We Made a Secret Door in J-Fred's House! *Feat. Matthias!!*

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We bought a secret door disguised as a bookshelf and installed it in J-fred's house and had Matthias come try to figure out how to open it!
Here's where we got the door!
* LemonMade Insta!!!! ➡
* J Fred's Insta!!!!! ➡
* RAFF's Insta!!!!! ➡
* Grambo's Insta!!!!! ➡
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11 Set 2019



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Comentários 717
Toxic 2 dias atrás
when is it ever a lemon?
micalrobloxgamer tv
micalrobloxgamer tv 2 dias atrás
1:56 J-Fred Is being a wierdo.
porschephiliac 3 dias atrás
Isn't J Fred from team edge?
Mr. Game
Mr. Game 4 dias atrás
Pıxэls769 4 dias atrás
Every LemonMade video _______ in J-Fred's house
_Chilliboo__Senpai _
_Chilliboo__Senpai _ 5 dias atrás
I'm probably just gonna buy a door named Murphy 💁🏻‍♂️
Adrian Sotelo
Adrian Sotelo 5 dias atrás
LemonMade: We made a “secret door in J-Fred’s house Me: You just showed it to thousands of people all over the world
Cake Ser
Cake Ser 6 dias atrás
So you did a video with your brother???????.
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 6 dias atrás
omg! ive never watched any of these guy's videos before, so i totally thought that Jfred was Matthias😂😂
Safa Shairzai
Safa Shairzai 6 dias atrás
Since J-Fred is technically still a child xD his house is for a FACT going to be fun-land someday lol.
Jelo Manabat
Jelo Manabat 7 dias atrás
I want a secret door in our house by the way I'm from the Philippines
Jelo Manabat
Jelo Manabat 7 dias atrás
I want a secret door in our house by the way I'm from the Philippines
Ash Awesome
Ash Awesome 8 dias atrás
By August 2020 J-Fred could open a kids day camp
Someone Idk
Someone Idk 4 dias atrás
@Ash Awesome oh.......
Ash Awesome
Ash Awesome 4 dias atrás
@Someone Idk nothin
Someone Idk
Someone Idk 4 dias atrás
@Ash Awesome I don't know what u mean....😅
Someone Idk
Someone Idk 4 dias atrás
@Ash Awesome Hmmmm...😏
Ash Awesome
Ash Awesome 4 dias atrás
@Someone Idk mabey a kids camp brings in some people. Hmmmmmm😉
No Akomplice
No Akomplice 8 dias atrás
Why wouldn’t you just do it right?
David Chen
David Chen 8 dias atrás
Well not a secret anymore when u post it on BRvid 😂
InMyShoes; WheelsOptional
Darn I really liked the look of the video and channel but then the high pitched and loud sound effects made it unwatchable for me. Bummer. And I mean literally unwatchable, not I didn't like it. I have constant chronic migraines(condition thing) so the constant and loud sound effects made it too hard to watch... It seems to be the popular way a lot of vids are going tho, which I get it, so please don't take it personally as it's not meant to be but just wanted to comment as I was actually enjoying the content before I had to stop watching... I bet BRvid isn't helping since so many are going this as got to be so entertaining and keep ppls attention every second or they click off the video. Still going to subscribe and look through and try to find videos I can watch without issues as yeh did like the content besides the sound effects issue ^^.
Kimbit Yes I am
Kimbit Yes I am 8 dias atrás
Kimbit Yes I am
Kimbit Yes I am 8 dias atrás
Gabriel Jennings
Gabriel Jennings 8 dias atrás
Dude I thought this was a dope or nope video
THA KING 8 dias atrás
Cystinosis_Queen4 Life
I need a secret door like this 😂🙏🙏🙏🙏😐
Malinda 8 dias atrás
Oh my gosh, Matthias has a clone!!! :O
Deanna Weaver
Deanna Weaver 8 dias atrás
Watched Dope or Not and they recommended this show! Yah!!! new awesome channel to watch!!! 😁
Jasmine Gerasimov
Jasmine Gerasimov 8 dias atrás
Lol this channel is technically a rip off, however! In this channel, it is all about making crazy fun stuff and rating it. And DoN (Dope or Nope) is all about buying crazy absurd products and rating them, so there is a difference. Lol love both channels
Isabelle 8 dias atrás
So many what ifs😄
Ellyana’s Content
Ellyana’s Content 8 dias atrás
2:34 You're a Harry Wizard
gapty101 9 dias atrás
no one :...… Mathias : " I cant do a nock of thing..... *laughs evilly* Every one that watches dope or nope : *DIES LAUGHING*
The Dhestroyer
The Dhestroyer 9 dias atrás
No longer a secret door since they entire interwebs knows about it now.
