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9 Ago 2018

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Comentários 2 933
Dee Palin
Dee Palin 33 minutos atrás
💯💯💯💯💯♥️ soo great
Padma Balaji
Padma Balaji 49 minutos atrás
Just shop at a zero waste store!!
Eliana Smith
Eliana Smith 2 horas atrás
That lady was such a fricking snob
Cyndi Phelps
Cyndi Phelps 6 horas atrás
2018 has turned into turtles and Fortnite...
Rhea h
Rhea h 17 horas atrás
So like...what happened to the waste produced by the baking soda box..?
Marble Garble
Marble Garble Dia atrás
Sarah looks like Rie
It’s All FAB
It’s All FAB Dia atrás
They should try zero waste chocolate chip 🍪 cookies
ainxlie Bloxburg
ainxlie Bloxburg Dia atrás
OMG 9.9 M!!!!!
[ j a i m e ]
[ j a i m e ] Dia atrás
I love the blonde womans laugh dont judge me😂😂
Benjamin Liang
Benjamin Liang Dia atrás
Those cakes tho
Yuliany Vega
Yuliany Vega Dia atrás
But Sara did make waste ( da stickers)
Khadiza Shafira
Khadiza Shafira Dia atrás
I'm here for alix
jaskd sc
jaskd sc Dia atrás
Beacony YT
Beacony YT Dia atrás
Another 50k subs then 10,000,000 Subs!!!!
Cookie123 2 dias atrás
"That's so SMART!"
Brianna 2 dias atrás
I didn’t know Sprouts allows you to bring your own containers for bulk items 😅
Venus hayah
Venus hayah 2 dias atrás
Alex is beautiful
Nuria Omer.
Nuria Omer. 2 dias atrás
"Save the turtles"
Sinnamonrollfromhell 2 dias atrás
Stop being salty guys, 😣
Nicole Rose
Nicole Rose 3 dias atrás
This is so dumb, too much work
Filip Ekdahl
Filip Ekdahl 3 dias atrás
I would like the recipe for the avocado layer cake
Noah Chi
Noah Chi 3 dias atrás
The second cake is THICC
Erick Pizzi
Erick Pizzi 3 dias atrás
“Save da turtles”
SmyPonies 4 dias atrás
I figured we could use it as napkins! Everyone: haha.... no
Rachael Jensen
Rachael Jensen 4 dias atrás
Awedome99 4 dias atrás
But they forgot something they wasted They wasted their energy by doing this.... It cannot be recycled.... Science bois and girls
• believe •
• believe • 5 dias atrás
I👏love👏 chocolate 👏👏👏👏 🍫🎂=☺️
Abby Sanborn
Abby Sanborn 5 dias atrás
Save the turtles 8:40
Whizzi -
Whizzi - 5 dias atrás
Seauouaieaux 5 dias atrás
Has noone commented on the fact that the "expert" had more waste than Alix did?
Adie Grass
Adie Grass 5 dias atrás
I'm commenting very late on this video. I just wanted to say for anyone going zero waste they have reusable piping bags made out of cloth that work really well and hold double the frosting. And they're easy to clean ☺.
lj b.
lj b. 5 dias atrás
tbh, i thought at first sara's cake would turn out to be the better one. but alex's looks so tasty bdsjzbsk
The gost in my friends house Perillo
Mom : hey honey, what are you baking? Me : some cake. Mom : what kind of cake? Me : avocado cake! Mom : who’s gonna eat it.😑 Me : you guys!😋 Mom : oh.........ok😨
melliesa robles
melliesa robles 6 dias atrás
love both of these cuties so much
Lara Konopka
Lara Konopka 6 dias atrás
The expert seemed like a bitch
Autistic-Malteser 6 dias atrás
that blondie nice and curvy, thicc, just my kinda woman
I am always checked in chess
Cute fluffy unicorn Dancing on rainbows
I like Alix’s cake but I thought Sara was Rie
Sierrah 6 dias atrás
Egg cartons are cardboard so can’t you compost them like the baking soda box?
颖澈 6 dias atrás
I have a buck barn at city it a nut store with candy and nuts and lots of bake stuff.
Peter Zingler
Peter Zingler 6 dias atrás
Oil comes in Glas bottles ...Glas is like unlimited recycle
Marsh Celyn
Marsh Celyn 6 dias atrás
Sara is like rie but rie is better
Farm Life
Farm Life 7 dias atrás
And the banana peak you can give to a pig
Weird Kidd
Weird Kidd 7 dias atrás
I felt tense watching this. Like it was secretly a competition and they were just complementing each other to hide it
Mona Vee
Mona Vee 7 dias atrás
I love Alix, I’ll watch anything that’s she’s in !!!!
