect his money? I could be wrong but is that not what they do? Or is he harassing by going to the restaurant?
Noodle Tribunal
Noodle Tribunal 3 dias atrás
never noticed this but the bill collector was the first one to try helping pete's dad up
GoldenBeastTamer7411 3 dias atrás
Been here since Day1, good stuff!
Cori Bourassa
Cori Bourassa 3 dias atrás
I don’t get the title
Clayton Reece
Clayton Reece 3 dias atrás
Yeww farknn bloww job!!! 😂😂
GeeK Batman
GeeK Batman 3 dias atrás
That knife wasn't very sharp chef. Ramsey did a better job cutting it with a table knife.
Mar Celo
Mar Celo 3 dias atrás
04:37 I like how Gordon GTFO when he realizes the pump-up mafia guy really means business threatening the collector guy... One thing trying is trying to stop a fight surrounded by a security team like at Hell's Kitchen. Other thing is be at a public place without knowing how nuts people around you are, if they are armed and you don't have anyone to watch your back...
Fyr3 3 dias atrás
"He smells really good"
Awsomegamingtube HD
Awsomegamingtube HD 3 dias atrás
Extended warranty? I call it tax payer dollar
Sure, Indubitably!
Sure, Indubitably! 4 dias atrás
Honestly, im very surprised that not one of these restaurants gave Gordon food poisoning yet
landondevine 4 dias atrás
The random roid rage guy scene was hilarious
Caleb from Blood
Caleb from Blood 4 dias atrás
I hate that this show is staged. But I still watch it
Rebecca Exantus
Rebecca Exantus 4 dias atrás
How’s the fuck is that man still alive!!!😂😭
Rebecca Exantus
Rebecca Exantus 4 dias atrás
“I don’t even think he likes the wooter” 💀😂😂
Don’t Worry about it
I’ve never heard someone call someone else a blowjob
mj 4 dias atrás
"im a microwave I can't drive" PLEASE THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF TITLE'S AND DESCRIPTIONS IS THE BEST And the thumbnail
Sarah .h
Sarah .h 4 dias atrás
5:40 The way he hit the window look so softly
"I don't even think he likes the water" is the best line in this series.
iSuRRendeReDuK 4 dias atrás
So much staged stuff on this show, Yawnnnnnnn!!!!
Joe Benz
Joe Benz 5 dias atrás
From the thumbnail i thought there were people screaming at Gordon while we was napping inside his car 😆
Nobody 5 dias atrás
That was nice of the bill collector to sign off on the show lol.
Trevor Nash
Trevor Nash 5 dias atrás
Welcome to covid 2020
cg123ize 5 dias atrás
anyone else noticed @1:58 the subtitles say "thanks daddy"
Frederick Bird
Frederick Bird 5 dias atrás
that microwave needs throwing away. good thing they weren't too lazy to grab the phone and call kitchen nightmares
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me
I love how the titles are not even about Kitchen Nightmares anymore. Edit: The man the myth the legend hearted my comment; thank you.
Gwynaeth Atwood-Pettit
I’m blown away why the people that work in the restaurant that Gordon is coming to help are shocked when he doesn’t like the food! 😳
CustomiZe 5 dias atrás
I love how Gordon wants to break up the fight but doesn't want his head smashed in the process 🤣
Trippie Redd
Trippie Redd 5 dias atrás
Whose in charge of these amazing titles
begone stink
begone stink 5 dias atrás
these titles are so corny omfg. i want to know what's going on in the video, this isnt a meme compilation
begone stink
begone stink 4 dias atrás
@Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó i don't think we're watching the same video if you think this title makes sense lmao
The bedroom
The bedroom 5 dias atrás
so she said she put all her money into the restaurant, biggest mistake ever
Sarah T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
"I don't even think he likes the water" is the best line in this series.
Joe Bleasdale
Joe Bleasdale 5 dias atrás
*This looks like a fast-food restort.*
Haha Rubzz
Haha Rubzz 5 dias atrás
I just have to give it a like
Harold Parrot
Harold Parrot 5 dias atrás
What episode is this from?
Roberto Ojeda
Roberto Ojeda 5 dias atrás
1:34 You lost the opportunity to name the video “Is it bussing jannel”
Dulce Emma
Dulce Emma 4 dias atrás
Whoever makes these titles needs a raise, they are funny af.
Ryan Susanka
Ryan Susanka 5 dias atrás
I’ve never heard someone call another person a blow job 😂
Gigi 5 dias atrás
0:35 well no wonder why people tell you more about what’s wrong with you, it’s ‘cause you’re a Karen 🤡🤣
•••[S]EX-Vlog Go to My Channel
"It's cooked with stress and a microwave" Ah, so, instant Ramen in college.
Jesus Medina
Jesus Medina 5 dias atrás
7:13, she's so funny.
SÑITZELLL 5 dias atrás
God bless the community manager
ItsJonnyM 5 dias atrás
Imagine just driving along and you see Gordon ramsay trying to stop a fight
darrenjpeters 5 dias atrás
Look at the state of that microwave. That's a disgrace, no wonder the food tastes funny. Haven't any of these people heard of cleaning?.
