We Made A Giant 30-Pound S'More For Quinta

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“I want to squish my face into the marshmallow like a pillow.”
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19 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
Alvin Zhou
Alvin Zhou 8 meses atrás
I’d never thought squishing my face into a marshmallow would be so fun. Especially with f-friend..Rie! *looks around nervously*
Justine Sotto
Justine Sotto 7 dias atrás
do you like her?
Jessica SUN
Jessica SUN 13 dias atrás
Alvin Zhou It’s finally you !!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you !
ChristianGames Mês atrás
You owe us a new season of make it big
Ethan Wuang
Ethan Wuang Mês atrás
Alvin Zhou last
Mike 2.0
Mike 2.0 2 meses atrás
Lol 500th comment
FUN FEVER 12 horas atrás
I thought of jimin on mochi. who else did??
marvin louis
marvin louis 18 horas atrás
I would ask for a giant taco
abby briscoe
abby briscoe 22 horas atrás
me : they look like bf and gf everyone esla ThErE jUsT FrIeNdS !
Taj Begum
Taj Begum Dia atrás
I think that Rei and Alvin would be a good and best couple ever
Rares Voicila
Rares Voicila Dia atrás
Ok then i’ll try it outside.
Panda Power
Panda Power Dia atrás
Would you mind making me a giant brownie
Make a giant cupcake
Eddie Baby
Eddie Baby Dia atrás
“blink twice if you need help” killed me
true blink
true blink Dia atrás
I lowkey ship them BUT AS BEST FRIENDS
Keira Mullahy
Keira Mullahy 2 dias atrás
Who knew rie is terrifying with a blow torch. * least she don’t know where I live....*
Kriti S
Kriti S 2 dias atrás
*Rie and Alvin spent hours making smores and getting high, bashing their faces on marshmallow * Quinta: Mfs this is so silly
Aidan Arroyo
Aidan Arroyo 2 dias atrás
Caleb MacDonald
Caleb MacDonald 2 dias atrás
Yeah I'm scared of cooking something incorrectly and hurting someone
Miguela Honoridez
Miguela Honoridez 3 dias atrás
I love how Rie wants to be called "best friend" by Alvin : )
Najodh Alotaibi
Najodh Alotaibi 3 dias atrás
10years old I'm not even 30 kg here someone made 30pound smore
Miaa Leea
Miaa Leea 4 dias atrás
How about you make giant sized takis or doritos.Even a giant carrot cake or a giant mufiiiin!!!
nekoroogami soul kun
nekoroogami soul kun 4 dias atrás
Looking at the milk cups makes me think of a giant milkshake
lili habtemariam
lili habtemariam 4 dias atrás
Bro He literly have big stuff and food bro how ?
jaimimas nereus
jaimimas nereus 5 dias atrás
Mirjam Leeflang
Mirjam Leeflang 5 dias atrás
Alvin and Rie are gold! This is an amazing duo, hilarious!
Flxwie 5 dias atrás
ZHC made a bigger s’mores and that wasn’t even the point of the vid lol
padada 5 dias atrás
He could get world record.
Hani Omar
Hani Omar 6 dias atrás
did you even melt the choclate
Hani Omar
Hani Omar 6 dias atrás
DarkMaster 6 dias atrás
Rie got some muscle daaaang
Riyad BN
Riyad BN 7 dias atrás
who really ships them "Friend"
Aj Odinson
Aj Odinson 7 dias atrás
This sound wrong 5:58
Naomi Ferguson
Naomi Ferguson 7 dias atrás
giant candy bar is what u should do
Firstname Lastname Lastname Firstname
did I just see a ****in da marshmallow? .-.
Emman Bugsocan
Emman Bugsocan 7 dias atrás
alvin is a math wizard, I'm asian but I'm not a math wizard 😂😂
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
Do you know whole genius is a good stereotype
Frenkie Lee
Frenkie Lee 9 dias atrás
Make 60 pound of fish and chip
Amazing_ Blake
Amazing_ Blake 10 dias atrás
Can everybody make this comment have 300likes and 300dislikes
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 10 dias atrás
what I really want to know, is the apple in the beginning real.
Blanca Inés González García
I want to make it. Need the recipe of this :'v
adila masood
adila masood 11 dias atrás
Alvin and Rie are a great team together
Ella W
Ella W 11 dias atrás
Her accent is so pretty 😍
fatema johora
fatema johora 11 dias atrás
I love that they made homemade everything, nothing is like store-brought like the other ones.The others channels who did this bought supplies from the store and put everything together and blowtorch
Sandra Millena
Sandra Millena 11 dias atrás
is rie mikasa
honey 11 dias atrás
ok but Quinta was so ungrateful, she barely said thank you
Con Lisay
Con Lisay 12 dias atrás
my top favorite!