Fried Cheese
Fried Cheese 7 dias atrás
Someone should count how many times she says gnash
hey__ Melissa11
hey__ Melissa11 7 dias atrás
8:30 save the turtles 🐢 😂
Marian Romero
Marian Romero 7 dias atrás
So... who won?
curse gaming 01
curse gaming 01 7 dias atrás
hey it the worth it guy $ $$ $$$ guy
Mary Kumi
Mary Kumi 8 dias atrás
Alix traeger is her BRvid channle
Kiwi Bloomer
Kiwi Bloomer 8 dias atrás
Technically people say a banana is not a waste because you can compost it. Do you not get oil in a lass bottle. Some stuff can be recycled
Kyza Willows
Kyza Willows 8 dias atrás
Erin Virginia
Erin Virginia 8 dias atrás
No oil or just want to make your recipe healthier? Substitute apple sauce. My mom always did this while growing up and now that I live on my own I continue to do this whenever I bake.
Diana Owusu
Diana Owusu 8 dias atrás
Who else thought the host was Rie _Que_
Sujan Singh
Sujan Singh 8 dias atrás
alex your voice is so soothing
Nico bish
Nico bish 8 dias atrás
Lmfao she orange y'all
Amira Yousri
Amira Yousri 9 dias atrás
The best thing about zero waste that you don't have to throw the bags of garbage out 😌
TuukiChan 9 dias atrás
or just make a normal delicious cake
Panda Time
Panda Time 9 dias atrás
Stonehenge doesn’t look like that
Silvia Halme
Silvia Halme 9 dias atrás
Lol..what about those glass bottles? They are not waste?😂
Fanni Hatházi
Fanni Hatházi 9 dias atrás
Using avocados and cashews to make 'zero waste' cake is just pure ignorance. The environmental and social costs of eating these are enormous, even worse, than using a plastic bag sometimes. If you want to promote 'zero waste' movement, do it int the right way, because it is important!
The fabsome sisters Diy channel
The voice of sara is like rie
Mrs.Savage 21 savage beast
tf is "cashew milk"
Yuliany Vega
Yuliany Vega 9 dias atrás
I love Alix!
Trashy 10 dias atrás
How does a girl live a zero waste life if she has her period every month and needs to throw away period products ... hmmmm
Trashy 10 dias atrás
tru, didn't think of that
annehr00556 10 dias atrás
Diva cup
Gabrielle Margaret Bohayo
No wonder the lady looked so familiar!!! She looks like Cane!!!
Yoncé 10 dias atrás
I’m in love with Alix’s body and face oh my god she just looks like an angel 😍
Stacey Marie
Stacey Marie 10 dias atrás
this Sara girl seems full of herself lmao jeez
Jodie Metcalfe
Jodie Metcalfe 11 dias atrás
I'm gonna watch lil pumps new song now💜
chase Parker
chase Parker 11 dias atrás
Lol when she said she was “impressed with alix’s EFFORTS” I died
Samantha Hines
Samantha Hines 11 dias atrás
Bro that blonde girl is so pretty
bunnymeow 11 dias atrás
Everytime the blonde talks, it sounds like a question even if it's not
Sharon Jose
Sharon Jose 11 dias atrás
Alex is so sweet ! Love her !
Tatum Roberts
Tatum Roberts 11 dias atrás
One time I was gonna make a layered cake and I hadn’t made enough batter for both and in the second one I forgot milk in the batter and when it was ready everyone hated it lol
That Life Of Chlo
That Life Of Chlo 11 dias atrás
Angellity YT
Angellity YT 11 dias atrás
I love chocolate shells on sweets, like strawberries, bananas(a lot of other fruit too) ice cream, cookies, cake... I really wanted a piece of Alix’s chocolate peanut butter cake
Amanda Clews
Amanda Clews 11 dias atrás
1 Cat
1 Cat 11 dias atrás
The right one won but the left has bigger tits
1 Cat
1 Cat 8 dias atrás
+philip velaitham 😂😂😂😂
philip velaitham
philip velaitham 8 dias atrás
1 Cat
1 Cat 11 dias atrás
1:00 well zero waste is wasting nothing idk 🤷‍♂️
Faith Chou
Faith Chou 11 dias atrás
While avocado skins technically are compostable they contain high levels of poison and are better off being thrown away. Sorry
Alinna For Ever
Alinna For Ever 12 dias atrás
save the turtles 🐢 😂
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki 12 dias atrás
you can eat the produce stickers so why didnt she just fucking gobble those shits up
Power of SMILE
Power of SMILE 12 dias atrás
Sara’s just trying to make the best cake, not the cake with no waste 😂😂
Nice Girl316
Nice Girl316 12 dias atrás
“Save the turtles”
xydoit 12 dias atrás
This is really waste the containers.
vermeil 12 dias atrás
u need to be so stupidly wealthy to bake cakes like this regularly lol
Loner Bookworm
Loner Bookworm 12 dias atrás
BuzzFeed / Tasty, MAKE THIS A SERIES!!!
youtube life
youtube life 12 dias atrás
Anybody else get a ad and for Broadway cakes
fruity pops
fruity pops 12 dias atrás
Alix is so relatable and funny
Audry 13 dias atrás
It's cute that you think these ingredients are "no waste", just because YOU didn't witness any waste related to your use of them.
