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9 Ago 2018

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Comentários 4 418
•별빛KM 14 horas atrás
GeOrGe eAmEs
GeOrGe eAmEs 21 hora atrás
0:56 look in the right corner
Areeya Intaraha
Areeya Intaraha Dia atrás
If you're still making waste why call it zero waste? Maybe like less waste?
Divya  Sharma
Divya Sharma 2 dias atrás
My thinking was same of u others Sarah was showing off a lot and made lots of waste she was like continue to do efforts and making alex feel jealous and I think Alex was thinking that how much u will do fucking bitch 😂😂😂🤣🤣 5:33
Kapping II
Kapping II 2 dias atrás
6:56 Was so awkward I kinda feel bad for Alix 😔
angel f
angel f 2 dias atrás
8:30 Alix said "Save the TURTLES" LOL
Kour FreeNN
Kour FreeNN 2 dias atrás
Damn i dont really know why but i kinda hate sarah
real one
real one 2 dias atrás
Fuck zero wast and fuck vegans let's go RED MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hashaam Qadeer
Hashaam Qadeer 2 dias atrás
alix shirt was booby her boobs were showing
Lazy Clip
Lazy Clip 3 dias atrás
Sara looked a bit like Rie from the side, so when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Rie at first. But then since I have horrible vision, that makes sense from me ;_;
Vanessa LOLplays
Vanessa LOLplays 3 dias atrás
0:56 alex is at the back looking creepily
Me 3 dias atrás
Am I the only one to hear a remix of the chicken dance
Cwazycupcake 4life
Cwazycupcake 4life 3 dias atrás
I think alix and rie are great cooks I know that’s not rie
Angelina Leung
Angelina Leung 3 dias atrás
I think Alex was a bit jelly when she said that’s so SMART in the that tone and also I think she just stole Sarah’s Ganache idea just to sound like a pro
Ms. Pajamaama
Ms. Pajamaama 4 dias atrás
Why are you guys showing so much hate to Sara? I thought that she did really good, and while she could have times her competitiveness down, she wasn't being so snotty and show off-y
Water Proof
Water Proof 4 dias atrás
Alix. .. 5×2 ......amazing
Lapis_ Playz
Lapis_ Playz 4 dias atrás
Why do I feel like they’re being passive aggressive 😂
Fusion - YT
Fusion - YT 4 dias atrás
niansillabffs 5 dias atrás
Cashew milk looks a lot like cashew water
Ellin Park
Ellin Park 5 dias atrás
amour 5 dias atrás
*feels bad when rei isnt here*
i thought that girl is rie
Present Production
Present Production 6 dias atrás
Well, this was a waste of time and money 😐
Dade gustavson
Dade gustavson 6 dias atrás
Me and you have different perspectives of what zero waste means
Abby Grace
Abby Grace 7 dias atrás
8:05..... it's very moist....she says as she chews on it
Stephania Ramos
Stephania Ramos 7 dias atrás
I feel like I just got clickbated. I thought Sarah was Rie;-;
LeJINdary Sheets
LeJINdary Sheets 7 dias atrás
videoradeon 8 dias atrás
loved the blond woman!
Xxxcameron_myers 9 dias atrás
Rie is this you daughter
Sakshi Tiwari
Sakshi Tiwari 9 dias atrás
alex definently won the challenge
Sharoti Hossain
Sharoti Hossain 10 dias atrás
your not gunna say anything about mine" yup alix hates her
Terrence L
Terrence L 11 dias atrás
doesn’t a banana have a sticker?
Nate Sushi
Nate Sushi 11 dias atrás
*i swear Sarah is like the overachiever during a project, and Alix is like trying to copy her but failed 😂*
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez 11 dias atrás
Save the turtles 🐢
VeeTeaches YouHow
VeeTeaches YouHow 11 dias atrás
isnt anyone going to talk about how nice sara's skin(face) is!!!!
Existence master
Existence master 12 dias atrás
Simona Irniger
Simona Irniger 12 dias atrás
Chocolat in a vegn cake🤔
Leen Bauer
Leen Bauer 12 dias atrás
I love how Andrew and Nikki slowly transferred from normal buzzfeed to tasty. Like a friend that comes over so often it actually starts to live there :D Love it!
J-hope's forehead
J-hope's forehead 12 dias atrás
*SAvE tHe tuRtleS*
C20 Studios
C20 Studios 12 dias atrás
Sara looks like rie
RobloxFanatic69 13 dias atrás
Get this knock off rie off my screen... Smh I don't know how to spell (ree-ayy)
Snake house RJ
Snake house RJ 13 dias atrás
Alexis has saggy boobs
Lena Heath
Lena Heath 13 dias atrás
What about the backing soda
Big Mood
Big Mood 13 dias atrás
my opinion on this video: I love Alix’s bubbly ness and I do not think Sara was a snob. She was just trying to make a good cake. Most of the “trash” they produced can be composted so don’t use that excuse on saying Sara had more trash than Alix. I loved both their cakes and really wanted to try them! Great video to make people more conscious of how much trash they produce and what can be recycled.
Chuppyabc Does Something :3
A vegan cake.... But you used chocolate. ;-;
3StarSofFilming HH
3StarSofFilming HH 14 dias atrás
The American girl just be adding unhealthy stuff and the other girll oooohhhheee she be adding healthy shit
Sendhilkumar Av
Sendhilkumar Av 14 dias atrás
Save the turtles??
Xiofo XOX
Xiofo XOX 14 dias atrás
Save the turtles? No!
