we built a house in the sims 4 but each room is a different color 

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this turned out maybe haunted? we spin a wheel to randomly decide a color for every single room of this rainbow house!
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Morning Stroll: Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions
We Shop Song - Philip Milman

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6 Jan 2023



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The only time I’ll actually willingly leave TikTok to watch BRvid instead
“How much do you bench?”
The blue kitchen with the pink living room honestly is such a serve, and I love the black bathroom
can I just say how amazing it is to watch a video where the people aren't tearing themselves down? like yall bounce off each other and lift each other up and get excited over how good it looks and that's awesome to me.
LOVE these two together. they keep finishing each other's sentences and i need these two to teach me the secret to ultimate friendship.
The university shower should ABSOLUTELY be base game, I always end up making a sauna room of some sort . I’m also going to have to figure out how you change the elevation of items because it changes everything
This is my favourite sims channel. Your bubbly personalities brightens up my day 😊
It honestly gives family farmhouse vibes
the blue kitchen with a hint of living room pink is actually my favorite thing ever
The outside really gives the vibes of 'sourced antique windows' perfectly. I love it.
“It’s so cute” “it the mama and the baby” that line cracked me up by how they were saying that 😂
I know I'm a couple months late, but I would LOVE to see you two do the Not So Berry challenge with the colour themed generations. You can include building into the challenge by making a specific colour room for the new generation in the parents' house, and then building them their own place when they age up. It'd be really cool to see your take on all that and see what you'd do story-wise. 😊🥰
I would love to see a rainbow road series where they make each house on a road a different color and each house should have a separate theme
Y'all should totally do the 100 baby challenge!! It'd be so funny with your personalities!
love this idea! for extra challenge you could add another little wheel with options like “pastel” “dark/deep” or “bright” to narrow down your colour choices even more! that would be super interesting and entertaining to watch i reckon :)
this house is kind of reminding me of the house in What Remains of Edith Finch, each family member adding their own touch to the house and their rooms being entirely dedicated to them and what they like.
Honestly did not think the color blocking would turn out THAT stunning - great job!!!
Now I really wanna see you two do the 100 baby challenge or at least build a house for it. Great video!
I’ve been binge watching y’all’s videos and now I want to scour through debug and clutter up my homes (I have sucked at building in the sims forever)