Moncey1 5 dias atrás
That girl was fucking IN LOVE!
In a weird way, this restaurant was totally thinking ahead to Covid times, when it would actually be quite nice to have a drive-through pickup window at your favorite restaurant....
Oscar Luff
Oscar Luff 6 dias atrás
Jesus mate, guy in the black shit had major roid rage
Reviathan 6 dias atrás
That thumbnail and title. I'm shook 😂
Szettina v
Szettina v 6 dias atrás
-this is not good *keeps eating*
Anna 20 y.o - check my vidéó
Julie: "I have put all my money into this restaurant." This restaurant: Everything cooked in a dirty microwave.
Derron Mendel
Derron Mendel 6 dias atrás
Literally first 30 seconds "It's cooked with stress and a microwave" "Get the lasagna out of the microwave!" Not me pulling my lasagna out of a microwave while watching
Gl0rge _
Gl0rge _ 6 dias atrás
he said he gonna love my food like he cooking it bro all u doing is putting it in the micro
🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With Me
“This food isn’t cooked with love” “It’s cooked with stress and microwave” College students be like
Ryan Mounce
Ryan Mounce 6 dias atrás
Bad enough to cook in microwave, but that thing was also disgusting!
Waleblur 6 dias atrás
Give the dude who titles these videos a raise
YARI 6 dias atrás
I just realized I fell into a hole of Kitchen Nightmare videos for the past hour 💀🚶🏻‍♀️
Julie: "I have put all my money into this restaurant." This restaurant: Everything cooked in a dirty microwave.
Haha yes fight
456puff 6 dias atrás
0:48 Julie t-poses to assert dominance over the stress in the kitchen.
Lori-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
"He's gonna need a spoon" "I know..." 5 minutes later "You didn't give Gordon a spoon" "YOu DidN't GivE ME a sPoOn!"
Unironic Cloud Shrug
Unironic Cloud Shrug 7 dias atrás
Ever since this mans taken over the titles he's just completely made them either memes or original jokes. Thank you Kitchen Knightmares title man.
"Do I? Do I dare?" Yeah... deliberately making a Shepard pie more foul with an unnecessary dressing, on camera, for Gordon Ramsey, just to annoy him, while he's trying to save your family's business is soooo smart.
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill 7 dias atrás
to be fair they were prepped for quarantine, kinda
Wiles Aquatics
Wiles Aquatics 7 dias atrás
You have GOT to be REAL fuckin' mad to call someone a Fockin BLOWJOB
Aenygma 7 dias atrás
Looks like she lost everything because the restaurant went out of business.
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
gordon must actually smell really good if so many people keep saying he is, god damn😩
glo-_-Rapidz 7 dias atrás
Roid rage isn’t a real thing 5:00
A non mouse
A non mouse 7 dias atrás
The inside of that microwave is revolting.
"It's cooked with stress and a microwave" Ah, so, instant Ramen in college.
Ambion Iskariot
Ambion Iskariot 7 dias atrás
During Corona a restaurant with to go window sounds like a good idea.
[L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
In editing: "We need to blur the plate number and logo of Gordon's car" "Yes" "So go blur it" *Blurs logo in shape of logo
Dooby McFoosen
Dooby McFoosen 7 dias atrás
We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty!
Vath 8 dias atrás
its a new jersey thing. you know
Becky- ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
"Do I? Do I dare?" Yeah... deliberately making a Shepard pie more foul with an unnecessary dressing, on camera, for Gordon Ramsey, just to annoy him, while he's trying to save your family's business is soooo smart.
Doctor Who Infinity
Doctor Who Infinity 8 dias atrás
Bill collectors are the worst no wonder the guy was angry
Autumn Marilyn
Autumn Marilyn 8 dias atrás
“Stress and a microwave” story of my life
Sorbet Sharkカップケーキ
Holy moly that video title name tho
ThatJoker Main
ThatJoker Main 8 dias atrás
Whoever is doing the titles, I love you.
•••[S]EX-Vlog Go to My Channel
“I don’t even think he likes the water” Not wrong
Ozzie Aye
Ozzie Aye 8 dias atrás
Stop calling me please
Jimmy Dunn
Jimmy Dunn 8 dias atrás
The “tough guy” guy could’ve did more damage. I mean he could’ve used at least 47% of that moosclay.
resinate 8 dias atrás
LOL she actually did give her the spoon XD
i love how the one kid points out the drive thru window like its the main issue with why the restaurant is failing lol
Rose 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Gordon going ‘dear oh dear’ whilst trying to break up that fight makes me laugh every time
バカ 8 dias atrás
This channel is just a meme at this point 🤣 😂
this show was great but then I thought theres too much drama like the USA EastEnders
Marc 8 dias atrás
ok ok take my subscribe at this point
Pebbles Pebbles
Pebbles Pebbles 8 dias atrás
That guy really wanted to fight an old man. Smh.
🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With Me
gordon must actually smell really good if so many people keep saying he is, god damn😩
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