We Live In The Dumbest Timeline

Ryan George
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Maybe it's the darkest timeline? Maybe it's the dumbest? Who knows! One thing is for sure though-- we should all avoid speaking moistly.

To be clear-- there's obviously a lot more to this situation than everybody just staying home, and I'm clearly poking fun at those who are out protesting with "me wanty haircut" signs and crowding beaches.

Also some people seem to think that I had someone else cough on me at 2:58 . Don't worry-- that's also me, but with glasses and some video editing.

I've made a donation to Food Banks Canada and if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to donate as well, it's very fun to do. These sites have super neat buttons to click on:
Food Banks Canada:
Feeding America:
Global Foodbanking Network:

Special shout-out to my girlfriend for learning to cut my hair for this video!

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6 Mai 2020



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Comentários 7 490
rensaudade 55 minutos atrás
Dislikes are from anti maskers and anti vaxxers
Moon Glorias
Moon Glorias 17 horas atrás
After the Loki series this is even more relevant. It looks legit like a TVA game show
Ugly Boy
Ugly Boy Dia atrás
They aren't the same person 2 of them have glasses
Yatharth Dhasmana
the scores are such a good detail
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 2 dias atrás
He’s eyes 2:45
zlostnypopolnik 4 dias atrás
It's July 31, 2021. The third wave of the pandemic just appeared, I'm ready. I have strayed from social life, I will be vaccinated, I will wash my hands 20 times a day, I have bought toilet paper and disinfectants, I have canceled friendships, I no longer know my wife, I monitor the political situation and the number of deaths on covid every day 19... I'm fine, I'm not behaving like an antisocial.
Trickee 6 dias atrás
I think Loki got a few episode ideas from this video.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 7 dias atrás
Love it. LOL
Ashwin 8 dias atrás
I'm surprised that the main character is worried he might be in the wrong timeline after all that he knows.
Dominique Fréchette
Dominique Fréchette 9 dias atrás
16 months in, and a dumbass did that coughing on me thing at the end, not even kidding. This is still, sadly, extremely relevant.
Phantom 10 dias atrás
I have to buy all the toilet paper at the store so there's not enough for everyone else in case other people buy all the toilet paper at the store so there's not enough for me
Lundog 11 dias atrás
Forcing people to stay in their homes because of a virus that kills extremely few people is the true evil here. Wtf is wrong with people? Are you so fucking stupid that you give up all your rights because people die? People literally die from everything all the time. Why is covid any different?
Lo_Ki 10 horas atrás
@Fishmaster thank you for explaining this.
Fishmaster 10 horas atrás
you are the reason why this is the dumbest timeline. covid has killed millions and infected hundreds of millions
Lo_Ki 2 dias atrás
Ummmmm anyone else wanna take this?
Backinblack Bunny
Backinblack Bunny 11 dias atrás
So my brain knows this is funny but somehow I forgot that the injecting bleach thing was so early in in the pandemic and its making dissociate from reality in a very uncomfortable bad trip kinda way that has me wondering if anything I remember is actually real or if I'm just imagining I'm even alive. Ahhhh I'm gonna go lie down now.
orangeapples 12 dias atrás
We may be idiots but whose bright idea was it to bring dumb dumb to a game show knowing there is a global pandemic?
Gonzo the amazing teddy bear
If I could give anyone immortality then it would be Ryan watch these videos forever
Matthew Ronson
Matthew Ronson 12 dias atrás
Yep. The idiot wears a mask and puts their healthy selves themselves into isolation, a punishment and torture or prisoners in order to break them in mind and spirit.
Fishmaster 10 horas atrás
you are the reason why this is the dumbest timeline. covid has killed millions and infected hundreds of millions
Lo_Ki 2 dias atrás
Ronit Panwar
Ronit Panwar 14 dias atrás
Seeing this after the Loki finale and it all makes sense now.
Another Swiss Youtube User
So you have a BRvid Series Idea for me? Yes sir I do! Alright tell me about it! Ok so it's basically sketch about a show where they invite people from other alternative universes with dumb timeliness to their game show and contestants have to guess what dumb thing happens in this timeline.
Kadeem 15 dias atrás
Gil Chansa
Gil Chansa 17 dias atrás
This gameshow is sponsored by the TVA
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan 18 dias atrás
Loki (2021)
Tom Brock
Tom Brock 19 dias atrás
Cant believe youtube let those two contestants so close to each other without a mask
Lo_Ki 2 dias atrás
Daniel Krawczyk
Daniel Krawczyk 21 dia atrás
It’s crazy how many dirtbags there are in the world
Jaret Lockhart
Jaret Lockhart 22 dias atrás
“Speaking moistly”
C M 22 dias atrás