Pilar Cano
Pilar Cano 12 dias atrás
Iv never had s'mores
Who.framed_ME 12 dias atrás
I love Quinta and Rie ...and Alvin🥺
Thixonn Xoon
Thixonn Xoon 12 dias atrás
She: I don't know how to eat that Me: I think from your mouth xD
Panda King
Panda King 13 dias atrás
You should make a restaurant Called“makin it big” and there is a 3 day wait
Kenneth Gatuz
Kenneth Gatuz 13 dias atrás
I’m asian but I’m not good at math HAHAHAHAH huhu
Olivia Vivas
Olivia Vivas 13 dias atrás
Alvin is so proud to be rie’ s best friend 😂 ❤️
Natali Cabrera Herrera
Natali Cabrera Herrera 13 dias atrás
I saw rie(hope I spelled her name right)flexing her muscles then I checked mine and felt a muscle I never knew I had
jobo sisters
jobo sisters 13 dias atrás
Giant toco!!!!
Melody 14 dias atrás
Oh look, 2 Asian people making a giant smore!
Mila Berry
Mila Berry 14 dias atrás
Trollkid 9565
Trollkid 9565 14 dias atrás
Now all we need is to make something big, fancy, and trendy
S'mores YT
S'mores YT 14 dias atrás
Damn that girl is huge
ツK_V_G 14 dias atrás
12:02 Misfortune?
ツK_V_G 14 dias atrás
3:31 lol
XxDragon_ GamerxX
XxDragon_ GamerxX 14 dias atrás
Am i the only one who shipped them??
NERDY SAN 14 dias atrás
A kids dream in one video XD
Flute Girl Maddie
Flute Girl Maddie 15 dias atrás
Oh, yes!!
Elijah Joseph Consing
Elijah Joseph Consing 15 dias atrás
Rie and Alvin: "haven't seen how cement is made" Me: *sad Filipino noises*
Julia Barry
Julia Barry 15 dias atrás
Alvin: I also made you a marshmallow.... As a pillow
Fritzboy TV
Fritzboy TV 15 dias atrás
Alvin 🇨🇳and Rie 🇯🇵 are my favorite Tasty producers.
Krishna Suresh
Krishna Suresh 15 dias atrás
Everybody watching this while drinking their spit😂😂😂
Elizabeth Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers 16 dias atrás
I totally ship you guys!!!
Olly E.graabaek
Olly E.graabaek 16 dias atrás
Hav do u knov ther is 1200? 🤔
Valeria Marquez
Valeria Marquez 16 dias atrás
They do know that there is a giant Hershey bar right.🤨🍫🍫
Lee Chooi Peng
Lee Chooi Peng 16 dias atrás
If Alvin and Rie is single i swear i will ship them together...
brooks brookner
brooks brookner 16 dias atrás
"yea a man cooking for me I don't care what you make" -alvin "yeaaaaaaa"
Xin Hui
Xin Hui 16 dias atrás
Rie: You need some elves to help you Alvin: But why does it have to be elves? Me: Because your name is Elf-vin...........sorry
U are u yu
U are u yu 14 dias atrás
Frank 16 dias atrás
Rica Mae Banta
Rica Mae Banta 17 dias atrás
To be honest my ship for you guys is getting biger and even bigger
Jacqueline Anyuon
Jacqueline Anyuon 17 dias atrás
I remember Quinta, she made a skit on As/Is about skinny people struggles
Student Lucas Zhou
Student Lucas Zhou 17 dias atrás
Student Lucas Zhou
Student Lucas Zhou 17 dias atrás
Ride is such a nice person
Green Sapphire
Green Sapphire 17 dias atrás
U should make a giant pop-tart! :)
Duck Are cool
Duck Are cool 17 dias atrás
Jay Plays
Jay Plays 17 dias atrás
Rie do be ripped tho
Olivia To
Olivia To 17 dias atrás
JagerMain 17 dias atrás
:Regular Camping and making s’mores :Alvin while camping and making a s’mores
My Unicorn Planner
My Unicorn Planner 18 dias atrás
Mehek Anand
Mehek Anand 18 dias atrás
5:47 I would've grabbed that giant ass fork off the wall behind them to poke the holes
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