Sayo_Heart 5 dias atrás
+Audry ....Well..Uh really had some thoughts boiling inside of you for a little while, huh?
Audry 8 dias atrás
Rachel C And, while we're on the topic, many of the actions which you might deem negative, can actually have net positive outcomes, including some things which might look negative to the individual but are actually incredibly beneficial for society as a whole. I'll demonstrate a few common places where this can happen. A big one, I feel, comes from this idea that disagreement is always bad. If history has taught us anything, it's that social discourse is the most valuable tool that society has to protect its self from threats like tyrrany, for example. Creating a public forum to voice your grievances can help those watching because now they know they arent alone, it lets the forces who be know that there is a percieved problem and gives an estimate on how many people are experiencing this problem, and most importantly, the more the individual is able to talk about an issue, the more they can learn about it and the more likely they are to be able to affect change. Some good real world examples are protesting a policy, and returning a product to a company or writing an honest, but negative review. Both of these actions hold the possibility to affect massive positive change, even if they can initially be percieved as negative initially or by the recieving party. Complaining about something to a friend is often beneficial to the complainer as it is a mehcanism by which they can directly release stress which may have built up in response to their situation and this processes can strengthen a friendship. More importantly, the complaining could teach the people who hear it a number of things. Venting may provide information about something to avoid to the listener, it could cause the listener or the complainer to do some introspection or teach the listener some humility/patience or help put the listeners problems into context. Venting is normal and healthy for individual and society. I wish that we would stop shaming people for reaching out. I could go on all day with examples but hopefully i've made a small point here for you to possibly see this through my eyes? A percieved negative is not the same as a net negative, and peoples reactory feelings are not the most important thing in this world, and thankfully, life just isn't that shallow. I'm all for positivity, where positivity is due. And furthermore, I wonder what must go through your mind, when you see me critique these two lovely ladies and ask yourself why I would bother, as you proceed to critique me. Even if you tried to do so in what you thought was a positive way, you still did exactly what I did, which was to critique the person who you felt did wrong. And I thank you for it. You've opened up a discourse and this is the first step, isn't it. May you have a happy and fruitful introspection. :)
Audry 8 dias atrás
Rachel C they are lying about what they're doing, and misleading people. Millenials have this concept that no one should say anything negative to anyone. This is how you get incredibly mislead people who no one will inform is off-track , and so they are trapped in a positive feedback loop of wrongness. You think negativity is awful? I think that an eventuality where every one around you pretends you walk on water when they actually know youre making a fool of yourself is far worse. I'd rather be right than feel right, and sometimes outside input really helps me to aim for that. Which again, you can't get if you start with the assertion that saying ANYTHING negative about others or to others is a bad thing.
Rachel C
Rachel C 9 dias atrás
Audry I get what you’re saying but I don’t get *why* you’re saying it. What’s the point of mocking them when they’re trying to be responsible consumers
Abdul Hameed
Abdul Hameed 13 dias atrás
yummy I like Alice more
Kathy Kim
Kathy Kim 13 dias atrás
idk if anybody watches this (i used to) but Alex looks like sam from mako mermaids. there both hot lmao
Smug Cat
Smug Cat 13 dias atrás
Why does Alix remind me of a cat. She’s so curious. Lol
Nina Vuletic
Nina Vuletic 13 dias atrás
"Save the turtles 🐢"
bubbleskid2887 13 dias atrás
Im just to see cake. The eating kind =_=
Lil panda Baby
Lil panda Baby 13 dias atrás
If u give me some of the extra cake NO waste yay and if u let me eat the extra no waste :)
tana 13 dias atrás
I like how one side of BuzzFeed is no waste! Yay! But the other is 100 layer ____, or giant ___
Zilik Khan
Zilik Khan 13 dias atrás
Sara and rie loooks like twins
MK_ Studios101
MK_ Studios101 13 dias atrás
Save zee turtles
Sue 13 dias atrás
I don't get why Sarah didn't get oil in a glass container instead of using the avocado. She bought the baking soda that came in a cardboard box and both come in recyclable containers. The trick is to buy the biggest you can to reduce what you have to recycle.
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