The look on dumb Ryan’s face the whole time! Just despondent acceptance 🤣
Gehn 22 dias atrás
So true. People are so dumb.
TheRealAdityaYT 23 dias atrás
I’d like more of this series
Connor Donahue
Connor Donahue 24 dias atrás
Where the hell was the TVA during this?
Assist 26 dias atrás
01:57 ... we were 👌close to have an understanding about teleportation
ianrandmckenzie 26 dias atrás
I want to see Community's Darkest Timeline vs. Ryan George's Dumbest Timeline
mike 27 dias atrás
I'm guessing to film this you hadn't cut your hair in months, filmed some of the segments, then cut your hair and filmed the rest?
Lo_Ki 2 dias atrás
He does it on purpose
Kiblord 28 dias atrás
1:40 you can hear the pure pain in his voice
The Fat Walrus
The Fat Walrus 29 dias atrás
k theres definitely enough new material now to make a sequel
The Spark
The Spark 29 dias atrás
Wasn´t it Bolsonaro and Trump who came up with weird ideas on how to combat a virus they refused to acknowledge at times?
Orlando Palmer
Orlando Palmer Mês atrás
Dude u gotta do another one of this bro
Jordan Bowles
Jordan Bowles Mês atrás
Abed Nadir Arrives
The Despacitoian
The Despacitoian Mês atrás
“And why are you wearing that mask” “Someone got a disease from a bat and the government tried to stop people who knew about it from telling people which caused a giant pandemic then people blamed some random rich guy for it and refused to follow the safety guidelines so quite a bit of the earth got infected”
Fishmaster 10 horas atrás
@Aaron Rachiele people are blaming bill gates for this for some ridiculous reason
Aaron Rachiele
Aaron Rachiele 19 dias atrás
'Some random rich guy'?
Klepto_Khai Mês atrás
after watching Loki a lot... he has variants
ChumblesMumbles Mês atrás
Checking in a year+ later.......yup, still happening.
Cumunist Mês atrás
Ouch my soul
ali wehbi
ali wehbi Mês atrás
is that jake paul?
Ethan Mês atrás
I've watched almost all of your vids and this one is my favorite
Ginlock45 Mês atrás
Somebody please kill me i know too much.
K4yr4h Mês atrás
funfact. ppl re so dumb, they actually believe the masks help lol
K4yr4h 2 horas atrás
@Fishmaster the printing on the mask we buy in the supermarket. it says "doesnt work against viruses. Also only wear fresh for a couple hours."
Fishmaster 10 horas atrás
do you proof of your claim? when i say proof, i mean multiple reliable sources, not some random facebook/youtube post
Lo_Ki Dia atrás
@K4yr4h lol no, I make my own.
K4yr4h Dia atrás
@Lo_Ki read whats printed on the packaging
Lo_Ki Dia atrás
@K4yr4h a quick google search proves you wrong
LethalGamerz Mês atrás
this i want more of this
Hollowlive Mês atrás
Considering are timeline is the dumbest, I think learning how to teleport would do more harm than good.
Eddy A.
Eddy A. Mês atrás
"idk not to inject their products" "WOW that's right!" "hahahah what idiots" I just.... love Ryan George so much.... he makes me laugh, he makes me not cry. It's great.
Ajimz Mês atrás
how dumb do you have to be to suggest an injection with disinfectants? Oh, whoops!!
Brian Hale
Brian Hale Mês atrás
Corona can only kill your body... How do you get to hell? Very simple: claim that you're innocent. How do you get to heaven? Very simple: Admit that you're not Innocent, you're guilty and ask for mercy. How to know if you're guilty or not? Simply: Compare your life to the Ten Commandments God gave you in the Bible. Everyone agrees that if people followed the ten commandments there would be no need for governments or police. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not commit adultery. Do not insult God by using his name as a cuss word. There are six more but let's just leave it at that. How many lies have you told in your life? Have you ever taken anything that didn't belong to you? Jesus said, if you look at a women lustfully you've already committed adultery in your heart with that woman. How many times a day do you do that? Do you use God's name as a cuss word? Would you do that with your own mother's name? If you answer these questions honestly you know that you're guilty. God can justly punish you and send you to hell. Ask him for mercy. His name is Jesus.
Cecilia Arevalo
Cecilia Arevalo Mês atrás
How long did it take you to make this shot
Tntprobros Mês atrás
Who knows maybye we are in the smartest timline
Lo_Ki 2 dias atrás
Haha that’s hilarious
Matt Payne
Matt Payne Mês atrás
Yeah, this is a real real dumb timeline
test test
test test Mês atrás
Best one.. cranked me up.
Abhilash George
Abhilash George Mês atrás
We want a ep2!
Mark Mês atrás
I only now realize, on rewatch, that there are two versions of Ryan here, one shaved and one with longer hair, haha. Really shows how much organization goes into these things.
Conger Flat
Conger Flat Mês atrás
In the name of the Time Variance Authority, I hereby arrest you for crimes of profanity against the Sacred Timeline
Neez Duts
Neez Duts Mês atrás
Did this video make anyone else think about Crest tooth paste
Nicholas Mês atrás
This was a dumb take, tbh...
Jodell Kester Seegobin
"Some surprising self-awareness from dumdum over here." LOL! 😂