Christina Atkins
Christina Atkins 9 dias atrás
I knew Matt was gonna pick at Joey about the knock off dope or nope. I love both channels though
PatRock S
PatRock S 10 dias atrás
is seth a future teller?
Ludmila Velez
Ludmila Velez 10 dias atrás
Is Matthias J-Fred's brother?
ZGlix 10 dias atrás
omg Matthias wearing a team edge shirt young 🥴 woo
Andrew Runyan
Andrew Runyan 11 dias atrás
The next video will be them making a play ground on top of the roof
Kaci Newall
Kaci Newall 11 dias atrás
It's walking by its self because doors always walk when assisted by by someone
LilTiny Potato
LilTiny Potato 11 dias atrás
After all the trouble they've went through its done! "J-Fred's house of wonders" is open!!!
Gemmy _Nakakalerki
Gemmy _Nakakalerki 12 dias atrás
"A secret door" A secret door that the world can know😂😂😂
Edie Barclay
Edie Barclay 12 dias atrás
When jfred says ohhhh (in the intro) I think oh no her comes world war three
Ng Kean
Ng Kean 14 dias atrás
It's no longer secret Since its review here now😉
Maz Ali
Maz Ali 14 dias atrás
I want a rock climbing wall
furry owo
furry owo 14 dias atrás
You're an utter butter lemon nutter
Chicken man
Chicken man 15 dias atrás
Ivana Škodrić
Ivana Škodrić 18 dias atrás
There are 666 comments. I didn't want to leave it like that....
Bailey Brooks
Bailey Brooks 19 dias atrás
I a idiotI am a idiot I thought you two where the same people shoot me
Eric Sweeney
Eric Sweeney 20 dias atrás
Copied I like to make stuff lol. Literally same design.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 20 dias atrás
Wait hold up, hold up, hold up Matt and J-Fred are Brothers 🤯🤯🤯
SNOS mix
SNOS mix 21 dia atrás
Roman Valeri
Roman Valeri 21 dia atrás
I feel like there is a similarity between Ryan & Jake Johnson(Lowery from Jurassic World)
litatylovesyou 22 dias atrás
I DIDNT... WAIT... WHAT!? I'm subscribing to this channel!
Jazzy Boo666
Jazzy Boo666 22 dias atrás
Is J FRED wearing a Jeffree Star T-shirt?
_ Samaker _
_ Samaker _ 23 dias atrás
You can use escape room magnet door locks
Logan Gilreath
Logan Gilreath 24 dias atrás
That's a mudding knife not a prybar
Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez 25 dias atrás
Joey I saw the lowes app/website on your phone lol
stickerartbyrd 25 dias atrás
Is he Mathias' brother?
Lilly Anne
Lilly Anne 25 dias atrás
stickerartbyrd yes
Olyver Flynn
Olyver Flynn 25 dias atrás
i see the giant snickers video in up next no joke i thought it was a massive turd
GamingXD450 25 dias atrás
J-fred- is it lemon or is it made Mathais: i only answer in Dope or nope
Emyson Blue
Emyson Blue 25 dias atrás
jfreds shirt looks like the rocket popsicles
labeeb mirza
labeeb mirza 26 dias atrás
Should've added in drywall rather than the moulding
Heather Williams
Heather Williams 26 dias atrás
J-Fred is my favorite
Wyatt Bauman
Wyatt Bauman 28 dias atrás
9:01 what was that weird little noise
Ally Hogan
Ally Hogan 28 dias atrás
Stuck in my secret room for twenty four hours
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