We LOST Colby In Haunted Witches Forest

Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby stay overnight in the haunted witches forest for 24 hours. Corey and Jake encounter many paranormal things including losing Colby in the woods...
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13 Jun 2019

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Comentários 36 965
Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby Mês atrás
NEXT VIDEO: Part 4.... A Mistake That Could End Everything:
_Jennifer Karime Lopez_
@8:02 slow down the sound and you will hear what the phone call said I got chills
Kathryn Barnhard
Kathryn Barnhard 17 dias atrás
Hey Sam and Colby just wanted to say I am one of your biggest fans ever
KingNori 07
KingNori 07 27 dias atrás
Sam and Colby it wasn’t gibberish it was Latin she was saying a spell and I think I know what she said
-red Elcipeslol-
-red Elcipeslol- 29 dias atrás
Next time! Doint ANSWER the phone cuz WHO EVER IT IS CAN TRACK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Kaycie Atkins
Kaycie Atkins Hora atrás
i love this whole series thing!!
Coso Malaja
Coso Malaja 2 horas atrás
I literary died at 16:19 😂😂😂
stefanie marie
stefanie marie 2 horas atrás
I have both earbuds in and when they yell on full volume
Connor 2trappy
Connor 2trappy 5 horas atrás
Why am I watching this at 11 o clock
kaylee taya
kaylee taya 6 horas atrás
Everytime Cory gets a call Sam says how do u have service
Skye Aucoin
Skye Aucoin 8 horas atrás
I was getting random calls during this
Taylor Ryann
Taylor Ryann 9 horas atrás
I got a phone call from a random number w no caller ID while they were on the phone wtf?
Emily Siems
Emily Siems 9 horas atrás
the phone call was the aliens from area 51 they thought u were mother
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes 11 horas atrás
When they lost colby i was pretty scared
FatalisNC 13 horas atrás
Is this real? Wtr
tiny loks
tiny loks 13 horas atrás
How did i not see all of these episodes😕.this so so scary and its morning LMAO😂
jubilee rendon
jubilee rendon 18 horas atrás
"It's moving!" More fog appears
madsatan 19 horas atrás
so i’ve grown up in the woods, gone in there day or night, cold or hot. it seems very windy there, so the noise you here could be from the wind making noise travel towards you or away, so that’s why some sound strange. also there was a lady who died in the woods i grew up in and they didn’t find her body for weeks then after she’s found somebody has a picture of something strange near the spot and it was only that. they don’t know if she died from drug overdose or was murdered and it’s crazy. edit : i’ve also had multiple experiences with what i think is a ghost at my house, oof
Anime_ Weeb
Anime_ Weeb 20 horas atrás
My friend thought that when Corey answer the phone it sounded like them. As in They were recorded then somebody played it on the phone as if they were talking.
Matthew Jacob
Matthew Jacob 21 hora atrás
Bro these fucking images are scaring me
UnNoticedLight 22 horas atrás
how tf do u loose the most attractive one ??
Rose Kaabi
Rose Kaabi 22 horas atrás
I literally shat myself when that picture of Annabelle came on the screen🤡✌
Lila Hook
Lila Hook 23 horas atrás
I should've gone on this trip. After all, I ain't no two trip bitch. P.S. I don't give two shits if your so-called "fans" want you to stay the night. IF YOU EVER feel unsafe, please I beg you, please leave. This is bordering on your safety and that's not okay. As a personal fan, if you feel unsafe, please leave. I'd much rather have you alive, than dead for views. Edit: Colby fucking flipped himself out of his chair to get further away. Sam: I feel like your fucking with me
Zoe w.