I'm sorry but how are those guys judging us if they would bring a dude from a pandemic timeline, knowing about pandemic, but not being sure they weren't infected?
DipityS Mês atrás
I was feeling so bad for dumb timeline and then realised that's my timeline. Sigh.
Olympus AMV's
Olympus AMV's Mês atrás
the dislikes are TVA workers who need to give up their rest breaks to fix this
Dark Lord Sauron
Dark Lord Sauron Mês atrás
That’s funny and true young teens and teens don’t care about old people
thewhitemonkey64 Mês atrás
It's hard to believe this all started with the death of monkey
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson Mês atrás
Is this Loki?
Bovata Mês atrás
m n
m n Mês atrás
For the people who didn't like this video, "hey! I'm not dumb!"
david nivens
david nivens Mês atrás
You mean darkest timeline
Luke CG
Luke CG Mês atrás
I can’t be the only one who wants more episodes to this game show. Maybe we could even see timelines from tv shows and stuff too
Light Duck
Light Duck Mês atrás
Ryan George variant
Abraar Mohammed
Abraar Mohammed Mês atrás
The RyanVerse's TVA
Faisal Mahmud
Faisal Mahmud Mês atrás
Call the TVA
Merete Mitfuldenavn
I feel like the real dum-dums are the one who brought in a possibly infected person from another timeline...
Aurora HW
Aurora HW Mês atrás
How do I know this is my timeline? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pretty much yup
So tru tho..I really don't understand why people were protesting against lockdown😂😂
Delta-9 Mês atrás
I agree we live in the dumbest timeline but I don't think people's desire to leave their homes and, you know, live their lives is one of the dumb things. I think it was maybe more dumb to keep everyone on unemployment for a year straight while what was left of our economy tanked. And decimate small businesses while just agglomerating even more power into the hands of amazon and walmart. Which are basically just the distribution arm of the PRC. but whatever. I guess when you make videos on youtube for a living the need to leave your home for any reason just seems like a silly self-indulgent luxury.
Lo_Ki 2 dias atrás
Ryan most likely works 100x harder then you. Pls stop being such a hater. Idc about politics, just don’t hate on a funny Canadian
Eman Egnarts
Eman Egnarts Mês atrás
Dumbest thing about our timeline is that someone needs to tell you that you are sick because you don't know
Wilhelm von Scholz
Wilhelm von Scholz Mês atrás
You're an imbecile.
Yin Zay
Yin Zay Mês atrás
Strange how Ryan predicted the TVA
Trilaanus Mês atrás
I just want a timeline with a good, well-planned Star Wars sequel trilogy.
Brambleheart Mês atrás
Loki episode three is looking GREAT.
Sheila Kay
Sheila Kay Mês atrás
I think this is proof that in a certain new Marvel show, we've already gone past the redline.... and both are just now canon documentaries.
Elvin Mateo
Elvin Mateo Mês atrás
lmao "we should probably get him out of here" XDDDD
Tamal Guha
Tamal Guha Mês atrás
this is gold!
Abigail Robbins
Abigail Robbins Mês atrás
Post Malones's Celebrity Pong League was a great add to open this skit.
Nathan Glass
Nathan Glass Mês atrás
Covid didn't close anything, governments did.
Cyril 1
Cyril 1 Mês atrás
Is this something I am too European to understand ?
Garlic Breath Comedy
Great work
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios Mês atrás
Trenton Cook
Trenton Cook Mês atrás
Some of your best work yet lol. Love it
jack mars 333 SB
jack mars 333 SB Mês atrás
The dumbest time line.
Dillon Keller
Dillon Keller Mês atrás
Biden got elected. We truly are in the dumbest timeline.
Dillon Keller
Dillon Keller Mês atrás
@Brian Conuel ?
Brian Conuel
Brian Conuel Mês atrás
It’s been 5 months, get over it
dimiel go
dimiel go Mês atrás
Left wingers exist. This definitely is the dumbest timeline.
master Mês atrás
man the ryan timeline is so identecol to our timeline
Higher Glyphix
Higher Glyphix Mês atrás
I must've watched this 10x before, but I just realized the guy in our timeline is the only one without a nice fresh haircut.
Joe Roscoe
Joe Roscoe Mês atrás
More like the Most Gullible Timeline
Joe Roscoe
Joe Roscoe Mês atrás
@Esther C. Y'know what...your comment convinced me. This is the dumbest alright.
Esther C.
Esther C. Mês atrás
No I think he got it right. I mean we elected a reality tv host as president and the guy that replaced him is not much better
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
And young healthy people die too
mikeyh0 Mês atrás
Healthy people don't die.
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
The masks are necessary
mikeyh0 Mês atrás
Not anymore. Dr. Fauci said they weren't.
Abhiram AS
Abhiram AS Mês atrás
He is so underatted
Sam-pson Smith
Sam-pson Smith Mês atrás
I realized it when Game of Thrones Season 8 was over. Has to be the dumbest timeline there is no other explanation.
James Mês atrás
Am I the only one who never realized that the guy who coughed on him was also him at the end😂
mikeyh0 Mês atrás
Yes. You are the only one.
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