Midnight flower plays YT
save the turtles
hannah the best
hannah the best 14 dias atrás
I love this blonde girl 😂😂
Zheane's Cookie
Zheane's Cookie 14 dias atrás
4:50 but you could eat it
Yazicorn Hufflepuff
Yazicorn Hufflepuff 15 dias atrás
“Tasty no waste-y”
BabyPainless DrawingWithMe
Most of our food waist goes to our chickens and the rest to the trash but we've cut down on our that so much!
Melanie Alvarez
Melanie Alvarez 15 dias atrás
I would’ve eaten the leftover chocolate on the pan happily
London Thompson
London Thompson 15 dias atrás
The way Alix looks at Rie’s cake on 5:47 is so funny I was laughing 😂 so hard like if y’all agree also follow me
dan lipo
dan lipo 15 dias atrás
This was posted on my bday
DK Batman
DK Batman 15 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsey left the chat
Hi Its me again
Hi Its me again 16 dias atrás
Wait.... the "vegan cake" Sarah made had chocolate chips which might not have been vegan
Michayla Gabay
Michayla Gabay 16 dias atrás
Sarah had the most trash. She forgot that she was trash
NicoleXLacap Vids
NicoleXLacap Vids 16 dias atrás
How about try not to use that much utensils?
Ansli Eubanks
Ansli Eubanks 17 dias atrás
Okay, no hate but she was getting way to fancy for a simple challenge.... I mean really?? The challenge was to make as little waste as possible but she was just trying to show herself off and make Alix feel bad that she was playing it safe. And In the end she ended up slipping away from the challenge and tried to be the “expert” but she pretty much failed
*insert channel name* ._.
Did anyone else think Sarah was rie
Lyna Lam
Lyna Lam 17 dias atrás
Alex is me
Lilly Wightman
Lilly Wightman 17 dias atrás
0:56 u can see her in the right corner but just a little bit lower than the right corner
AbsurdChunk 17 dias atrás
Just make a normal chocolate cake
Hannah Wilkerson
Hannah Wilkerson 17 dias atrás
I love them both! Keep us the good work! Love you
Hailey Monroe
Hailey Monroe 17 dias atrás
I know you are reading this comment. if you click on the next video, hours are gonna pass and you did not get anything done. SO, YOU BETTER NOT CLICK. TRUST ME IM SAVING YOU
joe henryson
joe henryson 18 dias atrás
joe henryson
joe henryson 18 dias atrás
Fluffy Turtle
Fluffy Turtle 18 dias atrás
8:46 Isn't the guy from lanky box?
Møíśęź Kool-aid
Møíśęź Kool-aid 18 dias atrás
I did not know Alex had big boobs
Looney 18 dias atrás
Geez tasty pls adopt me
tuuttis ;3
tuuttis ;3 18 dias atrás
Eat the waste its ediple right
MusicalTheatreFan 18 dias atrás
You really made me think Rie was in this
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 19 dias atrás
This is so cringey
E m m a
E m m a 19 dias atrás
Sara’s annoying
Corey Mothersole
Corey Mothersole 19 dias atrás
To grease your pan u should have used the banana peel as like a greasy layer
Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler 19 dias atrás
At 4:16 it kinda pissed me off
Noah Reyes
Noah Reyes 19 dias atrás
Panache Social Club
Panache Social Club 19 dias atrás
is it just me or does the thumbnail make her look like Rie
Naya Sparrow
Naya Sparrow 19 dias atrás
These cakes are me vs. my friends whenever we do anything.
Just a cup of Tae
Just a cup of Tae 19 dias atrás
*Iconic duo*
Earl Jacob Phillipines
Earl Jacob Phillipines 20 dias atrás
Show less
The Legendary Commenter
“SO SMART” like I’ve been repeating that the whole video :T
Joshua Ayres
Joshua Ayres 21 dia atrás
Andi_Gacha with kurt
Andi_Gacha with kurt 21 dia atrás
8:30 true save the turtles
Charli Gladden
Charli Gladden 21 dia atrás
So first of all Alix wins because Sarah got off from the task at hand which was make zero waste when she just tried to creat the best cake. Sorry if I’m the only one that thought this.
Charli Gladden
Charli Gladden 21 dia atrás
Save the turtles
Benjamin De Leon
Benjamin De Leon 21 dia atrás
Save the turtles!!!
Joziah Coria
Joziah Coria 22 dias atrás
Alix was acting a little jealous
Valentina Giatti
Valentina Giatti 22 dias atrás
When you know veganism is the answer TO EVERYTHING😀
sam22072007 22 dias atrás
Anya The Bunny
Anya The Bunny 22 dias atrás
sarah looks like rie
Lucy Szyperski
Lucy Szyperski 22 dias atrás
Alix actually did create plastic waste because the produce sticker from the banana
david schuett
david schuett 22 dias atrás
I hate the other girl not Alex the Other girl
1000 IQ Priyand
1000 IQ Priyand 23 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Jacey Messenger
Jacey Messenger 23 dias atrás
I would’ve just eaten all the extra food 😂😂
Roo’s World
Roo’s World 23 dias atrás
I just posted a video on my newfies first birthday
sari hassan
sari hassan 23 dias atrás
When I saw Alex I think it was ria with her
Jeklin Biela
Jeklin Biela 23 dias atrás
Alix's : *ohh wow*, *its moist!*, *oh yeah its good* Sarah's : *i like it its not too sweet* That moment when sarah show off for a little too much but alix got more compliment😂
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