Zoe w. Dia atrás
When Colby launches himself out of his chair after seeing a shadow my heart dropped holy fuck
Tristan Moose
Tristan Moose Dia atrás
This is so obviously scripted lmao
Darkslayer play
Darkslayer play Dia atrás
I feel they should start bringing a weapon now this is intense
Brenda Esturban
Brenda Esturban Dia atrás
Someone was behind jake when u lost colby
Navil Ocampo
Navil Ocampo Dia atrás
I swear when Cory answered the phone someone said your all gonna die at 8:16 to 8:17
Gia Taylor
Gia Taylor Dia atrás
And this is why I’ll leave the exploring to y’all
Shiv Dia atrás
I straight up lit sage incense watching this and turned on my lights 🙈
Lacy Paige
Lacy Paige Dia atrás
At 13:31 there is like a shadow flying behind the dude in the xplr jacket
Wildfire Ejtkd
Wildfire Ejtkd Dia atrás
Plot twist the calls were from the people who want to raid Area 51 trying to recruit him
Paradox Reverse
Paradox Reverse Dia atrás
12:08😂😂😂 jake held out shrek in a t pose and Colby saged him😂😂
Jimin is my mochi king
This is the all boys version of scooby do.All they need is a Dog and yea
skys the limit
skys the limit Dia atrás
skys the limit
skys the limit Dia atrás
I don't know if it's me but like I really want to protect them like I'm a very overprotective person and like I'll do anything to help them calm them down. I'm only halfway in the video and I like I'm getting really scared for them like I'm kinda crying....lmao love y'all so much 😋😉😆 I'm still going to watch the video just to make sure y'all okay
Shyanne Paparo
Shyanne Paparo Dia atrás
they were more scared about the spider then anything else
xXgalaxy wolfieXx
When they were going in the woods searching then in one moment i saw the shrek what he was cariying i was like:really -_-
Dane Joyce
Dane Joyce Dia atrás
The branch or rock noise is from the person who is calling you and trying to see if it actually is you so they can track you down and probably do something suspicious...
Cillibean channel
Was it just me that heard your not safe when they had the phone call? Freaky as.
Jillian Grant
Jillian Grant Dia atrás
It’s austrinont fokd
Drake and Dylan
Drake and Dylan Dia atrás
Who took the thumbnail
PewdsTv Dia atrás
Theres something there open the tent if they open they could get shot
Skipper _
Skipper _ Dia atrás
I HATE scary crap like this but i always make myself do it. But i always freak out, i literally had to put lofi music on to chill me out😓😓😓
Skipper _
Skipper _ Dia atrás
I cant see crap on there camera its dark
Risk IT
Risk IT Dia atrás
Yo Ik I’m like a month late but don’t answer does calls they can track u when u answer
Gacha_ Jennie
Gacha_ Jennie Dia atrás
I feel like sam was crying because colby got lost and he thought it was his fault but at the same time i feel like sam loves colby*coughs*more than friends*cough*i ship them sorry had to say it
Cursed Splitz
Cursed Splitz Dia atrás
Literally at the same time Corey got a phone call I got a phone call from my friend
Matthew Wells
Matthew Wells Dia atrás
I cryed when you lost colby
Steezy’s World
Steezy’s World Dia atrás
This is how u guys do I’ll die
Yasmin Pagan
Yasmin Pagan 2 dias atrás
I rewatch this millions of times, and somehow everytime i remember to watch this it’s dark, and when I watch it and it gets dark I always look up in the room and then say “whew, I’m not gonna die tonight”
Yasmin Pagan
Yasmin Pagan 2 dias atrás
me: *has headphones in and eating chips Me *sees the baby hanging* Me: well thats creepy Me: *hears scream* Me: *GETS SCARED AND YEETS CHIPS ACROSS ROOM*
Yasmin Pagan
Yasmin Pagan 2 dias atrás
This is exactly like my friend group Faith: Jake (funny) Tia: Colby (Calm) Yosline: Sam (Wanting to do the dangerous stuff) Me: Corey (ALWAYS GETS SCARED AS FUCK) ;-;
Sam Crafts
Sam Crafts 2 dias atrás
I saw an orb behind Cory at 7:39
Olivia Sullivan
Olivia Sullivan 2 dias atrás
I cant hear when it said " listen " 😞😞
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